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Why is Holi Celebrated with Colours?

Holi, the fest of colors basically marks the arrival of spring season. It's a two day celebration of great significance in North India basically. First day is the Holi Dahan when Indians act the burning of Holika to symbolize the triumph of good over bad and the next day is the cheerful pay of colors. Smeared colorful faces and splash of Holi colors is a vibrant picture of the cheerful Holi festival. Colors play a significant role in the celebration of Holi. Find out here...

Significance of colours in celebrating holi:

  • Red connotes purity
  • Yellow signifies pious feeling
  • Green symbolize vitality
  • Pink is the colour of friendliness, and
  • Blue depicts calmness and sedateness

On Holi, colors that are also referred as Holi Gulaal is applied on faces of loved ones to celebrate and symbolize the Triumph of Good over Evil. The legendary or mythological story of the Hiranyakashyap and son Prahlad depicts the faith of true devotion.

Apart from the mythological reasons, the usage of Holi colors by smearing on each other's face has a biological significance as well. During winter tardiness and laziness makes everyone inactive. Thus cheerful play with Holi colors turns people in active mode and helps in getting rid of laziness and tardiness. On other context bathing and vigorous rubbing of colors to remove out from skin helps in removal of dirt from the body as in winter season people skip bathing for days.

There are 3 Types of Holi Colours, people love to play with. These are:

Holi Gulaal that is also referred as Abeer is base of celebrating the cheerful and colorful play. It's a color that is in powder form and comes in vibrant shades like Pink, Green, Yellow, Red and blue.

Wet Holi Colour
Wet colours of holi are also recalled as Rang among the Indians which is commonly used by the youngsters to smear loved ones faces forcefully. It is a kind of color that takes few days to properly get rid of the skin.

Well in places like Mathura and Vrindavan people play skin friendly holi with use of flowers. Earlier when there were no Holi colors, playing Holi with colorful flowers was the tradition that is still followed at many places across India.

Holi is a fest of colourful play to enjoy with loved ones. So this time on Holi celebration 2024, do play with colors and enjoy forceful application of colors with loved ones with cheers of 'Bura Naa Mano Holi Hai'!!