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Guide to the Holi Festival in India

Holi festival is celebrated with a lot of anticipation and fervour every year. It also brings worries for girls to protect their skin and hair from harmful chemicals presents in the Holi colours. Here are some useful guides to Holi festival in India that are as important as exchanging Holi Gifts with loved ones.

1. Dress appropriately

Wear light weighted and cotton fabrics on Holi festival day. Women can wear cotton salwar suits and churidaars in pastels shades of cream, pink, yellow, sky blue and green. Men can wear while shirts or kurta and denims. Wearing white clothes would reflect all the colours of gulal and abirs.

2. Protect Your Hair

Don't leave your hair open while playing Holi. Wrap your hair if possible with bandana, scarf or head wrap. The idea is to minimize the amount of hairs exposed to colours and chemicals. You must apply coconut oil generously onto your scalp and hair roots. This would prevent hair breakage, hair staining and hair falls due to deep penetration of chemicals in the Holi colours. Oily hairs with colours are easy to get cleaned by shampoo. It would prevent hair roughness, brittleness and dry- ness.

3. Wear Goggles

The best way to protect your eyes from holi colours and contaminated coloured water is to wear goggles. This would also prevent holi colours to enter into your eyes. Dark shades would also protect your eyes from sun exposure.

4. Wear a skin Mask

Wearing skin mask would again protect your skin from staining and getting dry. Apply oil or skin mask and enjoy playing holi with your friend, family and loved ones. Skin mask are easy to remove after the holi and get washed way easily with lukewarm water and mild soap. Don't use harsh soap on your skin, this might cause dryness in the skin.

5. Paint your Nails

If you don't want to get your finger nails and toes stained for weeks after Holi, then cover your nail surface by applying nail paint. Take care of your nails otherwise you may complain about brittle and chipped nails after Holi.

6. Go with a Group

Always play holi with a group of known people (preferably with your family, relatives and friends). You would have fun and frolics with them. Don't travel in a new place alone and without informing your near and dear ones. Women need to stay alert and protect themselves.

7. Protect your mobile phone and camera

Protect your camera and mobile phone while playing Holi. Keep them away from water and wet colours. Don't bring out them on Holi celebration without water and powder protective gears. Hold your camera/mobiles tightly while clicking pictures.