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When is Valentine's Day 2024

Friday, 14th February, 2024.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Also known as the St. Valentine Day, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February with great enthusiasm across the world. It is not a single day celebration, but a weeklong festive affair celebrating each day with special gifts and messages. Valentine’s Day celebrates love, romance, care, affection, passion, and togetherness. People send gifts and valentine gifts to their partners, friends, family, and relatives to express their love and affection.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations around the World

As Valentine’s Day is the day of love, it is celebrated in the company of the loved ones like partners, spouses, parents, siblings, friends, and other special people whom we love from the bottom of the hearts. Not just passion and romance, this day also celebrates other sentiments like respect and admiration. Flowers, chocolates, teddies, and other special and valuable gifts are exchanged by people across the globe with their special ones as a token of their love and adoration. Apart from the gifts, Valentine wishes and messages are also shared by people with each to convey hearty feelings to the special people in their lives.

Valentine Week 2024 List

Rose Day 7 February, 2024 Friday
Propose Day 8 February, 2024 Saturday
Chocolate Day 9 February, 2024 Sunday
Teddy Day 10 February, 2024 Monday
Promise Day 11 February, 2024Tuesday
Hug day 12 February, 2024 Wednesday
Kiss Day 13 February, 2024 Thursday
Valentine’s Day14 February, 2024 Friday

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Dates for Valentine’s Day from 2024 to 2030

Valentine’s Day 202414th February, 2024Wednesday
Valentine’s Day 202514th February, 2025Friday
Valentine’s Day 202614th February, 2026Saturday
Valentine’s Day 202714th February, 2027Sunday
Valentine’s Day 202814th February, 2028Monday
Valentine’s Day 202914th February, 2029Wednesday
Valentine’s Day 203014th February, 2030Thursday