Roses by Numbers

Are you quite specific about numbers or do you wish to convey your hearty feelings of love to your sweetheart with specific number of flowers? Well if you say yes on any of these questions then the below offered range is for you. Here the range of Roses by Numbers will offer you with unique token of love to express your hearty feelings of love to your sweetheart.
30-Romantic Blooms
30-Romantic BloomsRs. 1599USD 24.6
Red Roses in Heart
Red Roses in HeartRs. 1499USD 23.06
Rosy Love to Greet
Rosy Love to GreetRs. 899USD 13.83
Adorable Delight
Adorable DelightRs. 1299USD 19.98
Affectionate Combo
Affectionate Combo Rs. 799USD 12.29
Charming Surprise
Charming SurpriseRs. 1799USD 27.68
Colourful Beauties
Colourful BeautiesRs. 749USD 11.52
Cute & Romantic  Surprise
Cute & Romantic SurpriseRs. 1599USD 24.6
Cute n Rosy Hamper
Cute n Rosy HamperRs. 1399USD 21.52
Heart Shape Roses for You
Heart Shape Roses for YouRs. 2199USD 33.83
Heartfelt Love
Heartfelt LoveRs. 2449USD 37.68
Heartily Combo
Heartily ComboRs. 2449USD 37.68
Heart For You
Heart For YouRs. 1549USD 23.83
Red Love
Red LoveRs. 749USD 11.52
Romantic Red Heart
Romantic Red HeartRs. 2199USD 33.83
Romantic Red Roses
Romantic Red RosesRs. 899USD 13.83
Rosy Surprise
Rosy Surprise Rs. 899USD 13.83
Sweet Delight
Sweet DelightRs. 849USD 13.06
Representing true love
Representing true loveRs. 1549USD 23.83
Rush of Color
Rush of ColorRs. 4149USD 63.83

Because Each Number has a Hidden Meaning

Often we don’t count the number of roses we give or receive, but the number of roses a man once gave or still gives hold hidden meanings, so find out what your valentine either intentionally or unintentionally wants to tell you.

A single rose, on a very first date stands for the first step in getting to know each other and love at first sight. It can also be given to say “I Love You” in a sweet, simple manner. Find out here the meaning of roses by numbers:

Two Roses: You can give it to show mutual love as well as affection.

Three Roses: Stands for a couple and their shared love together. A bouquet of 3 roses is customary for a one-month anniversary.

Six Roses: Whether it’s a crush of childhood or a more mature passion, 6 roses stand for infatuation.

Seven Roses: Want to love someone and send a message that symbolizes that you love them each day of the week? Send then seven roses.

Twelve Roses: It’s a traditional number, and a perfect dozen roses shouts “Be Mine” for any occasion.

Thirteen Roses: With a bouquet of thirteen roses, tell someone they’ll remain your friend forever.

Fifteen Roses: Want to apologize to someone? Send fifteen roses that usually say that you’re sorry.

Twenty Four Roses: Well, two dozen roses exclusively scream “I’m all yours every hour of the day!”

Twenty Five: With this number of roses you can send a message of hearty congratulations

365 Roses: It simply denotes “I love you every single day of the year!”

999 Roses: Well it shows your love will last until the end of the time!

Here you will find a vast variety of Rose flower arrangements with the different number of flowers to make choice for. The entire collection of lovely Roses by Numbers offers plenty of retry and lovely arrangements like 30-Romantic Blooms, Red Roses in Heart, Rosy Love to Greet, Adorable Delight, Charming Surprise, Cute & Romantic Surprise, Heart Shape Roses for You, Heartfelt Love, Red Love, Romantic Red Heart, Rush of Color and more. You can explore the entire collection of beautiful Roses by number to pick the suitable one and express your heart feelings.

Send Roses By Numbers Despite of Geographical Barriers!

Considering about the couples in long distance relationship, we offer the exclusive ease for delivery of Roses by Numbers at GiftaLove. So anyone residing in any part of India and willing to send Roses by Number to India anywhere can do it within a matter of few clicks. This is the ease of surprise beloved residing far away with a floral arrangement with specific number of Roses to express hearty feelings in the best way.