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Anniversary Celebration: Let Your Wife Know your Deepest Feelings with These Acts of Love!!

Admire the efforts of your Angel!!

That part of your life, which gives you light even in the darkest of the sites, is your wife! She will fight, she will shout, she will cry, but at the end of the day, she is the one who will make your life bright! She is love, friend, and a companion for life. Nobody could do the sacrifices she has done just to be with you. She leaves her name, home her family and everything and comes in your life to give it a shape. You two together, experience the ups and downs of the journey of life and that’s what, brings couples closer. Because that is when you will notice, how she stands by your side like a real companion. Her efforts to make the relationship grow cannot be expressed in words!

So, never miss on a chance to delight her, surprise her! Never let a day of celebration go in vain. And never, if it’s your anniversary because that is one time when you can make her remember the vows you took together and started this new journey of your life! Celebrate your anniversary as if it is the last one. How you have celebrated, if you knew that it’s your last anniversary? Take ideas from friend, family and from various other sources available on the internet.

Anniversary Celebration

Anniversary is a time to cherish the commitments and their success made in the past. Embark on a journey of fulfilling some new commitments to bring the spark and more love in your marriage. It’s the time to be thankful to each other for everything, every moment, the joys shared together, hopes, love, care and the way both of you have accepted each other’s weaknesses. Here are some suggestions to delight your wife on your upcoming anniversary:

1. This time do it in an all together different way! Take her to all those places you have been within one year of your marriage. Book the motel room for a day or two where you went for your honeymoon. It will remind you of all those lovely times of love and togetherness. It will also strengthen the bond that you two share.

2. Plan out something that can help you express your inner most feeling. Gift her something which belong to the era of your marriage for example you can gift her bundle of musical CDs or play for her a music that is reminiscent of your marriage. Or alternatively, you can take her to a dinner date to a new city, just she and you, where you both can dance and sing together!

3. One very interesting idea will be creating a website of both of you! Get it flooded with pictures of both of you together and the events of your love till date. Make it such that you both can regularly exchange messages and pictures through the website. It’s really romantic! On your anniversary day send her the link of the website while she is at her work place. She will love to read those articles of the love story you two together have made.

4. List all your marriage vows and say it allowed for her, while you both are out for a party. You can also frame some new vows on your own, addressing the present challenges and feeling that you two are going through or have gone through in the recent past.

5. Spend few evenings just before your anniversary, looking at the marriage album and marriage videos, memorizing all those times. Talk about all the little ceremonies that took place during the marriage month. Talk about everything that you feel she would love to talk about!

6. Take the whole day off from your work place on the anniversary day! Spend the whole day with your wife. Cook for her, talk about her favourite book, take her to shopping and plan for a movie together just you did in the initial years of marriage.

7. Surprise her by gifting a beautiful makeup box and custom made jewellery. Get clear on her taste and then select accordingly. There are jewellery artists who will create it as per your choice. In addition to being an awesome gift idea it will also fit in your budget.

8. Wish her on a live radio broad caste and do it such that she listens to it! Sing her favourite song on the radio so that the world knows your love for her. Girls love it when their hubby says it loud in the public.

9. Make a list of 100 reasons why you love your wife! Stick this list in front of the place where she usually sits. She will be delighted to read through this list.

10. Spend some time with your wife, offering charitable services on your anniversary.

With these ideas and few hours of brainstorming, you will surely be able to surprise your sweetheart!!