10 Wonderful Benefits of Peace Lily Plant in Homes!

Also known as Spathiphyllum, the peace lily plant is a popular choice as an indoor plant owing to the large amounts of benefits it provides to human health and the amazing touch it gives to the interiors when placed inside. The combinations of the dark green foliage and the white flowers make this plant such a favourite of people.


Unaware of the advantages this plant provides to the overall well-being of the humans? Well, get to know here…

1. Purifies Indoor Air from Pollutants

Air pollution in homes is certainly a topic of major concern for the human beings. Apart from being an indoor beautiful plant, peace lily plant also cleanses indoor air from the harmful pollutants. According to the research of NASA, this indoor plant has the ability to eliminate 60 percent of the pollutants like benzene, ammonia, trichloroethylene, xylene, and formaldehyde from the atmosphere. It adds moisture to the air and makes it suitable for breathing.

2. Perfect Inclusion to Home Decor

Peace lily is one of the most attractive houseplants which can effortlessly and naturally spruce up the home decor with its beautiful appearance. The bright green leaves and the gorgeous white flowers make this plant appealing to the eyes and makes the home decor look sophisticated and appealing in every way. A small peace lily plant looks best when placed in the corner of the rooms, on tables or shelves.

3. Prevents Mildew in Bathrooms & Washrooms

The high moisture content in the toilets and bathrooms makes these places a home to moulds and mildew. People can witness them on tiles and curtains. As peace lily can thrive in high humidity conditions, keeping them in bathrooms will reduce the amount of moisture in the air as the plant will absorb it. Eventually, the dampness on the curtains and walls will reduce hampering the growth of mold spores.

4. Absorbs Harmful Acetone Vapors

The air indoors just not gets polluted from the pollutants which have entered from outside, but also from products normally used in homes. Products like varnishes, paints, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol contains acetone and alcohol which emits harmful vapours which are injurious to human health. Excessive exposure to these vapours causes acetone poisoning which may lead to headache, lack of coordination, fatigue, slurred speech, and low blood pressure. Peace lily plant absorbs these gases and controls their presence in the indoor atmosphere.

5. Low Maintenance Plant

With the people turning to green home decor, there is a huge demand of indoor plants. They bring them home and gives an eco-friendly and beautiful touch to their home decor. But, their busy schedules leave them with no time to take good care of their plants, sometimes even making them forget watering them. Peace lily plant is a wonderful choice as it a low-maintenance and can survive without sunlight in bright indoor light.

6. Eliminates Mould Spores From Air

The humid atmosphere in homes makes it a suitable territory for the survival and growth of mould spores which can be injurious to human health. People who are sensitive when exposed to these spores face eye irritation, throat irritation, coughing, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness, or wheezing. Peace lily plant reduces the amount of excess moisture in the air and kills mould spores.

7. Promotes Sleep

The beautiful appearance and the air purifying quality of this plant make peace lily a perfect choice for the bedrooms. It purifies the air within bedrooms and increases the level of humidity for better breathing and sleep. A rise in the level of humidity relieves irritated throat and nose. Moreover, the soothing and green foliage of this plant will alleviate feelings of stress and promotes relaxation of the mind and body.

8. Brings Peace & Good Fortune

The plant of peace lily denotes peace, purity, hope, prosperity and innocence. Besides being used as an ornamental plant in homes and offices, this plant is considered sacred as it brings good fortune and health to its users. The peace lily eliminates the harmful radiations from the television and computers.

9. Natural air freshener

The pretty white blossoms of the peace lily plant works as a fantastic fragrance diffuser in homes and offices. This plant when in full bloom stage emits an appealing fragrance that works as a wonderful room freshener. The smell of the flowers gets trapped in homes for a week making it smell fresh.

10. Condolence Plant

The peace lily plant signifies rebirth and a return to innocence. Taking potted peace lily plant to the family of the deceased person expresses your sympathy and serves as a tranquil reminder of their loved one passed away.As white flowers serves as great funeral flowers, peace lily is a thoughtful choice to take with your when attending a funeral ceremony.

Good Luck Flowers to Wish Happiness & Success to Dear Ones

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank

The bright colors of the flowers, the enchanting fragrances, and the peace they provide to the mind and heart is just inexplicable. Nature has blessed humankind with innumerable beautiful blossoms which are well-known for their attributes beneficial for the people. The universal qualities of the vivacious blooms are definitely required for the positive well-being. Known for spreading happiness, love, and warmth everywhere they are kept, these colorful beauties will certainly make everyone just go awe after them.

Good Luck Flowers

Feng Shui flowers are a popular variety among all which helps bringing happiness and prosperity in one’s life. When it’s about blessing dear ones with all the happiness and good luck, one can never go wrong with these auspicious blossoms. Gifting these to your loved ones on their special occasions will certainly bless them with good fortune and brings positivity in their life.

Read here…

1. Sunflowers

According to the traditions mentioned in the folklores, sunflowers are lauded as the flower which brings good luck and denoted loyalty, passion, and truth. These beautiful yellow flowers represent strong devotion as they always follow the direction of the Sun. Its appearance is similar to the Sun symbolizing spiritual knowledge, which is why it is called a Sunflower. These blossoms bring happiness and strengthen bonds with the dear ones whom they are gifted to. It fills our homes with a strong sense of protection and positivity.

Sunflowers make excellent gifts for people about to graduate from a school or college, or commencing a new business…


2. Lilies

One of the most beautiful and diverse flowers, Lilies represent happiness, calm, and peace through its beautiful appearance. According to the Chinese Proverb, “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” The “Lily of the Valley’ is the traditional flowers for good fortune. The plant of ‘Peace Lily’ also serves as an amazing option to bless dear ones with all the happiness and good luck in life. The strong positive vibes emitted by this plant in home or office will bring good fortune and success wherever it is placed.


3. Orchids

According to Feng Shui, orchid is considered as a classic symbol of fertility. The flower brings harmony and perfection in people’s life. It symbolizes abundance, spiritual growth, and purity of mind and heart.


4. Chrysanthemums

One of the most lauded flowers in the Asian continent and Feng Shui culture, chrysanthemums spread happiness and good fortune in the homes where they are kept…They bring more balance and success in one’s life and spreads prosperity in one’s life. As this flower is believed to attract positive energies, it brings good luck to you and your home. Go for the golden ones as they symbolize prosperity and wealth.


5. Anthurium

Also known as Flamingo Lilies, Anthuriums of red or pink colors are considered auspicious as they represent success and happiness. The heart shape of these blossoms and the bright colors will bring cheer and good luck to your loved ones.


6. Marigold

Popular in the Hindu culture and traditions, marigolds are popular flowers used in the religious ceremonies in India. For offerings to Gods and Goddesses, and decorating homes on festive and special occasions, these blossoms in orange, yellow, and maroon represents auspiciousness and good luck in every way. Marigold is associated with Mother Mary and therefore, wards off evil energies and brings good luck to people.


7. Lotus

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is considered auspicious and pure. Though this religious flower grows in the mud, but stays away from the dirt and spreads positive vibes all around. The flower represents the journey of a man towards enlightenment. It is believed that this flower brings peace and harmony to one’s homes and spread happiness all around.


The Final Note

So, next time when picking flowers for your loved ones, do remember the name of these ones and bless them with all the positive luck and prosperity. These unconventional flowers will certainly surprise them and make them applaud your unique choice. And, when they become aware of the reason behind your choice of these blossoms, they will undoubtedly feel blessed to have such a concerned and loving person in their life. If you wish to go ahead with orchids, lilies, and chrysanthemums flowers online, then do visit Giftalove.com. It is an online gifting portal offering a large variety of floral arrangements of these good luck flowers in their catalog.

Good Luck Plants For Every Zodiac Sign!

In recent times, there has been a significant rise in the number of people who believes enormously in astrology. From their names to anything, they have incorporated the concepts of astrology in everything. This immense faith is based on the aspirations of people to attain health, wealth, and prosperity in life. Even the gifting world has been influenced by the world of astrology, so much so that people send gifts to their dear ones considering the astrological factors in mind.  As good luck plants are a significant part of gifting, they too have seen an astrological transformation and are now gifted to loved ones based on their zodiac signs.

Considering this, we have listed down the plants which can be given to dear ones keeping in mind their zodiac signs.

1. Cactus, Succulents & Honeysuckle for Aries (March 21 – April 19)

People belonging to the Aries Zodiac are optimistic, go-getters, optimistic, energetic, and magnetic in nature. As these people are dominated by Mars, they are fierce and manifest the traits of a tiger. The plants associated with this zodiac sign have prickles and thorns. As cacti and succulents can survive in the blazing heat of the summers, they are as strong as the [people of this zodiac sign.

Just as Aries is the first zodiac sign in the astrological calendar, the spring season begins with the blooming of the honeysuckle flowers associated with rebirth and fresh experiences.

Cactus, Succulents & Honeysuckle

2. Ferns & Poppy for Taurus (April 30 – May 30)

People of Taurus zodiac are popular for their stubborn natures that are ruled by the romantic planet of Venus. This is the reason why these people are great admirers of beauty and are very ambitious, compassionate, and strong in attitude.

As the plants of ferns manifest the qualities of Venus such as being small and down to earth, therefore, they make perfect good luck plants for the Taurean loved ones. They are presented by the plant’s messy yet adorable appearance.

Just like a poppy flower, they stand to the ground and exhibit positivity and beauty.

Ferns & Poppy

3. Philodendron & Lavender for Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Being eloquent, unpredictable, and sharp-witted are the basic characteristics of the people belonging to the zodiac sign of Gemini. They are ruled by Mercury planet. The plants that strengthen the respiratory system and calms nervous system are considered lucky for this zodiac sign.

As this sign represents air, the lucky plant of Philodendron falling in it is wild, free, and airy too.

The other flowering plant for Geminis is Lavender as it perfectly gels up with the social and dynamic nature.

Philodendron & Lavender

4. Peace Lily & White Roses for Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer is a water zodiac sign and the Moon is its ruler. Cancerians are extremely emotional, imaginative, and have a sympathetic nature. The plants having white or yellow flowers are considered lucky for this zodiac. The plants which grow near to water bodies and have good water content are very lucky for the people of this zodiac. Therefore, water lily makes the best flowers for loved ones who care Cancerians. White roses also make excellent and elegant choices for this zodiac sign.

Peace Lily & White Roses

5. Areca Palm & Sunflower for Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Leo represents fire and the ruler is Sun. The people of this zodiac sign are born leaders and their appealing personality grabs innumerable eyeballs wherever they go. The golden or orange-colored big flowers bearing plants are auspicious for this sign.

The main attributes of Leos are that they are strong-willed, faithful, and spread positive aura all around! Areca Palms are tropical plants which represent fire just like in Leos.

As Leos spread happiness where they go, sunflowers are best flowers which represent this nature of them.

Areca Palm & Sunflower

6. Sansevieria & Chrysanthemum for Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Virgo is an Earth sign of which ruling planet is Mercury. People of this sign are wise, smart, competent, and always look out for details.

Virgos are humble, fair and dedicated and all these traits are perfectly represented by the plant Sansevieria which is also called a snake plant. It has two colors; long and narrow leaves which symbolizes the faithfulness of the Virgos.

Sansevieria & Chrysanthemum

7. Dracaena & Gladiolus for Libra (September 23 – October 23)

The zodiac of Libra signifies of which the ruling planet is Venus. The Librans are too admirers of beauty and comfort just like Taureans. They are gentle, kind, and amicable.

Dracaena is a subtropical plant that is soothing and fresh making it a perfect choice for the peaceful Libras.

As a symbol of love and peace, gladiolus epitomizes justice and strong knowledge of right and wrong.

Dracaena & Gladiolus

8. Spider Plant & Hibiscus for Scorpio (October 24 – November 21)

Scorpio depicts water symbol and is ruled by two planets, i.e. Mars and Pluto. Intelligence, enigma, and a headstrong nature make the personality of a Scorpion. The plants having thorns and grow in difficult atmospheric conditions are known to be the plants for this zodiac sign.

This plant represents the traits of a person belonging to a Scorpio zodiac which is ambition, intense, complex, passion, and focus. The plant also gives out peaceful vibes.

Spider Plant & Hibiscus

9. Ficus Bonsai & Carnations for Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius is a fire sign of which Jupiter is the ruler. People of this zodiac sign are vibrant, exciting, and inquisitive and are ever ready to explore new things in life.

As Sagittarians are passionate, energetic and social, all kinds of Ficus are lucky for them.

Carnation flowers represent strong nature and beauty of Sagittarians.

Ficus Bonsai & Carnations

10. Aglaonema & Jasmine for Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is an Earth sign and the ruler of it is Saturn planet. The main natural attributes of the Capricorns are ambitious, traditionalist, resolute, real, and helpful.

The vibrant white or red colors of the leaves of aglaonema perfectly symbolize the Earth element!

Known for being diligent and fast, Capricorns love to enjoy the good results of their hard work, similar to a new and beautiful jasmine flower.

Aglaonema & Jasmine

11. Money Plant & Orchid for Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius is an Air sign and the planet of Uranus is its ruler. Normally, the people of this zodiac sign are honest, curious, affectionate, straightforward, and imaginative. The plants like money plant and orchids that provides relaxation to the nervous system and promotes blood circulation are lucky for Aquarians.

Money Plant & Orchid

12. Lucky Bamboo & Water Lily for Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces is a Water symbol and is ruled by two ruling planets – Neptune and Jupiter. The people of Pisces zodiac are selfless in nature and always help others. Moreover, they are very emotional and hold empathy with people in need. They have a creative mind and are very instinctive in nature. But lucky bamboo and water lilies to express your love to them.Lucky Bamboo & Water Lily

5 Most Beneficial Plants to Befriend This Sultry Summers

The widespread Indian subcontinent is getting broiled by the sudden heat waves and soaring temperatures of the summer season. The people of India are eagerly waiting for the cool spells of rain after experiencing the blazing heat of this hot and humid season for days now. We have often come across a statement that the areas with high amounts of greenery are much cooler and have a pleasant environment than compared to places with little or no plantation at all. The greenery keeps the levels of temperatures much moderate and contributes to a better and thriving ecosystem.

Plant banner

Plants are great gifts from God to humanity bestowed with surprising and ample health benefits when planted or consumed orally (like aloe vera or tulsi) by people. With the rising popularity of plants to elevate home décor nowadays, we can actually keep some of them within or outside our homes to avail their great amount of benefits and to deal with pesky summer problems. So, this summers, shake your hands with these five extremely beneficial plants (https://www.giftalove.com/plants) that will kick off the harsh effects of this sultry season.

1. Aloe Vera

One of the most succulent and evergreen plants, Aloe Vera is a popular one grown in every Indian household. From treating minor skin rashes to detoxifying the body from harmful toxins, it perfectly cures every health problem from head to toe. The cooling texture of this plant makes it a wonderful remedy to deal with lingering health problems of the summer season.  If you have not included this indoor plant a part of your home yet, then quickly own one as you’ll be surprised with its great amount of health benefits.

Some of the benefits are –

  • As the heat waves make our hair look dull and dry, the plant sap can be applied to the hair and hair scalp for better moisturization and softness.
  • The naturally extracted aloe vera gel can be applied to the sunburns and inflamed parts of the body for quick healing.
  • It is a great skin moisturizer and helps to remove dead cells from the skin
  • The juice of the plant cleans the digestive tracts and improved digestion that happens in summers due to the slowing of the digestion process.

Aloe Vera

2. Holy Basil or Tulsi

The Tulsi plant (also called Holy Basil) is much more than just being a plant with religious connotations. It is basically an herb found in every Indian household as it is worshipped by people with great devotion. The high amount of medical benefits it provides has garnered it with a title of “Queen of Herbs”. A renowned Ayurvedic medicine since ages, the leaves and stems of the holy basil plant are infused with loads of health benefits.

Some of the benefits are-

  • Drinking tea made with tulsi leaves helps in getting rid of stubborn cold and cough in summers.
  • Crushed tulsi leaves can be applied to mosquito or other insect bites.
  • Drinking warm water boiled with tulsi leaves detoxifies the body from within and promotes healthy and glowing skin.

Holy Basil

3. Giloy Plant

Also known as the root of immortality, the Giloy plant is a popular Ayurvedic herb since ages. As summer season means the breeding season of mosquitoes, there is a huge amount risk of dengue in the atmosphere. Growing this plant indoors or outdoors will help you get rid of multiple health problems without actually gulping any medicines. It is imbued with anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, and immunomodulatory properties and is extremely safe for kids.

Some of the benefits are-

  • This plant is a wonderful remedy to treat chronic fever like dengue, chikungunya, or swine flu. It increases the count of platelets in the body and eliminates symptoms of such fevers.
  • It removes harmful free radicals from the body due to the presence of anti-oxidants.
  • Treats symptoms of cough and cold.

Giloy Plant

4. Lemon Balm

The soothing and cooling properties of this medicinal plant make it a wonderful plant to grow in summers. The fresh lemony and minty fragrance uplifts any health problem that causes harmful side effects on the body.

Some of the benefits are-

  • It cures insect bites when its crushed leaves are applied to the skin.
  • When these leaves are boiled and water to drink, then it treats symptoms of cold, cough, and headaches.
  • It treats skin inflammation in summers as it is a natural astringent and is beneficial for oily and acne prone skin.
  • The ample amounts of antioxidants in lemon balm plant reduce the bad effects of the harmful free radicals from the body.

Lemon Balm

5. Ginger

This root is a known Ayurvedic cure for multiple health problems. It can be easily grown in a home garden or even in pots to treat the health conditions in the summer season. It is a popular cure when consumed in teas. Its other health benefits include-

  • The low appetite can be treated with this spice when added to teas.
  • As summer comes with a lot of tummy problems, drinking ginger tea is ideal to treat such problems.
  • The strong flavor of ginger relieves the body from any stress after a long day at work.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of this root protect the skin from infections of the summer season.


Lucky Bamboo Plants: More Than Just Home Décor Items!!!

In an era, where people can be seen wearing the burden of their own mistakes in the form of pollution masks, this tragic situation is certainly a comedy of errors created by their very own hands. Despite several warnings issued by environmentalists on the rising pollution, people turned a deaf ear to this whole situation which ultimately led to alarming pollution levels in the country. It is high time to keep a check on one’s health while engaging ourselves in activities that can make a difference in this grave situation.


As planting trees and keeping the environment more green can save us from the impending dangers that lie ahead, people have turned to plant trees in the surroundings and keeping indoor plants in their homes as a rescue to keep the air fresh and feasible for breathing. The markets are seen flooded with a huge variety of indoor plants like bamboo plants which are one of the most popular picks by people for home décor as well as gifting purposes. Apart from their pleasant appearance and a popular gifting item, bamboo plants are not only known for keeping the air breathable in living spaces but also considered lucky to keep in homes as well in offices. And, when we think of surprising someone with gifts on their accomplishments, they are the best ones to go for as they are touted as bringers of good luck and success.

Hence, besides just being home décor items to spruce up the beauty of the home interiors, bamboo plants have so much more to them which make them totally ideal for all purposes.

Lucky Bamboo Plants: A Perfect Green Companion with Benefits!!!

Maintains Balance: Bamboo plants are an infusion of all the five elements of nature – “water” in which they are immersed, “Earth” like mud or stones in which their roots lie, “wood” that forms its stems, “metal” can be the glass container, and “fire” is represented by the red ribbon with which it is tied. All this together helps in maintaining just the right balance where they are placed.

Good for Eyesight: Though it may sound a bit weird,  the vibrant green color of the bamboo plant is ideal for good eyesight.Its color is highly suitable for the nervous system and eyes as it reduces the impacts of the strong lights as compared to other colors. A sense of relief will be experienced by the people while enjoying its colors.

Purifies Air: Just like other indoor plants, bamboo plants also purify the air around the area where they are placed. It will absorb all the carbon dioxide present in the air and emit oxygen for safer respiration. With more amounts of oxygen in the air, people will feel more rejuvenated and fresh all day long.

Good Luck & Prosperity: Lauded as one of the best Feng Shui gifts for many years, a bamboo plant is tagged as the “lucky” one owing to its association with good luck and good fortune. It can be kept in homes or offices to attract success and prosperity. This property of the bamboo plant has made it a popular choice among people when they wish to convey their wishes to their special ones on special occasions.

Longevity: Lucky bamboo plant is bestowed with a long life without demanding much care. This property of this plant makes it a wonderful pick to deck up your homes keeping them more fresh and lively in times to come. You can even gift this plant to your dear ones on special occasions as an epitome of your everlasting bond with them.

Stave Off Negativity: Bamboo plants have the power to ward off negativities by attracting positivity from the surroundings and emitting tranquility and peace. The plant absorbs the bad energies from the surroundings and makes the environment more pleasant and jovial.

Lucky Bamboo Plants: An Eco-Friendly Solution for Enchanting Embellishments!!!

Home Décor: Lucky bamboo plant is a wonderful piece of home decor item that amazingly embellishes the interiors of your homes giving them a fresh and vibrant touch. As a little care is required by this plant, therefore, it is the first choice by the people. The plant is available in readymade decorative container demanding no efforts to re-pot this plant at home. It can be placed anywhere in the house as it requires hardly any place.

Office Companion: This beautiful green plant is an amazing gift item that can be gifted to colleagues or employees on special occasions or a perfect office décor item to attract good luck and prosperity. It not only accentuates the office environment with its beauty but also fills the atmosphere with freshness and vibrancy. The plant impeccably spruces up the workspaces and makes them a happier place.

Aquariums: Lucky bamboo plant is absolutely ideal to deck up aquariums as they can thrive both in soil and water. It infuses oxygen in the aquarium water and makes the watery environment more suitable for the aquatic creatures.

Feng Shui Aura: Feng Shui is the art of bringing a balance in the environment with the help of natural elements. As lucky bamboo plant comes along with all the five natural elements, it is a perfect Feng Shui product creating a positive aura around it, making its surroundings full of positivity and well-being.Feng shui plants bring a sense of security and wellness to a home or any other area by creating a balance.

Contemporary gifting: Lucky bamboo plants are stunning and modern gift items to give to your dear ones on their special occasions owing to the touch of modernity associated with them. It is not planted in a regular soil and comes in attractive glass containers giving living spaces an elegant impression.

 Meaning of Every Bamboo Stalk Combination

Feng Shui gifts often come along with instructions relating to their placement and arrangement in the living spaces. Similarly, according to the age-old system of spatial arrangement, the number of stalks of the lucky bamboo plant also holds different meanings when gifted to someone or bought for home decoration. Though each number of the stalk has a particular level of luck, it is believed that more the number of stalks, the more will be the blessings bestowed in the home.

Number of stalks Meanings
Two stalks Represent love
Three stalks Signifies Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life)
Five stalks Stands for the areas of life that impact wealth
Six stalks Represent good luck and wealth
Seven stalks Represent good health
Eight stalks Symbolizes growth
Nine stalks Epitomizes Luck
Ten stalks Represent perfection
Twenty-one stalks Signifies a powerful blessing

You must be delighted to know so much about this captivating indoor plant in detail. Order one from Giftalove.com to bestow yourself or your loved ones with its huge benefits.

Top 8 Air Purifying Plants that will Cleanse the Air inside Your Home

Definitely I am not going to begin my magnum opus here, but yes, I want to make this piece of article on air purifying plants rich enough to help you out. It’s all about how you can deal with the growing pollution in the major cities and its side effects, in natural way. This is not going to be an expansive one but yes, it will gushingly relate to the well being of your physical and mental health.air-purifying-plants

Plants and the greenery around is definitely something that can keep you at bay from the doctor’s doorstep, but only if you can value them and be friendly with them. Before letting you know which plant can purify the air around your home, you must know which type of pollutants may be there at your home. And here we go….

  • Mildly dangerous ammonia emanates from the Toilet.
  • The extremely hazardous Carbon monoxide gets into your home’s air from the cooking stove that you use every day.
  • The detergent and garbage are responsible for the production of benzene and formaldehyde respectively that definitely won’t let you be at peace.

And, all of these can cause a number of problems to your physical health including Eye Irritation, Itching, Cough, Rashes, allergies and many such.

But thankfully, nature has been benevolent to the mankind with a number of its natural remedies to even the extreme havocs created by humans. There are some plants that will help you breathe fresh air at least in your homes and offices. Here are a few varieties of those plants…

1. Aloe Vera

There are a number of benefits of having an Aloe Vera at your home! Not only it has a great many of health benefits but it is also easy to maintain, requiring only a small amount of Sun’s light. Apart for cleaning the air surrounding your home, it can also treat many of the hair and skin related ailments. Apparently, it is good at killing the dangerous air pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde. Looking at the rising level of pollution in various major cities around the world, we must not wait to bring this plat in our homes.

Removes: Benzene and formaldehydealoe-vera

2. Peace Lily

Peace lily works very well in purifying the air in the space it is put in, by fighting toxic gases like benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. The White flowers present in the plant are not only best at purifying the air but it equally enhances the beauty of the space.

Removes: Benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehydepeace-lily

3. Areca palm

The perfect one, if you want to enhance the beauty of your home as well as keep the environment around your home clean. And, the great thing about these plants is that, it will not need a much of your time for keeping it healthy. They grow as long as 3 feet to 5 feet adding charm in the beauty of the home. This air purifying plant is the apt choice if you want to get rid of toxic gases like toluene and xylene.

Removes: Toluene and xyleneareca-palm

4. Spider Plants

These plants are not only easy to grow and care for, but are the best companion of nature that will help you breathe fresh. Spider plants have great composition of nutrients and it removes toxic elements from the air like carbon monoxide, keeping it clean for you. This plant also has considerable amount of antioxidant and it keeps the rate of falling sick 50% below the normal level. Watering it well, in summers, will make you take the savour of a great health.

Removes: Formaldehyde, Xylenespider-plants

5. Dracaenas

Dracaenas are available in a number of colours, shapes and sizes. The one which is available in purple colour with a rainbow marking is great to keep in the home. This plant does not require to be fed with water in excessive amount because that may result it into dying. While, it is there in your home, you will need to be careful about the pets, as it may cause them to vomit or salivate.

Removes: trichloroethylene, toluene Formaldehyde, xylene, benzenedracaenas

6. Weeping Fig

It is important to have this plant in every household, because it will help the members, to fight the pollutant that might originate from carpets and furniture. Weeping fig plants cleanse the air by removing formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Though, in the initial stage they may prove to be tricky to handle, but once they become familiar with the environment, they can be with you for long time.

Removes: Formaldehyde, Benzene and Trichloroethyleneweeping-fig

7. Golden Pathos

If you are looking out to get rid of the common impurities surrounding your home then Golden pathos can be a perfect plant to bring home. It cleanses the air by removing formaldehyde and so, it is better to put them over in the car garage. And, for those who are new to the area of gardening, golden pathos can be great. They are easy to handle and grow faster than many other plants (www.giftalove.com/plants) giving positive signs to the gardener.

Remove: Formaldehydegolden-pathos

8. Snake Plant

Snake plants are great air purifying Plants weather you want to keep the surrounding of living room or the bath room clean and pure. They are best at filtering, by observing formaldehyde from the air, that may emanate from toilet paper, cleaning products, personal care products and alike. They only need low humidity and low light and can be placed in bathroom to fight impure air. Or, while placed in the bedroom, these plants can provide you fresh air as they breathe in carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night.

Removes: Formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene and xylenesnake-plant

These titillating and useful air purifying plants are easily available on this online portal Giftalove.com. All you have to decide which of these plants are important to be placed in your home and order them online here at the portal.

Apart from keeping these air purifying plants at home you can take some more steps to keep it all cleaner for you and your loved ones.

  • Purchase an air filter if you cannot go about having plants at home.
  • Keep mopping and vacuuming the floor for cleanliness.
  • Try to keep the level of humidity in your home low.
  • Try increasing ventilation.
  • Reduce the use of air fresheners.

5 Reasons to Have Lovely Plants at Office Desk!


Adding a little green to your work place can do wonders! Do you know that? Indoor plants at offices not only add beauty and elegance to the place but also prove beneficial in many ways. In fact having plants indoor in office is an effort to bring nature close to us even when we work.

Plants are powerhouse of cheerfulness and wellness for your office and home. Keeping a little green plant near to you will host you with plenty of benefits; also they will uplift the beauty of your office. So learn how plants at office desk are beneficial for you.

  • Great in Purifying the Air at Work Place

Great in Purifying the Air at Work Place

Your bustling city will offer you a smoky air to breathe. Well a little plant on your office desk can do the little effort in purifying the air surrounding you. Also for better efficiency in work, breathing in fresh air is of great importance as it soothes the mind and promotes high concentration. So why still breathe in the polluted air when plants can offer pure air at office too.

  • Helps in Reducing Stress of Work

Helps in Reducing Stress of Work

Stress is the common thing to face every now and then at work place. Well a little green plant can help you in that as well. The stress releasing hormones in your body can actually find a problem in making you feel stressed out with increasing work pressure if you have that little green thing near to you on your office desk. So have a little green plant on your desk because every sight of that little plant will help you reduce your stress level.

  • Boost Productivity of Work

Boost Productivity of Work

You will not be stressed and the pure air surrounding you will increase your concentration power then what can stop you in increasing your work productivity? Well nothing! So if you have a green plant on your desk, forget stress, forget issues of concentration in work and start working efficiently.

  • Offers a Cheerful Environment

Offers a Cheerful Environment

The freshness of a green plant and its regular sight is perfect to bring a cheerful environment at work place. It’s obvious to feel the vibe of cheerfulness around if there is a cute, little green plant waiting for you on your work desk. Also the green plants posses the power of offering a fresh and cheerful environment around.

  • Some Plants Promote Good Luck and Wealth!

Some Plants Promote Good Luck and Wealth

Do you know that some plants are recalled as Good Luck plants that attracts the charm of good luck, good wealth and wee being in its surroundings? Honey suckle plant, Bamboo plant, Money plant, rosemary plant and many other are few such good luck plants that are great to have on office desk to attract good luck and wealth.

  • Add Onto the Beauty at Work Place

Add Onto the Beauty at Work Place

If beautiful, lovely and luscious green plants are around anywhere, they uplift the beauty of that place wonderfully. This is the reason that people find beautiful plants an excellent thing to beautify office décor. So if a plant is there on your desk, it will definitely ass onto the beauty of your work place.

Indeed plant to promote ‘Green India’!