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5 Unique Bhai Dooj Puja Thali Decoration Ideas to Win Everyone’s Heart!

unique bhai dooj puja thali

Pooja Thali or Puja Thali occupies a special place in the religious activities in India. It is used to keep all the essential items required to offer prayers to God and seek his divine blessings. The festival of Bhai Dooj is dedicated to the sibling bond in which sisters pray to God for long, successful, and healthy lives of their brothers. Sisters decorate Bhai Dooj Puja thali beautifully with their own hands for a personal touch and place all the Puja essentials in it in an organized manner.

There are numerous ways in which these religious thalis can be decorated…

1. Decorate Thali with Vivacious Flowers

Decorate Thali with Vivacious Flowers

Floral decoration always proves to be a hit among people owing to the beauty of the blossoms and the enchanting fragrance of them. This Bhai Dooj, make your Puja thali look like a booming garden with the petals of the mesmerizing colorful flowers like roses, Mogra, Tagetes (Genda), and others. Sprinkle the petals of these flowers on your thali and place coconut, Mauli, Roli and rice containers, sweets, a lit diya for aarti, and others for the Tikka ceremony.

2. Healthy Dryfruit Puja Thali

Healthy Dryfruit Puja Thali

With the relevancy of dry fruits in all the festive celebrations, there are Puja thalis which can be decorated with them as well. Spread dry fruits on the Puja thali evenly and place the entire Puja essentials on them. After the Tika ceremony, you can even enjoy them.

3. Keep it silver!

Keep it silver

Since silver metal is considered auspicious to perform the religious ceremonies according to the Hindu customs and traditions, using a silver Puja thali is certainly a wonderful idea. The shine and auspiciousness of this thali will bring happiness and sparkle in your Bhai Dooj celebrations.

4. Swastika Puja Thali

Swastika Puja Thali

The symbol of “Swastika” holds immense significance in the Hindu religious customs and traditions as it denotes happiness, good luck, and prosperity. Take steel or any other metal thali and make a Swastika on it with a paste of kumkum and turmeric. Once the symbol has dried, you can place your Puja items on it.

5. Create Your Own!!!

Create Your Own

If you are a creative person and loves art and craft activities, then create a special and beautiful Bhai Dooj Puja thali of your own for mind-blowing Tikka ceremony. Take a piece of cardboard or thick wooden sheet and cut it into your desired shape. Using fabric colors and craft decoration items like pearl, sequins, and sparkles, paint and decorate your thali. Take two small containers and color the design them in the same way as the thali to keep kumkum and rice. Paste both of them on the plate. Keep it aside to dry. Now, decorate the thali with the Puja stuff and take everyone by surprise with your creativity!

Have a wonderful Bhai Dooj 2024!