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10 Wonderful Benefits of Peace Lily Plant in Homes!

10 Wonderful Benefits of Peace Lily Plant in Homes!

Peace Lily Flower

Also known as Spathiphyllum, the peace lily plant is a popular choice as an indoor plant owing to the large amounts of benefits it provides to human health and the amazing touch it gives to the interiors when placed inside. The combinations of the dark green foliage and the white flowers make this plant such a favourite of people.


Unaware of the advantages this plant provides to the overall well-being of the humans? Well, get to know here…

1. Purifies Indoor Air from Pollutants

Air pollution in homes is certainly a topic of major concern for the human beings. Apart from being an indoor beautiful plant, peace lily plant also cleanses indoor air from the harmful pollutants. According to the research of NASA, this indoor plant has the ability to eliminate 60 percent of the pollutants like benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene, and formaldehyde from the atmosphere. It adds moisture to the air and makes it suitable for breathing.

2. Perfect Inclusion to Home Decor

Peace lily is one of the most attractive houseplants which can effortlessly and naturally spruce up the home decor with its beautiful appearance. The bright green leaves and the gorgeous white flowers make this plant appealing to the eyes and makes the home decor look sophisticated and appealing in every way. A small peace lily plant looks best when placed in the corner of the rooms, on tables or shelves.

3. Prevents Mildew in Bathrooms & Washrooms

The high moisture content in the toilets and bathrooms makes these places a home to moulds and mildew. People can witness them on tiles and curtains. As peace lily can thrive in high humidity conditions, keeping them in bathrooms will reduce the amount of moisture in the air as the plant will absorb it. Eventually, the dampness on the curtains and walls will reduce hampering the growth of mold spores.

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4. Absorbs Harmful Acetone Vapors

The air indoors just not gets polluted from the pollutants which have entered from outside, but also from products normally used in homes. Products like varnishes, paints, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol contains acetone and alcohol which emits harmful vapours which are injurious to human health. Excessive exposure to these vapours causes acetone poisoning which may lead to headache, lack of coordination, fatigue, slurred speech, and low blood pressure. Peace lily plant absorbs these gases and controls their presence in the indoor atmosphere.

5. Low Maintenance Plant

With the people turning to green home decor, there is a huge demand of indoor plants. They bring them home and gives an eco-friendly and beautiful touch to their home decor. But, their busy schedules leave them with no time to take good care of their plants, sometimes even making them forget watering them. Peace lily plant is a wonderful choice as it a low-maintenance and can survive without sunlight in bright indoor light.

6. Eliminates Mould Spores From Air

The humid atmosphere in homes makes it a suitable territory for the survival and growth of mould spores which can be injurious to human health. People who are sensitive when exposed to these spores face eye irritation, throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, or wheezing. Peace lily plant reduces the amount of excess moisture in the air and kills mould spores.

7. Promotes Sleep

The beautiful appearance and the air purifying quality of this plant make peace lily a perfect choice for the bedrooms. It purifies the air within bedrooms and increases the level of humidity for better breathing and sleep. A rise in the level of humidity relieves irritated throat and nose. Moreover, the soothing and green foliage of this plant will alleviate feelings of stress and promotes relaxation of the mind and body.

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8. Brings Peace & Good Fortune

The plant of peace lily denotes peace, purity, hope, prosperity and innocence. Besides being used as an ornamental plant in homes and offices, this plant is considered sacred as it brings good fortune and health to its users. The peace lily eliminates the harmful radiations from the television and computers.

9. Natural air freshener

The pretty white blossoms of the peace lily plant works as a fantastic fragrance diffuser in homes and offices. This plant when in full bloom stage emits an appealing fragrance that works as a wonderful room freshener. The smell of the flowers gets trapped in homes for a week making it smell fresh.

10. Condolence Plant

The peace lily plant signifies rebirth and a return to innocence. Taking potted peace lily plant to the family of the deceased person expresses your sympathy and serves as a tranquil reminder of their loved one passed away.As white flowers serves as great funeral flowers, peace lily is a thoughtful choice to take with your when attending a funeral ceremony.

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