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7 Exquisite Mehndi Designs to Flaunt on Karwa Chauth

7 Exquisite Mehndi Designs to Flaunt on Karwa Chauth

The awaited festival of Karwa Chauth is now just a day away making it the perfect time to get hands painting with an exquisite Mehndi designs for every married women or for the girl soon to marry her fiancé. Mehndi designs are an outcome of art practiced over years. However to apply mehndi on hands and feet on Karwa Chauth is the mandatory ritual of the festival. So here for you are some exquisite Mehndi Design patterns to choose from.

Mehndi Designs

Here for the Mehndi lovers are some amazing Mehndi designs that any married women would love to get her hands painted with. These are:

1. Exquisite Arabian Mehndi Design:
If you love Arabian Mehndi designs a lot then a design pattern like this is the one to choose. It’s minimalist Mehndi designs of Arabian mehndi pattern that can turn your hands instantly beautiful. You would in fact love to flaunt this Mehndi design a lot.

Exquisite Arabian Mehndi Design

2.    Trending Circular Mehndi Design:
If you are fond of trendy mehndi designs then this kind of circular mehndi designs are much in trend these days, which you can choose to get your hands designed with. It’s one of the most exquisite Mehndi designs indeed.

Trending Circular Mehndi Design

3.    Indo Western Mehndi Design:
It’s another very trendy and much popular Mehndi design these days. So this Karwa Chauth flaunt beautiful indo western Mehndi design on your beautiful hands.

Indo Western mehndi design

4.    Jaal Mehndi Design:
It’s not so common but a very beautiful Mehndi design to choose for getting hands painted on this Karwa Chauth. It gives a prominent design patterns and also gives a dark and long lastin impressin on hands.

Jaal Mehndi Design

5.    Minimalist Mehndi Design:
For the ones not so crazy about Mehndi but for the sake of rituals can go for this kind of Mehndi design patterns that are unique as minimalist to get hands designed with on Karwa Chauth.

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Minimalist Mehndi Design

6.    New Unique Mehndi Design:
It’s not just unique and latest Mehndi design patter, it’s exquisite and awesome to flaunt on the day of Karwa Chauth celebration. Such lovely and unique designs of Mehndi are a craze among youngster these days.

New Unique Mehndi Design

7.    Bridal Mehndi Design Pattern:
This is the most preferred Mehndi design among the new married women and others too. It’s a design that gives the bridal feel again on being applied to hands. You can get it applied on your hands if you wish to get that bridal feel again on this Karwa Chauth.

Bridal Mehndi Design Pattern

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