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GiftaLove is having an elite range of Diwali decoration items for sale, get ready to beautify your home this festive season with excellent decorative items! Not getting a perfect place to choose buying Diwali decoration items online? Well then it is time to stop your search anywhere else as here is the extensive collection of online Diwali Decoration items with variety of choices, right here below...

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Diwali Decoration Items

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4.7   based on 7 Review(s)

Diwali Decorations - Give your Home a Revamped Look!


A number of traditional decorative items are used in every Indian household to spruce up the house on Diwali. Besides giving a bright new outlook, such items also give a wonderful feel of the celebration to the house. So, if you are in search of exclusive Diwali decoration items online then you are at the right place. Giftalove.com presents a wide range of Diwali decoration items for sale that include followings.

•    Torans or Door Hangings: Bandhanwar, torans or door hangings, no matter what you call are the most significant of all Diwali decorations. These decorative items are used to decorate the main doorway & that of the puja room to welcome Goddess Laxmi. Torans for Diwali are handcrafted & come adorned with bells, embroidery, shells, mirrors, images of Gods & Goddesses and so on. Such decorative items are quite popular these days and make most fashionable Diwali decorative items online.

•    Diwali Diyas: The term “Deepwali” stands for the row of lamps. This exhibits why diyas are the major highlights for this festival. The traditional diwali diyas as well as lamps have undergone a sea change over a couple of years. Erstwhile, diyas were the sole creation of potter’s wheel, however nowadays these are made by designers and craftsman who turn these earthen lamps into innovative diyas. Wax filled diyas are also popular these days. Brass & aluminum diyas are also in vogue. You can find all these diyas in our collection.

•    Wall Hangings: Wall hangings beautified with the images of Lord Ganesha & Laxmi are the most sought-after decorative items. Wall hangings with traditional touch look beautiful and make traditional Diwali decorations.

•    Diwali Candles: Aromatic & elegant candles have become a major part of Diwali decorations. Besides, illuminating the home, they endow calm yet soothing environ. Just like diyas, candles have also gone through sea changes. Nowadays, you can avail candles in a number of shapes and sizes with designer look. You can browse through a wide collection of decorations for Diwali in terms of candles right at our site.

•    Decorative Lamps: Diwali lamps or lanterns come in a range of materials ranging from paper, clay to glass, marble and brass. They are said to be important for Diwali decorations as they provide artistic look to the room. Those aspiring to redecorate their houses would find it amazing.

•    Laxmi Ganesh Idols & Sculptures: As Laxmi-Ganesh puja holds greater significance on Diwali, sculptures and idols make most important part during the celebration. These are available in a range of designs and sizes as per one’s requirement.

So, choose from above given Diwali Decoration ideas and spruce up your home this Diwali!

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