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7 Out of the Box Chocolate Day Surprises for Your Chocoholics!

7 Out of the Box Chocolate Day Surprises for Your Chocoholics!

Happy Chocolate Day to all!

The most fantastic and awaited day of the Valentine week has finally arrived guys…Though chocolates can be enjoyed at any time of the year, Chocolate Day gives us an opportunity to buy and receive plush and extravagant chocolate gifts. Exquisitely extracted from the rich cocoa plant seeds, these scrumptious and mouth-watering sweet delicacies are an absolute pleasure to everyone’s taste buds. The richness, gooeyness, sugary taste, and availability of a myriad of flavors and textures, the chocolates are a true sinful indulgence for every human on this earth.

chocolate day

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This Chocolate Day, express and convey your hearty emotions to your loved ones through lip-smacking Chocolate Day gifts that are the perfect embodiment of delectable taste and modern gifting style. From popular Dairy Milk chocolates, exquisite Ferrero Rochers to the tempting flavored chocolate collection, below seven Chocolate Day gift ideas are a perfect feeling of foodgasm.

1. Chocolate Floral Bouquet

If flowers are your ultimate preference for any day of the Valentine week (, then a chocolate floral bouquet is a great pick for you for the occasion of Chocolate Day. Keeping in view your fondness for enchanting blossoms while maintaining the essence of Chocolate Day, this gift is certainly a big surprise for your dear ones. Majestic in looks and pocket-friendly by price, order this gift online and bestow your loved ones with your love and hearty blessings this week of love.

Chocolate Floral Bouquet

2. Chocolate bunches

Bored with giving the same old chocolate boxes year after year to your dear ones on special occasions? Well, chocolate bunches is an amazing best pick gift for the occasion of Chocolate Day 2019. Speaking of chocolates in every way, these presents are an absolute pleasure not just for the taste buds, but also for the eyes as they are arranged in magnificent gifting patterns and style.

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Chocolate bunches

3. Fondant Chocolate Cake

A true manifestation of the baker’s expertise and modernism, the fondant cakes have become the talk of the town. Exquisitely handcrafted in a great range of designs and patterns as picked by the customers, the fondant cakes in chocolate flavor is the best surprise you can give to your sweetheart on Chocolate Day. Pick your ladylove’s favorite things to create this magical and heavenly cake that speaks of style in every way.

Fondant Chocolate Cake

4. Chocolaty Teddy Basket

Gift baskets have become popular gifting arrangements for gifts for Chocolate Day to flabbergast special ones on extraordinary occasions. This Chocolate Day, order a gift basket filled with tantalizing chocolates and a cute teddy sitting on top or in between this plush chocolate basket. While chocolates will satisfy your taste buds, the cute teddy will add a soft and mushy dimension to this gift basket.

Chocolaty Teddy Basket

5. Heart shape chocolate box

Another masterpiece by gift exerts, delicious chocolates stuffed in a beautiful heart-shaped box is an excellent gift item to present to your dear ones on Chocolate Day. This gift can either be presented singularly or can be accompanied by other Valentine gifts. The heart shape of this chocolate box is a wonderful expression of your sweetest thoughts and sentiments for your loved ones.

Heart shape chocolate box

6. 2-Tier Chocolaty Surprise

This is not a readymade gift item but an outcome of the gift experts amazing thought process. Just like flowers are arranged in a basket, the branded chocolates are placed in and around a cake arrangement and finished with a cute teddy or other soft toys on top. The appearance of this luxurious Chocolate Day gift will resemble that of a plush chocolate cake.

2-Tier Chocolaty Surprise

7. Chocolates Bucket

The use of buckets has been extended to the gifting industry leading to the invention of beautiful little baskets for gifting purpose. These designer buckets are used as containers for delicious chocolates to present to our loved ones for the celebration of Chocolate Day.

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Chocolates Bucket

Mesmerized to see such great and unique Chocolate gifts here! Well, you can avail them all from, a reliable online gifting portal, at really affordable prices and good quality. Send gifts online for Chocolate Day anywhere in India or abroad through it for impeccable delivery services. Enjoy your day gorging on yummy chocolates with your dear ones in the cozy and warm environs of love and laughter!

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