Top 6 Ingredients for a Fantabulous & Exhilarating Kaleidoscopic Holi Ever!

“Holi is a time to reach out with the colors of joy. It is the time to love and forgive. It is the time expresses the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colors.”


With just a day to the prolific festival of Holi, India is all decked in flare and glory for its extravagant celebrations. The markets located on every street in the nook and cranny of the country is throbbing with the vibrant and bright colors of Holi. People are all prepared to indulge in the most thrilling Holi celebrations ever with their families and friends. The fun and excitement which this amazing festival carries cannot be described in words. Holi is not just a festival celebrated with Gulals, but it is a day-long act of sheer merriment, forgetting one’s worries and grudges. The flavor and thrill of this festival is an outcome of combining some wonderful ingredients which makes Holi what it is!

1. Holi rang or Gulal

Celebrating Holi without colors is like Diwali without lights. Splashing the colored water, smearing the faces of friends with Gulal and throwing colored water balloons on each simply washed away.

Holi rang or Gulal

2. Water

Gulals are not just smeared on the faces, but also splashed along with water on the near and dear ones. The filling of the water balloons and pichkaris, and pouring buckets of colorful water on loved ones is one of the popular ways of having fun on Holi.


3. Bhang

Bhang is no less than a ritual in the northern parts of India to indulge in the best Holi celebrations ever! Prepared from the buds and leaves of the cannabis, this electrifying drink arouses the spirits of Holi. As this beverage travel in the body, a sense of heightened energy is noticed.

4. Holi songs

Grooving to the beats of the famous energetic Holi songs is the best way to indulge in the decorations. “Rang barse”, “Balam Pichkari”, “Holi Khele Raguveera” and many more will make you dance like never before!

Holi songs
5. Gujiyas

These sweet treats on Holi made with semolina and dry fruits are an indispensible part of the Holi celebrations. The fun and laughter while preparing these delicacies with our dear ones are unexplainable.

6. Vegetable Pakoras with Green Chutney

The fragrances of the yummy pakoras being fried in the households linger in the air on the Holi morning. Gorging on these mouthwatering pakoras with green chutney with a glass of bhang or cold drink is a perfect way to start off the Holi celebration.

Vegetable Pakoras with Green Chutney

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8 Health Tips for a Carefree & Exuberant Holi Celebration Ever!

The flamboyant festival of colors of Holi is just a short distance away. So, it’s time to get ready with the water guns, colors, gujiyas, and thandai to have a blast! But, it is also necessary that you take some precautionary measures in order to have a safe and healthy Holi as its better to prevent the consequences rather than facing one!

Health Tips

India is a land of vibrant festivities and each one of them is commemorated with their unique ways of celebration. Holi is one such festival celebrated with enthusiasm and exuberance all over the country. What makes this festival unique and cheery is the colorful Gulals, Holi songs, delectable delicacies, and the yummy thandai after a blasting performance on the dance floor. Gulaals implying different meaning are splashed on each other with big bright smiles with some fun Holi-themed music is blared from the speakers.

During this time people get so drenched in the joy of the Holi celebrations that they forget about their health as well as of others. The adrenaline rush in the bodies make them forget everything and make them indulge in a fearless Holi celebration ever. So, here we have compiled a list of precautions that you should follow in order to have a safe and healthy celebration of Holi 2019!

1. Use of Herbal Colors

There are lots of gulal being sold in the market that are formulated using chemicals. When such colors are being applied on the skin, it reduces the quality of the skin making it rough and patchy. At the time of playing Holi, we often ignore the repercussions, but the colors may cause skin infections, irritations, rashes, and other problems. So, it is always best to use herbal or natural colors to play during this Holi.

2. Make Your Own Colors

Earlier, when chemical colors were not manufactured, people used to play Holi with flower petals as well as some kitchen ingredients. If you want to have a healthy and safe Holi, then you can do the same. You can use marigold flowers and turmeric powder for yellow color, roses for red color, etc.

3. Protect Your Hair from Chemical Colours

Before playing Holi outdoors, make sure that you oil your hair or cover your head with a bandana or dupatta. This way your hair will be guarded against the harmful chemical colors that can make your hair frizzy, rough, and damaged.

4. Guard Your Skin against the Sun

Holi is played outdoors under the sun. So, apply some sunscreen before you go out to protect your skin from dryness and tanning. You must also apply moisturizer to protect your skin against the chemical based colors as it may cause breakouts, eczema, and rashes.

5. Avoid usage of harsh soaps

After playing Holi with your friends and family, you may be drenched in colors from head to toe. You must not use soaps and other chemicals to remove colors as it may cause a reaction on the skin. Stay safe and use natural ingredients which are more effective in removing colors. You can make a paste of gram flour with curd and rub it on your body to remove colors.

6. Keep Snacks Away from Colors

During the exuberant festival of Holi, apart from playing with colors, people also munch on yummy festive-themed snacks such as Gujiyas and namkeens. So, you must make sure that these tasty treats are kept away from the colors and you must also touch it after washing hands so that you don’t consume the harmful chemicals present in it. You never know what problems it may arise, so it is better to take preventive measures.

7. Stay Hydrated in the Sun

Since you will be playing Holi all day out in the sun, chasing people to color them as well as being chased for the same purpose, you must keep yourself hydrated by having a glass of water every hour. You would not want to lose energy and let this put a stop to your Holi party.

8. Protect Your Eyes

On Holi, the entire atmosphere is covered in colors. As soon as you go out, you can see color powders being spread in the air. So, you must cover your eyes from these colors. You can wear sunglasses for protection against the chemical colors and if you wear contact lenses, then don’t go out before taking them out as it may also get infected because of the colors.

We hope that the above Holi health tips will help you for a safe and healthy Holi. If you want to shop for some herbal colors for Holi, Gujiyas or maybe some Holi Gift Hampers for your close friend and relatives, then visit where you will find a wide range exciting gifts for Holi. You can also send Holi gifts to India with so much ease when you choose this website.

Decoding the Meaning of Every Color of Gulal This Holi 2019!

The festival of Holi is a popularly referred to as the “Rangon ka tyohaar” in India. The Indian subcontinent gets cloaked in the beauty of various hues during the festival of Holi making every person lost in its exhilarating celebration. Every nook and cranny of the country gets flooded with people drenched in water and colours grooving to the beats of the Holi songs. But have you ever thought how colorful gulals become such a rage during this time of the year making the Holi festival called the ‘festival of colors’?


India is a land of rich culture and traditions. People from all over the world make India a favorite tourist destination for them during the time of festivities. They come here to experience the multilingual and rich diversity of culture and rituals of the Indian people. Colors have always held immense importance in Indian festivals. Whether it is about the beautiful and colorful Rangoli made on the floor of the houses on Diwali or the splashing of colors on one another at the time of Holi, these vibrant hues have always given and are still giving people moments of full enjoyment and merriment with their near and dear ones.

The skin-friendly and bright powdered colors witness a sudden elevated demand in the market at the time of Holi festival as Holi gifts. There are some mythological legends that throw light on the gulal consumption during Holi festival. They hold a traditional place in the Hindu traditions and rituals and are considered most significant in the Holi celebrations. These colors inculcate happiness, cheer, merriment, and vibrancy in this festival as people smear the faces of their loved ones with them while wishing each other “Happy Holi”.

Every color of Gulal has a hidden meaning to it. This time, before picking up Gulals from the shops, let’s know the meaning of each and every color of gulal-

1. Red Gulal

The red colored powder is often associated with sindoor that married women wear on their foreheads as a symbol of their holy matrimony. But, this powder also holds immense popularity in terms of Holi colors or gulal as it stands for love, passion, opulence, and a lot more emotions that we have in our hearts for our dear ones.

2. Green Gulal

One of the most popular gulals during the festival of Holi is the green one. This color symbolizes happiness, cheer, fresh beginnings, harvest and brings a lot of enthusiasm and joy in the Holi celebrations.

3. Blue Gulal

The color blue is often associated with Lord Krishna in Indian mythology as the God was blue in complexion. As Holi is a popular festival celebrated with enthusiasm and true spirits in the city of Vrindavan and Mathura, both of them being homes to Lord Krishna, the blue Gulal is a famous pick on the festival of colors. It has positive connotations and adds a lot of vibrancy to the celebrations.

4. Yellow Gulal

The yellow color stands for brightness and sunshine in Indian traditions. Yellow is considered as a synonym to turmeric, a popular ingredient in Hindu rituals and bestowed with miraculous healing powers. This colored Gulal adds brightness in the Holi celebrations and fills people heart with joy and fun.

5. Pink Gulal

Though this color sounds really feminine, it’s not! Pink color gulal has become a trend ad more loved than the red one. It is subtle, bright, and gives an attractive Holi look to everyone. Pick this beautiful colored gulal and smear it on the faces of your dear ones and have a good time rejoicing in the Holi celebrations.

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Top 5 Ideas for Holi Gifts that Convey Festive Wishes in Cheerful Way!

The jovial fiesta of colors that is recalled as holi is soon to be celebrated in India with enormous gusto and excitement. Being one of the biggest Indian festival celebrations, Holi is celebrated by people of every age and cultural beliefs. What adds into the celebratory fervor of this festival of colors is the ritual of sharing Holi gifts with close and dear ones and the loud cheers of ‘Holi Hai’…!Holi banner'

Holi is one of the most significant festivals of India that is celebrated because of many mythological reasons and cultural beliefs. To add more cheerfulness in the colorful celebration, people share Holi gifts with close and dear ones. There are plenty of things that can be thought of gifting and greeting near and dear ones with Happy Holi wishes.

So, if you wish to greet your near and dear ones with holi gifts but totally perplexed over gift idea then here are some impressive Holi gift ideas, such as:

Packets of Herbal Holi Gulal:

The most relevant Holi gift to convey your wishes and love to loved ones is this. So, despite looking for any fancy thing that won’t be relevant to this festival of colors, choose packets of holi colors. But remember to choose herbal holi colors only as it will be safe on your loved one’s skin.Packets of Herbal Holi Gulal

Tray of Yummy Gujiyas:

To delight loved ones on this holi 2018, this is definitely an excellent gift option to make choice for. A Tray full of yummy Gujiyas is definitely an excellent gift option to make choice for. Since, it’s the sweet delight that you might be cooking at your home during this Holi. Cooking some more delicious Gujiyas to gift dear one will be great way of winning their hearts.Gujiyas

Cosmetic Skin Care Products:

The best way to show some care to your dear one on Holi then this is what you need to choose for gifting and greeting your dear ones. A cosmetic hamper inclusive of different types of skin care products will definitely prove a wonderful token of love for dearest one. He/she ill love to use those products after playing with Holi colors (gulal).Skin Care Products

Water Gun (Pichkari):

If you wish to surprise little kids on this Holi then this is the gift option to make choice for. No wonder kids of every age will love to get a big water gun or Pichkari as Holi Gift. Well it can be an excellent gift of Holi for adults as well.Water Gun

Delicious Indian Sweets:

Indian festivals are all about conveying love to dearest ones with Indian sweets. In fact it’s hard to imagine a festival or any other celebration without delicious Indian sweets. Therefore, for delighting your loved ones on Holi, a box full of delicious sweets is simply an awesome gift pick.Sweets

Color smashed happy faces are what signify Holi in the best way. Also, the thing that best signifies Holi is delicious food sharing and attractive Holi gift sharing as well. And, to fulfill gifting need of people with every budget and preferences, is here with its extensive line of Holi Gifts 2018. From online Holi gift hampers to Holi sweets like Gujiyas, Herbal Holi Gulal, Water guns, water balloons an more is there to explore and shop online.

This Year!! Enjoy the Color of Festival with Amazing Holi Gifts

Holi, the festival of color, is one of the most popular and ancient festivals that is celebrated all across the country. This is the festival that brings joy, happiness to everybody’s heart. It is this festival of color that binds the different nation together and thus, now this is being celebrated all over the world. In India, it has many customs associated with it and exchange of gifts is one of them. There are many unique and creative Holi Gift Ideas being flashed over the digital devices that have really made it more demanding and joyful festival. The ritual of gifts exchanging help in restoring cordial relations with loved one.

Holi Gifts 2017

Giving gifts can be a bit of confounding on occasion. Yet, in the event that you get Online Holi Gift Ideas that can be basic and fun as well. Simply ensure who you are giving the gifts to somebody the unique gift that wins the heart of received. Additionally, the gifts are dependably a splendid approach to express your sentiments. In any case, giving exactly what somebody needs can be truly pleasant.

The word “Holi” itself splashes colors across the mind and we generally begin to think how to make this festival more colorful and bring happiness to our dear and near one. Cards are one of the traditional as well as conventional methods for communicating your feeling and sentiments. Sending welcome cards on Holi and various other events had been a standout amongst the most well-known customs. Prior cards were simple with just plain text and less representation. Today, consideration is paid on all parts of the cards, from outlining to format, from pictures to text to price. There are many online gift stores that offer greeting cards at a much reasonable price. Additionally, it also gives you benefits to Send Flowers to Delhi, Mumbai or any other corner of the world in a hassle-free manner and double the joy of happiness on the occasion of colored festival, HOLI.

Holi is one of the principle celebrations of India and is praised with extraordinary grandeur and show all through the nation. It is a celebration, which passes on the message of adoration, trust, and fraternity. Consequently, a Holi Gifts is an image of cheerful relations and friendship between the provider and the receiver. In simple words, Holi gifts radiate positive feelings and warmness for the receipt. Some of the Holi Gift Ideas are mentioned below that can help you in taking a more proper and accurate decision in deciding Holi gifts:

1. Sweets: No festival is completed without sweet and thus, it is considered to be an integral part of celebrations. Gujia is one of the most demanded sweet dish as well as traditional sweets that are very much preferred on this festival.

Sweets for Holi

2. Chocolate Box: Wow!! Chocolates! Yes, it is yet again a most popular sweet that is available in various flavor as well as colors. No doubt, this is liked and loved by almost all age groups and hence is the perfect Holi Gifts.

Chocolate Box For Holi

3. Dry fruits: Yes, like any other festival, Holi also is liked and played by everyone and everywhere. Dry fruits as gifts can be a unique and innovative gift ideas that can be offered with loved one in a stylish packing in addition to different colors.

Dryfruits for Holi

4. Apparels: Off course, Apparels are most demanding gift items on any occasion and thus, you have ample range of items in this for both boys and girls. You can choose Suit, Sarees, Kurt, Shirts, Pants, Jeans, and so on that one can buy & send online as well. Whats’ more, these Online Holi Gift Ideas is very much in demand as it spares your time as well as money.

Apparels for holi5. Gift Hampers: Nothing can be the best than offering a Holi gift Hamper that should have a color pack in it in addition to other gift items such as dry fruits, sweets, Gulal, balloon, idols of Lord Ganesha, and so on. This all in one gift hampers makes the festival of color more charming and lovable.

Holi Gift HampersSo, do not miss a chance to celebrate and enjoy with friends, family, and relatives and make them feel more delightful by giving gifts and colors. You can likewise take more Holi Gift Ideas from this online portal as well that has ample gift collections for Holi and other festival and bring joy & happiness on your loved one’s face.

Awesome Holi Gifts to Add More Colors & Cheers in Colorful Play with Loved Ones!

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For Kids:
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3 Most Sought After Haldiram Holi Special Gifts at!

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In India, sweets are one of the most vital parts of every celebration. So now when Holi is on the list of the upcoming festivals, mouthwatering sweet delicacies are sure to be on high demand and to add more flavors into the colorful festival of Holi.

holi 2016

Talking about Holi sweet delicacies then delicious and flavorful Gujiyas are sure to strike the mind first, isn’t it? However there is lot into the range of sweets that are popularly consumed on Holi. In fact sweets turn out as excellent gift on Holi to greet loved ones. So if you are also in the search of that most delicious, premium and flavorful Holi sweets range for gifting then has especially come up with exclusive catalogue of Haldiram’s Holi gifts hamper range that not only offers sweets from the renowned sweet shop but complete Holi gift hampers to add more fun into the festival of colors, such as:

Festivity Begins:

On Holi when you are willing to convey your love to dear ones of yours with something sweet and colorful then undoubtedly this Haldiram’s gift combo is excellent option. It is inclusive of 500g of delicious Gujiya, a pack of 200g Haldiram’s bhujia, 3 cute buckets of 2.5 inches in height each filled with yellow, green and red gulaal weighing 100g each. All these come in an attractive wooden basket of 9×6 inches.

Festivity Begins

Holi Colourful Masti:

Another colorful and flavorful Haldiram’s Holi gift hamper is this pack named as Holi Colorful Masti. Apart from being a Haldiram’s sweet hampers it is  namkeen hamper that is inclusive of 1/2 Kg Kaju Katli clubbed with 3 Herbal Gulal Packets of100gms each, 1 Herbal Color Spray of150ml and 1 packet of Ballons. Now what else is needed to add cheers into the festival of Holi.

holi-colourfull-mastiExciting Holi Hamper:

Well this gift hamper is a complete package of sweet, salty and colorful. Whether it is to greet your loved ones at home or to gift someone a flavorful and colorful gift this gifting option is perfect for all time. It is inclusive of 250gms Gujiya clubbed with packets of Haldiram’s Navrattan and Khatta Meetha Namkeen of 40gms each as well as 100gms red color gulaal & 100gms green color gulaal, making it an excellent Holi gift hamper.


Beside these there is lot into the catalogue of Holi Hampers to explore and gift loved ones to greet with Happy Holi wishes. To buy Haldiram Holi Special Gifts Now at all you need is to hurry and start exploring the ranges of Holi gift hampers right now. You can also get Holi gift hampers delivery in India. So start shopping for Holi gifts online, right now, right here!

Cheerful Holi Celebrations: Adding More Colors in Vibrant India!

Holi is undoubtedly a unique festival which is loved by people of India and by people across the globe. An exuberant yet the colorful celebration of Holi, is of many legends, mythologies and deities that is associated with it. The festival of Holi is referred as much by devotion, religious fever as it is with traditional dances, loud music and of course forceful smearing of Holi Gulaal or ‘Abeer’ on faces of near and dear ones.

It is interesting to notice that in India the Holi celebrations in different cities and states follow unique traditions and rituals that are very different from each other. We bring before you the top 5 destinations where Holi is not only a riot of colors but yes a celebration of meaning amalgamation of devotion and tradition.

To feel the real vibrancy of the festival of colors, these are the places that are must to visit on Holi:

Krishna Leela at MATHURA & VRINDAVAN

The most significant place for Holi celebration in India is in the city of Mathura where Lord Krishna was born and in the Vrindavan where he was raised. Unlike Holi celebration in rest of the country, Holi in Matura and Vrindavan is associated with Lord Krishna, the supreme deity and to his many popular legends. It is being believed by the people in these cities that Holi fest is an initiative of Lord Krishna. Krishna Leela or Raas Leela which is the popular dramatization of Krishna courting beautiful Goddess Radha that is depicted in a Play and people shower flowers and dry colors on one another with loud chants of ‘Radhe Radhe’.

Krishna Leela at MATHURA & VRINDAVAN
Lath Maar Holi in BARSANE

Near to Mathura is the small town of Barsane, which is known for a very unique Holi celebration. It is referred as Lath Maar Holi. Here Lath means bamboo stick that is used by the women. The act of coloring one another in Barsane is taken in very coquettish form. Men rush towards women to drench them in colored water and in order to save them women use these handy laths to beat men. It’s a funfilled act to watch and participate in as well.

Lath Maar Holi in BARSANE

Carnival of Colors at GOA

In Goa, Holi is celebrated as Shigmotsav and is basically a kind of fusion between Holi, the festival of colors and full-fledged carnival. Shigmotsav in Goa is celebrated over an entire fortnight. The grand finale of the festival involves folk dances, colorful parades and which is organized by the local people of Goa. People of every religion and walks of life celebrate the fest by coming together and drenching each other in water colors. Artistically designed shimmering floats in the parade is the main attraction and are taken out Panaji and places like Mapusa, Vasco, Ponda and Madgaon.

Carnival of Colors at GOA

A Cultural Celebration in SHANTINIKETAN

Holi in Shantiniketan University town that is 180 kilometers away from Kolkata and is associated with Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore offers a flavorful, colorful and aesthetic touch to Holi celebration. It’s a cultural extravaganza that is also known Vasant Utsav where students put up cultural performances, plays, dance shows and all works associated Rabindra Nath Tagore. This cultural performance is then followed with joyous playing of Holi with colors (Gulaal).

A Cultural Celebration in SHANTINIKETAN

Elephant Festival and Holi in JAIPUR

In Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur, Holi is simply a majestic affair with well known Elephant Festival that takes place a day before the celebration of the colorful festival of Holi. In the festival, Elephants are led in the glorious procession that is taken across the streets of Jaipur. Further activities like elephant polo, tug of war and elephant races take place in the festival celebration. Later the festivity comes to an end with playing of colors and amazing firework display.

Elephant Festival and Holi in JAIPUR
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Holi Gifts: To Add More Fun & Happiness in the Festival of Colors!

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Holi is the festival of rituals, colors and fun with friends, family and loved ones. In India, Holi is in fact a name for one of the biggest Indian festivals that is celebrated with great fervor by the Hindus based all over India and overseas by the people of Indian diaspora.

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Haldiram’s Sweet Delicacies:

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Haldirams Sweet Delicacies
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For the festival of colors, here is an exclusive collection of Holi Sprays and Colors. The entire catalogue of Holi colors and sprays is full of premium quality products that are safe to use. All that one need is to explore the widest range of Holi sprays and color combos that has it all from dry holi color powders to colorful sprays, color foam sprays and lot more.

Holi Sprays and Colors
Gujiya and Namkeen Combos:

To add the flovor of sweet and salty in the hues of Holi colors, here comes the exclusive catalogue for Gujiya and Namkeen range that is full of amazingly attractive and delicious packs of Gujiya and Namkeen combos. These are not just perfect for catering your loved ones or guests on celebration day but also to gift and surprise loved ones on the festival of Holi.

Gujiya and Namkeen Combos
Holi Special Kurta/Suits:

For the loved ones willing to get dressed in the hues of Holi colors in style, here is the exclusive catalogue for Holi Special Kurtas and Suits to explore and buy online. There is ample number of attractive Kurtas and Suits choices to explore in the range. You can buy these to celebrate Holi in style or can even surprise your loved ones with Holi Kurta or suits as Holi gift.

Holi Special KurtaSuits
Holi Special Gift Hampers:

If you are looking for the complete Holi gifts hampers to convey your love to dear ones residing far away or to add more fun and colors into the celebration of colors then here is the exclusive collection of online Holi special gifts hampers that has it all from Special Holi Hampers to Sweets Hampers, Gujiya / Namkeens, Thandai Hampers, Dryfruits Hampers, Mithai Hampers, Chocolate Hampers and more.

Holi Special Gift Hampers
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Celebrate Holi with Delicious & Colourful Gift Hampers!!!

Holi is celebrated not only in India. It is also celebrated with lot anticipation as well as fun all over the world. It is one of the most significant festivals in India. In fact foreigners also get involved in this colourful festival & deeply enjoy splashing colours on each other. Even NRIs would perform Holi Puja i.e. Holika Dhahan & celebrate with colours outside India.

Holi Celebration with Puja

Holika Dhahan involves gathering of woods, performing some rituals & lit a bonfire on which idols of Holikaa & Prahalada are placed and various mantras are chanted. This ritual also symbolizes victory of goodness over the evils. However, Holi celebration is followed in various parts of India with distinct customs as well as styles.

Holi Celebration in Traditional Style

In the vibrant state of Gujarat, Holi is celebrated in unique & traditional way by breaking the earthen pots filled with milk and butter. In Bengal, Holi is celebrated in a musical style. Both girls and boys welcome spring & the colourful festival by singing as well as dancing.

Holi celebration by sending Holi Gift Hampers

People who are staying away from their family, friend & relatives, also desire to greet their loved ones on this auspicious festivals. They prefer to buy Holi gifts from online gift stores. Some populat Holi gift items & hampers include Indian sweets like Gujiya, Kaju Katli, Mawa Burfi, Laddos, Namkeens, Assorted chocolates, box of dry fruits, Dress materials and Holi colours, sprays, gulal, Water Ballons & Pichakri.

Online gift stores offers these above gifts in signal packs as weel as in Holi hampers/baskets. For instance online shopper can choose to send add Gulal buckets along with box of Gujiya or box of Sonpapri along with Abir, Pichkari & colourful Water Balloons.

When loved ones receive these wonderful Holi gifts they feel very joyful and acknowledge them with warm wishes & greetings

Customized Holi T-shirts

Many online stores also offer to sell Holi T-shirts to online customers. You can look for nice quality of cotton T-shirts. These t shirts can also be customized as per the request and preference of the buyer. You can get imprinted on the T-shirts such as Holi texts like “Happy HOLI” or “Enjoy the colour Splash”, picture of a Holi festival etc. Everybody loves to receive personalized gifts especially on festive occasions like Holi.

In case of any issues regarding T-shirt size, print or quality, customers can also return these pieces within the grace days fixed by the online gift store. Online customers can also choose to get their money refunded back.

Read the online product details carefully

Online buyers should carefully read all the term & conditions before making online purchase. Place order in reputed online stores after finding all the terms and conditions as fair. Online shoppers should also go through the customer reviews page of the web site once. is one of such reputed gift website, which is offering Holi gifts, Holi Hampers & personalized gifts at wide range of collection. Send delicious Holi sweets & colourful gift hampers to your loved one staying in various cities of India as well as in abroad.