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Choti Diwali Gifts

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Choti Diwali Gifts - Add to the Celebration

If you are looking for Choti Diwali gifts, look no further! We are here to augment your Choti Diwali celebrations with gifts and souvenirs.

Chhoti Diwali is rejoiced a day before Diwali (Badi Diwali). It is also called Narak Chaturdasi or small Diwali. On this day fewer lights lit & fewer crackers burst.

Though a number of legends & fables are linked with this day, the most widespread legend is one associated with the conquest of Lord Krishna over Narkasura, the demon king. In some other states of India, the day is also rejoiced as Hanuman Jayanti, as it is said that on this very day Hanuman delivered the message of Lord Rama’s come back to his kingdom Ayodhya. On this very day, early in the morning people decorate their entrances with colourful rangoli. The day also includes a ritualistic adulation dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi & Lord Rama in the evening. People also enjoy the day by offering Choti Diwali gifts to their near and dear ones.

Famous Legends of Choti Diwali:

 As per the fable, there was a demon king Narkasura, who was mischievous and did many carnages including filching the earrings from Mother Goddess, Aditi & kidnapping sixteen thousand daughters of the saints, but he was cursed that he will be brought to death by a woman. His atrocities led to indulge in a fierce battle with Lord Krishna’s wife Satyabhama. With the help of supernatural intervention from Lord Krishna, Narkasura brought to death by Satyabhama. After the triumph, imprisoned ladies were set free & Goddess Aditi’s earrings were returned.

Triumph of Good over Evil:

As per a popular belief, Lord Krishna put Narkasura’s blood onto his forehead. After coming back on Narak Chaturdasi, he massaged his body in aromatic oil & washed it to eradicate the filth of the battle. Narkasura’s mother Bhudevi confirmed that the day of his death mustn’t be a day of mourning, but of celebration. Since then, it has been celebrated as Chhoti Diwali or Narak Chaturdasi every year.

Fable of King Bali:

The tale of King Bali is another legend associated with Chhoti Diwali. King Bali’s power posed somber threat to Devas. Therefore, Lord Vishnu, in order to curtail his power, went to King Bali in a disguised dwarf Brahmin & asked to endow him with few areas of his land that he could measure in three steps. King Bali, famous for his philanthropy & kindness, granted him the particular wish.

However, the very moment, short Brahmin also called ‘Vamana’ became a gigantic figure. In his first two steps he covered heaven and earth & the underworld & left with no space to keep his third step. Then he asked King Bali where to place this foot, then the king offered his head & Lord Vishnu pressed him into underground. However, the Lord was impressed with his philanthropy and granted him a wish to come back to earth once in a year.

Every year the day is celebrated as Chhoti Diwali on which people endow their loved ones with Choti Diwali gifts and enjoy the pleasant moments together. Buy choti Diwali gifts online from our dedicated store and make the day really unforgettable!