What Ingredients Make Raksha Bandhan A Grand & Memorable Affair?

Festivals in India have always been a resplendent and a sumptuous affair since time immemorial. Every festival has its own ingredients which are essential for memorable and splendid celebrations. Think of Diwali without lights, Holi without colors, or Eid without biryani or seviyaan, the festivities seem to lose a lot on their flavors and extravagance in the absence of such crucial elements which imparts colors and vibrancy to them.


Raksha Bandhan is a similar Indian festival that epitomizes the strong and eternal bond of brothers and sisters through a sacred thread of Rakhi. This festival based on sibling love beautifully portrays the hearty feelings of love, care, adoration, support, and protection that are shared by them with each other. Just like a night with a shining moon and flowers with mesmerizing fragrances, we have listed down some crucial ingredients which are essential to make Raksha Bandhan 2019 an extravagant and luxurious affair for everyone. Make sure you have them all!!!


The relevancy of the sacred thread of Rakhi can only be understood by women who have brothers in their life. Brothers are just like fathers who are born with the same emotions of immense love and care for their sisters. They always like to keep them guarded and keep them safe from any adversities. Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion that celebrates the even more special bond of siblings who have immense love and respect for each other. The tying Rakhi on the wrist of brothers fills the hearts of sisters with immense happiness and pride of having such amazing brothers in their lives. They are the ones who give their sisters an everlasting promise of protection and support in all the walks of life.


As the popular Bollywood song says, “Behene ne Bhai ki kalai pe pyar bandha h…”, a Rakhi is not just a beautiful thread that is tied on the wrist of a brother as a formality, but a string imbued with emotions of deep love and care. Sisters are very protective in terms of their brothers and always like to be pampered by them. An elder sister is just like a mother who takes care of their little brothers and guides them always. Whereas a younger sister is treated like a daughter by her elder brother and always make efforts to provide her a good and successful life. This is the bond which is celebrated during the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

A social message: With India witnessing a big drop in the population of girls, it’s time to give them their due and valid share in the society without considering them a burden or a liability. Men who lack sisters in their life are missing on a precious bond that is admired and lived by their fellow brothers.

Presence of Deep Emotions of Love & Care

In a world, where people are moving away from joint family setups and preferring nuclear families more, the emotions that once existed between brothers and sisters have seen a fall. But, there are still a lot of people for whom distance never matters and what most matter for them is the love and affection they have in their hearts for their siblings. Raksha Bandhan celebrates these pious feelings housed in every sibling’s heart for their brothers and sisters all over the world. This festival is a magnificent celebration of this amazing bond which they share no matter what are their circumstances.


Celebrating Raksha Bandhan without a Rakhi seems imperfect and without jollifications. A Rakhi is a thread of love and care that binds two siblings together and connects their hearts and souls forever. The emotion with which a sister buys rakhi for her brother or sometimes created it with her own hands is what signifies the power of their relationship. This beautiful thread is the celebration of their incredible bond and shows how deep and loveable is their sibling bond. We have heard in legends that how a thread of rakhi has recreated history and made mighty and powerful people fallen on their knees for their Rakhi sisters.

Rakhi Puja Thali

Just like every Indian festival, the festival of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated with all the traditionalism and in a ceremonious way. It begins with the sisters getting up early in the morning and offering their prayers to God for the well-being of their brothers. This Rakhi ritual seems to be incomplete without a beautiful Rakhi Puja thali that is decorated with all the beautiful colors and eye-pleasing materials to impart a festive appeal to the Rakhi celebrations. These religious thalis are plated with sweets, roli, chawal, a lit diya, and a Rakhi to perform the ritual of Raksha Bandhan. This designer thali infuses a festive flavor in your celebrations and makes sisters feel at a place as everything required for the Puja ceremony will be properly placed in it.

Plush Rakhi gifts

Raksha Bandhan has flavors of excitement in it as soon after the Rakhi ceremony, the gifts are exchanged by brothers and sisters. The tangy relationship shared by siblings is made more enthusiastic one with Rakhi gifts for siblings. Brothers get the most wonderful gifts for their sisters like jewelry, apparels, handbags, gift coupons, or tokens of money to please them and make them the happiest souls on this earth. Not only the brothers but also sisters never stayed behind in surprising their brothers with gifts for Raksha Bandhan. They accompany their Rakhis with the most stunning and delicious gifts like, chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, grooming kit, watches, wallets, etc. to send brothers cloud nine with their choices.

Beautiful Traditional & Ethnic Attires

With the arrival of the festivals in India, people go on a shopping spree to don on their best traditional avatars for the festive celebrations. Both men and women pick ethnic attires to tune with the traditional theme of festivals and wish to look their best in front of everyone. Raksha Bandhan witnesses both men and women strolling in the markets just like a flock of sheep. Boys in Kurta pyjamas and girls in salwar suits and sarees is what the landscape of Raksha Bandhan in every household looks like.

Mouth-drooling dishes and sweets

Talking of festivals and how can we forget the delicious and mouth-watering delicacies to gorge on the festive occasions. Raksha Bandhan is an occasion which witnesses a big and fun family get together in which everyone has a good time together. Delicious and tempting dishes are cooked at home for everyone and relished on while having a good chit chat session. Special sweets are also prepared to sweeten everyone’s mouth on this splendid festival.

No Space for Religious Taboos

India is a secular country in which every citizen is given a fundamental right to freedom. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that has witnessed a massive change in its celebration patterns over the years. This festival is no more a festival of the Hindus but is celebrated by the people of all religions. When the country does not discriminate, then who are we to impose such taboos on us or our children. This Raksha Bandhan, break the shackles of religious disparities and indulge in religion-free Rakhi celebrations. It’s time for a change, so be the one to carry this torch forward!

Make this Raksha Bandhan the happiest one by culminating all these ingredients together for sweetest Rakhi celebrations. If you wish to buy some stunning Rakhi for brother online, then GiftaLove.com is a renowned online rakhi store with a smorgasbord of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts online at affordable prices.

10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Kind of Dad

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back nor a sail to take us there but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” The word “father” has such deep meanings to it that he is a complete dictionary in itself. He is the utmost sense of love, support, and care that anyone can imagine. His presence in one’s life makes it worthwhile and gives a whole new shape and meaning to it. This Father’s Day, thank this wonderful personality that you are blessed with in the most incredible and fantastic way with smashing and heartwarming Father’s Day gifts. This is an amazing occasion to celebrate your father-child relationship, so revel in its celebrations in a memorable and joyful way.

Fathers Day Banner

As every father is a different personality, so the gifts also have to be unique and different from one another. Depending on the tastes and preferences of every father, here we have compiled a list of gifts for the occasion of Father’s Day. Let’s have a look-

1. Books: For the Reader in Your Father

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Books have always been man’s good friends. They always taught him something that gives some right directions to his life. This Father’s Day, gift a special book to your father of his favorite genre to make him feel extremely honored and delighted with your choice of gift. If your dad has no such preference, then you can always go for self-help books that are imbued with meaningful expressions relating to life. These books help in broadening the mindsets of the people and impart new ways of looking at life.


2. Wine Basket: For the Wine Aficionado Dad

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” ― Andre Simon
Most of the fathers love to sip their favorite wines at the end of a tiring day. If your father too loves to enjoy his glass of wine, then a wine basket is certainly a wonderful gift idea for the occasion of Father’s Day. Boasting of the best collection of wines in it, this basket is definitely going to be a big surprise for all the fathers out there. Definitely, the best way to celebrate this amazing day!

Wine Basket

3. Gardening Kit: Cheers to the Skillful Gardener

Does your father like to spend his idle time in gardening? If yes, then this kit is definitely meant for him. Fathers having a passion for gardening like to spend his day planting in the garden or indoors to make the environment more lively and eco-friendly needs certain tools to accomplish their gardening tasks. A gardening kit provides a sense of flexibility to them to indulge in their hobby more skillfully and with perfection.

Gardening Kit

4. Men’s Grooming Kit: To Heighten Dad’s Charming Looks

If there is the most handsome person man on this earth in the eyes of children, then it has to be their father. Heighten their charm and looks by gifting a men’s grooming kit to them on the fabulous occasion of Father’s Day 2019. The amazing products in this kit will make your dad go awe and make him feel on top of the world receiving such a thoughtful gift from you.

5. Recliner Chair: For Dads Who Are Always On-The-Go

Fathers are the busiest persons on this planet. They spend hours on the professional front to provide good standards of living to their families. They always strive to achieve more, earn more in life to bless their children with a life which they lacked or wished for. This Daddies Day, surprise this caring and loving soul straight from the heart by getting a recliner chair for him on which he can enjoy his drink while listening to his favorite music after a long and stressful day at work. Extremely comfortable and relaxing in nature, this chair will relax his tired muscles so that he can charge up nicely for the next day.

Recliner Chair

6. Fashion Accessories: For the Perfect Professional Daddy

Flabbergast your handsome daddies with this very voguish and modern Father’s Day gift idea. Speaking of every essential fashion accessory that is required to dress up for work, this one is certainly an incredible surprise for them who dress for success. As fathers do so much for their families, it is time to elevate their personalities with a hamper comprising branded fashion accessories like ties, wallets, cuff links, bow ties, watches, etc. bought just for them.

Fashion Accessories

7. Personalized Gifts: For the Emotional Ones

Undoubtedly, fathers are most vulnerable when it comes to their children. They want to protect them from the harsh world and always try to make efforts to make their children successful and strong. Fathers are extremely sensitive for their children and become very emotional in their achievements. Applaud this characteristic of their nature by getting personalized gifts like mugs and cushions with pictures and heartfelt texts. These gifts will have a personal touch to them and bring you closer to your father.

8. Food Basket: For the Foodie Daddies

The special occasion of Father’s Day deserves to be celebrated in a magnificent and exhilarating manner with a delectable food basket specially bought for them. For daddies, who love to gorge on delicious delicacies any time of the day and never worries about the rising sugar or cholesterol levels, then getting a basket stacked with his favorite fruits, veggies, beverages, snacks, and sweets is certainly a great idea. This is a fun and wonderful take on their reckless eating habits, isn’t it?

Food Basket

9. Smart watches: For the Fitness Lover Dads

Living in a world where there is hardly any time to keep a check on one’s health, smartwatches are definitely a blessing in disguise. These fitness gadgets keep a track on our health and keep the person updated with his latest health parameters. Be it about checking the BP levels, the number of steps traveled in a day, or the number of calories burnt, your father can keep a track on everything with this watch on his wrist.

Smart watches

10. Plants: For Fathers who Love to “Go Green”

Plants are the most lauded and popular gifts nowadays owing to factors like good luck, better health, and high pollution levels. If your father has an inclination to decorate the interiors as well as exteriors of the house with bright green and beautiful plants, then they are certainly the best gifting options for Father’s Day. The large variety of succulent plants, bamboo plants, money plants, and other flowering plants that can be potted and placed anywhere are the most popular picks for gifting purposes.


Celebrate Father’s Day with warmth and love with all these gifts that are exceptionally listed down for this splendid occasion. You just need to pick according to the choice of father and make this day a memorable affair for him. The amazing services of Giftalove.com can be availed to get most of these gifts at really affordable and discounted prices.

5 Most Beneficial Plants to Befriend This Sultry Summers

The widespread Indian subcontinent is getting broiled by the sudden heat waves and soaring temperatures of the summer season. The people of India are eagerly waiting for the cool spells of rain after experiencing the blazing heat of this hot and humid season for days now. We have often come across a statement that the areas with high amounts of greenery are much cooler and have a pleasant environment than compared to places with little or no plantation at all. The greenery keeps the levels of temperatures much moderate and contributes to a better and thriving ecosystem.

Plant banner

Plants are great gifts from God to humanity bestowed with surprising and ample health benefits when planted or consumed orally (like aloe vera or tulsi) by people. With the rising popularity of plants to elevate home décor nowadays, we can actually keep some of them within or outside our homes to avail their great amount of benefits and to deal with pesky summer problems. So, this summers, shake your hands with these five extremely beneficial plants (https://www.giftalove.com/plants) that will kick off the harsh effects of this sultry season.

1. Aloe Vera

One of the most succulent and evergreen plants, Aloe Vera is a popular one grown in every Indian household. From treating minor skin rashes to detoxifying the body from harmful toxins, it perfectly cures every health problem from head to toe. The cooling texture of this plant makes it a wonderful remedy to deal with lingering health problems of the summer season.  If you have not included this indoor plant a part of your home yet, then quickly own one as you’ll be surprised with its great amount of health benefits.

Some of the benefits are –

  • As the heat waves make our hair look dull and dry, the plant sap can be applied to the hair and hair scalp for better moisturization and softness.
  • The naturally extracted aloe vera gel can be applied to the sunburns and inflamed parts of the body for quick healing.
  • It is a great skin moisturizer and helps to remove dead cells from the skin
  • The juice of the plant cleans the digestive tracts and improved digestion that happens in summers due to the slowing of the digestion process.

Aloe Vera

2. Holy Basil or Tulsi

The Tulsi plant (also called Holy Basil) is much more than just being a plant with religious connotations. It is basically an herb found in every Indian household as it is worshipped by people with great devotion. The high amount of medical benefits it provides has garnered it with a title of “Queen of Herbs”. A renowned Ayurvedic medicine since ages, the leaves and stems of the holy basil plant are infused with loads of health benefits.

Some of the benefits are-

  • Drinking tea made with tulsi leaves helps in getting rid of stubborn cold and cough in summers.
  • Crushed tulsi leaves can be applied to mosquito or other insect bites.
  • Drinking warm water boiled with tulsi leaves detoxifies the body from within and promotes healthy and glowing skin.

Holy Basil

3. Giloy Plant

Also known as the root of immortality, the Giloy plant is a popular Ayurvedic herb since ages. As summer season means the breeding season of mosquitoes, there is a huge amount risk of dengue in the atmosphere. Growing this plant indoors or outdoors will help you get rid of multiple health problems without actually gulping any medicines. It is imbued with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and immunomodulatory properties and is extremely safe for kids.

Some of the benefits are-

  • This plant is a wonderful remedy to treat chronic fever like dengue, chikungunya, or swine flu. It increases the count of platelets in the body and eliminates symptoms of such fevers.
  • It removes harmful free radicals from the body due to the presence of anti-oxidants.
  • Treats symptoms of cough and cold.

Giloy Plant

4. Lemon Balm

The soothing and cooling properties of this medicinal plant make it a wonderful plant to grow in summers. The fresh lemony and minty fragrance uplifts any health problem that causes harmful side effects on the body.

Some of the benefits are-

  • It cures insect bites when its crushed leaves are applied to the skin.
  • When these leaves are boiled and water to drink, then it treats symptoms of cold, cough, and headaches.
  • It treats skin inflammation in summers as it is a natural astringent and is beneficial for oily and acne prone skin.
  • The ample amounts of antioxidants in lemon balm plant reduce the bad effects of the harmful free radicals from the body.

Lemon Balm

5. Ginger

This root is a known Ayurvedic cure for multiple health problems. It can be easily grown in a home garden or even in pots to treat the health conditions in the summer season. It is a popular cure when consumed in teas. Its other health benefits include-

  • The low appetite can be treated with this spice when added to teas.
  • As summer comes with a lot of tummy problems, drinking ginger tea is ideal to treat such problems.
  • The strong flavor of ginger relieves the body from any stress after a long day at work.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this root protect the skin from infections of the summer season.


How Fathers Become Shapers of Children’s Success Stories?

“The quality of a father can be seen in the goals, dreams and aspirations he sets not only for himself, but for his family.” – Reed Markham

In an era, where movies like “Bhoothnath” and “102 Not Out” implying the miseries which a father, in the contemporary world, has to go through at the hands of his children are conceptualized and bring forth, it is high time for self-realization. As we say, movies are just the reflection of what happens in society, we are forced to accept this harsh reality with our naked eyes. On the other hand, the films like “Piku” is a beautiful manifestation of a father-daughter relationship which sets an example for the youth of today of how children can become parents to their own parents in their old age. We must understand that a father is a significant figure bestowed upon mankind by God and it is our responsibility to appreciate and take care of them.


The presence of a father is crucial in a person’s life. He is like roots of a tree which keeps the family firmly grounded and in a stable position. He is like the strongest sense of support and a guiding force for his children who always hold their hands and show them the right path to success and achievements. A father shares his own life experiences to make them acquainted with the reality and cast real-life examples in front of them to help them carve their own niche in society. This Father’s Day, make him feel super special and exceptional with your loving and caring gestures and let him know how special he is to you.

Here, we have listed some important parameters that make a father a shaper of his children’s accomplishments-

1. Being Open-Minded

What makes a father a great father is going ahead with the changes in times! Being a traditional father, who is more of a rule-maker, and whose presence in the house creates fear in the minds of children and a lacuna between them. A good father is the one who accepts the transitions happening in the society and makes his children move forward in life imbibing them. He creates a fear-free zone in his home for his children and makes himself accessible to them in all the situations that come in their life.

2. A Good Disciplinarian

Showering just immense love and affection on children and fulfilling his children’s needs is not just the duty of a good father, but also infusing punctuality and discipline in their lives. Children are like soft dough which can be molded in any form. So, imbuing right moral values and discipline in his children is every father’s job. A father must use the power of his words rather than his hands on his children to make a valid point in front of them. He must strongly condemn their misdeeds and punish them in the right way.

3. A Bond of Trust & Security

A father-children relationship is based on trust and security. Children feel a strong sense of security in the presence of their father and a bond of trust gets developed among them. They believe that their father will never leave their side and support them in every walk of life. A father is the most righteous person in their life and imbibing this belief in his children is the mountainous task that a good father achieves.

4. A Source of Encouragement

Whether his children succeeds or fails in any of their ventures, a father is always a source of continuous encouragement for them. Marking his presence in all their endeavors gives them a boost of confidence to perform better in their tasks. A father dances in their success and uplifts their mood in their failures and motivates them to better next time.

5. A Patient Listener

The definition of a good father includes being a patient listener to their children. He takes out time to listen to his children and gives them complete attention to understand their perspective. This creates a mutual understanding between them and makes him understand his children better.

6. Fulfills their Needs

A father is the ones who carry the burden of the entire family on his shoulders without actually considering a liability. He is the most selfless person on this earth who strives to give his family a better standard of life without compromising on their needs. But, he should also make them understand the value of money and how hard he works to give them such a comfortable life.

7. Let Children Commit Mistakes

A person learns the best from his or her mistakes. A good father is the one who let his children commit mistakes and then wait to teach them a lesson from them. The life experiences are the best teachers for a person and making mistakes motivates a person to overcome them by making improvements. But, a father makes it a point that such mistakes will not be tolerated in the future.

8. Make Children Value Things

Blindly fulfilling all the needs of children does not come within the responsibilities of a father. There has to be balanced which must be maintained by a father to make them value and cherish what they have. Be it food or education, make them realize the importance of money and things which are accessible to them but not to others.

9. A Perfect Example

Children are like the shadows of their parents. The home environment and the values given to them by parents decide what kind of individuals they will become in the future. A father must be the one who must set himself as an ideal example in front of his children. A friendly atmosphere at home which is filled with happiness and laughter, life skills to deal with difficult situations in life, respecting women, and many others makes a father a perfect role model for children.

10. Being Supportive

A good father always supports his children and promotes their interests rather than pressurizing them with his own wills. He makes every effort to polish the skills of his children to help them achieve their goals in life. He supports and respects their decisions and act as a safety net to protect them from adversities that come in their paths.

11. Gives Time to Children

In this busy world, the best gift that fathers can give to children is their valuable time. A good father spends quality time with their children and makes homework fun for them. He encourages them to involve in fun indoor and outdoor games which help in the development of their personalities rather than just watching television or surfing the internet endless on phones.

12. Challenges his Kids

A father works hard day and night to make his children flourish in their careers. He challenges their capabilities and helps them successfully complete the challenges. The challenges may involve setbacks, but with continuous motivation, the children will learn to overcome such conflicts on their own and help them grow in life.

13. Express Unconditional Love

Loving his children unconditionally is the greatest quality of a father. He may sometimes feel unsatisfied with the performance of his children, but his love for them never fades away. A father will always love his children no matter how worse they perform in their academics or life.

14. Being the Best Mentor

A father keeps giving his children loads of life lessons to his children to help them overcome the different situation in life. He quotes real-life examples in front of them and also makes them acknowledge the harsh realities of life. He makes then understand how to deal with situations while maintaining the calm and redirecting energies for the good.

15. Being Protective

A wonderful daddy protects his kids from the adversities of life creating clear protective boundaries in their best interest. He makes them aware of the harsh consequences which they have to face in case they choose the wrong path in life. A father makes sure that he inculcates all the life lessons which he has garnered from his own experiences in his children like a legacy so that even in his absence, they can conquer the world.

After learning about the sacrifices and efforts a father puts in his children, you must be more in love with your father. This Father’s Day, make your loving and caring dad feel your love and respect with your Father’s Day gifts and thank him for everything he has done for you. There is no one who can assume the place of a father, so, have a blast this Father’s Day 2019 with the widest range of gifts from Giftalove.com.