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New Year’s Eve: Enjoy Hard Till the Clock Struck 12 in Fabulous Themed Parties

Hip Hip Hurray! Few days are left to bid adieu to the year 2023 and venture into a whole new year of the century.  New Year’s Eve is an amazing yet a touching end to the entire holiday season. Whether it is about chilling out at home seeking out a recovery from the holiday season, or hitting the plush pubs or ritzy discos in the city to end the holiday season on 31st December extravagantly, New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating with our loved ones. 

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With 2023 almost gone, the time has come to commemorate the beautiful times spent while looking forward to creating fresh memories with your dear ones. This New Year, pick a quirky and unique party themes to make the celebrations a stupendous one. Decide your New Year Eve’s party theme in advance before the holiday exhaustion takes you over and make you scramble over things on the last day.

Whether a New Year celebration is about a casual family or friends gathering or a formal celebration, these New Year party themes will certainly convene the New Year in the best way.

1. A Masquerade Themed Party

Have a mysterious New Year Party this year with a fascinating masquerade party theme. A great fun way to enjoy New Year’s celebrations when doesn’t know the other person behind the masks. You can create your own masks at home or tell the guest to bring their own while coming for the party. The dressing for this party theme should be formal to add an elegant appeal to the party celebrations. The green, golden, and black color scheme works best for Masquerade parties. A magnificent dance floor is a compulsory aspect of this party theme.

2. Bollywood Themed Party

Remember the polka dots prints, the bell bottom pants, and the extremely winged eyeliners from the movies of 70s and 80s? This New Year, dedicate this grand night to the long gone era of the 70s and 80s in Bollywood style. Dress up like heroes and heroines of the decade to revive the fashion of the days gone by. The decorations and the songs played in the party should coincide with this party theme. Don’t forget to add a booth of quirky props from the glorious 70s and 80s Bollywood era.

3. Glittery, Shimmery Themed Party

This New Year, add shine and glitter to your big night party. Deck up the party location with everything glittery and sparkling to revamp the celebrations of New Year. Be it the decoration or the crockery or the party invitation, they all should be inspired by the theme of glitter. Whether it is the dress code, accessories, or the makeup, everything should be inspired by glamour and glitz.

4. Marvel Themed Party

This one is for all the Marvel’s fans out there in the crowd! With such fan frenzy for the Marvel characters, picking a theme based on the comic is a superb option for the New Year celebration. Dress up like your favorite Marvel hero or villain to recreate the scenes from the Marvel iconic movies. So, who do you want to be?

5. Neon themed Party

This is the best party theme for children on New Year’s Eve. Kids love to dress in neon colors, so, why not make it a theme for a party celebration. The lights in the party area should be dim to bring out the effects of the neon colors. Props made of neon colors will add a punch to this theme party.

6. Pajama themed Party

If you are not much of a party freak, then this party theme is just for you. Pajamas are the most comfortable clothes ever made on earth. Whether it is about celebrating the big night with our families or with friends, this themed party is a perfect way to chill at home. Grab a bucket of popcorns and watch your favorite movie with your loved ones and wait for the clock to strike 12 at midnight.

7. Hollywood themed Party

For the people in love with Hollywood movies can bring Hollywood to their homes with a New Year party based on it. A fabulous red carper for the photo sessions and a magnificent cocktail counter are major attractions of this themed party apart from the dress codes. Be your favorite actor or actress from the Hollywood industry this New Year to enjoy the feel of being a Hollywood stars.

8. Wellness themed Party

Pay attention to your every year’s New Year resolution of eating healthy with this New Year party theme. This theme is a perfect escape from the regular party themes serving unhealthy foods and alcoholic drinks. Staying at home and enjoying a healthy supper with our dear ones is the crux of this party theme.

9. Cocktail themed party

This is an incredible party theme for the alcohol lovers out there. The hosts can either set a bar at home with some finest quality of alcoholic drinks or arrange a party at any bar or restaurant for their loved ones.  This party will not let its attendees famish in any way!

10. Bonfire themed party

This one is a classic way to enjoy New Year celebrations. The setting up of the barbecue table, a blazing bonfire, the music playing in the background, cheerful laughter of the loved ones with a stock of never ending wines and champagnes captures the soul of this New Year theme party.

Indulge in the revelry of happening New Year celebrations with these wonderful New Year party themes. So which party theme is your cup of tea?