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Commonly Asked Questions about Money Plant!!

Commonly Asked Questions about Money Plant!!

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“A beautiful money plant is like having a friend around the house.”

Green plants are the ideal approaches to add instant excellence to your homes and offices. The invigorating and refreshing money plants are also commonly & popularly known as Golden Pothos, Devils Vine, and Devils Ivy. It is a famous houseplant that purifies the surrounding air and establishes an alleviating soothing environment for a better living and functioning body. You can very easily grow a money plant either in a jug, a mug, or a pretty gorgeous money plant container with soil. This famous plant got its name in view of the heart-shaped green leaves growing on the money plants that look like coins.

One of the most well-known plants you can spot in homes is none other than money plants. People prefer to buy plants for home decoration as they are considered to bring health, wealth, and good fortune to the home and family residing there. Likewise, they are low-maintenance plants and can flourish for a truly significant period, contrasted with the other green plants. Money plants look great as well as they additionally spread positivity & inspiration where they are kept. People prefer to plant money-attracting plants in their balconies, front yards, verandahs, kitchen, terrace, and everywhere indoors and outdoors at homes and offices.

Money plants are self-cultivating plants that typically grow as a biennial. Moreover, growing a money plant is exceptionally simple, yet many deals with a few issues while growing it in their home nursery or indoors. Many people struggle that their money plant leaves become yellow and fall off. Some are worried about how to water the plant and how frequently, while others are perplexed about the different kinds of money plants available in the market and what are the advantages of placing them in the house. People also give priority to find out the proper money plant Vastu tips before installing one of them in their surroundings.

Keep perusing beneath every one of the inquiries and replies on money plants; we have curated this special money plant question answer guide to give relevant and correct answers to all the commonly asked questions. So, without any further ado, let us quickly get into this guide:

Q1. How many times should I water the money plant?

The ideal time to water the money plant is when the top of the plant-soil dries out of the water, and the texture becomes powdery. It helps in maintaining the good health of the plant.

Q2. Why are the leaves of the money plant dropping?

If the leaves of the money plant are discoloring, the reason for this can be that your tree is placed in direct bright sunlight or is getting more than the needed sunlight. The harsh sunlight might bleach the leaves of the money plants and cause discoloring. The solution for this is to move your money plant to a safe and shady place where the leaves receive indirect sunlight, and the leaves remain healthy.

Apart from these natural reasons, the leaf loss is also the reason for keeping it in or near the AC vent. The dry, hot air or the cold air can damage your money plant to a greater extent.

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Q3. What is the reason for the discoloring of money plant leaves?

Now, as far as the yellowing of the money plant leaves is concerned, the reason for this is the plant received either too much or too little water. The presence of an inadequate amount of iron or phosphorus in the soil cause leaves to turn yellow. The deficiency of needed nutrition might be the reason you are watering your money plant too much to leech the nutrients away. The sure sort solution for this is to feed the plant with fertilizer at a slower release rate.

Q4. Why are the leaves of the money plant turning yellow?

If your plant is losing leaves, the reason for this can be stress your plant is struggling with. Moreover, the bone-dry soil is the reason why plant feels the stress. And, this stress is the reason why your money plant is dropping leaves. So, make sure to keep it in a proper plant with an adequate amount of water to maintain the good health of your plant.

Q5. Where to keep the money plant? Do they need a lot of light?

If you are confused about where to keep your money plant at home, you can always. The best place to keep your money plant is the bright area of the house; it may be in direct sunlight. Remove the plant from very bright hot sunlight.

Q6. What is the best type of water for money plants – rain, distilled, or tap water?

Normal tap water works the best for a healthy growing money plant.

Q7. What should be done if my money plant leaves are infected with tiny holes?

If your money plant leaves have holes in them, the most common insect problem resulting from them is Aphids. The bugs feeding on the money plant leaves are the most common insects causing holes. This problem can be solved if you spray your plant with neem oil. Moreover, washing the money plant with an insecticidal soap along with warm water will also help you in getting rid of these insects.

Q8. Why is my money plant burning?

An excessive amount of direct sunlight can consume the leaves of a money plant and cause leaf loss. Spot your money plant close to a south-facing window throughout the summer, and move it to your east window in the colder time of year. Pivoting it 90 degrees once seven days can assist with guaranteeing it gets the perfect measure of light to develop equally.

Q9. What is the best soil for a money plant?

For a healthy growing money plant, you should use a free-depleting nourishment-rich soil to keep away from root decay. If the soil is not free-draining, you can add some river sand to the soil. Money plants favor a decently rich, well-depleting potting soil blend. Wet or soggy soil can cause root decay and kill a plant. Peat greenery-based preparing blend in with leaf form and perlite added, or a blend explicitly for African violets, is frequently useful.

Q10. Why does the money plant turn black?

Shift the money plant to a place that receives indirect sunlight or where it can get light just toward the beginning of the day. An excessive amount of daylight can consume the leaves. And, this is also the reason why your plant leaves are turning black.

Q11. How do you take care of the money plant?

The money plant needs little consideration in terms of dealing with appropriate soil, light, watering, and manure. Make sure to follow some genuine money plant care guide that will enable you to take proper care of your money plant.

Q12. Can a money plant survive without sunlight?

In case you are pondering, do money plants need sunlight? The solution to your inquiry is yes! Actually, like some other plants, they likewise need adequate sunlight, but not direct. When growing outside, position your plants with the end goal that they get some like 2-3 hours of direct sunlight.

Q13. Are Money plants male or female?

As far as deciding the variant of money plant is considered, this plant bears both male and female flowers. But, if we focus on the more or less number of flowers, then the money plant owns more male flowers as compared to the female flowers.

Q14. How does a money tree reproduce?

Money plants reproduce like most plants, an issue of fertilized blossoms reproducing through an organic product containing seeds. This is a significantly fabulous show since the flowers are 14-inch long. They are palatable when they are simmered; however, those that are established produce new trees.

Q15. How long do money plants live?

If you keep your money plant properly maintained and in proper condition, homegrown money plants can endure somewhere in the range of 10 to 15 years. Strangely, money plants that grow in the wild, either in the South and Central America, are known to endure more than 30 years or more.

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Q16. What are the benefits of a money plant?

Here, we have a list having top benefits of keeping money plants at home and offices:

  • Money plants help in purifying the surrounding air
  • They help in reduces stress & anxiety when placed at homes
  • Money plants also act as an anti-radiator
  • This amazing plant also offers several health benefits
  • Installing money plant at homes or bedrooms keep marital problems away
  • Money plants bring prosperity & good fortune
  • They can mend broken relationships when kept around
  • Money plants spread positivity

To know more about the benefits of money plant, you can head to ”10+ Most Amazing Benefits of Money Plant in Homes.”

Q17. Is money plant air purifier?

Native to Australia and Asia, money plants are one of the widely preferred and most recognized air-purifying plants that purify the surrounding air. Money plant is great for eliminating airborne contaminations from the indoor air like Benzene, formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, and xylene.

Q18. Does money plant attract money?

The name “money plant” originates from its ability to attract wealth and good fortune. It helps in warding off monetary snags and carries the best of luck and success to your home. On numerous occasions, the significance of keeping money plants at homes and offices has advanced into Vastu Shastra, accentuating the meaning of its placement at different corners of the house.

Q19. What do you do when your money plant doesn’t grow?

On the off chance that your money plant unexpectedly stops growing yet isn’t giving any indications that it is in a difficult situation, it might have essentially run out of room in its planter in which you have installed it. Since these are quickly growing plants, they should be repotted every year or two to allow their roots to stretch to the space that they need to keep growing.

Q20. Why is my money plant leaves curling?

Money Plant leaves twisting is most normal because of low light, temperature limits, or water issues. New leaves are normally twisted and will smooth with time. Bright & indirect sunlight, temperature around 55 to 65°F (13-18°C), and close thoughtfulness regarding watering can forestall and fix twisting.

Q21. What if a money plant dies?

To resuscitate a money plant that is passing on, eliminate any dead leaves, really look at the roots, pick the right pot size, keep up with appropriate dampness levels, check for bugs, give a legitimate light source and water just when it’s parched.

Q22. Is money plant poisonous to humans?

If you plan to consume the sap of the money plant, you will be glad to know that it contains a lot of poison. So, you have to be highly cautious while installing a money plant at the home of the office if kids roam around.

Q23. How do I keep my money plant healthy?

Here, we have listed some points listed below indicating how you can grow money plant healthy:

  • The first step involves watering the money plants. Make sure to let the soil dry to a significant level. And, when the soil turns to a powdery texture, it indicates that this is the right time to water.
  • As far as the amount of water is concerned, make sure to provide an adequate amount of water until it starts draining out from the drainage holes at the bottom of the plant pot.
  • Pruning works more than amazing to stimulate healthier growing money plants and also remove dead leaves and branches from the plant.
  • The sunlight should be indirect so that it does not scorch the leaves.
  • Make sure to use good-quality natural fertilizers to increase the quality and functionality of the soil.

Q24. How much sunlight does a money plant needs for proper growth?

If you are a fan of bright sunlight, then you will not be happy to know that your money plant needs no direct sunlight. Mild, indirect sunlight works the best for the proper growth of your plant. So, keep your plant in the shade from where it can get indirect daily light. Direct sunlight is not good for the money plant leaves as it will scorch them. Your plant will grow naturally under the partial shade beneath some canopy, either of trees or balcony shade.

Q25. Is it okay to keep the money plant in the washroom?

Again, no studies show that you cannot keep the money plant in the washrooms, whether it is your home or office. You can keep your plant at any place and almost in any room according to your will, from desks, balconies, window slabs, bedrooms, kitchens, and even inside the bathrooms. But, make sure to maintain proper hygiene so that you can grow your plant healthy and strong.

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Q26. Where should money plant be kept in kitchen?

If you are planning to keep your money plant in the kitchen at your home, it should be kept only in the southeast direction of the kitchen or the house. According to the Vastu tips, the southeast direction is dedicated to the Lord Ganesha. The Lord Ganesha is considered to remove the obstacles and bring wealth and good fortune for the owners’ life.

Q27. Is it bad luck to buy a money tree for yourself?

Buying a money plant for your own often ends up bringing the illusions of losing the symbolic meanings. But, no studies or research are stating that buying a money plant for your own isn’t bad luck at all. The plant will end up giving the owner a sense of good luck, prosperity, and good health for the owner, even if you buy it for yourself.

Q28. Where can I place the money plant at home?

If you wish to install money plants at your home, you must have the proper guide detailed with the Vastu tips for money plants at home. Have a look at these positions for placing money plants at home to attract positive energy:

  • North Entrance: If you place a money plant at the north entrance of the home, the plant will attract new sources of income and bring wealth to the owners. Also, it opens up new career opportunities.
  • Southeast Direction: The money plant at the southeast direction of your house, the Lord Ganesha, will remove all obstacles from the path of success and brings wealth for the owners.
  • Southeast Direction: According to Feng Shui, the southeast area of the house is connected to bring financial stability. If you place a money plant here, the plant will help attract wealth.
  • East-West Direction: It is advised to avoid keeping money plant in east-west direction of the house as it invites problems and troubles.
  • Indoors: If you prefer to grow money plant indoors, it gives the maximum benefits, rather than outside the house.

Q29. What is the best fertilizer for money plants?

The money plant is considered one of the most popular and recognized houseplants people buy for their homes and offices, not only in India but around the world. This plant falls under the category of easy to maintain and low-maintenance plants, works amazingly well with almost every type of fertilizer. Additionally, natural fertilizers always work better for the natural growth of the plant. The natural fertilizers you can use are compost, rotted cow manure, and chicken manure.

Q30. How many leaves are lucky on a money tree?

If you are willing to send Money plant as a gift to someone special in your life, the one having five leaves on a stalk is typically considered as lucky for keeping at home and working place. The five places represent the balance of nature by representing the five elements of natural balance, i.e., fire, earth, water, metal, and wind.

Moreover, the stalk with seven leaves on it is considered immensely lucky but, it is also incredibly rare to find one. But, if you got lucky to find a money plant with seven leaves on the stalk, it is said to bring good fortune, wealth, good health, and good luck to the owner.


As Vastu and Feng Shui indicated, the money plant is considered a fortunate plant for home as it adds to expanding the wealth and brings good fortune and attracts positivity. Money plants offer perpetual physical and passionate medical advantages. Money plants for homes are popular and known for bringing prosperity and good luck, absorbing evil radiations. All the questions we have here will help people better understand their favorite Money Plants.

Also, if you are struggling to find pretty money plant planters and pots to decorate your home and office, you can try This is one of the most popular and widely recognized online platforms indulged in gifting solutions. People can buy money plants online in India and abroad within a few clicks. Also, if you have any questions related to the money plant and its care, you can post your questions here, and we will help you get the answer to your questions.

“Where plants bloom, so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson.

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