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Skip Cash This Time, Turn to Modern Wedding Gifts!!!

Skip Cash This Time, Turn to Modern Wedding Gifts!!!


The wedding season has arrived in India!!! The beating of the drums, the sound of the DJ, the twinkling lights outside homes, the overcrowded markets, and so much commotion from the marriage processions on the streets can be noticed where people can be seen having a fabulous time dancing and grooving on the tunes of the popular dance numbers. There are numerous wedding invitations flowing in from the acquaintances making people spend wonderful evenings in the wedding venues and gorging on delicious delicacies skipping diets.

Attending a wedding of a friend, relative, colleague, or in the neighbourhood empty-handed seems a lot embarrassing, right? Earlier, giving Sagan or cash was a tradition as money was considered as the best gift for the couple. But, with the change in time and thought process of the people, there is a huge trend of impressive wedding gifts for the couple rather than going for cash as these gifts define your class and taste. So, here we have come up with some amazing gift suggestions which you can consider before picking up anything for the beautiful couple whose wedding you are attending:


The vibrant and cheerful flowers always make the first choices of the people who are attending a wedding in their acquaintance. Big flower bouquets and baskets become popular wedding gifts during the wedding season and the celebrations seem incomplete without these natural beauties on the table of wedding gifts.


You can go for roses, orchids, lilies, or mixed flowers arrangements as these blossoms make excellent floral gifts.

Lord Ganesha Statue

As marriage marks a new beginning in a couple’s life, gifting Lord Ganesha idol to the couple as a wedding gift is certainly a great idea. As Lord Ganesha hold a special place in the Hindu religion, he is the first one to be worshiped before anything new is commenced in life. So, pick a beautiful and antique looking Ganesha idol for the bride and groom and bless them with the blessings and grace of Ganpati Bappa!

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Lord Ganesha Statue

Dinner Set

If the couple has a special connection with you, then this one is definitely the best choice for them. Or, if the couple is planning to shift to a new city or country soon after the marriage and is going to stay there alone, then a dinner set will certainly be a utility gift for them.

dinner set


People say “the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Help the bride win the heart of her husband by gifting her wonderful kitchenware in which she can cook delicious food for him and strengthen their bond more…


Branded Linens

Bed sheets are luxurious wedding gifts for the couple as they are useful and epitomize their new life together. The new wedding bed deserves new linens. So, go for the branded ones and make the couple feel your consideration.


Wall Paintings

If the newlywed couple is about to shift to a new home sometime after their marriage, then paintings will certainly spruce up their new home with colors and decorate the empty walls of their home bringing them back to life. Go for the bright colored ones to infuse the happiness of colors in their life and the new home.


German Silver Gifts

The bright sheen and the royal handcrafted designs on the German silver metal by the expert craftsmen make these gifts look regal ad attractive as wedding gifts. The wonderful velvet box packaging will add to the exquisiteness of these royal looking gifts. These gifts can also be given as wedding return gifts to the esteemed guests who have marked their presence at your family wedding.German Silver Gifts

Couple Watch

This one is the trendiest one! Couple watches are a rage nowadays as weddings for the bride and groom. Go for the branded ones and let the couple cherish the amazing time they have spent and the unseen future they are embarking onto… Together!!!

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couple watch

The final note

All these gifts must have made you feel at place… They are popular and trendy and can remarkably replace cash effortlessly… If you want to add chocolates, cakes, and other gift items to these gifts to make your gifting a magnificent one, then have a look at wedding gifts online on and sweep the couple off their feet in a wonderful manner!

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