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10 Awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the Globe!!

10 Awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the Globe!!

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the Globe

Markets all around brimming with gorgeous red roses of different shapes and hues, shelves are flooded with delicious heart-shaped candies and red balloon decorations. Every corner of the shops is creaming love and romance with stuffed teddy bears and pandas. Do you guys have any idea what this preparation is all about? We know we are just revolving round & round as with the onset of winters only, everyone has started preparing for Valentine’s day celebration. But, do you guys know not every country is celebrating 14th February with roses, greeting, and candies? Yes, you heard it right. Valentine’s Day is not marked with the same traditions and rituals at every corner of the world. If you ever got a chance to explore the globe, find some unusual ways to celebrate 14th February. This will be fun, right?

But, wait!! Why wait for exploring the world when we can provide you all the needed information about the different traditions of the Valentine’s Day celebration this 2021?

With Valentine’s Day 2021 around the corner, the first thing that everyone prefers to do is to find a suitable gift for the beloved to write eternal love stories. Some choose flowers and chocolates; some take their partners for a long drive, while some prefer to plan a getaway to some exotic location for Valentine’s celebration. This goes the same for everyone who is living in India. Have you ever thought about what the couples in the USA or Bulgaria do for Valentine’s celebration? No, right, that is why; we have decided to make this Valentine’s Day 2021 more interesting and a bit different by giving you some information about how Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world?

So, without wasting any more time, let us get started:

Countries Significance
France Honor the feeling of romance
Argentina Sweetest week of the year
Ghana National Chocolate Day
South Korea To experience a unique feeling of love
Philippines Celebrated with a gala event
Spain Saint Dionysus feast
Wales San Dwynwen day
Denmark Love celebration
Japan A day to exchange unique gifts
Romania Special and unusual celebration
England Festival to celebrate love and romance
Brazil Day dedicated to lovers
Italy A day dedicated to couples
China Festival dedicated to sisters
Slovenia A day to show your affection


France is known to have one such village named “Valentine” that has been turned into the epicenter of love and romance. On 12th and 14th February, France’s people decorate everything around like trees, homes, and yards with roses, balloons, and greeting cards. On these two dates, people here propose to each other romantically. Owing to this grand celebration, France is known to have one of the most beautiful and breather-taking Valentine’s Day celebrations in the world.

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If you have read about Argentine and its culture, then you must have an idea that this location has no accounts for the Valentine celebration falling in February. Instead of this, they are having a festival known as “The Week of Sweetness” celebrated in July. This is one such that is dedicated to lovers in Argentine. On this day, love birds exchange kisses and gifts like flowers, chocolates, sweets, soft toys, and many more, showcasing their immense love for one another.


As in India, we celebrated Valentine’s Day in the form of a whole week in which we have days like Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day, and more. Similarly, in Ghana, 14th February is known as Chocolate Day. If you don’t know, Ghana is one of the largest producers of Cocoa globally, and owing to this, the Ghana government has started to celebrated 14th February as “National Chocolate Day.” On this day, you can see here several amazing shows, performances, live events, and a large number of tourists enjoying this day in Ghana.

South Korea

After France, if it is asked which country is offering the cutest and grand celebration of Valentine’s Day, then South Korea is the name, for sure. In this country, love and romance are celebrated not once a year but on the 14th of every month. Yes, you heard it right! The festival of love is celebrated here throughout the year. Every month is having different significance like:

  • 14th May is celebrated as the “Day of Roses.”
  • 14th June is celebrated as the “Day of Kisses.”
  • 14th December is celebrated as the “Day of Hugs.”
  • And, to your surprise, do you guys have any idea about what do single people do on this day? Well, no need to guess as it is one of the most surprising and kinda wired traditions. 14th April is celebrated as “The Black Day” when all the single people eat black noodles and share their relations stories with each other. Isn’t it fascinating and cool?


Till now, we have seen the cutest Valentine celebration and the most romantic Valentine celebration. The Philippines government has taken the celebration to another level by making it an affair serving the public. This is one such country where Valentine’s Day is celebrated by organizing a gala event in which couples get married happily. This event is organized by the Philippines government every year to serve the public.


A day similar to Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Spain on 9th October every year. This day is celebrated as the “Feast of Saint Dionysus,” in which people used to make “Macadora.” These are the figurines prepared by the men of different regions of Spain to gift to their lady love for love confessions. These adorable and traditional figures are the best gifts for Valentine’s Day ever gifted by anyone to their love. Apart from this figure making ritual, colorful parades can be seen in Spain’s villages to make this romantic day of love.

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If we consider all the aforementioned traditions and the dedicated countries, then we can conclude that we have seen the grandest Valentine celebration and the cutest Valentine celebration. The room for the weirdest celebration is still empty. This reminds us of Wales’ version of the Valentine celebration. In Wales, Valentine is being celebrated in the form of “Day of San Dwynwen” on 25th January every year. People gift each other beautifully handcrafted and unique wooden spoons showcasing their love for each other. The most surprising or we can say the admiring thing is that this tradition is being followed in Wales from 16th Century.


Among the most popular traditions and celebrations of Valentine’s Day 2021, Denmark is known to be widely considered for its version of a celebration. On 14th February, the people of Denmark exchange handmade cards decorated with pressed flowers and snowdrops, making the card more special and significant.


China or the Southwest region of Chine (to be more accurate) use to celebrate the “Sister’s Meal” festival on 15th March of every year as a tradition of love and togetherness. This is one such festival that has raised the level of Valentine’s celebration a bit more. Women all across Southwest China wear the gorgeous outfit paired with sliver accessories to celebrate this romantic day. The ladies cook colorful, delicious rice dishes and offer them to the men walking on the road. If men found two chopsticks with the rice, then it means to love, and if they get a clove bud of garlic, then it means breakup or rejection.


Saint Valentine is one of Slovenia’s saints, and because of this, 14th February is considered the plant generation day. Besides this, 14th February is also a day known to be believed that birds propose to each other on this amazing day.

After wandering all over the world and knowing different traditions of different countries celebrating Valentine’s Day, don’t you want to know how Valentine was originated or what is the history of celebration 14th February as a day of love and romance? Yes, certainly, you do, and that is why; we have some information for this context as well. So, let us take a reverse gear and see what Valentine is all about many dates back.

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History of Valentine

Valentine used to be the names of a few Christian martyrs who are remembered on 14th February that has originated Valentine’s Day.

Amount the Christian martyrs, one most popular legend names Saint Valentine remembering and honoring whom Valentine Day is celebrated worldwide.

Owing to history, no one knows what accounts for the history of the Valentine’s Day celebration. But, if you go a little deep into the history, you will come across several stories that are there explaining the celebration and its significance. One of them is:

Saint Valentine used to serve in Rome during the third century. This was the time when martyrs are being jailed under the rules powered by Emperor Claudius II. This emperor has also made a rule-based on which only single men can participate in wars and fights as he believes family men get indulged themselves into family and social life and hence, they cannot serve the nation. Owing to this rule, the emperor has also outlawed weddings in Rome. But, Saint Valentine was the person who motivates the residents in Rome to perform marriages secretly. This rule-breaking leads to Saint Valentine’s death as well.

If we focus on the ritual of sending dear ones greeting cards and love letters on Valentine’s Day, then you will get to know the reason behind it is that Saint Valentine has written a letter to his beloved and he has signed the letter with “From your Valentine.” That is why, till now, every lover expresses his love with flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards.

Closing Thoughts:

All the aforementioned different ways and traditions of the Valentine’s Day celebration must have impressed you. Besides impressing, you also got to know some other unusual ways to make this day more special and memorable for your love of life. Talking about love and romance for the Valentine celebration, have you guys decided what gift you are going to give to your sweetheart? Not yet? Well, there is no need to be worried as has got your back. We are of the most preferred and considerable online gifting stores delivering gifts PAN India. Owing to the grand celebration of the most romantic day on the calendar, after your wedding anniversary, of course, we have launched a brand new and exclusive range of Valentine gifts. From gorgeous flower bouquets & arrangements, delicious chocolates & dripping cakes, heartfelt personalized gifts for your beloved, and many more; all the love birds in the house, we are providing the best gifts for sweetest and most romantic love confessions. So, order now and send Valentine’s Day gifts to India and worldwide with our fast and on-time delivery services.

“Love is the best feeling in the world. Everyone wants to love and to be loved!!”

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