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Spell-Bound & Spooky Ideas to Celebrate Halloween 2021 in India?

Spell-Bound & Spooky Ideas to Celebrate Halloween 2021 in India?

Spooky Ideas to Celebrate Halloween

Hocus Pocus!! The scariest time of the year is again here to give us a bone-chilling experience that ghosts do exist!!

Many people throughout the world love to celebrate the special and eagerly awaited day of Halloween, which happens every year on October 31st. It is the day preceding All Saints’ Day and is additionally now and then called All Hallows’ Eve and Hallowmas Eve. The scariest day of Halloween is committed to recalling the dead and offering them harmony. It is generally celebrated in the United States and other Western Countries. On account of our dependence on American dramas and our expanding Western impact, the practice of Halloween festivities has gotten on in India also. As indicated by Celtic custom, it is a day when spirits come rational and speak with us. Thus, every Halloween night, in dread of the devils, people would spruce up like spirits themselves to guarantee that they would consider them dead and not send their spirits back. People in India and worldwide celebrate the day by sending each other Halloween gifts online to wish Halloween uniquely.

When is Halloween in 2021?

Year wise Halloween Celebration Day and Date of Halloween
In 2022 Monday, October 31
In 2023 Tuesday, October 31
In 2024  Wednesday, October 31

People in India might have no idea what Halloween is and how this day is meant to be celebrated. This is the reason why they might have no idea about the Halloween date and time. Check here when is Halloween in 2021 to start preparing for the special international festival.

Halloween is that season when our creepy faculties wake up! Consistently, the world observes Halloween on October 31, where we put on our vanguard ensembles and party, gather confections, watch blood and gore films, and read exemplary gothic books. In any case, do you realize that Halloween is a deep-rooted custom that began from an old Celtic celebration of Samhain?

Significance of Halloween

Significance of Halloween

Ordinarily, Halloween is commended in October, yet it is carried on until November 2 of every year in some usual and old spots. Loathsomeness, horror, creepiness, and everything bone-chilling rings a bell when we hear Halloween.

Celtics unequivocally accepted that the limit between the universes of the dead and the living became obscured on the night prior to the new year. The evening of October 31 consistently observed Samhain when it was believed that the phantoms of the dead got back to earth. In Samhain, people would light huge bonfires and wear spine-chilling outfits to keep the ghosts under control and at bay.

Typical Symbols of Halloween

Typical Symbols of Halloween

If you are planning to organize a Halloween party for 2021, you might be searching for spooky wooky Halloween theme party ideas. In India, celebrating the festival traditionally with international customs is quite daunting. That is why; you can use any of the symbols to decorate your home and make it ready for Halloween eve.

  • Bats: Bats are known to have supernatural powers of attracting insects. You can use them near bonfires or your fireplace to create a creepy look for the party.
  • Jack-O-Lanterns: Children use these special lanterns while asking for treats as they provide light for trick-or-treaters, passing from the dark areas like a graveyard.
  • Spiders: Spiders are also considered animals with supernatural abilities. People use cobwebs for decorating their houses to create that eerie look for the guests.
  • Black Cats: Like spiders and bats, black cats look super creepy and are also believed to have superpowers and connections to other realms.
  • Witches: Since Halloween is the scariest time of the year and people willing to receive their guests for the Halloween party to make this day memorable for them. That is why; witches are considered to create the wall between living and dead. So, witches’ broomsticks are also used to decorate homes for this unique festival.

How to celebrate Halloween 2021 in India?

How to celebrate Halloween 2021 in India

With time, the day of Halloween has evolved into a day of fun games, activities, and exercises like going house to house asking for trick-or-treating, expecting to fill their packs with candies, sugar sweets, pumpkin lamps, family social affairs, wearing Interesting & creepy costumes ensembles of fiends, pirates, vampires, witches, and so on, and eating treats.

Halloween, as one would say, is one of the most renowned celebrations around the world. However, if you are in India, you might have thoughts running in your mind about the Halloween celebration in India as this festival is still not a part of Indian culture and celebration. That is why; many people who are not into American dramas and series dedicated to Halloween might have no idea how to celebrate Halloween or organize the party. That is why; we want to let you know about some festivabbbbbls celebrated in India with the same vibe and almost similar culture and tradition.

Badabadiya Daka, Odisha

Badabadiya Daka is celebrated in the Indian territory of Odisha. Performed upon the arrival of Diwali, Badabadiya Daka is an exceptional puja custom performed for the progenitors asking and mentioning them to come in obscurity and withdraw in light. People light up sticks, point them up in the sky, and pray for their loved ones who are no more. This festival is celebrated on the sacred stairs of the well-known Jagannath Temple in Odisha.

Mahalaya Amavasya during Pitru Paksha

In India, people observe Pitra Paksha, a sixteen-day long festival wherein Hindus recollect and pray for their ancestors. The last day of Pitru Paksha is the most critical and significant festival, known as Sarvapitri Amavasya or Mahalaya Amavasya. During this entire time, relatives perform Shraddha, wherein food and water are presented to the departed spirits. This is done to ensure that the souls of our progenitors are taken care of even after, and they keep on living in paradise.

Bhoot Chaturdashi

Bhoot Chaturdashi, also known as Narak Chaturdashi, is celebrated on the 14th day of Krishna Paksha in Kartik month, as per the Hindu rituals and ceremonies. In North India, Chhoti Diwali is commended around the same time; nonetheless, in the far east, this is the day when wicked spirits are shooed away. On this day, 14 ancestors are invited and afterward warded; the ceremony includes 14 different kinds of vegetables cooked, and 14 earthen lights lit around the same time.


For the most part, Shab e-Barat is a Muslim festival celebrated by the Muslim communities around the world. It is observed on the fourteenth evening of Sha’aban, and people offer their prayers to their lord. Also known as the Night of Records or the Night of Fortune and Forgiveness, it is accepted that the lord composes individuals’ predetermination dependent on their deeds. As a part of the festivals, individuals visit the graves of their friends and family and pray to God for them.

All these festivals are originated in India; however, you will find no pumpkins and creepy costumes in these festivals. Thus, before getting all prepared for Halloween, look at these Halloween party ideas to organize a fantastic party for guests.

Halloween Party Ideas in India

Halloween Party Ideas in India

In the west, kids get dressed in creepy and wicked costumes and go house to house asking for tricks or treats, from one way to another, and the grown-ups to spruce up in their most horrifying and spooky-wooky outfits with eerie cosmetics to go to Halloween parties.

Taking a gander at this, it is undoubtedly a miracle thinking about how Indians don’t run the other way regarding accepting everything evil on Halloween. However, we Indians love festivities and celebrations. So, why not observe Halloween and have some good times while you are busy again in your Diwali festival preparation and celebration?

If you are searching for the best way to observe Halloween in India, dread not; we are here to help you. If you want to celebrate a great and fun Halloween in India this year, here are we having a list of popular Halloween decorations and party ideas, perfect for making your home ready to give the guests a bone-chilling experience.

1. Host a Halloween Party for Friends and Family

Host a Halloween Party for Friends and Family

Talking about celebrating Halloween in India, what can be as impressive as hosting a Halloween party for your near and dear ones. If you have not seen The Vampire Diaries or Twilight Saga, this task might require a lot of hard work from your end. But, when you know how interesting it is to scare somebody, this difficult job becomes the most fun way of organizing a party to celebrate Halloween in India.

So, don’t wait till 30th October and deck up your home with these simple yet thoughtful Halloween eve party ideas:

  • Halloween decorations like cobwebs, carved pumpkins, jack o lanterns, skeletons, and more are just perfect for decorating your home to give your guests a spine-chilling experience.
  • Plan your dinner table with Halloween-themed food and drinks, and don’t forget the eateries in the shape of monsters and ghosts.
  • Halloween cupcakes and cakes oozing out blood-colored jam can be simply perfect to relish a delightful treat for your guests.
  • Your stairs can be adorned with garlands and creepy bats to make them look super horrifying.
  • The pumpkin carvings make the perfect choice to decorate your entryway, and these little light-filled monsters will scare the hell out of your guests.

2. Scary Sleepover is What You Need

Scary Sleepover is What You Need

If you wish to spend this special day with your friends and relatives, you can never go wrong with sleepovers. Spending the night with your partners in crime is perfect for having a fun time with friends. You can enjoy eating delicious food, chit-chatting and gossiping, catching up on horror movies, and listening to the Halloween playlist to make this day more memorable.

So, why think twice before asking your friends to celebrate Halloween with a spooky-wooky sleepover? Have a look at these ideas to have a spell-bounding experience:

  • You can carry some scary horror movie CDs and storybooks with you to your sleepover to scare the wits out of your friends.
  • Make sure to watch horror movies back to back and spend the night having a thrilling experience with your mates.
  • And, if you are the host for the sleepover, you can decorate your room with big fat candles to create that special dim lights effect and spooky feel for your guests.
  • Sort out the midnight snacking with junk food and popcorn to keep the night easy-going and straightforward.
  • Moreover, board games can be your savior. Don’t forget to carry Ouija, Ludo, Carrom, or any other board game to make this day special and not so boring.
  • If you are not a fan of board games, you can always choose to play truth or dare with your buddies to make the scary sleepovers interesting and fun-filled.

3. Haunted Hangout is Savior for Halloween

Haunted Hangout is Savior for Halloween

If you want to do something thrilling on Halloween and experience spine-chilling moments, you can plan something rule breaking like going out in the dark and in the prohibited areas like graveyards. If you have weak-hearted friends, this idea is not for you. So, you can skip this one, with no guilt.

  • Just ask your gang to head out to the haunted area of your city at night like old graveyard or haunted house on 31st of Halloween.
  • Apart from this, you and your friend circle can choose to walk through dark places to have that spooky feel.
  • If you are the prankster of the group, you can also think of scary tricks to play on your friends to scare them.
  • If your parents allow you to have whole night for Halloween, you can roaming around to have a well-spent Halloween night.

4. Camping Trip for Eerie Halloween

Camping Trip for Eerie Halloween

Going on a small trip with companions or family is most likely fun, right? It tends to be even more amusing to do it on Halloween. What about setting up a camping trip in the profound woods with your circle? Chosen a spot on a forlorn peak or among the forest. Make tents, light a huge fire and appreciate hot cocoa alongside toasted marshmallows or enjoy fiery treats.

  • Share horror tales and stories with your friends, and to make it a really exciting Halloween night, you can always play games.
  • The spooky hints of the wilderness and the bugs will without a doubt add the dramatization for an ideal Halloween vibe.

5. Visit Night Clubs or Restaurants Organizing Halloween-Theme Parties

Night Clubs or Restaurants Organizing Halloween-Theme Parties

Night clubs or eateries in India have started the practice of facilitating Halloween gatherings that will go in till the early morning. Visitors get wearing creepy outfits with terrifying cosmetics and appreciate beverages and food served there.

Head out to a bar, eatery, restaurants, and dance club for a wild Halloween party in India. The insides of these spots are redone to get an alarming feel of Halloween. Indeed, even the menu is given a facelift with elite Halloween treats.

From drinks that seem as though blood to diners planned like tombstones, eateries, and night clubs go that full distance to strike dread in your heart. Thus, in metropolitan urban areas like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Delhi, people observe Halloween is the style at one of these spots.

The Final Takeaway

We trust that these ideas and information make you siphon and energized for a cool Halloween night. What are you sitting tight for? Plan a super-creepy evening and observe Halloween fiercely. Allow us to observe Halloween in India without pondering it and simply have a great time! Have a cheerful Halloween, people! And, if you wish to send Halloween gifts to India, you can invest your trust in We have come up with a unique range of thoughtful and meaningful gifts at affordable rates. So, place an order with us to make your Halloween more special for you and your loved ones.

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