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It’s Your Adorable Baby’s 10th Birthday? Plan the Big Day for him/her with an Exuberant Shower of Af

Wondering!! How to make it a day worth remembering and a day as beautiful as your child has thought of making his/her birthday a special one? It’s probably your child’s last milestone birthday when you can celebrate the childhood of your kid. You already have celebrated two of the milestone birthdays, the first one and the 5th one, now it’s time to make it a day which can be remembered for rest of the life of your life. Amazingly your child has already left the single figured birthday forever and will be entering into a double figured birthday. At this stage, your child usually counts themselves among the grownups and obviously they are filled with excitement and ecstasy.

This one is also your child’s last year of primary schooling and will soon be in the row of entering into the intermediate phase; a whole new phase of their life!! Wonderful it is for the child as well as for the parents. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you will have that fervour in the heart to make this day a special one for your child. You as parents have to figure out what may interest your child, because at this stage he/she will shy off in admitting that toys and kid’s games still interest them but they are still interested in that. So, you have to make them feel comfortable between wanting to look cool and wanting to enjoy and have fun. Turning 10 is about embarking on the journey to a grown up with lots and lots of new dreams and new aspirations of fancy world. When you are planning for the tenth birthday of your child, you have to be meticulously careful and plan it out with a relax state of mind.

There are a plenty of ideas on planning for a 10th birthday party no matter if you are going to do it for your baby boy’s or your baby girl’s birthday party. Here we have jotted down some really interesting ideas to plan to celebrate your child’ 10th birthday:


1. Plan a Party

A party!! You cannot afford to miss as it’s a way to share your moments of merriment and a way of celebrating the day for your child. There are a lot many of things to decide while you are embarking on this beautiful auspicious journey of celebrating your child’s birthday with a party the way he wants to. Theme, Venue, Games, Gifts, Memories, decorations and many more!! There is a lot of it to evoke that atmosphere of jubilation all around and all through the day.

2. Deciding Party Theme

Both, a girl and a boy have different choices!! Be it the choice of the colour or the game or gifts or anything else. You baby girl will definitely love a theme of Barbie or pink cute teddies or a theme with some makeup items.

  • Barbie Theme!!

Decorate the entire venue with big cute Barbie!! Start it off by decorating the entrance with your babies favourite Barbie that she has in her closet. You can either get a customized one or incorporate your own likes and dislikes or you can get a cute one from the nearby shop corner. Next, put some moving Barbie dolls all over the room where the party is going on. If possible get the walls painted with Barbie theme. You can also get for your sweetie pie a Barbie themed cake. She will love it a lot!!

  • Makeup Item Theme!!

It’s quite sure that at 10 she has developed that love for getting herself dressed, you may have seen her often looking into the mirror, making her hairs, trying her mom’s beautiful gowns and dresses. So, it will be a fun idea for your baby girl. Decorate your girl’s wardrobe all over again with what you feel she will feel happy with. Like you can buy some dresses for her that you have seen her trying from your wardrobe or you may also get some of her pictures engraved on the walls or the bed sheet. Use only the pictures where she has dressed herself up!!

  • Teddy Theme

Girl’s have great love for teddies!! So get it all ready with a teddy theme!! Decorate the entrance of the walls, the dresses, the gifts, the cake everything on the teddy theme. On the day of birthday get everything based on the teddy theme for her, from her lunch box, to her dress that she will be wearing for school, her gift and everything. If possible decorate the entire home on teddy theme before she gets up in the morning.

3. Game activities

  • Spin the Nail Polish Bottle game

She is 10 years old and friends of her age group will love this game! What all you have to do is to put different shades of nail polishes of dark colour on a round table and let all the girl friends of your baby sit around this table. Make sure that the table can be rotated all around. Rotate the table and play a song in the back ground and make sure that there is somebody who will stop the music in between. Stop the table as and when the music stops and the one at which the table stops has to get here nails painted with the colour in front of her. Repeat this until all the participants have their nail painted.

  • Stand Up Game

Let your birthday baby girl master the game! She will choose an item from around the party venue for each of the player and then they have to perform a commercial add scene for the guests for more than 30 seconds. The game goes on till each of the participant has had their turn over.


1. Plan a Party

A party is essentially a winsome idea for your baby boy’s birthday celebration!! Your 10 year old son must have developed that feeling of a big boy! He will hate being treated as a kid. A themed birthday party he will enjoy the most. The theme of the birthday party may be based on sports, fear factor, spiderman theme or alike is a perfect choice for your baby boy’s birthday party. Plan it out all, as per the taste of your child. Do it all in an extravagant fashion!! Do not miss on anything you can think of!! Also take help from people around.

2. Deciding Party Theme

Though, it’s entirely your kid’s likes and dislikes that will decide the theme of the birthday party but still you need to do some research, you never know you can end up finding a hidden interest of your child. Here are some of the birthday themes for your baby boy:

  • Sports Party Theme

This one is a perfect theme for your birthday boy’s!! Most of the boys’ start developing their interest for sports during this age. Indubitably, your child is also a fanatic lover of sports. A cricket themed or car racing themed party will do wonders in making him feel special. Decorate the entire party venue with pictures of your kid’s favourite sports. Present each of the kid at the party with sports themed gifts like a sports car or a bat.

  • Fear Factor Themed Party

This is one of a perfect theme for the birthday party of your kid especially if he follows the television show Fear factor. This theme will allow the kids to remain kids and also have the feeling of looking like grownups. You can, go for organizing a fear factor game, where each of the parents present at the party have to perform something daring and kids will enjoy it.

3. Game activities

  • Telephone Game

Let all the children sit in a circle for playing the game! Once they all get settled down, ask the birthday boy to whisper a message in the ears of the kid sitting next to him in low voice, then the next child has to pass on the message to the next candidate in a low voice. And it goes on till the message gets spread. At the end ask each of the members to say out loud whatever they have listened to. At the end the birthday boy will disclosing the actual message. It’s fun to listen to the many tempered messages.

  • Hunt Games

As per this game all the participant kids have to search for the hidden items following hints provided to them. For this you need to secretly put things somewhere, which little friends of your little boy have to hunt or find following some hints given to them. Definitely every little one will love to play this game a lot.

  • Obstacle Game

Create obstacle all through the way to the party hall!! Use slides, big boxes, elevated boards and things alike from the entrance until to the party hall. Let the participants compete with each other in reaching to the party hall, let there be a gift option for all the winners of the game.

Definitely, these ideas are going to work wonders for you!! Birthdays are really blessings, as they give us time to create memories and we get time to revive our life. Kid’s love birthdays even more for they get time to meet their friends, play games and above all receive gifts. So, take time to make this time a joyous moment for your 10 year baby boy.