5 Stirring Rakhi Gifts for Every Type of Bro to Touch His Heart!!

This world is full of brothers with different personalities like some are so loving, caring, expressive and others are unexpressive. Whether it is any kind of brother, for a sister, he always has a soft corner in his heart. As the Raksha Bandhan is approaching, make it very special for brother by showering your love on him through thoughtful and stirring Rakhi gifts and win his heart with ease.

Rakhi gifts for Bro

Gifts are the best gesture to make someone realize how special he/she is or just impress within a few seconds or bring a wide smile on his/her face within a second. So, why not take the aid of gifts and convey your love to your beloved brother and turn the occasion of Raksha Bandhan the best one for him. If you are worried which gifts you should give to your darling brother because he has different nature, then don’t worry here are some magnificent Rakhi gifts ideas which would surely like by your brother too whether he as any nature.

Let’s have the look at the outstanding Rakhi gifts and open your heart in front of the brother with ease. These gifts will surely leave a long-lasting impression on your handsome brother and strengthen your bond of immense and pure love with them.

Say ‘I Love You’ brother through Handwritten letter

If it’s really hard for you to confess your love directly to your dear brother, then express your feelings of eternal love towards him via a handwritten letter. Yes, a handwritten letter will be the perfect gift for the brother and via this gift; you can smoothly convey your deep love to your dearest brother. Write down all your thought and feelings which you have for him. Also, you can send Rakhi to India or any other part of the world wherever your brother is residing along with this letter to your loving brother via online Rakhi portal.

Trophy of the Best brother

Let’s bring a big smile on the face of your sweetheart brother by giving him the trophy of the best brother to him. This trophy says it all what you have in your heart for your darling brother. This trophy will be the sign of how blessed you feel to have him in your life.

Flower Bouquet

Flowers are better known for expressing feelings of love, care, admiration and friendship. They have been used since the ancient time to convey immense love towards the loved ones. So, why not take the help of this beautiful gift of nature to convey your inner feelings towards the dearest brothers. Yes, this Raksha Bandhan gives a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your dear brother and impresses your brother with your thoughtfulness and care.

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are also a great option to make any kind of brother supremely happy. So, there are so many options of personalized gifts which you can give to your dearest brother to make the occasion memorable to him and make them feel how much you think about him. You can give personalized gifts such as a coffee mug, photo frame, water bottle, cushion, mobile cover and many more. So, choose any of the personalized gifts and win the heart of dearest brother with ease.

A surprise visit

For the sisters whose brothers are staying away from them and can’t come to celebrate the day of Rakhi at home, a surprise visit would be a nice option for them. Surprise the brother by visiting at his place on the special day of Raksha Bandhan would be a surely better gift for the brother than sending Rakhi online to him along with Rakhi gifts. So, why are you waiting for? Just visit the place of your dearest brother and turn the special day of Rakhi into the unforgettable one for him.

Hope! Your brother will surely like the above-suggested Rakhi gift ideas and turn the day of Raksha Bandhan into the most beautiful day of his life. Let’s bring a big smile on his face. It is sure that whichever personality your brother has- he will surely like these gifts.

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Express Your Affable Emotions to Buddies with These Friendship Day Messages

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” – Walter Winchell

The definition of true friendship encapsulates three things – immense love, unconditional support, and everlasting bond of togetherness. A friend is the one who holds your hands when everyone shook their heads and shows you their backs. In the darkest of days in life, a friend is that one person who becomes your guiding light showing the right path to righteousness and self-realization. They are secret keepers of your dark secrets and tolerate all kinds of nonsense with bright smiles on their faces. This Friendship Day on 4th August, express your love and gratitude to all your buddies for never leaving your side and staying with you in all walks of life.

Friendship Day Messages

Although, it is difficult to find the right words to convey heartfelt emotions to friends, we have brought an amazing line up of messages for Friendship’s Day that will perfectly say what you have never spoken before.

1. Your friendship is like rays of morning sun bringing new hopes of a new day in a life filled with despair. Happy Friendship day my dearest buddy…

2. Kitni choti si duniya hai meri, ek main hu aur ek dosti teri…

3. Tu mera dost nahin, meri jaan hai…
Tere hone se hi meri pehchaan hai…
Happy Friendship Day!!!

4. A F.R.I.E.N.D. is an abbreviation of “Few Relations In Earth Never Dies”. Love you friend!!!

5. We are like Chandler and Joey, INSEPARABLE & INVINCIBLE…

6. The idiotic fights we had,
Those feelings make us sad,
The fun gossips all night,
Helping with all the might,
For every support you gave,
Thank you to my sweetest friend,
You mean a lot to me,
Happy Friendship Day!

7. The mad selfies we took together,
Those boastful stories so true,
All the happy moments that I share with you,
All the loving memories old and new,
I am so lucky in life,
To have found a buddy like you,
Happy Friendship Day!

8. Friendship is the source of power in life,
Which make things really great,
Having a good friend in life,
Is also a thing of fate,
Thank you, my friend, for being there,
Happy Friendship Day!

9. Friendship is the ray of light,
It is the most beautiful sight,
Friendship is a real gem,
Which shines forever and never ends,
Happy Friendship Day!

10. Friendship is about sharing good vibes,
Sharing good memories all through life,
A little nagging with lots of fun,
Some weird moments with lots of buns,
Friends are for life and that is true,
With you, it feels so awesome and new,
Happy Friendship Day!

11. For all the love and happiness in life,
For all the things that have got to strive
I know you are always there for me
For that, I appreciate you to thee,
Thanks to my honey bunny cutie friend,
Happy Friendship Day!

12. True friends are like a soul of life,
Without them, it is tough to strive,
Thanks to my friend for always being there,
With you life is awesome I swear,
A very Happy Friendship Day!

13. My friend, you are my strength in life,
You are my only smile,
With you, life is so easy,
All the way and all the while,
Wish you a very Happy Friendship Day!

14. A friend like you is so very special
A friend like you is so real
Can’t express it more coz I am so lucky
To have found a friend like you,
My bestie I love you
Happy Friendship Day!

15. Friendship is the way you are there
With that silent concern and care
Friendship makes the world so bright
You feel so good and you feel all right
Friendship is forever in the heart
From the start
Happy Friendship Day to you!

16. When I want inspiration
You are the one I think of my friend
With you my feelings are so very pure
As there is nothing to pretend
A good friend like you is worth a gem
Happy Friendship’s Day to you!

17. Friendship is a promise between two people
To stay together in every condition
To be together in every situation of life
Friendship is a true promise to stay
Thanks for everything my friend
Happy Friendship Day!

18. Friendship is not about fights
But the laugh after the same
Friendship is not about the blame
But, remembering the name,
Friendship is sweet just like you
I can call you mine and lovely too,
Happy Friendship Day!

19. A friend gets happy on your past
Makes your present a moment to live by
And makes your future look so bright
This is to my best friend forever,
I love you so much
Happy Friendship Day to you!

20. With you, I can stay in silence
With you, I can talk my heart
With you, I know that I am ‘myself’
You let me have that perfect start
With you, I feel so good
I wish that this friendship remains forever ‘Touchwood’…
Happy Friendship Day to you!

With these affectionate messages, order Friendship Day gifts online for your loving and caring friend and celebrate this wonderful day dedicated to pure ad true friendship with magnificence and happiness. Have blast guys!!!

Raksha Bandhan 2019 – Rakhi Timings & Shubh Muhurat for Performance of Rakhi Rituals

The arrival of the month of August on the Indian calendars means the coming of an extremely auspicious and wonderful festival of Raksha Bandhan. This glorious festival is dedicated to the eternal love and affection that exists amongst siblings ever since their childhood. It is the day on which prayers are offered to God by sisters to bless their brothers with long, successful, and healthy lives and brothers give an everlasting promise of love and protection to their sisters sealing their sibling bond with this promise.


Muhurat Details About Rakhi Purnima

As a matter of fact, this festival is celebrated on a full moon day of the Shravan month every year which happens to fall on 15th August this year. The day is also referred to as Rakhi Purnima and it is considered as f the most auspicious day to perform any religious rituals that were put on a halt due to inauspicious reasons. It is divided into various segments which hold separate importance in terms of the Hindu traditions and rituals.

Purnima Tithi: ‘Purnima’ means ‘full moon’ and ‘tithi’ meansdate’.Rakhi Purnima is a full moon day that befalls on the day of Raksha Bandhan. This year, this tithi will begin on 14th August 2019 in the late afternoon and ends on 15th August 2019 in the evening. This time period signifies the auspicious timing to perform any religious ceremony.

Aparahan Time: As every festival dates back to a mythological or a historical story, Raksha Bandhan celebrations too have abundant tales that it goes back to. Those legends depict that there were various hurdles which can between then brothers and sisters and also the presence of demons in mythological legends associated with the Rakhi. Therefore, it is suggested to perform the Rakhi tying ceremony within the auspicious time period of Aparahan. It is the most auspicious time to celebrate the festival of rakhi with siblings. Aparahan begins in the afternoon as per the Hindu division of the day.

Pardosh Time: This one is another auspicious phase of the day of Raksha Bandhan for the performance of the Rakhi tying ceremony. It usually commences in the late evenings. According to the Hindu manuscripts, if you have missed the Aparahan Time, then Pardosh Time is the next best time to indulge in rakhi tying rituals.

Bhadra: This is regarded as the most inauspicious phase of the muhurat of Raksha Bandhan. It generally falls in the first phase of the Purnima Tithi and ends before the sunrise on the day of Raksha Bandhan. It is recommended to avoid Bhadra Mukha most importantly to perform Rakhi rituals.

Auspicious Timings for Raksha Bandhan 2019

Date of Raksha Bandhan:  15th August 2019

Commencement of Purnima Tithi – 14th August 2019 at 15:45 pm

End of Purnima Tithi – 15th August 2019 at 17:58 pm

Auspicious Time for the Rakhi Tying Ceremony:  05:50am to 18:03pm

Aparahan Time during Raksha Bandhan 2019 – 13:44pm to 16:23pm

Pradosh Time during Raksha Bandhan 2019 Celebration – 20:08pm to 22:18pm

The Bottom Line

As you are aware now of all the important timings for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan 2019, spread this information in your contacts. As Rakhi tying ceremony is all about siblings, sacred Rakhi threads, and Rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters, you must also be thinking of amazing Raksha Bandhan gifts. Explore Giftalove.com for online Rakhi and gifts, and make this upcoming Rakhi festival a day to remember!!!

10 Most Smashing Rakhi Gift Ideas for Pretty Sisters This Rakhi 2019

As sibling bonds are only based on love and care, there is no relationship that can replace the charm of one of the most affectionate relationships ever. The sweetness of the immense love and affection between brothers and sisters and the tanginess of their fights over silly matter makes this bond stronger and livelier. As soon as the festival of Raksha Bandhan knocks on our doors, it’s not just the sisters who rush to buy best rakhi gifts for brothers, but the brothers too, go crazy to find the perfect looking gifts for their sisters. So, rather than freaking out to decide what to gift to sisters on this Rakhi, gather yourself up as the markets are booming with amazing Rakhi gifts for sisters that will leave them awestruck with your amazing choices.


Being a brother is a big responsibility, so here we have listed some really incredible rakhi gifting ideas for beautiful sisters to acknowledge and celebrate their presence in your lives.

1. Jewelry

If there is one such thing which can delight the heart of a woman after apparels, that has to be jewelry. They follow the jewelry trend very rigorously and like to own them in their jewelry box. So, grab fashionable pieces of earrings or necklace set for your sister to make her happy as a clam on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


2. Designer Clutches

What makes ethnic apparel complete? Definitely, a stylish and traditional clutch that just looks perfect when carried by girls. Make your sister feel delighted by gifting a beautiful designer clutch that she can carry with confidence. With markets flooding with a good variety of such products, you need not feel confused about what to buy for your loving sister!

Designer Clutches

3. Branded Handbags

Whether your sister is a student or a full-grown professional, no look of a woman is complete without a handsome handbag. With such great brands of handbags available now, you can simply pick one and explore the incredible rage to find the perfect bag for your sissy!Branded Handbags

4. Watches

Time has been a wonderful player in making your sibling bond even much deeper and stronger. So, celebrate the amazing time you both have spent together by presenting your sister a designer ladies’ watch from the popular brands available in the market depending on her taste. She will be surprised to get this incredible token of your love for her and feel extremely lucky to have such a brother like you!Watches

5. Cosmetics

Foundation, primer, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliner, Kajal, blush, concealer, and so on….The list of cosmetics which women use is never-ending. How much cosmetics they have in their vanity box, their passion for these beauty products is everlasting. So, on this Rakhi 2019, astound her by picking the most popular cosmetics from the popular brands and gift it to her.


6. Automatic cookware

Time is money! Isn’t it! If you are a brother to a married sister who has to manage both the home and office together, then surprise her with automatic cookware that saves her time in the kitchen and blesses her with more time with her family. These self-operating machines will cook the good in a managed way without sweating yourself in the heated atmosphere of the kitchen and gives time to a person to relax and charge up for the next day.Automatic cookware

7. Perfumes

A good smelling person is considered attractive and full of hygiene. The choice of perfumes by people tells a lot about them, so immense care should be taken while selecting a perfume to gift to the loved ones on special occasions. This Raksha Bandhan, express your love and care to your sister by getting a branded perfume for her that will make her smell like a princess.


8. Gift voucher

With a rising trend of online shopping among women, many shopping websites are keeping their coupons or vouchers on sale. These marketing strategies come with plenty of offers like discounts and buy 1 get 1 offer to save a lot of money for the acquirers. So, this Rakhi, surprise your sister with a gift voucher or gift coupon of a popular online shopping site and let her grab her favorite products without paying a penny.Gift voucher

9. Personalized Mug or Cushions

As Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival of the siblings, it often comes with the joy of exchanging wonderful gifts by brothers and sisters. Personalized mugs or cushions are the best way of celebrating the beautiful and cherishable moments of childhood and keeping them with us forever. So, get this personalized gift designed for your adorable sister and let her relive the memorable times once again with you on this admirable festival.

Personalized Mug or Cushions

10. Money

This one is the last resort for many brothers who are not just good at choosing gifts for women. Gifting a good sum of money to sisters on Raksha Bandhan makes them equally happy. You can accompany flowers or chocolates for them along with the Sagan envelope!


Reading this blog must have made you feel quite relaxed and somewhat sorted in a big way. You can choose the best return Rakhi gifts for sisters from the above-mentioned ones considering her choice and taste. Explore Giftalove.com for such amazing gifts and make this upcoming Raksha Bandhan a fantabulous affair for everyone in the family!


Walk Down The Memory Lane & Reminisce Childhood Memories on Rakhi…

“Growing apart will not change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will also be tangled.”With these words of Ally Condie, somewhere the hearts of the sisters that are in tandem with that of brothers agree. Childhood is not merely a phase of life; it is a complete journey which reflects your inner as well as outward personality. Talking about childhood, how can anyone forget about siblings? Siblings are the most beautiful gift which your parents have given you in life. No matter what you do and how you do, your brothers and sisters are always going to be with you from dusk to dawn and in every thick and thin of life. Cherish this beautiful relationship by a Rakhi which is meant to strengthen the bond that is held strong between you and your brother.


Each one of us has spent quite a long time with siblings. Sometimes bickering and sometimes squabbling, the slow and steady wave of childhood has passed now and all of you have grown up into mature people for whom all the bickering have converted into mature discussions, and arguments have converted into the difference of opinions. But in all the growing ages and all growing minds, the one thing that is still the same is the blossom of the memories which you have earned in your life.

Lets us remind all those hearty moments which are somewhere kept secure in camera rolls or captured in photographs that are very close to your heart and often knocks the door of your mind’s eye.

Giving weird nicknames to each other

You must have that memory saved in your heart when you used to call out your siblings with weird names like “motu” or “Mental” which are just perfect to pull the leg of your favorite partners in crime. The art of giving names to them is the love which has taken the form of these naughty activities that are perfect to embellish your day with a broader smile on your face.

Teddies and Dolls are irritating for brothers

If you are a sister of the most dramatic brother, then you and your dolls must have suffered a lot in your childhood. Does God know what is the rivalry between your dolls and your brother? Every time he noticed you playing with your dollhouse; he used to throw them or pull their hairs. Maybe this gives him a sigh of satisfaction.

The kitchen set was the favorite game

You must have remembered those days when you used to have a kitchen set with you in which you used to cook food and do all the motherly chores. Even girls dress up like ladies wearing Saree draped from Dupattas. These memories have no replacements until now.

Evening time equals to Cycling time

Remember your first cycle? And of course your summer vacations? The evenings of hot summers are the memorable ones when you and your siblings ride bicycles. Those were the moments which can never be forgotten. The whole month of practicing and your elder brother holding you from behind and the pain of scratched knees and bleeding elbows which can be healed by the soft touch of your mother. All these moments are priceless.

Maggie: Ultimate solution for hunger

How can anyone forget Maggie? Many of the squabbles have been sorted out on the plate of Maggie. Sisters are the best cooks for brothers who are available for them even at midnight. No one can get out from those special nights when you have almost bagged your sister for Maggie at 2 in the night.

Indore games are at first priority

Ludo, Chess, Snake & Ladder, and Carrom; these were the stellar games around which your childhood revolves. The fights over the turns and then glasses of nimbu pani and sandwiches were just perfect for the hot summer noon. You surely have no idea how many beautiful colors you have added in the picture of your memories.

Brothers were the little scientists of the house

Agh! How irritating these brothers were in childhood. They need to cut open each and every electronic item in the house. Be it radio or a TV remote, your brother has tried his new experiments on every item of the house. Indulging in wires and sockets; he was somewhere giving shape to his future. That is why it is said that childhood reflects the inner you as well as the future you.

By recalling all these childhood memories, your heart must have overflowed with emotions. All these beautiful memories of childhood are the only thing that is clouding your mind right now. The persons with whom you have shared all these unforgettable moments might get changed, but these memories will always be preserved in your mind’s eye forever and ever.

Distances are not a matter of fact when it comes to heart-to-heart connections. The only thing that matters is love. If you and your brother will not be together on this Raksha Bandhan, then there is no need to be sad as your bonding will not be faded. There is no need to sit with a box of tissues, get up and make this Rakhi happening for your brother by sending him Rakhi and gifts. GiftaLove.com is one such recommended portal that offers a wide range of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts and also worldwide delivery services through which you can send Rakhi for Brothers to any location.