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DIY Greeting Card Idea: A Little touch of Creativity to Essence to your Wishes!

A little touch of creativity can bring something lovely, something untouched into any relationship!! A greeting card may be bought but making it on your own will convey the message more vividly. Be it any occasion, making the card on your own will be a great idea.

The efforts that you put in, shows your desire of loving and being loved! Indubitably, there are a lot of ways of wishing but peculiarly, DIY wishes make the most precious and indomitable ones. Let's have a look at some of the DIY card making ideas. And, here we go.....

1. Greeting card made with Playing cards

It's perfect and animate way of telling the person about the qualities he/she is loved for. And, the best part is, you will not need to wonder around to find the materials needed.

You will need

  • 52 Printed cards in the form of Playing cards
  • 2 Steel Tying rings


  • Get designed a Playing card shaped paper with a little art work on the four sides. Make 52 such designs and write on each of it, one of the qualities that you admire about the recipient. (You can take the help of a friend who is a designer)
  • Now, get them all printed on a thick card.
  • Separate them all into 52 different cards by cutting them cautiously.
  • Finally, tie them together with the steel ring.
  • The meaningful and vivacious greeting card is ready.

Greeting card made with Playing cards

2. Card made with cup cake wrapper

This will tell the person, the intensity of your love and the chunk of time of your day that you invest in thinking about the person. It's just easy to make! Let's find out...

You will need

  • 1 Candle
  • Colourful Cupcake wrapper
  • Brown coloured Velvet coloured paperv
  • White card
  • Glue
  • Colourful glitter pens


  • Take the white paper and cut it in the shape of your choice (square, rectangular, heart-shaped). This will form the base of your greeting card.
  • Cut the cupcake wrapper into two pieces one of the two pieces at the bottom of the white card. The other one should be glued on the bottom of the first one.
  • Cut the brown velvet paper into a semicircular shape and glue it on top of the first cup cake wrapper.
  • Also, fix the candle in the middle of the cup cake design (You can show the flames with glitter pen).
  • Now, write down creatively, your wishes, on the left space.
  • You can embellish it further employing your creativity.

Card made with cup cake wrapper

3. 3D Greeting card

This will definitely need a little more of your creativity but without any doubt it will bring that untouched feeling of love and affection. Here's how you can make it....

You will need

  • Velvet papers of 2-3 colours
  • Designer Colourful ribbons
  • Measuring Scale
  • Scissors
  • Pen


  • Cut one the velvet papers into a rectangular shape. (Choose the colour of your choice)
  • On the edges, embellish it with other colour of velvet paper.
  • Now, fold it like a greeting card.
  • At the middle edge, just cut with the scissors 3 square shapes (measuring 1cm*1cm, 2cm*2cm, 3cm*3cm)
  • Pull them in the outward and decorate them so as to give a look of three gift packs kept one over the other.
  • Use ribbons to give it the perfect look of a gift packing.

    • 3D Greeting card

      4. Balloon Greeting Card

      This is one of the most remarkably marvelling and affordable way of making a DIY greeting card. All you will need to spend is on some colourful card papers and thin tying threads.

      You will need

      • Card paper in 3-4 colours
      • Thin Colourful threads
      • Sketch pen
      • Scissors


      • Cut the card papers in balloon shape (Around 30). Use different colour of papers.
      • Glue at the edge of these balloon shapes, the colourful thin threads that you already have.
      • Cut one of the chart papers in rectangular shape and make it the base for your greeting card (choose the colour as per your requirement)
      • Now, glue the balloon shapes that you have already worked on, on the base of the card. Decorate them all in way that it could give elegant look.
      • Tie threads emanating from all the balloons, together.
      • Take two threads; make creatively, "HAPPY BIRTDAY/"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY", using the chart papers. Put that woven thread inside the base card like a layered lady's necklace.
      • Now, your greeting card is ready for gifting.

      Balloon Greeting Card

      5. Unique DIY Secret Message card

      This one is perfectly unique, "Secret Message card"!! The message therein will percolate into the heart of the recipient same as the pleasant sunlight in a chilly winter. Let's find, how you can make it by following simple steps:

      You will need

      • Colourful Chart designer chart paper
      • Attractive gift tying ribbons
      • Glue
      • Scissors
      • "Message Card"


      • Cut out four round shaped designs from the chart paper
      • Put them one over the other from one side so as to form a square.
      • Glue them all from one side, so that half circle goes with into the base and the half circle stands upright forming a square box like structure.
      • Now, take the message card and put your "secret message card" onto the base and cover it with the other half circle!
      • Finally, tie it up with the ribbon you have in your kitty.

      Unique DIY Secret Message card

      And, these are some of the creative DIY card making ideas that are apt for any and every occasion. This creative side of yours can act as a catalyst to your love!! Though, anyone can buy a present from a nearby store and too in one's budget, but only a few can dare to pour in that affection and benign love in showing one's creativity.