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11 Diwali Celebration Ideas in Offices to Create New Bonds with Employees

Millions of people travel to and fro from homes and offices everyday to fulfill their dreams and career aspirations. The strenuous atmosphere in the offices to attain organizational objectives and the stress of the personal growth leaves them feeling fatigued. Festive time like Diwali season is like an escapade from the mundane routine which boosts them with positive energies and happiness. The joyous festivities fade the lines of the hierarchy in the offices and bring everyone together reveling in the Diwali celebration with enthusiasm and gaiety.

Diwali is lauded as a grand occasion in the corporate sector as it is associated with wealth and prosperity. The offices get decked with Diwali decoration items and people are seen dressed in ethnic apparels having a good time with their colleagues and others. There are multiple ways and ideas to celebrate Diwali within the offices making it an enjoyable moment for everyone. Let’s read them here -

1.Diwali Puja

diwali puja

The owners of the company circulate an official invitation mail to all their employees and business partners for the Diwali Puja. Indulging in Diwali celebrations after performing Lakshmi-Ganesha Puja on Diwali is regarded as auspicious for the company. Performing this Puja with all the employees will eliminate all hurdles from the operations of the company and will bring profit sand prosperity to the business. Some offices even perform Havan for the removal of obstacles or some new ventures on the auspicious day of Diwali.

2.Dress Code: Traditional Attires

dress code

As the festival of Diwali is the celebration of the rich Indian culture and traditions, therefore, dolling up in the traditional attires like suits,sarees, Lehengas, Kurta Pajamas, indo-western clothes, and more becom esessential. The staff of the company can come dressed in their best ethnic attires on the day of Diwali to look their best. The day is all about cherishing the respectful and traditional culture of India.

3.Rangoli Competition

rangoli competition

Most of the offices organize Rangoli competitions for the employees. As Rangoli constitutes a significant part of the Diwali celebrations, it is a fantastic idea to bring everyone together to bring out their hidden creativity. The splashing of the vibrant hues on the floor will impart an-all new look to the interiors of the offices.

4.Diwali Games

diwali games

This one is certainly the most fun part of the Diwali celebrations in offices. Games like, Damsharas, Bingo, Musical Chairs, and more will bring out the child in all the employees of the company. Dividing them into teams will inculcate team spirit among them ad help them work together more efficiently with the target of making their team win in front of them.

5.Diwali Decoration in Office

diwali decoration in office

Get together to decorate the interiors of the office with flowers, diyas, lights,candles, hand-made decoration stuffs, and of course Rangoli for Diwali. Divide the decoration tasks and make your office look like a dreamland this Diwali.

6.Quiz Contests

quiz contests

Let this Diwali be the fun time to test the knowledge of everyone by organizing exciting quiz contests with a rule of being non-judgmental about anyone's knowledge or skills. The contest must comprise of questions from the current affairs, Bollywood industry, Ramayana, sports, national symbols, and others to bring fun and excitement in the celebrations of Diwali.

7.Diwali DJ

diwali dj

Dancing in the best medicine to forget the worries of daily life and live in the moment. Make your employees revel in the Diwali celebrations by making them groove on the dance floor on the popular dance tracks of this season. Organize Diwali DJ for everyone in the office and let them have a gala time with their colleagues.

8. Diwali Lunch/Dinner Party

diwali lunch dinner party

Organize a delicious lunch or dinner party on Diwali for your employees comprising of tangy and spicy starters, lip-smacking main course, and delectably sweet desserts like sweets, cakes, and ice-creams. The rounds of mocktails and cocktails will make the celebrations a fantastic blast even more. Having this dinner or lunch together laughing and sharing thoughts and experiences heightens the happiness of the celebrations even more…

9.Best Dress Competition

best dress competition

After all the activities and dinner/lunch are over, it’s time to announce the winner of the best dress competition. Give away special awards to the winning participants and applaud them for dressing so well on Diwali.

10.Gifts Exchange

gifts exchange

Offices,whether organizing Diwali parties or not, do give away special Diwali gifts to express their gratitude and consideration for their hard work anddedication. Each of the employees is given respect on this special day and attractive gifts are distributed as wishes for Diwali.

11.Photo Session

photo session

Finally, in the end, everyone comes together for an official photograph dressed in colorful clothes to create memories in the records of the company for Diwali. All the photographs will become memoirs for the employees to take home and cherish all their lives.