Mother: A Beautiful & Precious Gift of God to Humankind

नास्ति मातृसमा छाया नास्ति मातृसमा गति:

नास्ति मातृसमं त्राणं नास्ति मातृसमा प्रपा ।।

This Sanskrit shloka meaningThere is no shade like a mother, no resort like a mother, no security like a mother, no other ever-giving fountain of life” is the beautiful depiction of the special place which a mother holds in a child’s life. She is certainly God’s most beautiful and affectionate creations which can be better described as “God disguised in human form”. The love and the presence of a mother are like a peaceful shade which provides lifelong security in a person’s life. To serve and obey mother’s commands is the biggest duty of a child. There is no one like a mother in this universe who can take care of her child. It is only a mother who has the ability to ward off any shortcomings from her child’s life to make it as pure, hallowed and smooth just like flowing water.

Mom daughter

A mother is no less than a precious gift that God has given to mankind. It is impossible to catch a glimpse of God with our own eyes, but, the heaven has sent its representative as a gift for humankind in the form of a mother which we can see with naked eyes. A mother is certainly the second form of God walking on Earth carrying the entire heavenly paradise in her heart.





This Sanskrit shloka showers salutations to all the mothers who emerged as a more powerful and loving human being after becoming a new mother. These beautiful lines mean “The acute irrepressible pain endured by the mother at the time of delivery, the distaste towards food and the resulting emaciation of the body during pregnancy, the year-long period after delivery, during which the bed was dirtied by the baby – let all these be. But the suffering that the mother endures in carrying the weight of the fetus throughout pregnancy can never be compensated the least by a son, even if he is great and famous. Salutations to that mother.”

However, embracing motherhood is the most heavenly feeling, but also the most difficult one. Though she goes through sudden mood swings and pain during pregnancy, she never neglects the health of her child. The heart of a mother feels a rush of mixed emotions seeing her child for the first time and her eyes get filled with tears of joy holding her child in her hands. Such is the beauty and magic of motherhood that it can make a woman forget all the miseries and discomforts within a flick of a second!!!

आयु: पुमान् यश: स्वर्ग कीर्ति पुण्यं बलं श्रियम्।
पशुं सुखं धनं धान्यं प्राप्नुयान्मातृवन्दनात्।।

Man offer prayers, keep fasts, chant mantras and perform different rituals to impress God. If his intentions are firm, have true dedication, and imply honest efforts, then he can attain God and experience solitude and contentment. Similarly, when a person serves and takes care of his mother with a true heart and never hurts her, then she feels extremely satisfied and contented of having a child like him and keeps showering her precious blessings which ultimately leads to a long life, success, fame, wealth, food and everything.

प्रतिमानाटकम्में कवि भवभूति ने बड़े सुन्दर शब्दों में माता के इस स्पर्श के विषय में बताया है कि-
हस्तस्पर्शो हि मातृणामजलस्य जलाञ्जलि:।

This Sanskrit shloka states that the touch of mother’s hands holds the similar importance of a water stream to a thirsty man. It gives life to an individual and imbibes an urge to live in him. He gets an assurance that even if the whole world turns its back to him, the mother is the only one who will never leave his side. The companion of a mother never makes him experience the feeling of loneliness or sadness in life.

We as human beings wander for happiness, peace, and contentment outside our homes, without even realizing the fact that the real bliss lies in the feet of the mothers. If everyone understands the reality of this truth, there will no need to visit pilgrim centers to find God and solitude; or so-called Gurus to get cheated by them, or getting lured by Tantriks or Babas to spend thousands on baseless rituals and give away your hard-earned money and precious time.

नान्नोदकसमं दानं न तिथिर्द्वादशी समा।
ना गायत्र्याः परो मन्त्रो न मातुर्दैवतं परम्।।

This quote by Chanakaya, exclusively from the popular Chanakya Neeti, holds mother above all the deities.  Just like God has created this world with his own hands, likewise, a mother also creates and carries a child in her womb for nine months and nourishes it with her blood. She never leaves her child’s side and always acts like a shield to protect him or her in unfavorable circumstances. She imbues moral values in her child to make him or her a better human being and applies good efforts to make her child an eligible and successful individual. Just by her touch, her child gets liberated from all the worries and tensions in life.

The main objective behind the celebrations of Mother’s Day is letting the people take out time for their mothers from their jam-packed schedules and spend a beautiful day with them by also surprising them with lavish and heartwarming Mother’s Day gifts. After all the years of her hard work and persistent efforts, this day is no less than an opportunity to indulge in the grand celebrations of motherhood and express your love and gratitude towards her. The most amazing way to revel in its celebrations is to spend this entire day with the mothers and make her feel like a queen.

To perfectly end this heart touching blog, here comes a poem that affectionately portrays the acknowledgment of love of a son for his mother, who has still not changed even after he has grown up.

घुटनों से रेंगते रेंगते..
कब पैरों पर खड़ा हुआ,
तेरी ममता की छाओं में
जाने कब बड़ा हुआ!
काला टीका दूध मलाई
आज भी सब कुछ वैसा है,
मैं ही मैं हूँ हर जगह
प्यार यह तेरा कैसा है?
सीधा साधा भोला भाला
मैं ही सबसे अच्छा हूँ,
कितना भी हो जाऊं बड़ा
माँ, मैं आज भी तेरा बच्चा हूँ!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

10 Most Commendable Movies to Watch with Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not simply a word or a phrase, but a beautiful feeling that cannot be defined in words. You need to be that loving and caring to give life to that word. Mothers are ought to be the most wonderful and expensive gifts that we have and that too without demanding. Your love can never be enough for your mom as she loves you unconditionally, to the moon and back. So, on this Mothers’ Day, let her know that you are always with her and she holds a very special position in your life that can never be replaced. What else can be a better idea to celebrate this day than giving her your time? You can choose a perfect and heart-warming movie to watch with your mother and can celebrate Mother’s Day with your sweet and adorable mom.

Here is a list of some inspiring all-time favorite movies in which the directors have exceptionally captured the love and strength of mothers. These movies have defined the eternal bonding of a mother with her children very beautifully.

1. Mother India (1957)

This is the movie that shows the struggle of the single mother to raise her sons. Nargis has played a fabulous role as the mother whose husband died. With all her hard work and efforts, she managed to give her sons a good life. This is the best movie to watch with moms on this Mother’s Day as it shows all the struggles that your mom has to do for you so that you can live an ideal life without any complaints.

Mother India

2. English-Vinglish(2012)

This Sridevi starrer movie is the one in which she has played a marvelous role of a mother who is being insulted in every conversation by her daughter and husband. So, to cope up with the growing generation, she secretly joined an English course. This movie is the perfect example of motherly nature that although her daughter thinks of her as inferior to others as she cannot speak English fluently, she continues to love her unconditionally. This movie shows how a mother eventually ends up in an English learning school to stay on par with other parents in the society and to make her children feel proud of her.

English Vinglish

3. Mom (2017)

This Sridevi starrer movie clearly shows us that in spite of all your rudeness and ignorance, a mothers’ love cannot be diminished for you. She will always be there; you just need to look back. In this movie, the daughter of Sridevi was gang-raped and thrown on the road-side. Seeing her daughter in pain, she decided to take revenge from those criminals and later she kills each one of them who has given pain to her daughter. This reflects the nature and persona of a mother, that when it is about her children, she can cross every limit and every boundary. This movie is a must go to watch on this Mother’s Day with your mom.


4. Paa (2009)

This film has a star-cast of Vidya Balan, Abhishek Bachchan, and Amitabh Bachchan. Vidya has played a marvelous role as a single mother who has taken care of her son very well. Amitabh Bachchan has played the role of the son who has some genetic-defect and disorder. Knowing all this, the mother has taken the full responsibility of her son and gives him a life that has everything. Even she does not carry the baggage of his disease to everyone and make him realize that he is one of the special creations of God. This film gives the most inspiring mother-son duo from which we can learn to be happy and cheerful in every sort of problem. Go for this movie and make your mother realize that she is the one who is first in your priority list.


5. Nil battey sannata (2016)

This is one of the best movies which truly depict the dreams of the mother in concern with her child. In this movie, Swara Bhaskar has played the role of high-school drop-out mother. She has taken admission in her daughters’ school so that she can motivate her to do well in exams. There is a sweet-salty relationship between the mother and her daughter. This is the perfect movie to watch with your mom, as your mother also has many dreams in concern with your successful life. She doesn’t want you to lead that life from which she has gone through.

Nil battey sannata

6. Secret Superstar (2017)

This is the movie that revolves around the struggles of a girl to fulfill her dream to be a successful singer. In all her struggles, there was a person giving her support and she was none other than her mother. Her mother, even against the will of her husband, helped the daughter to be a successful singer. She even sold her necklace to buy a laptop for her daughter. This film is indeed a perfect one to watch with your mom as she has also done every little thing that is needed for you to live a well-being life.

secret superstar

7. Khoobsurat (2014)

This movie has the weirdest mother-daughter Jodi of modern times. The daughter in this movie shares each and every single problem with her mom. Be it a job-related problem or a boyfriend-related problem, she shares everything with her mom and takes advice from her. This is truly the perfect duo from which you can learn to be sharing with the mothers. Mothers have much more experience than you and can handle your little problems with maturity.


8. Maatr (2017)

This film has Raveena Tandon in the lead role of a mother living with her husband and daughter in Delhi. The mother and daughter were kidnapped and raped after which daughter died, but the mother survived. After this incident, her husband left her. The single mother not only survived but, also takes revenge for her daughter. This is the film which depicts the nature of the mother that she can go to any extent if anyone puts even a finger on her child. Watch this film with your mother and try to understand that you are her weakness and also her strength.


9. Helicopter Eela (2018)

This is the perfect film which shows that you are the little world of your mother. Without you, she is incomplete. In this film, Kajol has played the role of a single mother who has to give up on her dreams to raise her son. But, when her son started going to school, she cannot bear to live without her son even an hour. So, she decided to join the same school as her son. The mother and son have a sweet-bitter relationship, but lately, he realized the sacrifices of her mother. This film is a good go to watch with your mother as she also sees her whole world in you and does not want you to be in any problem, so she sometimes med into your life.

Helicopter eela

10. Mary Kom (2014)

This Priyanka Chopra starrer film is the one which truly reflects the sacrifices that a mother made to protect her children and to give them a perfect life. In this film, Mary Kom (mother) has to give up on her courier as she has to take care of her infant twins. She has stopped practicing boxing so that she can give her time to her children. This is indeed an inspiring movie that will make you realize that your mother has given her whole life in raising you up with full care and concern.

Mary Kom

These are the movies which you can choose to watch with your mom. You must know that your time is the most valuable thing that you can give to your mother. Plan a day for her and take her out for dinner or lunch and give her a surprise gift that enlightens her day. Mother’s Day is not the annual occasion but, this bond must be celebrated and cherished every single day. So, if you want to surprise your mother with a gift, then you can choose the one from They have a wide range of products that can make your mom go wow on this Mother’s Day.

25 Best Mother’s Day Messages to Enchant Warmhearted Moms!

Mother! What makes this word so special and extraordinary? Is it because she is the one who carries a child for nine months and takes care of him until birth? Well, giving birth to a child is certainly a major role played by mothers which makes them special, but what makes them extraordinary is life thereafter. The sacrifices she makes, both on the personal as well as professional front; the continuous love and care which she showers on her kid; understanding what her child is unable to say; and, succumbing her feelings over his child’s happiness. All these attributes of their nature make mothers so special and out-of-the-world.


Mother’s Day is an occasion which celebrates the motherhood in true letter and spirits. This day is all about appreciating and applauding the efforts of our mother who have done so much for us without asking them for it. Showering her with love, respect, care, and Mother’s Day gifts is the need of this day, and conveying the deep unsaid emotions through Mother’s Day messages fills your mother’s heart with joy and heightens the mood of the celebrations.

1. Your love mother runs in our veins like water flowing in streams, rejuvenating us and overwhelming our hearts with happiness. We adore you so much mom! Happy Mother’s Day!!

2. Mom, you are an excellent gift from God, filled with love and affection in the heart. You are certainly a blessing for me and our family. Love You!

3. Your smile illuminates our every day just like rays of sunshine in the mornings. You are my source of courage and determination to face every day with joy and smile. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

4. “Love at first sight”…I came to know the reality in this phrase when I first opened my eyes and saw you with those years of joy holding me in your hands. I love you, Maa.

5. A day never goes when I haven’t thought of you and prayed to God for your happiness and well-being. Stay blessed and happy always, Mother.

6. To a mother whose caring, loving, and kind,
I’m so grateful for the ties that bind
our hearts together in delicate love.
Happy Mother’s Day–you’re a present for me from above!

7. The time has come to let you know that how lucky and special I am to have such a loving and caring mother like you. Wish you a very happy Mother’s Day Mother.

8. Nothing can equate your love for me. Your love is deep, unrivaled, unconditional, and inextricable. No matter where I go or what I do, I will always feel comforted by your presence. I love you mom and Happy Mother’s Day.

9. You are my best friend, my soul, my motivation towards accomplishments. No one can ever replace for you in my life. You are the best and will always be for me. Happy Mother’s Day!

10. M is for Magnificent
O is for Outstanding
T is for Truthful
H is for Happy-go-lucky
E is for Elegant
R is for Respected
Happy Mother’s Day!

11. Dearest Mom, your love and care has been my pillar of strength and your arms my safest haven. Thanks for always being there for me in my difficult times. Happy Mother’s Day!

12. In my entire life, I haven’t come across a single lady as charming, loving, and caring as you are. You are certainly a God’s gift to me. I cannot ask for more. Happy Mum’s Day my Mumsy!

13. Thank you my darling mother for spoiling me, watching my back and helping me with proper advice. Happy to have you in my life. Love you, mom!

14. You have always cared for others before yourself. I am extremely thankful and fortunate for being a child to such a selfless person. You are the best mom!

15. Mom, the best compliment I ever got is “You are turning to be like your mother!” I always pray to God for making me your mirror reflection. I love you, Mom, and I’m proud to be your daughter.

16. A mother is the greatest gift to the mankind from God. She deserves all the admiration and gratitude. Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mothers out there!

17. There can be no sacrifice in this world as big as the mothers make for their children. From carrying the child for nine months, raising them remarkably and ensuring good and successful lives to their children – a mother is no less than a superhero. Thanks Mom for doing everything for me!

18. On this extremely special day, I just want to let you know that you are the best mother in this world and I’m proud to have you as my mother! Happy Mother’s Day!

19. It is a blessing to be raised by you. You are the most amazing and charming mother, a perfect teacher, and the most importantly, a fabulous friend. Love you to the moon and back, Mom!

20. To this wonder woman whom I call Mother, on this Mother’s Day, I really want to express my gratitude for the hard work you have done to raise me nicely and to give me a wonderful life. Thanks a ton, Maa!

21. If there is a person who I love and care about the most, it is you, mother. Happy Mother’s Day!

22. I feel safe in this world because of you. I already know, no matter what, you will always be there to watch my back and pick me up whenever I fall. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!

23. My life would be so empty and sorrowful without you.
You’re my biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader of my life.
Love you mom.
Happy Mother’s Day!

24. Your kind heart gives me support and strength beyond measure.
Extremely blessed to have you in my life.
Happy Mother’s Day!

25. Your resolute support and motivation have led me to all the accomplishments. May your life be always filled with happiness and contentment…as you have filled mine. Love You, Mom!

All these messages for Mother’s Day will add a huge meaning to your Mother’s Day celebrations. Compliment your wishes with amazing Mother’s Day flowers to make the occasion more special and touchy for your beautiful mother. Giftalove wishes for your mom’s happiness and good health, and joy-filled celebrations.

10 Most Affectionate Mother’s Day Quotes Straight From the Heart!

“Mom”, “Amma”, “Aai”, or “Maa”- There can be many names by which a mother can be called, but the emotions and affection with which they are uttered can move anyone’s heart. A “mother” is not just a simple word from the English dictionary, but imbibes almost every sentiment that a person’s heart can hold. Just a hug from her works as a magic spell that wards off all our worries within a matter of few seconds. Such is the powers she holds in her! Therefore, this Mother’s Day, thank for her inevitable love and support, and also for those comforting hugs she gave you in your difficult times.

Spread your love, gratitude, and affection in her life with Best Mother’s Day gifts and express your heartfelt emotions to her through the following most heartening Mother’s Day quotes in case you are short of words. Reading them will make your mum know of the all the feelings that you hold for her in your heart!











Convey your feelings to your lovely mom with the help of these beautiful quotes on Mother’s Day and be ready for that shower of hugs and kisses from her. Hope you all have a splendid and heat touching Mother’s Day 2019!

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas: A Perfect Expression of Affectionate Maternal Bond!

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” – Washington Irving

Mothers day banner

Mother – This single word in the dictionary stands alone for all the affectionate and hearty emotions that exist in this entire world. She is the only human being who is an epitome of love, strength, endurance, affection, selflessness, admiration, and support for her children and the entire family. As soon as a woman becomes a mother, a whole new rush of feelings is experienced by her making her a different and mature person altogether. Her child becomes a world for her making her do anything just for his or her happiness. Therefore, this Mother’s Day 2019, express your deepest love, adoration, and gratitude towards this gorgeous lady through incredible Mother’s Day gifts that will perfectly sweep her off her feet on this jolly occasion.

Understanding the craze and excitement for personalized gifts among the people, there is a whole new collection of personalized gifts for Mother’s Day available in the market that wonderfully conveys every child’s emotions for his or her mother in a unique way. Following are some amazing personalized gifting options that people can consider while selecting gifts for their mothers on Mother’s Day.

1. Personalized Photo Frames

Photos are the best keepsakes of the past beautiful memories spent among our loved ones. Gifting a personalized photo frame to your mom on Mother’s Day will certainly make her extremely happy seeing the long forgotten or lost pictures in front of her.

Personalized Photo Frames
2. Personalized Key Chains

Since mothers are the true keepers of the home keys, surprising her with personalized key chains with a picture of both of you will make her feel supremely special and honored.

Personalized Key Chains

3. Personalized Tabletops

Tabletops are new versions of traditional table photo frames impeccably carved in different shapes and designs and imprinted with the memorable pictures of the family. Let this one be your gifts for Mother’s Day to astound your lovely mother.

Personalized Tabletops

4. Personalized Wooden Plaques

Certainly, a fabulous and antique depiction of your lovely photos of your loved ones, these personalized wooden plaques engraved with amazing pictures of your mother is a great gift for Mother’s Day.

Personalized Wooden Plaques

5. Photo Mugs

A cup of tea or coffee in the morning is a part of everyone’s daily repertoire. Gift your mom a wonderful photo mug in which she can enjoy her favorite beverage at any time of the day remembering you.

Photo Mugs

6. Photo cushions

Give your mom a big tight hug on Mother’s Day along with a cute and soft personalized cushion designed with the most amazing picture of both of you.Photo cushions

7. Personalized photo lamps

Light up your maternal bond as well as the home décors on the occasion of Mother’s Day with an enchanting and colorful personalized photo lamp imprinted with the most beautiful photograph of you and your mother.

Personalized photo lamps

8. Personalized Caricature

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a unique and fun manner is the best way of spending this day with your adorable mother. Take your mom by surprise with a hilarious personalized caricatures gift that will add happiness and laughter in your gifting.

Personalized Caricature

9. Personalized Canvas

Life is no less than a beautifully painted canvas with the presence of mothers in our lives. Flabbergast your mother with a personalized canvas bedecked with the captivating picture of your family on Mother’s Day.Personalized Canvas

10. Personalized Crystal Gifts

Crystals are often said to bring good luck in people’s lives. Shower your immense love and affection on your lovely mother with alluring Personalized Crystal Gifts like photo frames and table tops with LED lights effects to elevate your moods of Mother’s Day celebrations.

Personalized Crystal Gifts

All the above personalized gifts can be purchased online with at really affordable prices. Apart from these gifts, you can also send flowers to India or any other country where your pretty mother resides with timely and speedy online gift delivery. With Mother’s Day just about a month away, quickly plan your gifts for Mother’s Day now!

6 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas for Unpretentious to Fashion Enthusiast Moms!

As the dates in the calendar are quickly passing by at an expedient rate, the most affectionate day of the year is approaching us with its open hands. Still thinking of which day are we talking about? Well, this day honors the love and hard efforts of the most beautiful and loving women in our lives. Still need some more hints? We are talking about the occasion of Mother’s Day that is going to be celebrated on 12th of March this year by every person in the respect and honor of his or her mother. Mother’s Day is no less than an international event celebrated with great pomp and show all over the world making every person search for the best gifts for their moms.

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

Every woman is different and so are the mothers. They have different choices in terms of whatever they choose depending on their lifestyles. On one hand, homemaker moms like to stay simple and do not believe in going for chic gifts, while on the other, the working mothers always like to have things that are useful and go with their sense of fashion style. Since their work domain is quite different from each other, so there is a demarcation that is noticed in their lifestyles and choices. Therefore, while making your move to order the best Mother’s Day gifts for your mom, do a deep analysis of your mother’s taste and preferences before placing your orders.

To help you out in this situation, we have listed down some great gifts for Mother’s Day based on every type of mother that can be out there in the crowd.

1. Mothers that are fashion freaks

Some mothers just consider age a number and give a tough competition to their daughters when it comes to being fashionable. For such mums, pick a gift that is extremely stylish like a handbag, a perfume, or a maybe a gift voucher worth thousand of their favorite fashion store.

stylish handbag and perfume

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2. Mothers who love to read

Some people are not bookworms in reality, but they love to read books and novels of their preferred genres. If your mom is such a person, then gifting her book written by her favorite author or maybe a good feminist writer is a great idea. You can even get her a yearly subscription or a membership of a book store where she can hang out whenever she wants.

Mothers who love to read

3. Mother who loves to cook

Mothers are the best cooks in the world. Food prepared by the best hotel or restaurants just cannot match the taste of the food made with the hands of the mother. For the mothers for whom cooking is a passion, presenting them a knife set, a personalized wooden board, new kitchen accessories, or any other kitchenware is a stunning idea.

kitchen accessories

4. Mothers who are avid gym goers

The lifestyles of today have made women extremely conscious and considerate about their health. They have enrolled themselves in the gym and wish to stay fit and healthy while managing other household and outside chores. Gifting a protein shaker imprinted with her name or her photograph or a branded yoga mat is a great gift idea for wishing good health to your mother.

protein shaker
5. Mothers who are homemakers

Women who are housewives are often considered low as compared to working women. The works they do at home frequently gets ignored by the family members and are sometimes considered as their duty. This Mother’s Day, give your mother a day off from her regular household chores and also acknowledge the strength it requires to manage the entire home all alone. Gifting your mother a mechanized mop or an automated home cleaner is a great thought of easing her daily tasks.

mechanized mop

6. Mothers who are professionals

Stepping out of the home early in the morning after sending children to school or colleges is not a child’s play. The working moms strive to give a better living to their children while lending their helping hand in meeting the financial obligations of the family alongside their husbands. Thank your mothers this Mother’s Day for their contributions in your blissful life that has everything you have asked for. Gift her branded handbag or a gift voucher of a clothing brand from where she can shop for her favorite clothes.

branded handbag

These are some gift ideas which you can consider while making purchases of your gifts for mother. If you want to buy flowers, cakes, chocolates, and other gift items to compliment your Mother’s Day celebration, you can place your order for them at at really reasonable prices.

Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas! Hurry to Know What Can be the Best Gift for Your Mom

Now when the year is slowly pacing towards the celebration of Motherhood, it’s obvious to find people busy in Mother’s Day gift shopping. But, just heading to a gift shop will actually work? Simply picking up anything for dearest mother won’t work at all. Your mother is the most special person of your life, who deserves a very special token of love. Thus, you need some ideas on top 10 Mother’s day gifts.


No wonder, your darling mother is the only one who loves you unconditionally like no other can. She is the one to bring you in life and to take all the pain and sacrifices to make your life joyous and easy. In fact, she is the only one to make you happy and feel motivated whenever the entire world is against you. It’s time to make mother feel loved and cared the same way as she has always loved you unconditionally forever. It’s time to pay honor to her motherhood because it’s time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

A gift of mother’s day will be that token of love which will help you confess your heartiest emotions of respect, love and care to mother which she always deserves from her child. However, finding that right person is never an easy task. You need to figure out that one perfect gift to say I love You Mom in the most special way. Feeling confused? Well, you need not to as here are top 10 Mother’s Day Gift ideas for you.

And, here we start…

1. Basket of Natural Cosmetic Products:

To show some care and affection to mom, choose to gift a basket of natural cosmetic products. You can try making your own basket at home by filling it with natural cosmetic products that won’t be harsh on her skin or won’t possess any side effects.


2. Personalized Bottle Lamp:

You can never go wrong in winning mother’s heart with a personalized bottle lamp. Apart from being an attractive table side lamp, this personalized bottle shape lamp with mother’s photograph printed on it will definitely make her feel loved and cared.


3. Mother’s Day Flowers with Cake Combo:

To celebrate Mother’s Day with your loving momma, this is an ideal gift option to make choice for. You can buy Mother’s Day Flowers online ( and get it clubbed with a cake of mother’s favourite flavour. It will definitely make mother’s day celebration memorable for her.


4. Trendy Box Clutch:

A useful yet a very trendy accessory for your mom can be a box pattern clutch bag. She won’t just love to carry a box clutch in style but will also love your thoughtfulness for gifting it to her.


5. Basket of Healthy Snacks:

The best way to show care and affection to momma on this Mother’s Day 2018 is the idea of gifting a Basket of Healthy Snacks to her. Tell her to switch all unhealthy snacks she has in the kitchen from this basket of healthy snacks. It’s a very thoughtful Mother’s Day gift idea.


6. Personalized Wooden Plaque:

Show some love and affection to your darling mother with a Personalized Wooden Plaque this time. It’s a unique personalized gift for mom that can be customized with a laser engraved image of your dearest mother on it. You can also get an affectionate quote or text personalized over the wooden plaque of any shape.


7. Chocolate Bouquet:

Despite choosing a usual flower bouquet for mother, you can buy chocolate bouquet for her and greet her with Happy Mother’s Day wishes. No wonder, your dearest mother will love the unique idea of gifting a bouquet of chocolates to her despite usual flower bouquet.


8. Designer Saree:

Every Indian woman loves to get dressed traditionally in an Indian Saree. This Mother’s Day 2018, you can make you momma happy by gifting a Designer Saree to her. You can try to know her preference of saree she desired to buy for long time.


9. Kitchen Tools:

To help in reducing mother’s efforts and time in kitchen, this is an excellent Mother’s Day gift choice to make. Just try to figure out that what she actually needs in her kitchen that can help her in cooking food but more easily and conveniently.


10. Personalized Wall Clock:

If you wish to win momma’s heart on Mother’s Day, this is an ideal gift choice to make. It’s a useful gift that works great in making this special day, memorable for dearest mother. Just get a personalized wall clock with multiple picture slots where you can place different photographs of your mother and secretly place it on a wall of her room. She will love this Mother’s Day gift a lot.


Mother is the most special person in one’s life. She deserves love and care, the most from her child. And, when Mother’s Day is around, just don’t leave the opportunity of making her feel loved and cared with a thoughtful and heartwarming Mother’s Day gift. is catering a very extensive range of Mother’s Day Gifts online at market leading prices. Hurry to order the best gift for mom and send mother’s day gift to India with free shipping.

3 Most Gorgeous Mother’s Day Flowers You Must Know!

She is child’s first love and the only one to shower you with unconditional love and care. She is the mother who made uncountable sacrifices and efforts in bringing us into this world. It’s time to make her feel loved unconditionally on this Mother’s Day with heartwarming gifts beautiful flowers.


A flower truly reflects a mother’s heart as it is as beautiful as a mother’s heart that is full of love for her child. This is what makes flowers, the best token of love for a mother. So, when the need of the moment is the selection for the best Mother’s Day gift, flowers are ideal options. Apart from conveying the message of love, flowers bring joviality for the receiver.

Talking about the best selection of Mother’s Day flowers then it can be many depending on the kind of flower that your mother loves. But if you need to decide on the best floral gift for mother then you definitely need to look up for the most relevant or best options. And, to help you out in finding the best Mother’s Day flowers to express love and affection to your mother as well as honor her on the special day, here are the best 3 options names:


One of the most preferred and beautiful flowers, Gerberas are an idealistic choice for winning the heart of mother on the special day of honoring her love. It’s the most beautiful flower choice to make and show affection for mother. To make her feel cared and loved, a beautifully crafted bunch or bouquet of bright pink Gerberas are excellent choice to make.


LOVELY PEACH ROSES: To Make Her Feel Loved

For your lovely mother whom you love the most, this is definitely an impressive flower choice to make as Mother’s Day gift surprise. Since roses are an ideal epitome of love, thus choosing a peach colored rose bunch or bouquet for her will definitely help you make your mother feel loved and cared equally. Apart from choosing red roses or pink roses for mother, you must choose peach roses for her this time. No wonder, she will fall in love with the gesture of gifting flowers to her.


ELEGANT PINK CARNATIONS: To Bring Joviality in Her Life

Your mother had been the reason for your happiness. She is one who made you smile even when everyone was against you. On this Mother’s Day, you can do the same for her by giving beautiful bunch, bouquet, glass vase or basket arrangement of pink carnation flowers. No wonder your dearest momma will fall in love with such a wonderful floral Mother’s Day gift.


Mother is God’s most precious gift to everyone. She is the special one who deserves the most special things from her child. The Mother’s Day celebrates the love, efforts, and sacrifices of her and honors motherhood of every woman. To let your mother and every mom feel blessed being a mother, offers forth you a wide range of beautiful, unique and designer flower arrangements online for Mother’s Day. You can also browse the website to buy Mother’s Day gifts and send gifts to India and across the globe as well.

7 Amazing Gift Ideas for Cheering up New Moms on this Mother’s Day!

Upcoming days till the Mother’s Day celebration on 13th May will be dedicated to all the mothers and to motherhood. Apart from other moms who are experiencing the joys of motherhood for long, there are many new additions in the list because of some new moms. After stressful session of her baby birth, she is now embracing motherhood with whole heart. On this Mother’s Day, a new mom definitely deserves a gift of being a fantastic mother of little bundle of joy.

mothers day

MOTHER is the most special gift to every one of us. She is the one to bless us with the magical gift of life. She is the one whom we fell in love for the first time. She is the one who will love us unconditionally. On this Mother’s Day, it’s the time for everyone to honor every mother around us. And, for the new moms this would be the most special Mother’s Day as they will be celebrating it for the first time after being a mother.

Since, every new mom is struggling very hard to become the perfect mom, thus on this special day, she definitely deserves a wonderful Mother’s Day gift like:

Cosmetic Kit of Natural Products:

Apart from all the pampering she gives to her child, she also deserves the same to feel relaxed, happy and energetic all the time. A cosmetic Kit containing natural care products is the best thing to gift her on this Mother’s Day and make her feel happy, loved and pampered.

Cosmetic Kit of Natural Products

A Big Handbag:

Now after being a mom, whenever she will be stepping out with her child, she will need a big handbag full of baby care essentials with her all the time. Gifting a trendy and big handbag as Mother’s day Gift will help her for sure in carrying everything with her in the best way.

A Big Handbag

Basket of Healthy Snacks

The entire baby birth session and the feeling of being a new mom might have been very stress for her. Now when she definitely needs to pay care on her health too, a basket of Healthy snacks will definitely help her meet her hunger pranks with healthy alternatives. Thus, it will be an excellent Mother’s Day gift for new mom.

Basket of Healthy Snacks

A Comfortable Nursing Dress:

She might have put on loads of weight during her pregnancy. Now after being a mother of a little one, she might be struggling to find that perfect dress for her which can be comfortable yet a trendy one to make her look beautiful as well. Comfortable Nursing dresses are all that she wants. Thus, gifting a set of comfortable nursing dresses is definitely a great Mother’s Day gift idea for a new mom.

A Comfortable Nursing Dress

Baby Carrier:

One of the most useful gifts for a new mom is a Baby Carrier bag. Now when she always needs to carry her little munchkin with her everywhere, she will definitely need this one thing. It will be very thoughtful of you to surprise new mom with this useful thing. She will definitely love this gift a lot.

Baby Carrier

Personalized Coffee Mug:

If you are constrained on your budget but definitely wishes to cheer up a new mom on this Mother’s Day then this is an excellent gift option. A coffee mug personalized with her little baby’s photograph printed on it will definitely make her feel loved a lot. Moreover, she will love to sip her morning milk in this coffee mug.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Baby Care Magazine

For the new mom who always seem worried about her baby’s health, a set of some good Baby Care Magazine will definitely her calm down and read useful tips and facts of good parenting. You can try collecting good parenting, baby care, baby food and other such magazines and gift the new mom. She will definitely thank you for such a thoughtful gift.

Baby Care Magazine

She might not be the perfect mother but definitely a fantastic mother who can do anything to make her baby happy and feel loved. This Mother’s Day, pay honor to your mother for all that she did to bring you in life and for raising you so well. Also, this Mother’s Day, pay honor to all those new moms who are doing so much to raise her child happy and healthy. And, to honor her with best Mother’s Day Gift, is always there just a few clicks away.

Mother’s Day Flowers Choices that is as Beautiful as her Heart Full of Love…

Now when Mother’s Day is nearby, planning to surprise her is the thing that will always be in your mind. Worry not as now you are Mother’s love is incomparable and infinite. So we have come up with a range of most sought after Mother’s Day flowers that are beautiful as her heart.mothers day flowersOn Mother’s Day, the ritual of gifting flowers is not new. After all flowers are the most beautiful creations of God just like a mother’s heart which is filled with untainted love and affection. Thus, the idea of gifting flower can never let your down in making your mother feel immensely special. But if the thought of right Mother’s Day flowers is making you perplexed and worried then here below is the gift guide for the most spectacular flowers to express your thankful gratitude towards mother for all her love, support and immense care.

GiftaLove is a home to fabulous Mother’s Day flowers which will definitely help you in making most stunning floral gift for momma, such as:

Lovely Gerberas:

For dearest mother who is quite cheerful and fun loving person, it’s definitely the right flower choice to make. The ultimate vibrancy and joviality of Gerberas make it the most sought after gifting flower for cheerful moments. Thus, as Mother’s Day gift, it’s an apt option to bring a cheerful smile on mother’s face and making her really happy.GereberaLovely Roses:

The flower that articulate the meaning of love in the best way are Roses. Thus, for expressing your love to mother in the most beautiful way, lovely Red/Pink Roses bunch is perfect choice. Fortunately there are plentiful Roses online at to choose for gifting your mom. So if red or pink rose is not your choice, there are ample of options to explore.roseExotic Lilies:

The flower that most women love is Lily. It can be the case for your mom as well. Though Pink lilies are extremely popular gift choice, but there are still many other choices to explore at GiftaLove at Mother’s Day flowers range. You can also find ample of choices for Mother’s Day flower combos like lilies with chocolates, lilies with greeting card and options alike.Lilies

Lovely Carnations:

The flower of foremost feminine choice is carnation. It’s articulate feminism the best way. Thus, it’s an excellent Mother’s Day flower choice. You can go with distinctive shades of pink or else carnations are found in lovely color choices like red, purple, orange, white and more.Carnation

Orchids, tulips, anthurium, glad and many other beautiful flowers can also become a beautiful Mother’s Day present. Choice is completely yours as there is no one else who understands and knows your mother than you do. GiftaLove will always offer spectacular Mother’s Day Flowers to meet your gifting needs with beautiful basket flower arrangements, floral bunch, glass vase arrangements and bouquets. All that you need to do is hurry to order flower online if you wish to send flowers to Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else. The prompt and swift services of offers ease to send flowers to India anywhere within a matter of few clicks.