Skip Cash This Time, Turn to Modern Wedding Gifts!!!

The wedding season has arrived in India!!! The beating of the drums, the sound of the DJ, the twinkling lights outside homes, the overcrowded markets, and so much commotion from the marriage processions on the streets can be noticed where people can be seen having a fabulous time dancing and grooving on the tunes of the popular dance numbers. There are numerous wedding invitations flowing in from the acquaintances making people spend wonderful evenings in the wedding venues and gorging on delicious delicacies skipping diets.

Attending a wedding of a friend, relative, colleague, or in the neighbourhood empty-handed seems a lot embarrassing, right? Earlier, giving Sagan or cash was a tradition as money was considered as the best gift for the couple. But, with the change in time and thought process of the people, there is a huge trend of impressive wedding gifts for the couple rather than going for cash as these gifts define your class and taste. So, here we have come up with some amazing gift suggestions which you can consider before picking up anything for the beautiful couple whose wedding you are attending:


The vibrant and cheerful flowers always make the first choices of the people who are attending a wedding in their acquaintance. Big flower bouquets and baskets become popular wedding gifts during the wedding season and the celebrations seem incomplete without these natural beauties on the table of wedding gifts.


You can go for roses, orchids, lilies, or mixed flowers arrangements as these blossoms make excellent floral gifts.

Lord Ganesha Statue

As marriage marks a new beginning in a couple’s life, gifting Lord Ganesha idol to the couple as a wedding gift is certainly a great idea. As Lord Ganesha hold a special place in the Hindu religion, he is the first one to be worshiped before anything new is commenced in life. So, pick a beautiful and antique looking Ganesha idol for the bride and groom and bless them with the blessings and grace of Ganpati Bappa!

Lord Ganesha Statue

Dinner Set

If the couple has a special connection with you, then this one is definitely the best choice for them. Or, if the couple is planning to shift to a new city or country soon after the marriage and is going to stay there alone, then a dinner set will certainly be a utility gift for them.

dinner set


People say “the path to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Help the bride win the heart of her husband by gifting her wonderful kitchenware in which she can cook delicious food for him and strengthen their bond more…


Branded Linens

Bed sheets are luxurious wedding gifts for the couple as they are useful and epitomize their new life together. The new wedding bed deserves new linens. So, go for the branded ones and make the couple feel your consideration.


Wall Paintings

If the newlywed couple is about to shift to a new home sometime after their marriage, then paintings will certainly spruce up their new home with colors and decorate the empty walls of their home bringing them back to life. Go for the bright colored ones to infuse the happiness of colors in their life and the new home.


German Silver Gifts

The bright sheen and the royal handcrafted designs on the German silver metal by the expert craftsmen make these gifts look regal ad attractive as wedding gifts. The wonderful velvet box packaging will add to the exquisiteness of these royal looking gifts. These gifts can also be given as wedding return gifts to the esteemed guests who have marked their presence at your family wedding.German Silver Gifts

Couple Watch

This one is the trendiest one! Couple watches are a rage nowadays as weddings for the bride and groom. Go for the branded ones and let the couple cherish the amazing time they have spent and the unseen future they are embarking onto… Together!!!

couple watch

The final note

All these gifts must have made you feel at place… They are popular and trendy and can remarkably replace cash effortlessly… If you want to add chocolates, cakes, and other gift items to these gifts to make your gifting a magnificent one, then have a look at wedding gifts online on and sweep the couple off their feet in a wonderful manner!

10 Unique & Useful Wedding Gift Ideas to Match Your Budget!

It’s the time of the year when weddings are in full swing. It is the actually the wedding season for you might find yourself busy in attending 3-4 or more weddings. Well this might be the time when you might not feel sure of what to give the soon-to-be-married couple on the wedding, right? So to help you in find an impressive Wedding Gift without spending much on each, here is the blog, you must read.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Lack of funds or your wish to not to spend much on each and every wedding gift should not stop you from making the lovely and lucky couple feel happy and loved on their special day. So try looking for wedding gift ideas that are thoughtful and won’t let you spend a lot on it, like:

Couple Picture Frame:
Well the idea is not for just buying and gifting a photo frame rather gifting a personalized Picture frame of the Couple. You can search the best couple picture on their social media accounts and frame it. It won’t cost you much and yet would be an excellent wedding it.

Set of Couple Perfume:
This wedding gift will be something which the couple would definitely find useful after their wedding. Perfume for him and her will in an attractive packing and from renowned perfume brand will definitely make the couple happy.

Wine Glass Set for the Two:
It will definitely be a classy Wedding gift idea for you to choose and will not cost much on your pocket. Well if you can then make it more impressive by giving it a personalized touch of laser engraved name of the couple.

Towel Set:
In their honeymoon trousseau, they will definitely keep the set of towel for each, right? It would be great for the couple if it will come from you as their wedding gift. And definitely you won’t be spending much on it.

Set of Decorative & Aromatic Candles:
Another very inexpensive wedding gift can be a set of Candles which the couple would love to decorate and aromatize their home post their wedding.

Key Holder:
For the lovely couple a key holder would definitely be a useful wedding gift as they can use it in their place of living to keep their keys organized at their place of living post marriage.

Good Luck Bamboo Plant with Laughing Buddha:
Apart from being an excellent home décor option, good luck bamboo plant and laughing Buddha will bring the charm of good luck, happiness and prosperity in the life of the couple when they would be starting their new phase of life together.

‘Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right’ Quoted Cushions:

A funky gift like this will be an excellent way of making the couple happy. Also such funky quoted cushions are very popular these days as wedding gift.

Passport Pouch for Both:
For the soon-to-be-married couple who have planned their honeymoon vacation overseas, gifting a passport pouch for both will be a very thoughtful and unique gift. They will love to carry their essential documents and passport in this pouch and travel abroad.

Personalized Flowers Vase:
Well if nothing unique is there on your mind to gift and congratulate the couple then a Flower Vase is the gift you must choose. Well it will be great if you manage to get a plan or slightly printed flowers vase personalized with the couple name on it. Or else you can show up your painting skills on a plan flower vase by painting it with their name.

The wedding gift ideas to make the wedded couples feel special and loved with a wedding gift can be many. Well I have to wrap here only, so hope that you loved my ideas and can incorporate any of these to surprise the couples getting married soon. However to buy such attractive wedding gifts or online personalised gifts, you must make a visit at and its range of gifts, flowers and cakes for wedding season.

6 Most Sought After Gifts to Congratulate the Newly Wedded Couple of 2016!

In India, wedding is like the biggest festival of the year for a family to celebrate together. It’s a celebration of not just two people getting married rather it’s a celebration the unity of two different families. And yes when it’s wedding season, it’s again a gifting time for everyone. So for the upcoming wedding season, this blog is filled with most sought after Wedding Gift Ideas to know and greet the lovely couple starting up their new phase of life.

happy wedding
Upcoming wedding of family member, friends, relatives or dear ones is very exciting but what comes with the feeling of excitement is confusion. Well this confusion starts over the thought of “What to Gift him/her on the wedding day”??

You also must have been in this situation of dilemma many times but won’t be any more further as here is a quick guide to most sought after Wedding Gifts to choose and buy online as well.

Pillow for ‘Him’ & ‘Her’ with Funky Texts:
Despite of conventional wedding gifts if your plans are to gift something trending and funky on friends, colleagues or sibling’s wedding then a personalized pillow set with funky text print like Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right, His and Her, Lips and moustache prints and other would be very cheerful and memorable gift to cheer up the couple.



Personalized Wall Mounted Photo Frame:
If you are looking for a gift for the couple which they would cherish forever then a Personalized Wall Mounted Photo Frame is the right option to choose. Get memorable and lovely pictures of the couple printed and stick into the multiple photo slots of the Photo frame and gift the couple. They will definitely love it the most.

Personalized Wall Mounted Photo Frame

Matching Leather Passport Holders:
For the couple soon to go on an abroad honeymoon trip, a matching Leather Passport Holder would be very unique yet useful gifting option. They would love to get such a lovely and useful gift to make their honeymoon more memorable.

Matching Leather Passport Holders

Couple Wrist Watch Set:
Well the couple who is soon to tie knot a Couple wrist watch set would be an excellent gift to greet them on their special day. They can wear matching wrist watch and flaunt it in style. It will definitely be a very memorable token of love for the newly wedded couple.

Couple Wrist Watch Set

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Towel Set:
Despite of gifting usual personalized gifts like coffee mugs, cushions, table tops and other, gifting a personalized Towel set would be an unconventional gift option to choose and delight the couple soon to start their new phase of life together. You can get the towels personalized with their names or Surnames as well.

Personalized Mr. and Mrs. Towel Set

Travel Bag Combo:
Another very useful wedding gift for the lovely couple soon to tie knot for lifetime togetherness is Travel Bag Combo. Well this would be the gift that they would take in use just after the marriage to head for a romantic honeymoon. No matter where they go, they will take and thank you for such a useful gift.

Travel Bag Combo

Beautiful Quilt, Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover Combo:
In the list of useful wedding gift ideas, this is another addition. A combo of Beautiful and premium quality Quilt, Bed Sheet as well as Pillow Covers would be an excellent gifting option for the couple soon to tie knot and live together forever. So if your loved one is marrying in winters, this is the gift you must choose.

Bed Sheet and Pillow Cover Combo

Well these were just few ideas to help you in your selection for all that you need is to make your visit at Giftalove that has to offer an exclusive collection of online Wedding Gifts as well as Anniversary Gifts, Birthday Gifts, Women’s Day Gifts, Holi Gifts and many other gifting options to choose and buy online. Also there is facility to send gifts to India online.

6 Most Fabulous Gift Ideas to Greet a Newly Wedded Couple!

From the month of November to February in India step ahead into their new phase of life as it the best time for all to tie knot with their beloved. Thus being it’s time again for grand wedding celebration for various Indian families and yes its time gain for gifting as well. So what are you wondering? Is it the thought of where to buy wedding gifts to greet the newly wedded couple? If yes then simply make your way to that has now come up with wedding gifts range with endless gifting choices.

In India the time from month of November to February is the ‘shaadi time’ that is peak wedding time. Thus with maximum number of wedding taking place during this time are sure to bring the celebration time in most of the families. And yes it again turns up as a perfect time for everyone to showcase their gifting skills to the newly wedded couples.

So if there are many greetings for you to be there on the wedding of a lovely couple about to tie knot then Giftalove is here to help you in gifting and blessing the couple with the best. In the wide collection of online gifts, there is separate category for Wedding Gifts with ample number gifting choices to go through. Few to list here are:

Personalized Couple Coffee Mug:
For the lovely couple who are stepping ahead to tie knot for a lifetime togetherness, a personalized couple coffee mug is simply a perfect gifting option to choose and buy online on the portal. There are plenty of attractive Coffee Mugs to choose and get printed with images of the couple.

Personalized Couple Coffee MugMr. & Mrs. Pillow:
A funky and yet a purposeful gift option for the couple soon to marry is a Mr. & Mrs. Pillow. It is the perfect gifting option that is sure to make the coupe laugh. It is a unique wedding gift that no one other would be planning to gift. In fact couple would always remember you for gifting something so funky yet useful.

Mr. & Mrs. PillowGanesh Idol:
If you want to shower the wedded couple with God’s blessings then nothing can be much better then gifting and surprising them with a Ganesh Idol. Among the Hindus, taking Lord Ganesha’s blessings before starting anything is considered very much auspicious. Thus what else can be much better then Lord Ganesha’s blessings for any couple starting their new phase of life.

Ganesh IdolCosmetic Hamper:
For the dearest couple who are starting their venture of married life, it is very exciting for them to get a cosmetic hamper. Rather than just looking for a women cosmetic hamper, it is better to look up for a cosmetic hamper that is inclusive of cosmetic products for the groom as well.

Cosmetic HamperRomantic Rose Basket:
For the romantic couple, when it’s search for best Romantic wedding gift then what else can you think of surprising the couple with a beautiful Rose Basket. Thus on the portal there is variety of choices for romantic rose basket options to choose and buy online.

Romantic Rose BasketCouple Wrist Watch Set:
Another very useful, thoughtful and impressive wedding gift option is couple wrist watch. No wonder which type of wrist watch you choose for you’re the couple, it is sure to impress them a lot. In fact the couple would love to wear same kind of wrist watches and flaunt it in style.
Couple Wrist Watch Set
Beside these there is vast variety of gifting choices to search at Giftalove to gift and greet a newly wedded couple. So what are you still thinking just leave the traditional way of shopping for wedding gifts rather buy gifts at Giftalove with great ease and convenience via gifts delivery in India and worldwide as well.