10 Friendship Day Gifts Expressing Affections To Best Buddies

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” – William Shakespeare

The world would have been a boring place if FRIENDS weren’t there. The presence of friends in life makes it worthwhile and the heart is filled with satisfaction that we have somebody on whom we can rely on. Friends are the deepest forms of support in a person’s life with whom we can just be ourselves without faking anything. They accept us as we are, and always guide us in all our decisions. This Friendship Day, applaud and thank them for lending their never-ending support through your gifts and make them feel supremely delighted to have a friend like you!

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Read here the 10 best gifts for Friendship Day from which you can choose the best one for your best pal and make the celebrations of this day a memorable affair for both of you.

1. Friendship Bands

We all have memories of tying a Friendship band on the wrist of friends in schools and colleges. These bands were physical gestures of showcasing one’s love for our friends and making them feel more special and elated. Be it any gift you buy for your amigo, but always keep this token of your love with you to express your love and gratitude to your best buddy.

2. Cakes

If there is a sweet delicacy that is enjoyed on any number of special occasions, then it has to be cakes. Celebrate this upcoming Friendship Day with these fantastic and scrumptious treats to infuse delicious flavors of sweetness in your celebrations. With a wide variety of Friendship Day cakes available online, you can just place your orders and relish them with your buddies!

3. Greeting Cards

Express your love and emotions to your best buddy with the help of greeting cards this time. They are beautiful presentations of your hearty feelings to your friends and let them get communicated in the most eye-catchy manner through colorful designs and heartening messages.

4. Home Décor Gifts

A well-decorated home looks welcoming and full of warmth. This Friendship Day, surprise your friends with wonderful home décor items and embellish their homes with unique and trendy gifts this Friendship Day. The statues of laughing Buddha, Gautam Buddha, Lord Ganesha, wall hangings, paintings, etc. are wonderful gift items to astound friends on this wonderful day dedicated to friends.

5. Personalized Gifts

Gifts with a personal touch always hold a unique appeal to them. They reflect one’s hearty emotions to the receiver and make the person reminiscence the good old memories. Surprise your bestie with a personalized gift like mugs, cushions, photo frames, and others and deck them up with an amazing photo of you two.

6. Chocolates

Celebrate your amazing years of friendship with your buddy by relishing delicious chocolates. As chocolates make excellent gifts for all the occasions, astounding your friend with a box of lip-smacking chocolates is certainly the best idea. After all, chocolates are favorite sweets that everyone likes to gorge on.

7. Soft Toys

Cute and mushy soft toys are the sweetest gifts to surprise friends on Friendship Day. The cuteness they carry is synonymous to friends who are super adorable and always make efforts to make you feel special and happy. Teddies are the best options to buy this special day of buddies.

8. Flowers

The blooming and bright flowers can bring big smiles on everyone’s faces. Buy a vibrant and mesmerizing bouquet of blossoms for your adorable buddy and give the person a perfect surprise by getting them delivered right at their doorsteps on Friendship Day. Yellow roses are popular flowers for this day; ordering a floral arrangement of them will be a wonderful gesture.

9. Scrolls

Scrolls are popular gift items to express one’s love and affection since time immemorial. These wall hangings are not just simple home décor items, but a wonderful manifestation of heartfelt sentiments of a friend to a friend through beautiful words. Placing these on the front wall of the bedroom will make our buddies filled with joy and contentment that they have somebody in life that loves and cares so much for them.

10. Quotation Book

This book is a culmination of beautiful thoughts resonating with the theme of Friendship Day. The wonderful play of words on every page of this book will deepen the bond of friendship more and more. Gifting a quotation book to your best friend is a spectacular and unique idea for this Friendship Day.

The above-listed Friendship Day Gifts will definitely take your friendship to another level making it an everlasting one. They will flawlessly convey your feelings to your best friends and let them acknowledge your presence in their lives. Order these gifts online from Giftalove.com and let your friendship grow stronger and livelier than ever before.

Friendship Day 2019: 12 All-Time Favorite Movies Dedicated to Friendship

Time and again, the cinematic world has surprised people with movies that have either totally changed their lives or gave a new dimension to it. A series of spectacular movies are released every year on a variety of themes, leaving an everlasting impact on the minds of the audiences. One of the most popular and fun-filled themes captured by the world of entertainment is definitely based on “FRIENDSHIP”. Such movies are all about a laughter ride and sudden break of emotions making three hours a blissful affair for the people. This Friendship Day (https://www.giftalove.com/friendship-day), cherish the presence of your buddies in your life and spent the day watching these mind-blowing movies based on the theme of affability among friends.


1. Rang De Basanti

The movie of the youths, Rang De Basanti, captures the life-changing events of six close friends after they come across a script by a female expat who dreamt of making a movie on the Indian freedom fighters. While working on the script, a sudden tragedy forced them to relate to the pains and atrocities of the freedom fighters and launch a fight against the corrupt system of the government in the country. This movie remarkably shows their journey from being carefree souls to becoming responsible and idealistic individuals of the future.

Rang De Basanti

2. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

How a bachelor’s trip to Spain can spin the wheel of destiny is what this movie depicts! The movie strongly manifests some serious friendship goals and shows how three individuals of completely different personalities are tied in the bond of friendship. It is a story of childhood friends, Kabir, Arjun, and Imraan who decides to plan a three-week trip in Spain. ZNMD is all about the series of events that took place on this vacay which ultimately made them rise as happier and contented individuals. The beautiful poetic lines by Javed Akhtar, the amazing background score, the picturesque locations, and the songs together make this movie a perfect pick for Friendship Day.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

3. Dil Chahta Hai

This movie is one of the modern-day depictions of the complexities that exist in friendship. It is about three friends who are very different from each other and have different ways of looking at life. How they find their true love while maintaining their bonds of friendship is what this Farhan Akhtar’s directorial venture all about! Watching Dil Chahta Hai will make your friendship more deep and eternal.

Dil Chahta Hai

4. Andaz Apna Apna

Amar and Prem initially kick off as a quirky and hateful relationship, but eventually got the two together making them good friends sharing a strong bond of friendship. The amusing dialogues, the comic characters, hilarious scenes, and of course “Crime Master Gogo” makes this comedy movie what it is.

Andaz Apna Apna

5. Sholay

“Ye dosti hum nahin todenge, todenge dum magar tera sath na chadenge” – this song from the movie Sholay depicts the spirit of true friendship. The prime characters of the movie, Jai and Veeru, became a household name as the movie was released across the nation.  The great amicable bonding existing between Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra was impeccably captured on screen by Ramesh Sippy. The fun jokes, the iconic dialogues, the drama, and songs make this movie a full-on entertainment ride on Friendship’s Day.


6. 3 Idiots

“All Izz Well”… The moment we said these words after watching this movie, everything seems just fine. Isn’t it? The amazing trio of Rancho, Raju, and Farhan gave new meanings to the definition of friendship when they handled all the challenges incredibly which life threw at them. From gate crashing a wedding together, handling family-issues, to supporting each other in every phase of life, these three characters are certainly a source of inspiration for the people.

3 Idiots

7. Hangover Series

When the wolf pack of Alen, Doug, Phil and Stu plans a bachelor’s trip, the destiny takes a hilarious twist creating extreme commotion in their lives. Based on the theme of “Survival of the Fittest” in an unknown country, these four friends fall prey to the most controversial and awkward situations when a wedding awaits them. How these friends manage to come out of these complicated situations is a laughter-ride in its own. Binge-watch all the three parts and spends Friendship Day in the funniest way possible.

Hangover Series

8. Queen

Rani (Kangana Ranaut) – a meek and gentle girl dejected by her cancelled love marriage decides to go on her honeymoon all by herself and her life changes forever. She discovers her new self in the company of her friends in a totally different land away from her own country. The movie beautifully captures how a simple Indian girl develops a fighting spirit after meeting with new people who eventually become her best of friends. This movie is certainly the best pick to enjoy with your girl gang.


9. Fukrey

From the illegal selling of exam papers to winning lotteries from decoding dreams, the hilarious team of four friends takes you on a madness-filled ride. Fukrey is a story of four friends who wish to make big in life by applying shortcuts. The funny characters along with the super hilarious dialogues make this film a worth-watch this upcoming Friendship Day.


10. Hera Pheri Series

Watch how Raju, Shyam, and Babu Bhaiya try to make big after taking advantage of a wrong phone call from a gangster asking for ransom money for the kidnapped granddaughter of a businessman. The teasing and leg-pulling that takes place among these three is certainly a hilarious spectacle. The amazing chemistry between these central characters takes you and your buddies on a laughter journey.

Hera Pheri Series

11. Harry Potter Series

From being little instinctive kiddos studying at Hogwarts to being full-grown individuals fighting evil to keep their magic school protected from demons and Voldemort, Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are a true mark of deep friendship and valor in every way. The way Hermoine and Ron stuck to Harry all through the series to help him fight against the darkest of forces holding animosity against him without worrying about themselves is what true friendship defines!

Harry Potter Series

12. Golmaal Series

When Gopal, Lakshman, Lucky, and Madhav get together, the result is definitely hilarious. Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal series will tickle your funny bones with its humorous dialogues, comical expressions, and a fun-filled storyline. Perfect movies for Friendship Day, Golmaal franchisee manifests a strong bond of friendship among all the characters.Golmaal Series

Enjoy the movies!!!

Six Popular Friendship Bands for Your Friends!!

Every year Friendship day is celebrated on First Sunday in the month of August. This year it is falling on 2nd August 2015. It is a wonderful occasion specially dedicated to friendship, affection and great companionship.

Your friends play a valuable role Right! They are the most cherished, trusted & affectionate people you have in your life. So, you must be looking for beautiful friendship day gifts for your close pals. Check out these attractive friendship bands for them.

1. Colourful Friendship Band

Celebrate various colours of friendship this year with colourful friendship bands. Yellow band stands for companionship & strong bond of friendship. Red coloured friendship band denotes you are more than a friend. Pink Coloured band signifies “I am fond of you” & Orange coloured band represents “I am fortunate to have a friend like you”. Multi coloured friendship bands express a lot of feelings to the recipient like Friends Forever, You are my sweet friend and many more.

Colourful Friendship Band

2. Pearl Friendship Band

Pearls are the classic symbol of purity & elegance. A friendship band made of white pearls beaded together can become a wonderful friendship day gift for your sweet friend. Even if your friend is staying at far off places, you can send beautiful pearl friendship band through online gifting stores.


3. Floral Friendship band

A floral band would certainly look pretty on your girlfriend’s wrist. It denotes the freshness and charm of flowers. Online stores offer artificial floral wrist bands in different kinds of flowers & patterns. One can find friendship band made of artificial roses, orchids, tulip, lilies & so on.

Floral Friendship band

4. Silver Friendship band

If you want to tell your best friend how rocking bond of friendship and affection you feel then go for a silver bracelet. Shiny silver bracelet in amazing design would never fail to impress anyone. Online stores offer vast collection of silver bracelet ranging from broad to delicate designs.

Silver Friendship band

5. Gold plated Friendship band

Gold plated bracelets/friendship bands are iconic symbol of everlasting and eternal bond. The shine & glitter of this yellow metal would convey the right message. Online stone also offers friendship bands in combination of gold chain & pearl or semi-precious/precious stone. You may also get attractive discounts on the eve of friendship day at online stores.

Gold plated Friendship band

6. Leather Friendship Band

If you are looking for a wrist band for your male/boy friend then a friendship band made of leather would look really masculine and bold on their wrist. Designer leather bracelets have also become quite popular among girls. These are long lasting bands & look really trendy on casual wears.

Leather Friendship Band

So these are six beautiful types of friendship brands with unique meanings. Log on to Giftalove.com for buying stunning range of Friendship bands, greeting cards, personalized gifts and flowers. This is one of the reputed online gifting stores in India. It is also offering friendship day cakes, chocolates, dry fruits and fresh fruit hampers at best price. People can avail online gifts delivery in international places as well.

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