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Enjoy The Delightful Taste of Special Online Cakes!!

Enjoy The Delightful Taste of Special Online Cakes!!

We all agree that special cake can make the occasion extra special. Be it birthday cakes, anniversary cakes or wedding cakes, this sweet delight can turn the event or special occasion into a feast full day. Have you tried ordering cakes from online gift store? If not then, give it a shot once. Online stores offer a vast array of cakes in various price ranges. Usually a local bakery shop has 10 or maximum 20 kinds of cakes for display whereas online gift shops offers around hundreds kinds of different cakes.


Moreover online store offers designer cakes for various occasions like cakes for Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas & many more. The Hottest selling online cakes are chocolate black cakes, pine apple cakes, Choco truffle cakes, cheese cakes, strawberry cakes, fresh fruit cakes, five star cakes, and romantic red velvet cakes.

Check out some of these mouthwatering ranges of cake for special occasion:

1. Red velvet cake
Red velvet cake really goes well with romantic occasions like anniversary celebration, your spouse’s birthday and valentine day. This cake has extra cocoa butter with vanilla & red coloring essence. This cake is capable to reignite the spark of romance in a lovely relationship.
Red velvet cake

2. Choco vanilla cake
Choco vanilla cake is one of the most popular flavor, ordered on occasions like Kids Birthday, Office party and farewell etc. As the name suggests, this cake has chocolate & vanilla is equal ratio.

choco-vanilla3. Belgian chocolate cake
This exclusive cake is ordered by customers on special & exclusive celebrations. The chocolate used in this cake is the delectable Belgium chocolate, which is famous for its delicious aroma & taste throughout the world. This cake looks visually simple with dollops of chocolate layers but its heavenly taste can take you into another world.
Belgian chocolate cake4. Chocolate Hazelnut
The awesome combination of hazelnut dry fruits along with Chocolate is absolutely delightful. Each bite of this cake gives dual experience. The smooth chocolate element simply gets melted in the mouth & the crunchy hazel nut offers a nice crispy time.

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Chocolate Hazelnut
5. Fresh cream Butterscotch cake
This cake has creamy layer of fresh cream with the essence of Butterscotch. The base is made from freshly baked butterscotch-sponge bread & it is topped with oodles of fresh cream. This fresh cake can turn any ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

Fresh cream Butterscotch cake6. Fresh cream fruit cake
Fresh cream fruit cake comes with goodness of healthy fruits & cream. This cake can be a mixed fruit preparation or made from a particular type of fruit like mango, litchi, and strawberry, black current & so on.
Online stores also gives you advantage to customize cakes as per the nature of celebration. These days formal parties like office promotion or farewell parties opt for customized cake. Funky & naughty customized cakes are specially preferred for bachelor’s parties & wedding celebration among friends.
Fresh cream fruit cakeThe special feature of customized cake is that, customer can request as per their need & choice. They can decide the size of the cake, weight, flavor, shape & designing patterns. They can also decide the ingredients used for preparing the cake for example customers can place order for eggless cake or health conscious people can order for sugar less / calorie free cake. With personalized cake, special events can be turned into unforgettable & lasting moments of happiness. These days a lot of people also prefer photo cakes. They are special kind of personalized cakes. Customer can get the image of the receiver printed on top of it. They can make cake canvas out of their innovative mind. The most interesting part of photo cake is that your imagination is the limit.

So next time on your best friend’s/spouse’s birthday or marriage anniversary, go for online cakes. Online cakes are also available with bouquets of flowers, teddy bear, balloons, Greeting cards & personalized gifts.

You can log on to for buying top quality of designer cakes. This website offers vast array of cake in exciting flavors & designs for all festivals & occasions. Here people can also search for Birthday cakes, flower bouquets, greeting cards, plush teddy bear, dazzling jewelries, cosmetic hampers, grooming kits, wrist watches for her & him, artificial flowers & plants. GiftaLove also offers spiritual gifts, personalized gifts like personalized T-shirts, personalized ceramic mugs, personalized canvas, personalized clocks and personalized calendar, personalized caricatures, mobile cover & many more.

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