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A gift that can bring in positivity, peace and prosperity home is the Buddha idol. It’s one such spiritual gift that can be an excellent home décor gift too. Therefore, be it someone’s housewarming, birthday, New Year celebration, anniversary or any other occasion of the year, you can find Buddha idol as perfect gift for all time. All that you need is to in the perfect option from the below offered options like - 

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Buddha Special

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4.8   based on 31 Review(s)

Significance of Keeping Buddha Statues in Homes

In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the demand of Buddha statues in India and other parts of the world as home décor and gift items. The reason behind this is quite an obvious one. As the statues of Lord Buddha holds big importance in Feng Shui, they are lauded as the bringer of good luck and prosperity in life.

Meaning of Different Buddha Postures & Positions in Buddhism

Every pose and posture of Lord Buddha represents an aspect that plays a crucial role in the placement of these statues in homes and offices. Get to know the meanings of all of them here –

Buddha Poses Meanings Places to Keep
Abhaya Mudra (Protection Buddha Statue) This one is the sitting Buddha which epitomizes fearlessness and courage. It depicts the stage of Buddha’s after achieving enlightenment. This one offers protection from delusion, anger, and fear. Facing the main entrance of home to keep negative elements at a distance.
Bhumisparsa Mudra (Sitting Buddha) This posture of Gautam Buddha is called as “touching the Earth”. He is seen seated with his left hand resting on his lap with palms facing upwards and the right hand pointed towards the earth. The position marks the time when he attained enlightenment. Facing East direction
Reclining Buddha Also known as Nirvana Buddha, this one depicts the last time of Buddha on the earth before he entered into Nirvana. It encourages people to seek internal peace. Ideal for the living room or a passage close to the bedrooms.
Dhyan Mudra (Meditating Buddha) This posture of Gautam Buddha represents focused concentration and stability. Alter or silent corners of the house
Vitarka Mudra (Teaching Buddha) This Mudra signifies the time of his first sermon after he attained enlightenment. A perfect choice for people focusing on spirituality. Study room
Laughing Buddha It brings happiness and positive energy in the surroundings. Entrance or living rooms
Buddha Head Buddha head is the symbol of knowledge, confidence, compassion awareness, and concentrated meditation. Living room & office in east direction

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