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Decoding the Meaning of Every Color of Gulal This Holi 2019!

Decoding the Meaning of Every Color of Gulal This Holi 2019!

The festival of Holi is a popularly referred to as the “Rangon ka tyohaar” in India. The Indian subcontinent gets cloaked in the beauty of various hues during the festival of Holi making every person lost in its exhilarating celebration. Every nook and cranny of the country gets flooded with people drenched in water and colours grooving to the beats of the Holi songs. But have you ever thought how colorful gulals become such a rage during this time of the year making the Holi festival called the ‘festival of colors’?


India is a land of rich culture and traditions. People from all over the world make India a favorite tourist destination for them during the time of festivities. They come here to experience the multilingual and rich diversity of culture and rituals of the Indian people. Colors have always held immense importance in Indian festivals. Whether it is about the beautiful and colorful Rangoli made on the floor of the houses on Diwali or the splashing of colors on one another at the time of Holi, these vibrant hues have always given and are still giving people moments of full enjoyment and merriment with their near and dear ones.

The skin-friendly and bright powdered colors witness a sudden elevated demand in the market at the time of Holi festival as Holi gifts. There are some mythological legends that throw light on the gulal consumption during Holi festival. They hold a traditional place in the Hindu traditions and rituals and are considered most significant in the Holi celebrations. These colors inculcate happiness, cheer, merriment, and vibrancy in this festival as people smear the faces of their loved ones with them while wishing each other “Happy Holi”.

Every color of Gulal has a hidden meaning to it. This time, before picking up Gulals from the shops, let’s know the meaning of each and every color of gulal-

1. Red Gulal

The red colored powder is often associated with sindoor that married women wear on their foreheads as a symbol of their holy matrimony. But, this powder also holds immense popularity in terms of Holi colors or gulal as it stands for love, passion, opulence, and a lot more emotions that we have in our hearts for our dear ones.

2. Green Gulal

One of the most popular gulals during the festival of Holi is the green one. This color symbolizes happiness, cheer, fresh beginnings, harvest and brings a lot of enthusiasm and joy in the Holi celebrations.

3. Blue Gulal

The color blue is often associated with Lord Krishna in Indian mythology as the God was blue in complexion. As Holi is a popular festival celebrated with enthusiasm and true spirits in the city of Vrindavan and Mathura, both of them being homes to Lord Krishna, the blue Gulal is a famous pick on the festival of colors. It has positive connotations and adds a lot of vibrancy to the celebrations.

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4. Yellow Gulal

The yellow color stands for brightness and sunshine in Indian traditions. Yellow is considered as a synonym to turmeric, a popular ingredient in Hindu rituals and bestowed with miraculous healing powers. This colored Gulal adds brightness in the Holi celebrations and fills people heart with joy and fun.

5. Pink Gulal

Though this color sounds really feminine, it’s not! Pink color gulal has become a trend ad more loved than the red one. It is subtle, bright, and gives an attractive Holi look to everyone. Pick this beautiful colored gulal and smear it on the faces of your dear ones and have a good time rejoicing in the Holi celebrations.

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