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Romance, Friendship & Togetherness! Arouse the Poignant Feeling of Love on Your Father’s Anniversary

The wedding anniversary of your father is such a special day of his life that brings back the intimate memories of the past when he has started his journey of life with his honey. It's a perfect time when you can plan for a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway. Your father has already spent a long time span with your mother and both of them have been there for each other through thick and thin. They have shared some really good times together and they have helped each other during the bad time too.

Anniversary is the perfect time when you forget everything including all the grudges and resentments and show your father that you love both of your parents from the bottom of your heart. Be it the landmark 25th or the 27th or the 28th anniversary, it only occurs once in a year, so, make it an unforgettable one with an all together distinct preparation this time. You can work on the party ideas and the gift that your father will like to receive on his anniversary. Here are few ideas on celebrating your father's anniversary:

1. Family values:-

If you know that your father is purely a family man and it is his family which is the most important part of his life, then plan for something that can give a kiss of life to his memories! Almost every father looks forward for the time he can spend with his children and his family. If his children are some where away from him, then he would definitely love to talk and chat over the phone or internet. Nothing is as precious as your time given to somebody you love. It could be the real gift you can present to your father on his anniversary.

Family values

2. Family Tree - A Symptomatic of Love and Togetherness

If ever in your family somebody has traced the history of the family and you can get the access to the information then designing an exclusively made family tree will be a perfect gift for your father on his anniversary! You can pen down the oral history of your grandparents and create an informative family book. Presenting this book on your father's anniversary will make the celebration a statuesque one. It's something that will make your father feel his importance in your life and will love the efforts you have put in!

Family Tree - A Symptomatic of Love and Togetherness

3. Father's Anniversary: Beauteous Party Ideas!

Planning for a party on the anniversary of your father is another idea of letting him know how much you care! Arrange for a party on the day of anniversary celebration of your father in such a way that all the previous complains and grudges gets vanished in a single day. From party theme to the venue to the party invites everything should be well planned, so as, not to miss on a yet other chance to win back the heart of your father.

To start with, first you need to be clear on the budget you have! Accordingly you can decide how many invitations have to be sent and what venue can be chosen.

Father's Anniversary: Beauteous Party Ideas

4. Party Location:-

If you are tight on your budget you can host the party at your home or even at an outdoor location like a park or alike. Even restaurants are affordable options for throwing an anniversary party for your father.

Party Location

5. Party Theme:-

Once you have decided the party venue the next thing to look for is a perfect party theme that your father will like the most! Deciding the theme becomes easier when you know that, if you are going to throw a surprise party or it is going to be a casual or formal party. The great way of deciding the theme is to make it as per the taste of the couple or as per the year of the anniversary!

Party Theme

6. Invitations:-

After the list of guests and the venue is ready! The next thing to ponder on is the invitations that have to be sent to the guest. As the anniversary celebration is one of the big days of your parents try making it extra special by designing the invitations on your own using your creative mind! Do not forget to keep in mind the proclivity of your father.


7. Make Photo Collage:-

If you cannot afford to throw a grand party or cannot do anything bigger then make a photo collage! It's a great way of saying your loved ones that you care about their memories and you will help them, to keep those memories alive forever, no matter what! On a big cardboard or a paper make an anniversary photo collage adding some really unforgettable pictures of your father with his beloved. It could be a lovely experience for your parents if you can add one picture from each of the anniversary! Visit all the members of your family with the collage and ask them to write a note for the couple, you can ask them to write about an incident that made them believe that love of the couple is an inspiration for many! If possible take picture of every one you have visited and add it to the back of the collage. Your father will be thrilled to receive this lovely gift on his anniversary.

Make Photo Collage

8. Gratitude Book:-

Create a customized book of reasons why you love your parents and what has made you to be thankful to them! Pen down everything, every little feeling of yours!! Tell them that they are the greatest strengths of your life stating the reasons. Tell them how their blossoming love with each passing year has made you learn a lot of lessons of love and affection. Thank them for every bit of their support which has led you to where today you are. Your Father, He will for sure Love it!

Make a book about why you love your spouse and why you are thankful for him/her. The woman who sent this idea wrote, "He loved it! Said it was the best gift he has ever got. And it helped me to focus on the things I love about my husband and not his shortcomings."

Gratitude Book