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It’s Time for a Romantic Anniversary Celebration to Make Mr. Right Fall in Love All Again!

You don’t need to look at the sky to experience heaven! Is it really true? Yeah, true Indeed!! Look into his eyes, add some spice and you will experience the beauty of the sky. No day will be as tantalizing as your anniversary to surprise your hubby with out-of-the-box ideas and celebrate the long walk of your life that has brought you here celebrating yet another anniversary! Everything from the birth of the child, small household occasions and job transfers, every little moment remind that this journey would not have been as beautiful as it is today, had this man not been there in your life!

You can add one more romantic chapter to the story of your love with some really different yet amazing ideas and startle your husband on this anniversary. With each passing year people start losing the spark and end up celebrating their big day in the same monotonous way. Eventually they get tired of doing the same old stuff and end up putting no efforts in finding new ideas! To add spice to this big yearly celebration, you must find ways to do it in a different way.

Romantic Anniversary Celebration!!

It’s not necessary to make it the same way you did it for the first time but the moment can be recreated in an entirely different way and that would be reminiscent of the early years of your marriage. Here we have jotted out some really interesting ideas to delight your husband this time:

1. Plan an adventurous day on your anniversary celebration together like hot-air balloon ride, bicycle ride, sky diving and alike. Plan something memorable and fun that both of you can enjoy together on this very special day.

2. Organize a mystery trip for your beloved! Get a little creative and plan something out of the way. Plan to travel to a different city and go for a romantic dinner date on an entirely new place. Plan, for your lunch, breakfast and dinner all at three different places in three different cities on the same day! Isn’t it exciting? Yes, of course it will create that moment you have been searching for years!

3. Make a list of all those places you went together when you were married for the first time. Try recalling all the places you got engaged, you dated for the first time and the place you had your first meal together. Visit all those places all over again with a new zeal remembering all the moments. Drive to the apartment where you both rented for the first time just after you got married! At the end look through your wedding album and all the pictures and videos related to your wedding. Do not forget to be thankful to God for showering upon all the love!

4. Before few days of your anniversary, organize a gigantic romantic dinner in restaurant where you can ask the staff to decorate the cabin, where you will be dining. Write a handwritten note on a beautifully designed, fancy card and put it on the side of the table where your husband is supposed to sit! Tell him innocently as a little child that, life is so easy when you sit by my side! Write everything all the little things that you wanted to say. He will definitely love this and feel gratified to have a wife like you.

5. Those whose husbands enjoy painting can plan to paint together a masterpiece of the most memorable moment of their life. There are art studios which provide classes for couples, where you can register a class for you and your hubby and enjoy the first day of painting together! Alternatively you can also learn it online.

6. Your hubby will love it!! If you can make him realise that you remember all those vows of the wedding! Pen them down, the wedding vows and then say it aloud together on your anniversary. It’s a great feeling! After it is done, talk about the upcoming events, the hopes and the way you want to spend rest of your life.

7. Write a love letter in the form of a song for your hubby and sing it for him in front of everyone during the party, or sing it while you drive to the dining venue for your anniversary celebration.

8. Take him to the place where he has proposed you for marriage! Organize a marriage ceremony and ask him that you want to get married to him all over again in the same way repeating all the small things.

9. Plan to perform some activities or a hobby that your husband likes doing the most like fishing, dancing, shopping or anything he likes and you both have not got an opportunity to do it together. End the day by having a romantic dinner at your home either or at his favourite restaurant.

10. Create a DVD containing all your pictures which tells the story of the times of your togetherness. Make it special by adding some of your husband most favourite songs that he keeps on singing all day. Include some text with it if you can!

You can make your wedding anniversary celebration amazing with these inimitable ideas. Let’s not waste one most important day of your life. Delight your husband with these wonderful ideas!

Let’s get in the celebration mood! In an all different way!!