Some Styling Tips for Women to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous on Karwa Chauth 2019!

Womenfolk have already gone on a shopping spree with the festival of Karwa Chauth arriving in just two days. The marketplaces are thronging with crowds of women who are excited and happy for this heartwarming Indian festival dedicated to marital bliss. They greatly wish to doll up in the most beautiful manner for their husbands to make them feel stumped looking at them on the day of Karwa Chauth. The ethnic attires, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, and all other important things have been bought for that mesmerizing appearance. To add more grace and bridal attributes in your Karwa Chauth look, below are some quick styling tips to sweep your husband of his feet on this religiously romantic festive occasion –


Doll Up in Red from Head to Toe

Red is the color that defines marital bliss and romance. As Karwa Chauth celebrates the purity and dedication existing in a marital bond, women get dressed like brides for their affectionate husbands in red ethnic clothes. From the red vermillion on the head, Bindi on the forehead, to the nail paints, bangles, feet painted with Alta, they look no less than fairies from the heaven.

Doll Up in Red from Head to Toe

Bright Red Sindoor: “Aurat Ke Sar ka Taj”

The red sindoor or vermillion holds immense significance in the rich Indian culture and traditions. It is an epitome of happiness and bliss in the married life of a woman. It signifies that the husband of a woman is healthy and happy. Women embellish their Maang with the bright-red colored sindoor on the day of Karwa Chauth to celebrate their joyful wedded life. So, Ladies! Enjoy this special and romantic day with your husband by demonstrating your love for him with an embellished forehead.

Bright Red Sindoor

Gold Jewelry

Women and gold jewelry shares a special relationship. This kind of jewelry is a weakness of women who just cannot say no to them. The shine and grandeur in these precious accessories make ladies just go after them on every festive occasion. As Karwa Chauth is all about decking oneself like brides of the husbands, gold jewelry cannot be left behind. From the gold earrings to the gold Mangalsutra and necklace in the neck, women look ravishing on this special festive occasion.

Gold Jewelry wearing women

Gajra for Hair

The smell of the Mogra flowers makes everyone feel enchanted and captivated. To match your ethnic outfits like sarees, suits, or lehenga, prepare a beautiful hair bun and decorate it with the freshly prepared Gajra. The appealing fragrance of this pretty white hair accessory heightens your Karwa Chauth look and makes it more refreshing and stunning.

Gajra for Hair

Pyaar Ki Mehendi

The darker the color of the Mehendi, the deeper is the bond between the couples. The long queues of women outside the Mehendi shops for decorating hands with beautiful Mehendi designs is a normal scene as soon as the festival of Karwa Chauth approaches. It is the symbol of the marital bliss and getting the names of the husbands or fiancé written in it becomes a surprising element in these attractive artworks.

Pyaar Ki Mehendi

The Final Note  

These were some of the common yet extremely important tips to celebrate Karwa Chauth in a traditional manner. Avoid wearing anything black on this auspicious day. You can also wear a big nose ring for a perfect bridal look in case it’s your first Karwa Chauth. Have a wonderful Karwa Chauth and hope you spend this day with happiness and exhilaration with your sweet spouse beside you. Don’t forget to post your pictures on social media and share your happiness with your friends and relatives!

6 Unique Ways to Make Karwa Chauth Special & Memorable for Wife

Karwa Chauth is one of the most special occasions after anniversary in the life of the couples who are very much in love. They leave no stones unturned to make this amazing day memorable and special for each other. With this heartwarming festive occasion coming once again on 17th October, the couples have geared up to surprise each other with astounding surprises.


The festival is Karwa Chauth is all about women dressed in beautiful attires just like brides for their husbands. From keeping waterless fasts for the whole day to offering their prayers to God to grant long and healthy loved to their husbands, they just want to see their men happy and fit all lifelong. To make such amazing women in your life feel overjoyed on the day of Karwa Chauth, here are some wonderful ways you can go for…

1. Give Her Break from Household Chores

A wife, be it a homemaker or a working one, is the one who can never get free from the endless household chores. Whether it is a normal day or a festival, she gets entangled in the tasks at home and finds little time for her to relax. On this Karwa Chauth, don’t let her spend her entire day in the kitchen as she is on stern fast for you and make her day special and memorable in every way. A break from the household chores will make her feel relaxed and will bring a healthy glow on her face.

Break from Household Chores

2. Plan Gifts for Entire Day

A wife is the strongest and loving companion in a man’s life. And, wonderful gifts will certainly make her feel more happy and excited. Make this upcoming Karwa Chauth a delightful affair for your darling wife by surprising her the whole day with stunning Karwa Chauth gifts for wife. Flowers, chocolates, soft toys, thalis, apparels, jewelry, etc. with heartfelt messages will make her feel on cloud nine with love and affection.

Plan Gifts for Entire Day

3. Post-Karwa Chauth Puja Party

She is dressed like a bride all for you keeping a waterless Karwa Chauth fast for your long and healthy life. Make this festive occasion overtly special for her by planning a lavish surprise party in the evening soon after the Karwa Chauth Puja. Invite her family and friends over for a dinner party and flabbergast her in a big way. This unexpected and joyful surprise will certainly make her feel lucky to have a husband like you.Post-Karwa Chauth Puja Party

4. Keep Fast for Her

A good husband is the one who never leaves her wife’s side and make all efforts to keep her protected and happy at all times. This Karwa Chauth, spread a big smile on your wife’s face by keeping a fast for her as well as she too deserves a healthy and long life. She is your lifeline and fasting for her on this special day will bless her with a blissful life with you.

Keep Fast for Her

5. Perfect Dinner Night

The day of Karwa Chauth is a special occasion which brings the couple’s more close to one another. Surprise your wife who has kept a stern fast of Karwa Chauth for you with a dinner date at her favorite restaurant. After finishing the Karwa Chauth Puja at home, take her out on the planned dinner night and spend a romantic evening together. Don’t forget to take fresh red roses and a beautiful Karwa Chauth gifts for her.Perfect Dinner Night

6. Prepare Delicious Sargi for Wife

Staying away from the family in another city or country sometimes makes one feel unhappy and disturbed. Don’t let your wife feel the same as your mother is not here to shower her love with a special and heartening Sargi gifts. Don on the cap of a chef on Karwa Chauth and prepare a special meal for her to make her feel at home.

Prepare Delicious Sargi for Wife

The Final Note

Reading these incredible gestures of making Karwa Chauth a fantastic affair for your loving and caring wife must have made you feel somewhat sorted out. Go ahead with the best way which will make your wifey feel amazed.

Have a great and love-filled Karwa Chauth 2019!

Karwa Chauth 2019 Special Personalized Gifts for Couples

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” The beautiful feeling called love can be experienced magnificently by couples as they feel no hesitation in demonstrating their hearty emotions to the world. They are connected by the strings of their hearts making them two bodies and one soul. The Indian festival of Karwa Chauth celebrates the strong and affectionate bonds between the couples in a traditional and religious manner in which they are seen keeping waterless fasts for the long life of their partners. The festive occasion is all about offering prayers to God to keep one’s spouse or partner healthy and gay at all times.


Personalized gifts are popular gifts exchanged by couples on their special occasions. Embellished with an adorable picture of the couple, these gifts make the best choice to celebrate any wonderful occasion. Karwa Chauth personalized gifts will help you convey the unsaid emotions of your heart delightfully to your partner bringing both of you closer than ever. Below are some of the popular and eye-catchy collections of personalized gifts from which you can choose the most appropriate one.

1. Personalized Love Cushion

Love is a warm and splendid feeling which makes a person calm, poised, and stable in life. This Karwa Chauth, express this feeling to your spouse or partner with soft and mushy personalized love cushion designed with your picture-perfect couple photograph and a heartfelt message.Personalized Love Cushion

2. Photo Couple Mugs

Sipping the morning tea or coffee together with some exciting and light gupshups is what every couple enjoys and cherishes. Getting cute and adorable couple photo mugs for Karwa Chauth is an amazing idea to surprise your wife or husband. These will certainly elevate the excitement and happiness to sip the morning beverage.

Photo Couple Mugs

3. Personalized Wooden Plaques

Just like the strong bond of marriage, wood epitomizes strength and a long life. Personalized wooden plaques have become popular gift items to gift couples on the occasions of anniversaries. You can pick these gifts for the festive occasion of Karwa Chauth to express your love and care to your spouse or fiancé. Get your names printed on it or get a romantic message engraved on it.

Personalized Wooden Plaques

4. Photo Frames

Get a wonderful photo frame designed with the most memorable and adorable pictures of both of you. Or, make a timeline of your incredible relationship from the beginning till now and cherish the amazing times spent in each other’s company.

Photo Frames

5. Personalized Canvas

Personalized photo canvas is just amazing as Karwa Chauth gifts as the occasion epitomizes the celebration of the blissful marital bond. They are not just wonderful home décor gifts but demonstrated your love and affection for your spouse or partner in a magnificent way. A perfect way to cherish your beautiful memories every day!Personalized Canvas

6. Customized Table Tops

Photo table tops are awesome personalized gifts that are compact and showcase your immense love and admiration to your partner in a loud manner. They are cute and look extremely to be kept on work stations or little cabinets in the house.

Customized Table Tops

7. Personalized Crystal Gifts

Crystals are considered auspicious to gift someone dear to us. With a wonderful variety of crystal gifts available nowadays, you can certainly go for the personalized ones to gift your husband or wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. A crystal engraved photo frames or a LED crystal lamp is a fantastic gift idea to go for.Customized Table Tops

The Final Note

Feeling intrigued find these personalized gifts here for Karwa Chauth. Giving the same Karwa Chauth gifts every time must have made you feel bored. Grab these exciting gifts this time and make your sweet and caring partner feel spellbound and elated with your romantic and affectionate surprise. Explore this range of gifts on and make Karwa Chauth 2019 a scintillating affair for your handsome hubby or darling wife.

Astonishing Karwa Chauth Gifts for Husband to Infuse Romance into Traditions!!

Karwa Chauth is packed with the heart-warming traditions and rituals that celebrate the love, compassion, feelings, emotions, and the unbreakable bond of the husband and wife. This is an auspicious festival that involves the wife fasting for their husband’s long life and good health. In the sequence of these traditions, giving and receiving gift has also an important role to play. Husbands make their lady love feel out of the world with some amazing Karwa Chauth gifts for wife. But why not to mold this tradition a little this year! Husbands do a lot of things to keep their loving better half happy. Working day and night and fulfilling all your wishes is one of the priorities of your hubby. Make this Karwa Chauth a memorable affair for him as well by giving him a hearty gift. There are many amazing things that you can do to make your love feel special. In this list, you can pick Karwa Chauth gifts for husband through which you can tell him how much you love and adore him.

Your husband has many times makes you feel special and out-of-the-world. But, this time, it’s your turn to raise your relationship a level higher. Give your better half a memorable gift that he has not even expected. This will make him go crazy, and your celebration will also be jazzed up.

Some quality time together

The best thing that can be given to someone in this hectic and packed life is your time. If you and your hubby have not gone together for so many days, then on this Karwa Chauth, a getaway to your favorite park or a movie is the perfect thing to do to spend some quality time together the whole day. By doing this, your better half will feel special that he is still the same person for whom you can do anything and whom you love the most.

With new vows, create a new chapter

Every couple has its own secrets of leading a healthy and happy married life. With some rules and sometimes, with some boundaries, the love is given a whole new definition. The same you can do this year. Sit back with your partner and decide the new rules for the coming years so the fights over the trivial matters and other misunderstandings could not affect your relationship. With these rules, mark the new chapter and set them for the net many years coming ahead.

Indoor plants for his health

Gifting plants to your loved ones is a new trend. If your husband also loves plants, then you can get him a cute indoor plant that will not only be a decent decor piece but also will be a great source of oxygen. Your love will be more focused and less sick by your gift. So, now be tension free and let your thoughtfulness speak for your love.

End fast at some special place

Karwa Chauth fast is one of the best feelings for both husband and wife. But, observing it on the same terrace every year can be boring sometimes. This year, make your moon seeing ceremony romantic and special by getting away to some exotic place together and have an amazing view of the rising moon.

Romantic candlelight dinner is still a lit

Indulging in your hectic day-to-day life, do you remember when last you both were together spending some quality time? If it is hard to remember, then this indicates that it’s a perfect time to plan something special. And, in this list, candlelight dinner is the simplest and coolest thing to do.

Getaway and celebrate Karwa Chauth together

If you want to make your festival more special and unforgettable, then this is one of the best options to go for. Just observe your bucket list and pick a place where you both want to go. And here, you are all sorted for an amazing Karwa Chauth celebration.

Personalized photo scrapbook

In expressing your love, personalized gifts are the best. Walk through the memory lane and pick all those memorable photos that hold your special time and moments. Arrange them in a beautiful arrangement and present this scrapbook to your love. He will no doubt love this gift very much.

With these gifts items, let your efforts, and thoughtfulness speaks for your love. Indeed, love needs no tagged dates and months to be celebrated. But, with Karwa Chauth, a whole new definition and introduction is given to this selfless and immense love.

Karwa Chauth has always been a special and the most awaited festival of wives. From decoration to the preparation and getting ready; you have so many things to do. But, to hold you and support you; there is always a shadow behind you. This is no one else other than your sweet and loving husband. You both share a bond that is nourished with love, loyalty, compassion, trust, and of course those little and trivial fights that have always worked in making you both close to each other. The festival of Karwa Chauth celebrates this little nok-jhok that you both have as a spark in your relationship.

If you and your loving husband will not be together on this auspicious day, then there is no need to worry as here at, you will have many options to send gifts online to your dear hubby very easily. Also, if you are in abroad, then also you can send Karwa Chauth gifts to India to your husband from this portal and that too at a reasonable price. As distance has no matter in love, leave no chance in making your dearest love feel special by your love as Karwa Chauth is equally important for him as well.

6 Minimal and Trendy Mehndi Designs for Women of Today!

Karwa Chauth is here and you are still confused with the mehndi design? It’s quite obvious as well because like you desire to get dressed in the best way, it’s obvious to desire getting hands adorned with best mehndi design. But, for that, you need the best henna designs too. Thus, for all those willing to get best but minimal or trendy Mehndi design on their wrist, this blog is a must read.

Mehndi design banner

These days, women are very specific about the Mehndi design they wish to get their wrist adorned with. And, what the women of today love are the minimal trendy mehndi designs on their wrist. These are easy to make and are very unique patterns to embellish hands with on the day of Karwa Chauth.
Thus, if you are also very much fond of trendy and minimal mehndi designs then here below are some awesome design suggestions to plan getting designed on your hands on Karwa Chauth 2018. These are –

Geometric Fun-

The pattern of mehndi that is high on trend these days are the geometric patterns. Squares, triangles, circles and other shapes designed in unique styles with henna definitely give a unique appeal to the wrist. No wonder, geometric patterns are stylish, unique and interest seeking too.Geometric Fun

Little Arty-

If minimal design you want to get on your hands with henna then little artistic patterns you must try to look up for. Designs that cover your fingers and hands partially with artistic designs and patterns are very much trend these days. You can consider the image below here for little arty pattern.

Little Arty

Minimal Jaal Pattern

One henna pattern that never goes out of trend is the jaal pattern. To keep in tune to the latest mehndi style, you can get your hand adorned with little or narrow jaal mehndi designs here and there like the one shown in the image below.

Minimal Jaal Pattern

The Leafy Magic-

For the women in love with minimal designs of heena, twirling leaf designs around the fingers till wrist is beautiful to get wrist adorned with. Such designs are loved by people of every age. And, among young girls, such leafy patterns are extremely loved.

The Leafy Magic

Little Uniqueness-

To stand out with your henna design, unique patterns are the ones to look up for. You can get your wrist adorned beautifully with such patterns that will definitely seek the interest of everyone. These days a lot of unique designs covering the fingers and minimal patterns on the fist or wrist is making a trend among the women of these days.

Little Uniqueness

The Half Hand Mehndi to Trend

Another very trending mehndi design pattern to get on your hands this Karwa Chauth is the Half Hand Mehndi design pattern. It’s trendy, unique and definitely very attractive to flaunt on your hands. Also, such patterns of henna are quite easy to create on hands. The one on the image below is not just beautiful but very trendy design to consider.

Half Hand Mehndi to Trend

Hope you liked our suggestions and found the best one to get designed on your hands? We hope the color of the mehndi on your hand come out to be the darkest this Karwa Chauth and let you know how much you are loved by your loving husband. Wishing all a very Happy Karwa Chauth!!

5 Healthy Karwa Chauth Gifts to Consider Giving and Delighting a Woman!

Like every other India, the approaching festival of Karwa Chauth might be confusing you a lot as what to buy as Karwa Chauth will be the thought you will be perplexed about. Well, it can be your mother-in-law, wife or daughter-in-law whom you might be planning to surprise with a gift. However, what will actually make sense is the right selection of gift that can support the women with good health despite the strict fasting on the festive day.

Karwa chauth gifts

If we start, thinking about sensible and healthy gifts for Karwa Chauth then it is obvious to fall short of ideas. Well, you need not worry at all as you are here and this blog will offer you the best solution to some very interesting Healthy Karwa Chauth Gifts such as-
Pack of ‘No Preservative’ Fruit Juices:

Your thoughtfulness over gift selection will actually help you convey your affectionate feelings to your dearest one. Thus, a pack of no preservative fruit juices is the excellent gift to surprise and delight the women who will be keeping thus the strict Karwa Chauth fast.

Dry Fruits Platter:

Another very healthy Karwa Chauth gift for women is dry fruits platter. Be she your wife, daughter-in-law or mother-in-law, it’s an excellent gift for anyone to shop online for a women keeping Karwa Chauth fast. Well in this regards, you can choose from multiple packing options like dry fruits in potli bags, decorative trays, serving bowls, hair tight containers, designer boxes and plenty more.

Basket of Fruits:

For all those planning to give a gift of care to the women who will be keeping the fast for the festival, this is the gift to make choice for. All that you need is to make choice for the perfect basket of fresh fruits that will be loved by the receiver a lot. Moreover, it will help in conveying the feelings of care to the receiver.

Mewa Laddu Sweet Box:

The sweetest gesture of conveying affection to the receiver of your Karwa Chauth gift, Mewa Laddu Sweetbox is the excellent gift option to make choice for. It’s the perfect token of love for the sweet lover women. Also, it can be consumed as sargi in the morning.

Basket of Healthy Snacks:

Another healthy Karwa Chauth gift can be the hamper of healthy snacks. Well, it is one of the most wonderful options to shop online as it a basket of healthy snacks will be loved by all to relish a lot. One just needs to pick the best one out of the rest options containing unhealthy snacks. Well, it can be vrat special snack hamper containing everything 5thta can be consumed during Karwa Chauth vrat.

The festivities are made memorable for close and dear ones with gifts. Thus, making selection for the best Karwa Chauth gift is something of great importance. And in this regards, is always there for help. The extensive line of gifts for Karwa Chauth is extensive and impressive. The portal even allows people to send Karwa Chauth gifts to India with never before ease.

7 Exquisite Mehndi Designs to Flaunt on Karwa Chauth

The awaited festival of Karwa Chauth is now just a day away making it the perfect time to get hands painting with an exquisite Mehndi designs for every married women or for the girl soon to marry her fiancé. Mehndi designs are an outcome of art practiced over years. However to apply mehndi on hands and feet on Karwa Chauth is the mandatory ritual of the festival. So here for you are some exquisite Mehndi Design patterns to choose from.

Mehndi Designs

Here for the Mehndi lovers are some amazing Mehndi designs that any married women would love to get her hands painted with. These are:

1. Exquisite Arabian Mehndi Design:
If you love Arabian Mehndi designs a lot then a design pattern like this is the one to choose. It’s minimalist Mehndi designs of Arabian mehndi pattern that can turn your hands instantly beautiful. You would in fact love to flaunt this Mehndi design a lot.

Exquisite Arabian Mehndi Design

2.    Trending Circular Mehndi Design:
If you are fond of trendy mehndi designs then this kind of circular mehndi designs are much in trend these days, which you can choose to get your hands designed with. It’s one of the most exquisite Mehndi designs indeed.

Trending Circular Mehndi Design

3.    Indo Western Mehndi Design:
It’s another very trendy and much popular Mehndi design these days. So this Karwa Chauth flaunt beautiful indo western Mehndi design on your beautiful hands.

Indo Western mehndi design

4.    Jaal Mehndi Design:
It’s not so common but a very beautiful Mehndi design to choose for getting hands painted on this Karwa Chauth. It gives a prominent design patterns and also gives a dark and long lastin impressin on hands.

Jaal Mehndi Design

5.    Minimalist Mehndi Design:
For the ones not so crazy about Mehndi but for the sake of rituals can go for this kind of Mehndi design patterns that are unique as minimalist to get hands designed with on Karwa Chauth.

Minimalist Mehndi Design

6.    New Unique Mehndi Design:
It’s not just unique and latest Mehndi design patter, it’s exquisite and awesome to flaunt on the day of Karwa Chauth celebration. Such lovely and unique designs of Mehndi are a craze among youngster these days.

New Unique Mehndi Design

7.    Bridal Mehndi Design Pattern:
This is the most preferred Mehndi design among the new married women and others too. It’s a design that gives the bridal feel again on being applied to hands. You can get it applied on your hands if you wish to get that bridal feel again on this Karwa Chauth.

Bridal Mehndi Design Pattern

Say You Love Her with these Amazing Karwa Chauth Gifts!

If finding the right Karwachauth gifts makes you go nuts, hang on. You need not fear the consequences of not finding a gift for your beloved wife, as we’ve got you covered.

Karwa Chauth is one of the age-old rituals in which married women seek the blessing of the Almighty for the longevity of their husbands. The festival is dedicated to the sole bond of a wife and a husband who share all sorrows, happiness, ups and downs together. They support each other in every walk of life. That’s what the beauty of marriage signifies.

GiftaLove - Karwa Chauth Gifts

As the celebration is just a few days away, husbands have started the hunt for the most suitable gifts to claim their wife that they love unconditionally. If you’re one of those lucky persons, keep reading.

Shower her with a silk saree: As Karwa Chauth includes the long-standing traditions that showcase the cultural values of India, choose a gift that signifies the same theme. Take luxury to the next level by gifting her a silk saree. Silk is luxurious and a traditional ensemble in this fabric is a celebrated possession. Get her favorite color and buy her a silk saree this karwa chauth.

Silk Sarees

Jewellery box: If keeping her jewellery is a kind of chore, it’s time to get her a box. An aesthetically pleasing jewellery box surely would be something valuable. Choose a box that has many compartments and gift it to her this karwa chauth. While she would feel happy to get it, you would also be able to let her know you love her!

Jewellery box

Cosmetics: Women can never have enough cosmetics. Their love for beauty products is just incomparable. This Karwa Chauth 2016, say you care for her with a pack of cosmetics. Won’t you like to see her beautiful every day? Then get your hands on a few cosmetics and get it wrapped.


Give her favourite sweets: After the daylong fast, she would really crave for something delicious. Treat her taste buds with something delicious that she loves to eat. From desserts to traditional sweets, choose something that she would love to relish. There are ladoos, rasogullas, soan papdi, peda, barfi, kaju katli and many more to choose from.

Give her favourite sweets

Grab a box of chocolates: Nothing says one’s love loudly than a pack of chocolates. Almost everyone loves to indulge in chocolaty delight so as your wife. This Karwa Chauth, grab a box full of candies and her favoruite chocolates. She would surely love this gift of yours.

Grab a box of chocolates

So, you people who seem to be anxious or out of ideas to find something unique for upcoming festival of karwa chauth, don’t worry. Just keep calm and get inspiration from above listed ideas to make this festival unforgettable for her.

What’s there for Karwa Chauth Shopping at GiftaLove?

Karwa Chauth, the auspicious Indian festival is now just few days ahead making it the best time to start shopping for the festival. Therefore GiftaLove is back again with its extensive collection of Karwa Chauth gift items that has everything which is required to celebrate the festival with great devotion.

bridal mehndi stain hands GiftaLove
No matter if your search is for Karwa Chauth Gifts or Karwa Chauth shopping items, at GiftaLove, you are to come across everything that is required to celebrate this cheerful Indian festival that strengthens the bond of love and care shared by husband and wife. On the day of celebration, every woman follows a fast to get blessings of long life of her husband. So for this auspicious Indian festival the portal has come up with auspicious Karwa Chauth gift ranges as well.

Here is a list of what to buy online at GiftaLove for Karwa Chauth 2016:

Karwa Chauth Pooja thali Items:
For performing auspicious rituals of the festival of Karwa Chauth puja, the portal offers wide range of Karwa Chauth Puja items. The most important thing of the Karwa Chauth celebration is Karwa Chauth Thali and channi (sieve). Thus at the portal there is puja Thali, channi, sweets, roli, chawall, jiya, kalasha and many other Karwa Chauth puja samagri available to buy online.

Karwa Chauth Sargi for Mother-in-law/Daughter-in-law:
Sargi is the important ritual of Karwa Chauth festival. It is the morning meal that married women relish before they start their day long fast from sunrise to moon rise. Thus for sargi, there is exclusive range of Karwa Chauth sargi gifts that mother-in-law gives to her daughter-in-law and vice versa. At the portal the range of Sargi for Karwa Chauth is made inclusive of many amazing eatable or sargi special eateries like dry fruits, sweets, mathri, fresh fruits, chocolates and more.

Online Karwa Chauth Gifts:
Another very important segregation for Karwa Chauth festival at the portal is Karwa Chauth Gifts. It is the exclusive and extensive array of gifts that are perfect to make her happy. Be it a search for Karwa Chauth Gifts for mother-in-law, daughter-in-law or wife, there is plenty of gift choices for everyone. Sargi items, sarees, designer suits, jewellery and lot more is there to explore and buy online at market leading prices.

So what are you still wondering when is there to cater your complete Karwa Chauth shopping needs online. All that you need is to make your visit at the exclusive range of Karwa Chauth gifts online at the portal and start exploring to figure out the best Karwa Chauth gift online which is hard to get anywhere else.

4 Impressive Karwa Chauth Sargi Gift Choices….

Is the thought of Karwa Chauth Sargi gift is making you confused? Want some quirky ideas on Karwa Chauth Sargi gifting? If yes then this is the best page for you to be. Here in this blog, you will get many amazing Karwa Chauth Sargi gifting suggestions to present your dearest daughter-in-law or mother-in-law on the upcoming Karwa Chauth celebration day.

Karwa Chauth Sargi
Gifting on Karwa Chauth is a significant way of expressing of love and care to dearest wife, daughter-in-law or mother-in-law. So, now when the auspicious festival of Karwa Chauth is approaching fast its best time to get started with Karwa Chauth gift shopping. But if the thought of Karwa Chauth Sargi gift is making you feel perplexed then all that you need is to make your visit at the exclusive collection of Karwa Chauth Sargi gifts at Giftalove.

There are many amazing Karwa Chauth Sargi gifts available on the portal to make choice for like:

Tray of Cosmetics Hamper with Dry Fruits:
For dearest daughter-in-law, this gifting option is simply excellent. It is a tray of cosmetics fir her to beautify her looks for the Karwa Chauth evening and a pack of dry fruits to be eaten in the morning as Karwa Chauth Sargi.

Auspicious Karwa Chauth Puja Thali:
For the auspicious festival of Karwa Chauth a gift of suspicious Karwa Chauth Thali is simply excellent. Also on the portal there are plenty of beautifuklly crafted Karwa Chauth Puja Thali choices to explore in the Karwa Chauth Sargi range of gifs. A Decorated Puja Thali with decorated sieve and other puja essential will definitely prove an excellent sargi gift for your dearest daughter-in-law or mother-in-law.

Pack of Delicious Dry fruits Laddu with Matharees:
If you wanna make Karwa Chauth Sargi gift a healthy token of love for your dearest mother-in-law or daughter-in-law then all that you need is choose this gift hamper from the offered range. It offers many selections of delicious Sargi for Karwa Chauth that is inclusive of healthy Dry fruits Laddu and crunchy Mathrees to have in the morning as Sargi.

Karwa Chauth Puja Thali with Dazzling Jewellery:
On Karwa Chauth, one gift that will win every daughter-in-law’s heart or mother-in-law’s heart is Karwa Chauth Puja Thali with a set of dazzling jewellery (necklace and earrings). No matter how many jewellery she already have in her collection, a new one with a decorative Puja Thali will definitely make her happy.

There is lot into the range of Karwa Chauth Sargi gifts to explore at the portal. So now when with every passing day, Karwa Chauth 2016 is approaching fast, it’s time not at all to waste. Rather hurry to make your visit at GiftaLove that is also offering the ease to buy and send Karwa Chauth Sargi Gifts to India or abroad residing daughter-in-law, mother-in-law or wife.

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