7 Indoor Plants to Bless Homes with Good Luck & Wealth This Diwali!

With the looming dangers of pollution to human health and the festival of Diwali just around the corner, plants have gained immense popularity as Diwali gifts as well as home décor items. These natural eco-friendly items are certainly a blessing for homes as they are believed to be the bringers of happiness, wealth, and good fortune. And, when these green beauties are installed in homes in suitable places, they spread their magic in the surroundings.

On Diwali, everyone wants their homes to be blessed with health, wealth, peace, and eternal happiness. So, without wasting any more time, explore the below varieties of Diwali plants to bless your home with all the positivity and happiness!!!

1. Money Plant

Just as its name suggests, the money plant is touted as the bringer of wealth and good fortune in places where it is kept. According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, this plant is not just a known name for money and good luck, but also brings peace and positive energy to the surroundings. The increased rate of growth and the way it spreads with the least of care shows how adaptable it is to its environment. The clustered leaves of this plant are a big sign of luck.

Money Plant

2. Bamboo Plant

Just like its name, a bamboo plant is lucky in every way. A popular Feng Shui plant, lucky bamboo attracts positive energy and brings great benefits to humanity when placed in homes and offices. Every stalk of the bamboo plant suggests a meaning which is significant for knowledge before they get a place in anyone’s home. Keeping a bamboo plant in a glass container filled with stones and water is considered ideal for positivity in homes. Don’t keep this plant in direct sunlight as it is delicate and thrives in cool temperatures.

Bamboo Plant

3. Palms

One of the most well-known garden plants in India, palm trees are ideal to keep in homes as well to attract positive energy and good luck. The plant brings beauty, aestheticism, and a tropical feel to the home décor with its sheer size. It attracts positivity from the surroundings and removes contaminants from the air.

lady palm

4. Rubber Plant

There is a belief that a rubber plant signifies money and good fortune not just in homes, but also in the business. It is an ideal indoor plant as its round leaves attract wealth, good luck, and prosperity. When this plant is kept in the wealth area of your home like the entrance or the south-east area of the room, people welcome peace and positive energies in homes.

rubber plant

5. Snake Plant

Hilariously called as the “Mother-in-law’s Tongue”, the snake plant is believed to bring good luck to homes as it purges homes of the negative energies and harmful toxicants, and spread positive vibes in them. According to Feng Shui, the plant is considered not an ideal plant for homes, but when it is placed in a separate area, it provides positive vibes in indoors.

Snake Plant

6. Jade Plant

If you wish to welcome prosperity and success in your home, then jade plant is an ideal choice for you. Just like the rubber plant, the round leaves of the jade plant bring happiness and prosperity to homes. Popular as gifts to be given to businessmen, this plant is also ideal to be kept in the entrance of the homes. It attracts wealth and good fortune and provides benefits to the homeowners.

Jade Plant

7. Tulsi

Worshipped with great devotion in India, the Tulsi or Holy Basil plant brings happiness, wealth, good health, and divine blessings in homes. It purifies homes of the negative energies and stimulates positivity in them. Worshipping it with dedication will also fill your wishes.


Have a healthy, wealthy, and green Deepavali!!!

Unique Diwali Gift Ideas Under 999/-

Sometimes, being surrounded by abundant dear ones can be a costly affair for us. And, when it is an occasion is Diwali, it certainly leaves a big hole in the pockets. Distribution of gifts on this biggest Indian festival of the year has become a culture which cannot be avoided at any cost. The sudden rise in the prices of Diwali gifts as this festival approaches is a common situation. So, to bring you out of this panicky situation, we have listed down an amazing range of gifts that can be bought under Rs. 999/-. Now, you can easily surprise your dear ones without actually worrying about the drilling in our pockets!!!

1. Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols

The idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are popular Diwali gifts as they represent auspiciousness and prosperity in life. According to the Hindu religious rituals, people offer their prayers to these divine beings to seek their blessings. So, this one is truly the most perfect gift for your dear ones that is affordable while being thoughtful in every manner.

laxmi ganesha

2. Chocolates with Designer Diyas

People prefer chocolates to sweets when it comes to gifting on special occasions. And, when it’s about the magnificent Indian festival of Diwali, there is a smorgasbord of chocolate gifts that are exquisitely created to win the hearts of the people. Not just the chocolates, even the shimmery and stylish packaging will sway everyone’s heart just by looking at them. Bogatchi assorted chocolates packed in an eye-catchy box along with designer Matka diyas will perfectly blend with the theme of Deepavali and astound your loved ones.

chocolate diyas

3. Golden Gifts

The festival of Diwali is everything about shine and glamour. The color golden best describes the festive feel in India, and therefore, golden gifts perfectly fit in the Diwali celebrations and surprises. The sheen and antique designs on these gifts and their containers in which they come packed make your Diwali gifting a royal one.

golden gifts

4. Silver Gifts

Touted as the most auspicious metals in India in the religious ceremonies, silver items are perfect gifts to surprise dear ones on the festive occasion of Diwali. The shine and the intricate designs on them make them look exquisite and appealing to the eyes and the red velvet box in which they are packed will win your dear one’s heart immensely.

silver gifts

5. Diwali Plant Combos

For the splendid occasion of Diwali, plants make the best gifts for loved ones to bless them with good health and happiness. The burning of crackers on Diwali in every nook and cranny of India increases the pollution levels increasing health risks. Therefore, gifting Diwali plants which are air purifiersalong with other gifts like sweets and Lord Ganesha statue will bless dear ones with all the prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness.

diwali plants

6. Diwali lights

Diwali is referred to as the “Festival of Lights” as the entire country gets embellished with twinkling colorful lights. With the popularity of home décor Diwali gifts among people, you can now gift designer Diwali lights to your loved ones to impart a festive appeal to their homes. Gifting lights to special ones will also signify the spreading of ray of hope and light of joy in their lives.


7. Designer Lanterns

Lanterns on Diwali are popular home décor items to spruce up the beauty of homes and their outsides with the festive flavors and colors. Intricately designed with the face of the Lord Buddha, lighting this lantern up will brings a sense of joy, peace, and excitement in the festive atmosphere.lanterns

8. Puja Thali for Diwali

No Puja is complete in India without a fully decorated Puja thali. Decorated with all the essentials required to perform any devotional and religious ceremony in homes, these thalis have become popular gift items to be gifted to loved ones on special occasions. Decorated with bright colors and stones, this Puja Thali also comes with attached Roli and Rice containers. So, gift this thali to your dear ones and make their Diwali Laxmi Puja 2019 a memorable and delightful affair.Puja thali

9. Personalized Mugs & Cushions

Expressing feelings of the heart to the loved ones through gifts on Diwali is what everyone wishes for. Personalized Diwali gifts like cushions and mugs make the best choices for dear ones on Diwali as they not just communicate your Diwali wishes, but also let you express your love and affection to them. Order this one and make this festival memorable for them.

personalized mug with cushions

10. Dryfruit gifts

Good health is what you want for your loved ones. Isn’t it? Dryfruits are perfect gifts for Diwali to bless your dear ones with a healthy body and mind. With amazing gift choices available in these healthy nuts, you can always feel sorted even in the last minute. Packed in a wonderful designer tray with diyas and Lord Ganesha statue, this dry fruit gift will certainly win the heart of loved ones.

dry fruit gifts

11. Sweets with Lord Ganesha

Sweets constitute an indispensable part of the Diwali celebrations. From offering to Gods and Goddesses to gifting dear ones, these lip-smacking delicacies make your celebrations a sweetest affair. Combined with a cute and beautiful statue of Lord Ganesha, this combo will certainly be the most amazing one for them. The sweetness of Kaju katli and the blessings of the Lord will make your loved ones prosper in life.sweets with lord ganesha

12. Aroma candles with Auspicious Gifts

After plants, aromatic candles are the next best gifts for healthy and good smelling homes. As home décor forms an essential part of the Diwali preparations, these candles will not just make your home look attractive with their colors and their fragrances will make them more welcoming. When paired with plants and Lord Ganesha idols, this Diwali gift hamper will spread more happiness and good health in the environment.aroma candles

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Diwali 2019!

The countdown to the biggest festival of the Indian subcontinent has begun with just three days left to Diwali 2019!!! The houses of the people are already decorated with blinking lights and the marketplaces are seen flooding with the crowd of people having a good time with their dear ones enjoying the festive vibes of Diwali.sameday-blog-img

The distribution of Diwali gifts by the people in their acquaintances is also in full swing. Most of the people have already completed their Diwali gift shopping while some of them must be still struggling to find perfect gifts for Diwali for their loved ones. As the time is passing at a lightning speed, it is high time to increase the pace and buy Diwali gifts for friends and relatives as fast as possible.  Meet these requirements in the least of time with the popular and quick Diwali gifts same day delivery.

So, to help you meet your last-minute needs of these gifts, we have compiled an interesting and fantastic list of Diwali gifts which are certainly amazing and can be bought easily online as well as offline.

1. Plants – Health & Freshness Guaranteed!

With active and massive promotions of plants as green gifts for Diwali to cut down the levels of pollution in the home environment, a huge variety of them are now available. Snake plant, money plant, peace lily, lucky bamboo, jade plant, spider plant, aloe vera, and so many more can be gifted to dear ones to ensure their good health and happiness.

2. Sweets – Traditional & Delicious!

You can never go wrong with sweets on festive occasions like Diwali as they are an inevitable part of the Diwali celebrations. These sweet and delicious delicacies always make the most favorite desserts of people which they not just relish, but also use as offerings to Gods during Diwali Puja. Diwali sweets are traditional in every manner and make one of the best Diwali gifts in the last time every year.

3. Chocolates – Always Good to Go!

Think of the most suitable and handy Diwali gift items that are popular as well as delicious at the same time? CHOCOLATES…For the festival of Diwali, these yummy treats come packed in exquisite chocolate gift boxes, chocolate potlis, chocolate baskets, chocolate bouquets, etc. to plan exciting surprises for the loved ones.

4.  Designer Lanterns – Goes Well with Festival of Lights!

If you wish to buy home décor Diwali gifts for your loved ones at the last minute, then these trending designer lanterns and lamps are perfect choices at the last time. Available in a good number of designs and sizes, you can easily purchase them to elevate the decoration of homes on this upcoming “Festival of Lights”.

5. Lakshmi-Ganesha Idols – Blessings are Necessary!

When nothing strikes the mind as Diwali gifts for dear ones, the idols of Lakshmi-Ganesha paired with sweets turns out to be the most perfect gifts every Diwali season. These gifts are suggestive of the divine blessings and bring happiness and good health to the loved ones. During the festive season of Diwali, these are readily available in the market and you can buy them for your dear ones easily.

6. Dryfruit Gifts – Good Health is everything!

Dryfruit gift packs are wonderful choices for the festival of Diwali. As they represent good health and long life, people can buy them to gift their family and friends on Diwali. Available in a variety of patterns and designs like antique dryfruit boxes, dry fruits in a potli, designer boxes and more, you can give these to your loved ones and make them feel your love and care.

7. Aromatic Candles – Nature is Home!

Home décor is a significant part of the Diwali celebrations. Embellishing the interiors as well as the entrance of the house with lights and Diwali decoration stuff is a common activity observed by the people. Bring more warmth and happiness in the home of your loved ones with aromatic candles. The fragrance of thee oils and the bright light of these candles will elevate the beauty of the inside of their homes. Coming in beautiful colors and mesmerizing fragrances, go for these ones of you haven’t purchased anything yet!

8. Juice Gift Packs – Drink Health NOT Wine!

Just stroll in your nearby markets and see a good number of these gift options in eye-pleasing packing available. Beverages have becomes a popular Diwali gift items owing to the delicious taste and healthiness factors attached to them. These gifts are perfect to express your concern for your dear ones as they are healthy and nutritious in every manner!

9. Cookie Boxes – For Perfect Tea Times!

Cookies are no more just kitchen shelf items, but have entered the world of gifting due to their lip-smacking flavors and amazing packing. For the purpose of Diwali gifting, these delicious and mouthwatering snacks are available in stunning gift packs that will certainly surprise your dear ones in a big way. Choco chips, hazelnut, chocolate, honey oats, coconut, Jeera, Kaju Pista, and so many more flavors are available to go for!

10. Electrical Appliances – Simplifying Household Chores!

If you have gotten late to purchase a Diwali gift for your dear one, then going for these ones indefinitely a wonderful idea. Forming a part of thoughtful and exquisite Diwali gifting, electrical appliances will make everyday tasks easier for your loved ones. You can simply purchase items like juicers, mixers, hair grooming range, and more from any nearby electronic shop and amaze your dear ones in a mind-blowing manner.

12+ Diwali Rangoli Designs to Spruce Up Home Decor!

The festivals of the Indian subcontinent are rich and mesmerizing manifestations of the rich culture and traditions of the country. With Diwali just around the corner, the decorations of the entrances of homes with torans, Asoka and mango tree leaves, lights, and of course Rangoli is a common spectacle. The festival of Diwali is not just about decorating homes with lights candles, and diyas, but Rangoli also plays a crucial role in its stunning celebrations. The bright combinations of the vibrant colors make these art pieces perfect home décor ideas for Diwali. The beautiful colors of the Rangoli give an alluring effect to the surroundings making them look more extravagant and eye-pleasing for everyone who visits your home.

With this grand Indian festival knocking on the door, people must be searching for the most attractive and creative Rangoli designs to design and decorate the floors of their homes. Below is the list of appealing Rangoli designs which can consider for making your home look no less than a spectacle this Diwali 2019…

1. Ganpati Rangoli

Do you wish to make a Rangoli on the floor where you have placed the temple in your house? Decorating it not just with lights, but also with a pretty Rangoli is a fabulous idea. As decorating temples is a religious feeling, therefore, Ganpati-themed Rangoli is the best idea to go ahead with this Diwali Puja. It perfectly mingles with the festive vibes of this festival of lights! Ensure that no one steps on it as it has religious feelings attached to it!

Ganpati rangoli

2. Alpana

Alpana is a traditional Rangoli of West Bengal made using rice powder with the motifs of sun, goddess Lakshmi, owl, fish, ladder, betel, lotus, plough, rice stem, and others. People also make a paste of rice powder and water to make this Rangoli on Diwali.


3. Flower Petals Rangoli

Create a beautiful colorful and aromatic Rangoli this Diwali with the petals of the fresh and blooming flowers for a perfect touch to your Diwali home décor. Use petals of roses, Tagetes (Genda in orange and yellow colors), Mogra, marigold, and daisies for a colorful and pretty Rangoli.Flower petals rangoli

4. Peacock Rangoli

Peacock, the national bird of India, is a popular pick to make a Rangoli design on Diwali owing to its bright colors and auspicious factors. Making this Rangoli on the entrance of the house brings an exotic appeal to the home décor.

Peacock rangoli

5. Swastika Rangoli

As the symbol of Swastika denotes good luck and prosperity, it makes a popular Rangoli designs and brings happiness in homes. Using colorful and bright colors in this Rangoli will make it more enchanting to the eyes of the visitors!

Swastika rangoli

6. Om Rangoli

The symbol “Om” holds importance in the Hindi religion as it is chanted in Mantras and Shlokas. Being a popular symbol among the Hindus, it has now become a part of the Rangoli designs to bring happiness and prosperity in one’s home.

Om rangoli

7. Corner Rangoli

If there is less space in your home and creating a big Rangoli is not possible for you, then this kind of Rangoli is certainly a good option for you. It takes less space and can be created in any suitable and visible corner of the house with amazing colors.

Corner rangoli

8. Semi-Circle Rangoli

Diwali is a festival which witnesses lots of people visiting us one after the other. Therefore, there is a risk of getting spoiled by the feet of the guests. Semi-circle Rangoli can be created in little spaces where there is less risk of over-stepping.

Semi-circle rangoli

9. Floral Design Rangoli

This is the popular one which people draw on the amazing occasion of Diwali. It is much easier than others and looks mesmerizing to the eyes.Floral design rangoli

10. Diya Rangoli

Diwali is the festival of lights which witness people lighting their homes with candles, electric lights, and of course, oil diyas. Create a Rangoli in the shape of a diya that goes well with the theme of this festival.

Diya rangoli

11. Geometric Rangoli

The use of the shapes like square, rectangle, circle, or diamond shape in this Rangoli imparts this name to it. It can be filled with flowers, dry colors, colored rice, or sawdust.

Geometric rangoli

12. Floating Rangoli

If you don’t have enough space in your house to create a beautiful Rangoli on Diwali, then you always go for this type of a Rangoli. Take a designer bowl, fill it with water, and spread flowers in a proper sequence to impart it a look of a proper Rangoli. You can also keep floating candles for an appealing appearance.

Floating rangoli

13. Wooden Rangoli

There are a good number of time-saving options available in the market relating to Rangoli designs. This is one of them. The sheets of wood are cut into designer shapes which can be colored and decorated and then pasted on the floor.Wooden rangoli

14. OHP Sheet Rangoli

Similar to the wooden Rangoli, OHP sheet Rangoli can be pasted on the floor. Designed and colored by the maker of this Rangoli, you can also decorate them more with your creativity.

OHP sheet rangoli

15. Colored Rice Rangoli

Bring the creative artist within you out this Diwali and soak rice in colored waters to create colored rice to make a Rangoli. Use bright colors like blue, red, yellow, green, pink, and orange to create this amazing Rangoli.

Rangoli with colored rice

16. Grain Rangoli

If you lack time or have forgotten to buy Rangoli colors and other materials, then using pulses or grains to make it is definitely a wonderful idea. The natural colors of the grains and pulses such as chickpeas, split peas, wheat, rice, Rajma, and others can be used to create a fabulous Rangoli this Diwali!Rangoli with grains

17. Sawdust Rangoli

The colored sawdust is available in the market for Rangoli during the festive time of Diwali. It is better to make Rangoli with sawdust in a place where there is no risk of overstepping and no air as sawdust can flew away due to its lightweight.

Sawdust rangoli

18. Readymade Rangoli Sticker

This is the most convenient one as it is much cheaper and time-saving on the busiest Indian festival of the year. You just have to purchase one of your preferred choice and paste it anywhere in your house without the risk of spoiling.

readymade rangoli

7 Auspicious Diwali Gift Ideas For Dear Ones!!!

It feels extremely exciting and amazing with just a few more days to the grand festival of Diwali. There are already fresh and festive vibes in the atmosphere as the people are busy shopping in the markets and having a gala time with their families and friends. Not just apparels and accessories, people are on a shopping spree of Diwali gifts to exchange with their loved ones and wish them a happy and prosperous Diwali. As this religious and cultural Indian festival is all about spreading the positive vibes in the lives of the dear ones with love, care, and affection, there are auspicious Diwali gifts available which are thoughtful and reflect our hearty sentiments to the family, friends, and relatives. Explore these gifts now –


1. Lucky Bamboo Plants

Plants as gifts for Diwali have become popular choices for the people not just because of the benefits they provide to the human health, but also due to the happiness and good fortune they spread in homes. As bamboo plants have garnered massive attention of people in the recent years as amazing gifts on several special occasions, they are now given as Diwali plants to loved ones to bless them with all the happiness and good luck. The bamboo plant must be kept either in the South East or West direction to promote good health and prosperity in life.

The benefits of this plant include –

  • According to Vaastu Shastra, they spread positive energies in the surroundings of the home.
  • It brings peace and good fortune in the home in which they are kept.
  • They ward off negative energies from homes.

Every number of stalks of bamboo plants represents different characteristics –

  • Two stalks: It signifies the feeling of love and brings good luck.
  • Three stalks: It represents joy, wealth, and good fortune.
  • Four stalks: Avoid giving bamboo plants to loved ones with four stalks as it signifies bad luck and death.
  • Five stalks: It elevates mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, and intuitive well-being.
  • Six stalks: It attracts success and financial gains in life.
  • Seven stalks: It promotes good health and wealth.
  • Eight stalks: It attracts growth, fertility, and development.

So, choose the most appropriate one for your understanding and supportive loved ones and make Diwali 2019 a prosperous and healthy affair for them!

Lucky Bamboo Plants

2. Statue of Lord Buddha

Another most popular Feng Shui gifts for the splendid occasion of Diwali to surprise and bless dear ones is Lord Buddha statues. Due to the fast-paced lives, our hearts and minds remain restless and bringing home this statute will bless homes and lives with calmness, joy, and contentment. Available in a variety of designs and postures, this one is a meaningful auspicious gift item that will bring happiness, peace, and tranquility in everyone’s life.

Every posture of Lord Buddha communicates a different aspect of his life. Let’s know here…

  • Laughing Buddha: It marks the aspects of happiness, celebratory spirits, and immense energy in the surrounding. Keeping the on the entrance of homes brings in good cheer and positive energies in them.
  • Sleeping Buddha: It epitomizes tranquility, calm, and simplicity, and brings a soothing effect to the surroundings of your home. It spreads relaxing energies when placed in the drawing room or close to bedrooms.
  • Meditating Buddha: Gifting this postured Buddha statue to loved ones blesses them with prosperous careers and good blessings.

There are Lord Buddha water fountains available which provide a soothing and peaceful effect in the homely atmosphere.

Statue of Lord Buddha

3. Lord Ganesha Idol

As Indians always worship Vighnaharta Ganesha on every festive occasion, the Lord also holds a special place in the Puja ceremonies on Diwali. The Lord Ganesha is devoutly worshipped as the god of happiness, health, wealth, and knowledge. He is worshipped along with Goddess Lakshmi to remove all obstacles from the Diwali religious ceremonies. The idols of Lord Ganesha are also gifted along with other gifts to the loved ones to shower them with the divine blessings. The idols are a mark of happiness and prosperity to the loved ones and therefore, hold a special place in the Diwali gifting.

Every posture of Lord Ganesha signifies something special. Read here before picking up one for your loved ones…

  • Standing Ganesha: The standing position of Lord Ganesha is known as ‘Abhanga’ posture. A standing Ganesha represents the right attitude and rigidity.
  • Sitting Ganesha: Ganesha in ‘Lalitasana’ signifies relaxation and calmness. He sits with one leg on the ground representing his concern for devotees, whereas another leg folded symbolizing the state of half-meditation. This posture is common and is ideal for worshipping in homes and offices.
  • Reclining Ganesha: This posture of Lord Ganesha is ideal for homes for decoration purposes. The reclining posture is not considered viable for worshipping. They represent comfort and luxury.

Lord Ganesha Idol

4. Ganesh-Lakshmi Silver Coin

As the festival of Diwali is all about worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to bring home wealth and prosperity, Indian people also buy silver coins engraved with the images of both the divine idols on them. Since the Diwali festival is preceded by the festival of Dhanteras on which purchasing metal items is considered auspicious, people purchase these coins in advance on Dhanteras and worship them on the day of Diwali. Owing to the auspicious element in the silver metal, these coins are also gifted to dear ones on Diwali by various people. The preciousness of the silver coins and the carvings of the Lakshmi-Ganesha make loved ones feel special!

Ganesh-Lakshmi Silver Coin

5. Diwali Puja thali

As Diwali Lakshmi Puja holds immense significance on the day of this festival, people always prepare a special and beautiful Pooja Thali to impress the Goddess. With the availability of various readymade designer Diwali Puja thalis, there is no need to take out extra time from the busy Diwali schedule to decorate your own thali. These items of religious Diwali celebrations can be gifted to dear ones to help them save time and religiously perform all the rituals in a proper manner.

Diwali Puja thali

The latest collection of these Diwali gifts include –

  • Silver Puja thali
  • Designer clay Puja thali
  • Golden Puja thali
  • Wooden Puja thali

6. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, and others make exciting and healthy Diwali gifts. As the festival of Diwali is all about wishing loved ones with love, happiness, and good health, these dry fruits makes the best and thoughtful Diwali gift for them.

As soon as the festival of Deepavali approaches, these salubrious nuts come packed in designer boxes and containers to make Diwali gifting a fantastic and sophisticated affair for the dear ones. The dry fruit gifts include –

  • Dry fruit baskets
  • Designer dryfruit potlis
  • Decorative dry fruit boxes
  • Designer and antique finish dryfruit chests and more…

Dry Fruits

7. Paper Home Decoration Items

According to the Vaastu Shastra, paper is considered as an auspicious material to be gifted to someone. It gives out positive vibrations and promotes good energies in life. As sweets and dry fruits can make Diwali gifting a bit more conventional, you can accompany colorful home decoration stuff made from colorful paper like torans, lamps and lanterns, and others to make your loved one’s home look appealing and fantastic.

Paper Home Decoration Items

The Final Note

The above-mentioned gifts can make this upcoming Diwali a momentous and wonderful extravaganza for your special ones. The festival already carries the positive and amazing vibes; these gifts for Diwali will even bring more cheer exhilaration in its celebrations. Giftalove.com is a website which offers a good variety of these gifts online for the magnificent festive occasion of Deepavali. o, which one is your favorite?

10+ Easy Steps to Deep Clean Homes for Diwali 2019!

With the grand festival of Diwali just a week away, it’s time for the “Ghar Ki Safai”!!! There is a huge hurdle noticed in every household of India in which every member of the family is seen engaged in handling some household chore or the other. The house cleaning equipment is already out and some people are even getting their homes painted to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on this magnificent Indian festival. Owing to the mythological belief that Goddess Lakshmi only enters homes that are clean and in which happiness resides, people leave no stones unturned to bless their abodes with the divine blessings.


It is always a strenuous task to decide where to begin the deep cleaning process in homes. So, it is always better to divide the tasks among all the family members so that each of them can be handled efficiently. So, below is the list of some of the common chores which are followed by everyone to get their homes clean as a whistle!!!

1. Clean Kitchens means Clean Homes

Hygiene in homes begins from the kitchen as food which we eat gets prepared in it. A tidy and well-maintained kitchen reflects what kind of a person we are. As all the ‘Prashad’ for the Lakshmi Puja on Diwali gets prepared and cooked in the kitchen, therefore, it must be kept clean and sanitized.

  • Wash kitchen counters well with a good quality cleaner
  • Clean the kitchen stoves well with a mild detergent to avoid scratches or unwanted marks.
  • Wipe the containers of spices, pulses, and other edible items properly to ensure their cleanliness.
  • Wash all the utensils all over again to ensure cleanliness.
  • Dust the walls of the kitchen to get rid of spiders and other insects.
  • Wipe the kitchen floors and every corner of the kitchen with a slightly hard floor cleaner to remove dirt and insects.
  • Dishwashers must also be washed properly.

Clean Kitchens means Clean Homes


2. Remove ‘No More Needed’ Stuff – “De-Cluttering”

Throughout the year, we continue to get new things to our homes without disposing of the older ones. This leads to an accumulation of unnecessary stuff and a lack of spaces to store essential things. This Diwali, de-clutter your homes of all the things which you no more use…

  • Go for the bed boxes which hardly get opened and separate the unnecessary items from the used ones. After the separation, take all the required stuff out of them, dust them, spread fresh newspapers, put back the required stuff, and sprinkle naphthalene balls to avoid pests and insects from spoiling them.
  • It’s time for the wardrobes now!!! Separate essential items from the no more required ones, clean the entire wardrobe with a cloth, and hang or put back the clothes.
  • After the bedrooms, go for the kitchen and check all the stuff kept in the drawers or cupboards. If you think there is something that needs to be thrown away, immediately remove them.


Remove No More Needed Stuff De Cluttering

3. Go for the Corners

The corners of the house are the most dangerous and disease-prone areas. Insects like mosquitoes and spiders and air contaminants such as dirt and dust always target the corners.

  • Remove household stuff like sofas, beds, cupboards, wooden racks, and other decoration items placed in the corners of the homes for deep cleaning.
  • Dust all the corners of the walls while covering your head and face with a cotton cloth to avoid dust going into your mouth.
  • Slowing wipe the floor with a broom to remove dust and dirt properly.
  • Mop the corners of the home with a fragrant floor cleaner that is also a disinfectant.

Go for the Corners

4. Dust & Clean Appliances

The busy and hectic lives have made us dependent on various electrical appliances which have made them easier. But, little time did we get too deep clean this equipment on which we are so dependent on. Let this Diwali be the reason to make these electrical friends clean as new ones.

  • Microwaves: Continuously cooking in these appliances makes them smell bad. Make a solution from water, lemon, vinegar, and baking soda in a microwave-safe glass bowl. Keep a wooden spoon in the bowl to avoid it from bursting. Microwave this solution for five minutes and let it be inside for five more minutes after the machine is switched off. Remove the turntable and wash it with clean water. Wipe the interiors of the appliance with a clean sponge cloth to remove grease and food remnants.
  • Fans: Make a solution of water and washing detergent and scrub the fans with it to remove dirt and dust from them. Clean it with a dry cloth until it is shiny.
  • TV: Always wipe this appliance with a soft cloth dipped in a little solution of water and mild soap. Use a soft brush to remove dust in the vents. The screen of the TY must be wiped with a soft, dry microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Lights and Lampshades: First remove the dust from the top with a brush or dry cloth. Dip a soft cloth in a solution of water and soap and wipe them thoroughly to make them shine like before. Always ensure that they are switched off while you clean them

Dust and Clean Appliances

5. Don’t Forget the Temples

Diwali Puja will be performed in the temple of the home, so always make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and decorated with all the lights and decorative items. The cleansing of the temples must be done only after taking a bath.

  • Remove the idols of God and Goddess, Puja Thali, and other essential items from the temple and keep them in a safe place outside the reach of the small children.
  • Dust the temple with a clean cloth and wipe it with a wet cloth from all sides.
  • Open the cabinets in the temples, if any, and also clean them nicely removing all the dirt from them.
  • Wash the divine idol in clean water properly and let them dry in the sunshade.
  • After the Mandir has dried, place a fresh decorative paper on the inside and place the idols once they are dried.

Do not Forget the Temples

6. Vacuuming & Polishing Furniture

Beautiful furniture elevates the home décor and makes it warmer and welcoming for the guests. Diwali witnesses a good number of guests visiting our homes, therefore, all furniture items like sofas, dining tables, couches, wooden shelves, and others must be properly vacuumed and wiped.

  • Dust all the furniture items with a dry cloth first and then with a wet soft cloth.
  • For the couches, use vacuum cleaners to remove dust penetrated in the corners.
  • Wooden paintings and other decorative items must also be wiped.
  • The glass of the center table must be wiped with a dry microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Get all the wooden furniture polished for a perfect shine and gloss to them

Vacuuming & Polishing Furniture

7. Target the Floors

The floor of the house must be deep cleaned to make it look shinier and brighter.

  • You can use a floor cleaner efficient in removing the darkness from the floor so that it looks cleaner.
  • You can even make use of online deep cleaning services available during the Diwali season to ensure better results.

Target the Floors

8. Washing Fabrics

People get no time to wash fabrics in their daily hectic lives. They somehow manage to get their clothes washed. So, this Diwali, ensure that every fabric of your house starting from the curtains, table cloth, bed sheets, towels, hand towels, sofa covers, and others gets washed and cleaned.

  • Curtains: These must be washed separately from all the other fabrics as they may have more dust and dirt. First, rinse them in a normal bucket of water and then soak them in detergent water for better results.
  • Bedsheets and pillow cover: Although they get washed now and then with other regular clothes, this Diwali takes out the best bedsheet from your collection and wash it before spreading it on the bed. Use mild detergent to avoid washing away of colors.
  • Table cloth and sofa covers: These must be hand washed as they are delicate and lose their shape if washed in washing machines.
  • Towels: Wash them in good detergents and then soak them in fabric conditioners to ensure their softness.

Washing Fabrics

9. Spotless Bathrooms

Cleaning every place in the house for Diwali and leaving bathrooms is still a health risk. As the bathroom can be a home to harmful germs and insects if not cleaned, so, always make it a point to clean it every now and then.

  • Start with the commode: Spread a toilet cleaner and leave it on it for about 15 minutes. Wipe the commode with a brush and flush it on.
  • Bathroom floorings:  The floors of the bathrooms often lose their colors due to the harmful effects of the soaps and detergents. Take a good bathroom floor cleaner and apply it on for shiner bathroom flooring.
  • Tiles: Wash bathroom tiles with a solution of water and detergent.
  • Tubs and buckets: wash these with soap properly from the inside and outside.
  • Taps and Pipes: Use mild detergents to clean them as harsh ones can corrode the metal.
  • Wash Basins: Use light cleaning liquids to clean them as harsh ones can corrode their base.
  • Don’t forget to dust the ceiling of the bathrooms.

Spotless Bathrooms

10. Mopping Entrances of Homes

Diwali is not just about cleaning homes, it is also about making the surroundings clean. Ensure that the entrance of your house is nicely cleaned as it is decorated with Rangoli, light, Diwali diyas, flowers, and candles.

  • Wash the entrance with water and clean the floors with a soapy solution to remove dust and dirt from it.
  • Dust the walls to hang lights and flower garlands.
  • Clean the doors with a cloth dipped in cleaning solutions.

Mopping Entrances of Homes

11. Bring Home Greenery for Fresh Look

As plants have become the best home décor items owing to the large benefits they provide to the people, bringing these green friends home is certainly the best idea for Diwali. The houseplants will bring the fresh and green look to the home atmosphere making it look more lively and happy. These Diwali plants (https://www.giftalove.com/plants/diwali) will absorb harmful gases like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and make the home air pure and suitable for breathing.

Bring Home Greenery for Fresh Look

Diwali Plants: Combat Pollution in Homes in a Greener Way!!!

“GOING GREEN” is the new motto of everyone’s life considering the highly polluted air in the cities. The festival of Diwali infuses enthusiasm and happiness in one’s life, but also makes us feel worried about the contaminated air from the crackers. Tackling the situation of pollution outside requires larger resources, but at least we can do what’s in our hands. In such a stressful situation, indoor plants can somewhat elevate the situation with their natural benefits keeping the air within homes clean and making Diwali a pleasant and stress-free affair for the citizens.


There is a special category of houseplants known for their natural qualities of eliminating toxic substances from the air within homes. The air- purifying characteristics make these plants suitable to be gifted to loved ones or ordered for one’s own home on the festive occasion of Diwali. So, have a look at some of the Diwali plants which you can even order online and enjoy a safe and pollution-free Diwali in homes.

1. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Being one of the most popular plants for gifting purposes, lucky bamboo plants are capturing everyone’s attention. The attractive looks and the auspicious factor of this plant make it an ideal plant for Diwali to gift to loved ones.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

2. Snake Plant

With the rising pollution levels in the cities of India, plants have become the gifts to be gifted to loved ones. Popularly called a mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant is the best plant to gift or buy this Diwali season for air purification in homes. It emits ample oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, and decreases formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene in the indoor air.

Snake Plant

3. Peace Lily

This plant perfectly resonates with its name spreading peace in the surrounding of a home. It is a flower-bearing plant that is considered healthy for the interiors of a home as it removes harmful elements from the air such as trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, acetone, alcohols, and benzene. Peace Lily is also known for its high transpiration rate which helps in the purification and humidification. The plant requires good amounts of water due to its high transpiration rate. Moreover, the leaves of peace lily when misted with warm water wards off pests, spiders, mites, and insects from attacking our homes.

Always keep this plant away from the reach of children and pets as its leaves are toxic in nature.

Peace Lily

4. Spider Plant

Also known as an air plant, spider plant has a good growth rate. This plant removes formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide coming from the furniture wax, thinner, and detergents used during the cleaning and furnishing of the house for Diwali.

Spider Plant

5. Money Plant

Money plant is a common plant that is found in almost every home in the country. The plant gives out good amounts of oxygen and efficiently removes pollutants like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, toluene, xylene, and benzene from the air within homes. According to the Vastu Shastra, it also reduces the stress levels when it is kept in homes or offices.

Money Plant

6. Dracena Compacta

The best thing about gifting this plant to the loved ones or ordering for one’s home is that it eliminates trichloroethylene from the atmosphere within homes. It is essential to keep this plant hydrated as its leaves when dried are prone to insects and mites.Dracena Compacta

7. Holy Basil

Everybody is familiar with the fact that chewing holy basil leaves in the morning keep one’s body healthy and free from illnesses. Gifting or ordering this plant on Diwali protects people from the harmful effects of the pollution and keeps their throat and lungs healthy. Consuming the leaves of this plant in tea keep our throats clean from harmful bacteria and infections. Moreover, being an auspicious plant for homes, it keeps negative energies at bay.

Holy Basil

8. Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm is one of the most suitable Diwali plants to stave off pollution from crackers as well as the elimination of environmental pollutants like benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene from the indoor air. It looks appealing to the eyes and requires less water to survive. As this plant gives out good amounts of water vapor, it hydrates the surroundings of the home.

Bamboo Palm

The Final Note

Let’s make Diwali 2019 a safer and pollution-free affair for your family and other dear ones with these green and natural air purifiers in homes. Find these attractive houseplants on Giftalove.com to make this upcoming festival of lights a pleasant and healthier one for everyone. Potted in attractive containers, they will undoubtedly help your beat air pollution in homes caused by crackers and other components!!!

Have a healthy, wealthy, and prosperous Diwali!!!

10 Best Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas to Strengthen Bonds with Employees & Clients!

Diwali is lauded as a significant festival in the business world. It is believed that the festival of Diwali brings wealth and prosperity when Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on this day. The corporate houses celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and magnificence to create new milestones and make their business prosper and grow to new heights. Employees and clients are considered the backbone of any company as their trust and hard work makes it flourish and attain immense growth. Deepavali is considered as an auspicious occasion to applaud the efforts of the employees and pay respect and gratitude to the clients who have laid their trust and invested time and money in the organization. Wishing a happy and prosperous Diwali to them with a stunning corporate Diwali gifts kindles a special relationship between you and them making the professional journey a comfortable and jovial one for everyone.


Finding difficult to decide what to gift this special occasion to the employees and clients? Well, below are some of the best Diwali gift ideas which will certainly fit in your budget and leave a lasting impact on your staff and clientele.

1. Idols of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is the first who is worshipped by everyone on any special or festive occasion. His blessings wards off all the negativities and infuse the celebrations with happiness and prosperity. With a beautiful and wide range of idols of Lord Ganesha available online, you can certainly pick them to distribute among employees and clients as Diwali gifts to shower divine blessings on them.

Idols of Lord Ganesha

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant

The festival of Diwali is about spreading the auspiciousness and happiness all around. As the lucky bamboo plant has become popular gift items to give to dear ones on special occasions, it is also an essential Diwali gift to promote the idea of green gifting. Giving these Diwali plants to the staff members and clients will bless them with good luck, joy, and prosperity and also make their homes look livelier and greener!Lucky Bamboo Plant

3. Lord Buddha Designer Statues

Lord Buddha is a symbol of good luck, joy, and prosperity. Lauded as the popular and attractive Feng Shui gift item, they are available in various shapes, sizes, and postures each one holding certain meanings in the teachings of Buddha. Gifting Lord Buddha statues to people creates a positive aura around them invoking spirituality and inner peace within them. So, this one is certainly one of the best Diwali gifts which can be given to the business partners and employees.

Lord Buddha Designer Statues

4. Crockery Items

Diwali is a festive occasion on which guests come over to visit everyone. Delicious delicacies are served in beautiful crockery sets by people to their visitors on Diwali. Getting attractive crockery items to gift to employees and clients on Diwali is a wonderful idea as they are useful and elevate the beauty of their dining tables on this festive day. Tea sets and dinner sets are the most preferred ones during Diwali by the people.Crockery Items

5. Paintings

People often revamp their home interiors for Diwali to make them look more beautiful and enchanting for the guests. Paintings are the most amazing home décor items which imparts an exquisite touch to the newly painted walls. So, why not give away these beautiful pieces of art to the office staff and clients on the occasion of Deepavali! Order them now to spread the magic of bright colors of the walls of your employees and clients.Paintings

6. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits constitute a part of exquisite and healthy gifting on the festive occasion of Diwali. As festive time means gorging on the delicacies without getting worried about the pounds of weight or calories, these nuts are certainly the best take on good health amidst oily foods and sweets. So, gifting trays and baskets loaded with dry fruits to your comrades on Diwali is an incredible idea.

Dry Fruits

7. Designer Silver Gifts

Silver gifts are popular gift items on Diwali to be gifted to loved ones. With a huge line up of silver-plated gifts online, Diwali can becomes a pleasing festive occasion for the people. Available in a variety of shapes, designs, and prices, the silver gifts come packed in exquisite good-quality boxes. You can choose from the wide range of silver bowl sets, royal glasses, Puja thalis, and more for employees and clients which they utilize as home décor or serving items.

Designer Silver Gifts

8. Laughing Buddha

Known as a prominent Feng Shui gift item, a Laughing Buddha brings good fortune, happiness, wealth and prosperity wherever it is placed. The cute and smiling face of Buddha spreads joy in the surroundings. Gifting statues of laughing Buddha to clients and employees is a wonderful thought to bless them with joyous and stress-free life.

Laughing Buddha

9. Chocolate Boxes

The grand festival of Diwali is all about relishing the scrumptious sweets and delicacies with the dear ones. To give away chocolates for Diwali to the office staff and clients is a wonderful idea as the delicious taste of these sweet treats will make the festivities even more fantastic and enjoyable. Ferrero Rochers, Bogatchi, Cadbury Celebrations, & other range of assorted chocolates are some of the best options to go for to distribute in the company.Chocolate Boxes

10. Spa Hampers

Amidst the hectic lifestyles of today, spas are certainly an escapade. People especially take out time from their busy schedules to refresh themselves and invigorate their bodies with new energies. Diwali is a suitable occasion to gift effective spa hampers to employees and clients to bless them with a stress-free and healthy life. Aromatic candles, body lotions, essential oils, body washes, and so much more make these hampers an instant hit among people.

Spa hampers

The Final Note

Being considerate to the hard efforts and dedication of the employees is the responsibility of every organization. Diwali gives an opportunity to these companies to express their gratitude and regards to the employees and their clients. Choose from the above gift options for Diwali and spread a wave of happiness and excitement among all your employees, business partners, and patrons.

GiftaLove.com: The One Stop Store for Complete Diwali Shopping 2017!

Heading for Diwali shopping? Well then it will be a hectic day for you. But, wait! Why are you still looking up for traditional shopping ideas for Diwali gifts when you simply opt for Diwali shopping online? Apart from the being convenient, online Diwali shopping at GiftaLove is the most amazing way to shop wonderful and unique Diwali gifts with great ease.diwali-shopping-blogJust like illuminating home, gifting is the act of enlightening hearts on Diwali. So when you are about to start your Diwali shopping don’t miss out Diwali gifts from your shopping list. After all sharing happiness with near and dear ones is the great way of celebrating this festival of light. However, at Giftalove.com, you are not only offered with Diwali gifts range but with amazing Diwali shopping (https://www.giftalove.com/diwali-shopping) items like:

Wonderful Home Décor Items:
On Diwali, everyone accentuate their home décor with wonderful decorative articles. At GiftaLove, there is exclusive category for Diwali Decorative Items to shop online for home decoration like wall hangings, t-light holders, decorative and aromatic candles and many things alike. And, what’s amazing, that these can be excellent Diwali gifts too.Decor Items

Colorful and Decorative Diyas:
Traditional diyas have got the new colorful and decorative avatar at GiftaLove. Here the range for Diwali Diyas is simply awesome. From colorful to hand painted ones, you will get a wide variety for Diwali diyas to shop online in unique designs and trendy patterns as well. Moreover, you can also surprise your far away residing loved ones with attractive diyas via GiftaLove. Just send Diwali gifts to India anywhere.Decorative Diyas

Mesmerizing Divine Idols:
Diwali being an auspicious festival is considered a day of great significance among the Hindus. To add more meaning to the festive shopping, here on the portal you can find an exclusive range for Divine idols of Lord Ganesh, goddess Lakshmi, Shiv Parvati, Radha Krishna and more. Even such idols can be thoughtful Deepavali gifts too.Divine Idols

Mouthwatering Sweet Savors:
Festivals like Diwali cannot be pictured without families and friends enjoying traditional Indian sweet delicacies. Therefore, here on Diwali gifts range, the exclusive category for Diwali sweets has been loaded with plethora of delightful and delectable traditional Indian sweet varieties like Rasgulla, Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun, Motichoor Laddu, Soan Papdi and much more.sweets

Healthy and Crunchy: Dry Fruit Hampers
No wonder dry fruits are great gifting option as these are healthy and delightful. In fact, the act of gifting dry fruits is the act of conveying hearty feelings of care. And, when dry fruits get combined with many other Diwali gifting articles, these turn out to be amazing Diwali Gift. Considering the same, here this portal will ensure you get impressive choices for Diwali Dry fruits hampers with its exclusive range of myriad unique gifting selections.Dry Fruit Hampers

As Diwali is approaching fast, it is the right time for all to make get into Deepavali gifts shopping and spread happiness with loved ones and celebrate the festival that signifies the true meaning of victory of good over the evil!!

7 Amazing Corporate Diwali Gifts that Can Strengthen your Corporate Camaraderie

Diwali or Deepawali, as it is traditionally referred to as, is the glorious festival of lights. It is observed all over India as the triumph of light over gloom, hope over despair and knowledge over ignorance. In order to celebrate it in high spirits everyone comes up with exciting and exuberant Diwali Gift Ideas for their kinfolks. Nonetheless, there is another family that exists beyond your dwellings. It comprises of your loyal employees. To exalt their efforts on this auspicious day, you must arrange for the best Corporate Diwali Gifts for them.happy-diwaliIf you browse for online gifts over the web, you will definitely find a wide plethora of presents for Diwali, but it will be really tricky for you to figure out the best one for your special ones. Talking about the Corporate Diwali Gifts, they have to be enticing enough to make for a persuasive incentive for employees.

Here are a few attractive options on the best Corporate Diwali gifts that can make this occasion memorable for all of them:

  • Designer German Silver Bowl Sets:

Silver gifts never fail to make an impact on all the lovers of opulence and creativity. This Diwali you can delight all your colleagues or employees by offering them elegant Designer German silver Bowl Sets. You can choose from the wide array that includes Attractive set of German silver tray and 3 bowls, twin bowl German silver pudding set, Silver Apple Shaped Bowl with Spoons and so on.German Silver Bowl Sets

  • Auspicious and Opulent Silver Idols:

In India, no occasion is celebrated without the blessings of the Almighty. As one of the most beguiling Diwali Gift Ideas, you can show your devotion by gifting beautiful silver idols such as silver Ganesh chowki with diya, silver Cow and Calf Figurines, and Peepal leaf Ganesh Lakshmi designer portray. There is no risk of tarnishing of these silver idols as they are oxidized.Auspicious and Opulent Silver Idols

  • Exquisite Designer Wall Clocks:

Well, gifting of designer wall clocks to the close associates on Diwali has been a popular tradition. This Diwali, you must amaze your employees and clients with the traditionally designed Exquisite wall clocks such as Wooden and brass colorful wall clock, Wooden and brass designer clock or the Stone Embedded Multicolor Square Shaped Wooden Wall Clocks.Designer Wall Clocks

  • Alluring Antique Items:

For a lover of home décor, Antique Items and artifacts can be a much longed gift item. These can make for a perfect token of consideration. You can choose from a wide variety that includes decorative cow cart in brass metal, Miniature horse cart model in brass metal, Designer Wooden camel set or the Brass metal decorative iron that works as an ashtrayAntique Items

  • Divine Ganesha Wall Hanging:

Wall hangings are one of the most appealing Diwali Gifts. They can easily titivate the home with a touch of traditional art. This year, you must daze all your employees with alluring Ganesha Wall Hangings like the multicolored brass leaf Ganesha Wall Hanging or the silver leaf Ganesha Wall Hanging.Divine Ganesha Wall Hanging

  • Eye Catchy Idols in White Marble:

White symbolizes serenity and sanctity. These days, white marble statuettes are in much demand among the people. From the wide array of such idols that includes Decorative cow and calf statue, Cute and Joyous Ganesha, Intricate Laxmi-Ganesha and many others, you can pick out the best ones for your employees.Eye Catchy Idols in White Marble

  • Silver Diya Stands:

As one of the most alluring Diwali Gift Ideas, you can choose to gift one of the exquisite gift option such as Auspicious Laxmi-Ganesha Diya Stands, Silver Laxmi Ganesha diya stand on leaf, silver Laxmi Ganesha idol with Diya and so on.Silver Diya Stands

With these amazing Diwali Gift Ideas, you can clearly make out that there is no end to innovation, when it comes to gifting. You can also find personalized corporate gifts according to the predilections of your employees and other associates. Here on this renowned e-gifting portal, https://www.giftalove.com, you can find endless options on corporate Diwali gifts for your clients and subordinates. With their fast and economic gift delivery network, you can send all your gifts in given time frame and at least cost.