Jewellery on Diwali: A Heart Winning Gift Surprise for the Women you Love!

Gifting on Diwali is the reasons of joy and excitement for people of every age in India. Like any other ritual of the auspicious festival of Diwali, gifting is the ritual of spreading happiness and love. In fact gift exchange is an important part of the celebration for which people start their planning much before the day of Diwali celebration. So if you are soon planning for Diwali Gifts shopping for loved ones then you definitely will find some amazing Diwali Gift ideas here in this blog.

Jewellery for Diwali

If she is your girlfriend or fiancé for whom you are planning to gift something really special and heart winning on Diwali then this is the right time to make your visit at Exclusively for Diwali the portal has come up with extensive range of online Diwali gifts like Jewellery, cosmetic hamper, handbags, designer clutches and lot more. But if you are willing to gift something really special to the special women of your life then online Jewellery is the range, you must explore.

There is lot of trendy and attractive Jewellery gifts available on the portal to explore and buy online, such as:

Stunning Floral Pendant Set:-
A jewellery piece like this pendent set is just perfect to make the special lady go off the floor on this Diwali. It’s an elegant and very exquisite pendant set that is designed with sparkling stones and golden metal and comes with beautiful matching earrings to team with traditional as well as western attires in the best way.

Stunning Floral Pendant Set
Elegant Golden Flower Earrings:-
For women with modern style statement, this elegant golden flower earring set is definitely an excellent option to choose. It’s flowery pattern and design makes it a beautiful choice for Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend. In fact she will love to pair it with her western and traditional outfits.

Elegant Golden Flower Earrings
Charm Bracelet:-
If it was a search for a Diwali Gift for girlfriend or for dearest fiancé, a charm Bracelet is a perfect gifting option for everyone. It’s a perfect Jewellery gift if your girlfriend wears minimal jewelery. On the auspicious day of Diwali celebration this Diwali gifts, she will definitely love to wear and flaunt.

Charm Bracelet
Vibrant Red and White Ring:-
If with a Diwali Gift, you want to make a special place in the heart of your beloved then choose this jewellery option. A beautifully crafted finger ring with sparkling stones and pearls is sure to make her happy instantly. Moreover, she will love to wear this jewellery gift on Diwali with her traditional outfit.

Vibrant Red and White Ring

Gleaming Gold Anklet:-
If the women you love is your fiancée and soon to be your life partner then the idea of gifting a gleaming Gold Anklet is definitely a romantic gift choice. She will love to wear it always and on Diwali if you make her wear it.

Gleaming Gold Anklet

Elegant Stone Adorned Ear Cuff:-
If your lady love is a women with modern and if reflects in her style statement too then this is the perfect Diwali gift option to buy online as Diwali gift for her. It’s an elegant stone studded ear cuff which she definitely will love to wear and dazzle on Diwali.

Elegant Stone Adorned Ear Cuff
So this Diwali when you are willing to gift a dazzling, exquisite and intricate jewellery to your beloved then all that is needed is to make visit at the Diwali gifting range that of Giftalove. There are many amazing Jewellery options available on the portal to make choice for. All that you need is to hurry and explore the range of beautiful jewellery for Diwali.

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Diwali Celebrations!

Diwali stands greater significance in every Indian’s life. The festival reciprocates togetherness and teaches a meaning of fraternity amid surmounting tensions. If you’re looking for Diwali gifts online, but couldn’t figure out which gift to choose from, take inspiration from this last-minute gift guide.

Laxmi Figurines: During the Diwali celebration, worshipping goddess Laxmi holds greater significance. She is considered the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Therefore, gifting a figurine of Laxmi means bringing prosperity to recipient’s home. Giving Laxmi statue is said to be an auspicious practice. So, what are you waiting for, go get one of the statues and gift it to your loved ones!

Laxmi Figurines

Ganesha Statue: Lord Ganesha is also worshipped during Diwali. Worshipping Ganesha removes obstacles and is considered lucky.  You can have any of ganesha’s statues either soil-made or metal figurine. This figurine also works as the best décor item for Diwali. Hence, gifting a Ganehsa statue is also a good idea.

Ganesha Statue

Diwali Candles: Diwali has a long standing tradition of lighting diyas or candles. That’s the main essence of this celebration. Nowadays, market is swarmed with varieties of candles right from designer ones to regular ones. You can use them as perfect Diwali gifts for your loved ones. Scented candles would be the perfect choice for gifting purposes.

Diwali Candles

Accessories: Tell the next time you gifted a desired accessory to your loved ones? It’s been a while. No problem, as Diwali is approaching find the right accessory for your loved ones. It could be a wallet, a belt, handbag, cufflinks or any other item that your recipient would love to have. Consider their preferences and find the item that they had been wishing for!


Apparels: In India wearing new clothes on festivals is an ancient tradition. This tradition is still in vogue. Find the right clothe like saree for woman recipients, kurta pajama, shirts etc. Mostly people prefer traditional outfits, hence, choose traditional ones.


Puja Thali: It’s a perfect Diwali gift as it stands for the true spirit of the festival- that’s worshipping. Besides working as the foremost essential, it can serve the purpose of your home décor too. From gold plated to silver, brass, marble and steel, there are many to choose from.

diwali Puja Thali

Hence, folks take inspiration from any of the above gifting ideas and make Diwali truly hapy for your loved ones!

7 Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali!

The time of approaching Diwali is exciting for everyone. After all Diwali is the name for the biggest Indian festival that is celebrated with great excitement and grandeur. So if it’s a busy time for you to sort out all your Diwali preparations then to make you happy, here I have come up with a blog that is full of beautiful yet easy to make Rangoli designs to paint the floor colorful and beautiful on Diwali.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

On Diwali, everyone decorate their home in the best way possible. It is the ritual of decorating home to welcome goddess Laxmi at home and seek her blessings of happy and wealthy life. Thus the ritual of Rangoli making is being followed since years by the Hindu Indians on the day of Diwali. It is the way of decorating home with colorful floor painting.

So here are some amazing ideas for Beautiful & Easy Rangoli Designs and Patterns to recreate and turn the floors beautiful and colorful of your home. These are -

1.    Peacock Rangoli
It’s one of the most beautiful Rangoli design pattern which is quite easy to make as well. A Peacock rangoli like this image is very easy and beautiful design to recreate on Diwali and decorate the floors of home.

Peacock Rangoli

2.    Ganesh Rangoli:
Another very preferred and common Rangoli pattern among all is Ganesh Rangoli design. You can choose a much defined Ganesh figure or an easy to make free hand Ganesha figure to make your Rangoli. Just an addition of few colors and a border with Ganesh Rangoli makes will make beautiful and appealing.

Ganesh Rangoli

3.    Colorful & Floral:
Floral patterns on Rangoli are very much preferred as it is easy to make. Even a small kid can try his hands to make a colorful and floral Rangoli designs. How about this Floral Rangoli pattern on the image?

Floral Rangoli Design

4.    Swastika Rangoli:
Swastika is the auspicious sign that is commonly used in Rangoli designs and patterns as well. You can use a Swastika signs which is easiest to make in any Rangoli you make or else Swastika sign can be in between of the Rangoli you decide to make.

Swastika Rangoli

5.    Square Rangoli:
People find square Rangoli easy to make because of its dimensions. So on this Diwali a square Rangoli like this on the image can definitely be an easy choice to make and beautify the floor of the house.

Square Rangoli

6.    Semi Circular Rangoli:
Not so common but it’s a very beautiful Rangoli pattern which is can be made in numerous ways. A pattern like this on the image is quite easy to make. You can choose this pattern on the entrance of your home.

Semi Circular Rangoli

7.    Carpet Style Rangoli:
This is a unique Rangoli design patter that may take time because of the rectangular area but is an excellent choice if you choose to make on the entrance of your house. All it needs is a big space to be designed.

Carpet Style Rangoli

What You Should Be Gifting this Diwali?

Diwali isn’t just the festival of lights; it’s much more than that. It’s the celebration of communal harmony. It’s the festivity of joy. And, it’s the festival of sharing love, care and of course, gifts! This year, make a difference in your loved ones’ lives whether being distant or nearby by making Diwali gifts delivery online.


Yes, gift being the emissary of emotions and feelings showcase one’s bonding with another person beautifully. Whenever any auspicious occasion or event arrives, gift sharing takes place with full gusto. This year, for Diwali 2016 there is a compilation of gifts that you must surely be giving to your loved ones.

Let’s check what these gifts include in:

Dry Fruit Pack for Diwali : Who doesn’t want to lead a healthy lifestyle. And the first step to this starts from healthy eating. Dry fruits being a rich source of nutrients and minerals, play a pivotal role in maintaining the nutrient level in your body. You can use these healthy munchies as perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones. You can get them wrapped stunningly and present them a gift packs! Trust us, you won’t find anything as promising as a healthy munch like this for a health-conscious near and dear one.
So get set ready to take out your own gift wrap and get it delivered!

diwali dry fruits gift pack

Candles and Handmade Diyas: Candles and diyas are the most integral part of Diwali. Without them the festival is incomplete. Candles besides being the best lighting up essential for your home, work as the best gift for your loved ones. Diyas too are the foremost gift items. Designer candles and diyas have been making a headline since long. Even experts have suggested them to be given as Diwali gifts. So, pick out ones with designer touch on them and keep sharing love!


Décor and Decorative Pieces: Months ago Diwali cleaning and decorating home starts taking place. As this is a festive affair, cleaning is necessary in almost all households of India. Your near and dear ones would have also been planning to revamp their home this Diwali. Give them a hand by bringing some unique décor and decorative items. From spiritual figurines to wall hangings, torans and rangolis, there is an innumerable range to choose from. So, choose and get it packed now!

diwali decorative items

Apparels and Accessories: Name any festival in India that doesn’t involve wearing new clothes? Well, you can’t name any. Yes, like other festivals, wearing new clothes on Diwali is quite obvious. From elders to youngers, everybody is seen in new clothes oozing with festivities. For loved ones like brothers, sisters, nieces, newphews, and even parents, choose new clothes as the best gifts for Diwali. Go online and choose from a wide lineup of apparels. From kurta pajama to tee and shirts, sarees to salwar suits, you can pick anything you like the best.

Salwar Suits

So, consider these gift ideas and make online Diwali gifts delivery to brighten up your loved ones’ lives!

Some Handy Tips to Simplify your Diwali Shopping Online

Just a few more days and Diwali will be upon us! The festival of lights is nearing, if you haven’t planned ahead, start, kick it off! This festival is all about shopping in advance, cleaning, and decorating home. All these things are done in advance so that no stone could be left unturned during the main celebration.

If you’re stressing more on traffic, crowd and hassles than shopping for the celebration itself, stop. Stop bothering and start choosing things. Before it gets out of your home, kick off your shopping spree.

Diwali Shopping

Here are a few tips to making your Diwali shopping count.

Prepare a budget and a list:-
It is one of the most important things to prepare a list in advance before you begin with the shopping. This also lets you decide your budget and ultimately goes on saving your precious time. With list creation you know exactly where you would go for shopping rather shop-hopping that consumes a lot of time.

Go to place having affordable items:-
With festivals being a time to splurge and revel in celebrations, you should not forget your budget. Steer clear of any overspending and later regretting. In order to buy diyas, lights, lamps, lanterns, go to the shops that provide you exclusive deals.

Pick items differently:-
Do not go for things that you already have or are extensively available. Go for those items that are in limited stock as you get best deals on them. Choose eco-friendly items for décor and all. These can be different things.

Go online for Diwali Shopping :-
Choosing online shopping is of greater use. It’s a blooming concept that’s been spreading like fire in India with many e-commerce companies and portals sprawling. Hence, go for a reliable online site that provides assorted products for Diwali.

But before going to any site, go to Google and search for the site. Filter out the best ones from your search results and check their authenticity. There are many sites that do not provide assurance and fail our expectations miserably. Also, some of them scam customers that put customers’ confidential data at a stake.

Check customers’ feedback to know if the site is legitimate or up to the mark. Do not choose a site having too many negative comments and not a single positive feedback.

Ask your friends and family to provide you the names of the best shopping site. When you find a best online shopping site, your Diwali shopping online becomes easier.

So, do not waste your time, but resort to online shopping now!

Top 5 Diwali Gifts for Parents Full Of Emotions and Meanings!

Yeppie, the most joyous festival Diwali 2016 is nearing!!! Crackers, diyas, gifts, sweets, and new clothes, of course these are the inherent highlights of Diwali. But, wait! Have you ever thought of buying some diwali gifts for your parents?

Parents are the ones, who do not expect something from us though sacrificing everything for our upbringing. Why don’t you make this upcoming festival of lights unforgettable for them with hopping on Diwali Gifts shopping especially for your parents? Yes, trust me, seeing a smile on their faces while handing them these tokens of love would be precious of all lights and glitter.

diwali-puja-thaliSo, guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, let’s dig out some quirky but meaningful gifts for your parents this Diwali!

Apparels: Till date you have been receiving new clothes from your parents. Now, let them know you think of them by buying a brand new piece of clothes for them! When it comes to festivities, ethnic is the most preferred attire by one and all. Buy a set of kurta pajama, or shirt pant for your loving dad. And, for mom, of course you may buy her favourite saree she had been longing from a long time, but couldn’t. If she’s fond of anarkalis or salwar suits, buy her. Get her the type of ethnic wear she wants this Diwali.

Books: Sounds quirky, right? Yes, if your parents are bibliophiles and love to spend their leisure time in reading, get them their favourite book! No matter what genres they prefer, getting the books of their choices will fill their eyes with sparkles! If they love religious books, there are many options to choose from!

Gift Hampers: Did I say gift hampers? Yes, remember, the time when your parents bought you a box full of gifts? Ahhh that was amazing. No don’t get lost, come here. No matter in which phase of age we step in, gifts and goodies always make us happy so do your parents. Buy a big box full of goodies for them and let them know their kids think of nothing but their parents’ happiness! Festivity doubled, yahoo!

Pooja Thali: Your parents have to juggle a lot to put everything related to Diwali pooja at place. Why don’t you buy them a pooja thali made especially for Diwali? While it will sort out their arrangement chores of pooja essentials, it will, on the other hand, add to the essence of the celebration as well. Take your pick from brass, steel, copper, silver, gold plated thalis as there is a wide variety to choose from. For more details, visit

A Dinner Date with Parents: Teel the last time you had dinner with your parents? Hmm, long years ago. As home cooked food cannot be compared, but how about giving your mom some respite from kitchen chores this Diwali? Take your parents out this Diwali for dinner and have some gala time.

Whichever tips suggested above you may choose, one thing is sure, you’re going to see a smile on your parents’ face for sure! So, don’t think much and get yourself for Diwali shopping exclusively for your mom and dad!

4 Perfect Express Diwali Gifts You Must Hurry to Buy Online!

Worried of being late in making order for online Diwali gifts? Well then here comes an excellent solution for you. It is the Express Diwali Gifts Delivery available at Giftalove! Yes you can now avail Express Diwali Gifts delivery and send Diwali gifts to loved ones residing far away with great ease. To know more about Express diwali gifts delivery, go through the blog.

Diwali celebration is now just few days head and yes it’s time now to hurry to buy Diwali gifts online for close and dear ones. No wonder that like every one other, you must be also planning to gift and surprise your loved ones with a Diwali gifts. However, if your need or preference is for online Diwali gift shopping then it is time now to hurry and avail the Express Diwali Gifts Delivery at Giftalove.


Yes you got it right that Giftalove that is a popular and reputed name for online gifts, flowers and cakes has now come up with Express Diwali Gifts delivery for its widest collection of online Diwali gifts. Express delivery for Diwali gifts is basically a last time opportunity for the customers to avail Diwali gifts delivery to their loved ones residing far away at distinct part of the country.
Here’s what all one can choose to buy and gift loved ones on this Diwali 2015 via Express delivery facility:

Delightful Sweets in Attractive Boxes:
On Diwali one of the most preferred and popular gift options is traditional Indian sweet delights. And yes you can send Diwali sweets to loved ones residing far away with great ease via express delivery on the portal.

Yummy Chocolate Treats:
An excellent substitute to Diwali sweets is Diwali chocolate hampers and yes these are too available for the customers of Giftalove to get in express delivery service. All that one need is to go through the vast array of yummy Diwali Chocolate Hampers and choose the perfect one and get it delivered via Express delivery service.

Healthy n Delightful Dry Fruits:
For the ones willing to gifts their loving ones with something healthy to express love and care the best way, in the express delivery section healthy and delightful dry fruits hampers are an excellent gift choice for them. Also in the e-store there is ample number of attractive Dry fruits packing to choose for gifting and delighting loved ones far away in India and abroad.

Blooming Flowers with Festive Greetings:
For the ones willing to greet their dear ones residing far away with fresh flower bouquet or blooming basket of flowers, yes Giftalove can cater them under the express delivery of Diwali gifts. Since flower is perfect gifting option to make someone feel special and loved. Thus on Diwali online flowers with greeting card would be an impressive Diwali gift option to choose and bye.

So why are you still wasting time in thinking when you need to hurry and log on to is her to help you in sending a Diwali gift to loved via same day Diwali gifts delivery via Diwali Express Delivery at Giftalove. So hurry and place your order right now!

6 Most Top Choices for Online Diwali Gifts at!

Are you confused over the thought of what to buy for your dearest one on this Diwali? Well to get rid of this confusion then get best Diwali Gift Ideas at that is an a excellent platform to explore endless variety of Diwali Gifts at amazing prices as well to buy online.

Diwali time is gifting time! Thus if the thought of Diwali gifting is making you confused then it’s an obvious thing. After all every Diwali comes an opportunity for all to show up their talent of gifting. However there is an excellent solution to your confusion over the thought of Diwali Gifts. It is Giftalove that has now come up with its vast variety of online Diwali Gifts range with amazing and variety online Diwali options to choose and buy online.

Here are some top choices for online Diwali Gifts at Giftalove:

Designer Dry Fruits Potli:
On Diwali, gifting Dryfruits is much preferred thing as it’s a healthy gift option to convey love with Diwali greeting to love ones. Thus the range of Dry Fruits at has variety of Dry Fruits options to choose from many lucrative Dry fruits packing such as in wooden boxes, potli bags, decorative thali, designer trays, shinny containers and more.

Designer Dry Fruits PotliCute Ganesha Idols:
Gifting Lord Ganesha Idols on Diwali is considered very auspicious for the Diwali festival. Thus Giftalove has come up with a wide and cute Ganesh Idols range. The entire range is inclusive of many beautifully crafted and colorful Ganesha Idols that are perfect for gifting as well as for decoration too.

Cute Ganesha IdolsSweet & Salty Hampers:
The range of online Diwali Gifts of thee-store is also inclusive of many lucrative sweet & salty hampers. These are the cookies and nankeens baskets or hampers. For relatives, friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and others, such hampers are simply a very cheerful gift option.

Delectable Sweets DelightsBeautiful Silver Bowl:
On Diwali gifting silver made items is considered auspicious. Thus keeping in tune to the latest silver made items in demand, the portal has come up with an extensive collection of beautiful silver bowl sets to choose and buy online.

Beautiful Silver BowlHome Décor Gifts:
From decorative candles to colorful lanterns, ornamental flowers, cute decorative Ganesh idols, colorful and decorative diyas, electronic diyas, lamps and lot more is there to explore in the range of home décor Diwali gifts.

Home Dcor GiftsDelectable Sweets Delights:
For adding that element of happiness into the festival of Diwali, the portal has a wide array of delectable sweet delights in variety of attractive sweets packing in designer boxes and thalis and even more. Also the range is inclusive many sweet delights like Motochoor Laddu, Rasgullas, Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun, Doodha Barfi, Pista Roll and much more.

Sweet & Salty Hampers

So it’s time not to waste anymore rather log on to that has come up with a vast collection of online Diwali gifts like Rasgulla & Crackers, Festival of lights & Celebrations, Silver Apple Shaped Bowl with Spoon and much more to choose for buying, gifting and convey heartily Diwali wishes to loved ones with. So log on now!!

3 Most Suitable Dhanteras Gift Ideas You Must Look Up For Gifting Loved Ones!

The 5 days long Diwali celebration start with Dhanteras that is the day to welcome Lakshmi- the Goddess of Wealth at home. Thus for the ones looking up for the range of Dhanteras Gifts online, has come up its vast collection of Dhanteras Gifts with amazing gifting and buying options. Read the blog to get ideas on best 3 Dhanteras gift options to choose for gifting.

Dhanteras that is also recalled as Dhantrayodashi is the first day of five days long Diwali festivities. Two days before Diwali on the Dhanteras celebration day, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on the suspicious as she is the Goddess of wealth. In fact Dhanteras is the day known for celebrating wealth because the word ‘Dhan’ literally means wealth.

Apart from the evening Lakshmi Puja and lighting of homes with diyas to welcomes the goddess, gifting is also one of the important rituals of the festival of Dhanteras. Thus for the people in the search of something wealthy and loving, the portal has to offer the customers with amazing Dhanteras Gifts online.

However 3 Best Dhanteras Gifting options to choose buying from the portal are:

Gold Goddess Lakshmi Frame:
What else can be better then convey your heartily feelings of love and care to your dearest one on Dhanteras then by gifting them with a beautifully crafted Gold Goddess Lakshmi Frame? In fact it could be nothing much impressive then such a valuable gift for your dear ones. Also on the portal there is variety of Lakshmi and Ganesh Gifts for choice.

Gold Goddess Lakshmi Frame

Silver Bowl Set:
For your loving ones another very much apt Dhanteras gift is a set of silver bowl. Be it single bowl set with spoon or a set of 2, 3 and more, you get a vast variety of these on the portal to make a choice for. This is the perfect gift for Dhanteras to impress your near and dear ones and make them happy.
Silver Bowl SetSilver Pooja Thali:
Lakshmi Puja is most essential ritual of the festival of Diwali. Thus gifting silver made Puja Thali prove out something very useful for your dear ones to worship goddess Lakshmi. Also being silver made Puja Thali with all essentials of Lakshmi Puja makes it an impressive Dhanteras gifting option to choose buying as well.
Silver Pooja ThaliDespite of these Dhanteras gifting options, there is much more to explore in the vast collection of online Dhanteras gifts. And to buy Dhanteras Gifts online, all you need is to log on to that offers a vast collection of Dhanteras gifts and online Diwali Gifts with amazing and unique gifting choices.

6 Most Attractive Diwali Dryfruits Gifts Packing Options to Choose At Giftalove!

If the search for that perfect Diwali gift is making you confused then is the perfect destination for you to explore amazing collection of online Diwali. However this time, the portal has come up with its extensive catalogue of Diwali Dry Fruits not just in attractive prices but also in attractive packing as well.

Diwali festival is just few days ahead for its grand celebration in India, thus it’s high time for all to start their search for Diwali Gifts. After all Diwali celebration is not only for lighting home and Laxmi Ganesh Puja but also for exchanging gifts and conveying festive greetings via gifts. Thus Giftalove is all set with its exclusive Diwali Gifts or Diwali Dry fruit hampers collection. This time it is Diwali Dry Fruits range that has come up in attractive & impressive packing options.
No wonder gifting Dry fruits on Diwali is much preferred because of being a healthy gifting option to convey love but also being an attractive gifting thing as well. And the thing that makes Dry fruits an attractive gifting thing is its attractive packing. Here at Giftalove, there is ample number of Diwali Dry fruits choices in attractive and amazing packing options, such as:

Dryfruits in Potli Bags:
It’s one of the most preferred and beautiful packing option. The beautiful and colorful potli bags with zari work on it makes the most beautiful thing for gifting someone a healthy treat like dry fruits. On Giftalove, there is plethora of such of Dry fruits potli bags to choose for gifting.

Dryfruits in Potli Bags

Dryfruits in Decorative Boxes:
A beautiful way of dryfruits is gifting it in Decorative Boxes. All that one need is to go through the vast collection of Dryfruits, there are plenty of choices for dryfruits in Decorative boxes and choose the suitable one for near and dear ones.

Dryfruits in Decorative Boxes

Dry Fruits in Silver Bowl Sets:
Gifting silver made items on Diwali is very much preferred by all on Diwali. Thus gifting Dry fruits in silver made bowls turns out as an excellent and much impressive gifting option as both a healthy treat and something valuable would be gifted to love ones.

Dry Fruits in Silver Bowl Sets

Dry Fruits in Designer Trays:
Another very much attractive Diwali Dry Fruits gift pack is in designer trays. Dry fruits designer trays are not just attractive because of beautiful and colorful decoration but basically because of innovative shapes. On the portal there is ample number of choices for dry fruits in designer trays.

Dry Fruits in Designer TraysDryfruits in Crystal Bowl:
One of the most unique ways of gifting dry fruits to loved one on Diwali is in a Crystal Bowl. On the portal there are beautiful varieties of Crystal Bowl packing of dryfruits such as Almonds, Cashew, Raisins, Pistachio and more.

Dryfruits in Crystal BowlDry Fruits in Thalis:
Apart from all other dry fruits packing, dryfruits thalis or platter is the most traditional ways of gifting. For years dryfruits thalis have been the most popular ways of gifting this healthy treat to loved ones and still it is one of the most preferred options. These days in fact dryfruits come in many beautifully crafted thalis. A vast variety of such Diwali Dry fruits gift pack is available on the portal to explore as well.
Dry Fruits in Thalis
Thus there are many amazingly beautiful and attractive Dry Fruits gifts packs available on to explore, choose from and place an order for. All you need is to log on to and explore the exclusive catalogue of Diwali Dry fruits to gift a beautiful and healthy Diwali surprise to loved ones.