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15 Eternally Riveting Diwali Celebration Ideas that will Make it a Day to Remember Forever

The time of celebrations are indeed antidote to all kind of pain!! Diwali is one of those times when we all get an opportunity to bring in lights of hope and happiness in our life, forgetting all the resentments. The colourfully beautiful lights all across the city, the decorated streets and the excitement to meet our dear ones bring forth newness in life.

There are a thousand of ways by which we can make Diwali celebration a way of burning away all the negativities from our lives and settling in the best possible way with whatever we have!! Let's discuss some of those eternally riveting Diwali celebration ideas!!

1) Be Generous

Nothing can be a better way of celebrating Diwali then showing your inner magnanimity!! Do something for the people who would have never expected it otherwise. Organize a party only for the street children. Believe it, the giggling and happy faces that you will see will for sure bring that shower of prosperity onto you. You will not need anything else to summon wealth and prosperity; it's enough if you can actually make them happy.

Be Generous

2) Keep Environment and the Human Existence Safe

Celebrating the gift of life is the greatest celebration ever!! It is very important that we pay heed to saving the life around and enjoy this incredible gift of nature. You can do that by avoiding crackers during Diwali and thus keeping the environment safe. Make sure that the environment does not get polluted. Don't limit this message to yourself, spread it to the people all around and encouragethem for the same by giving lessons and tips on environment safety.

Keep Environment and the Human Existence Safe

3) Illuminate homes of the unprivileged

The prowess cannot be shown just in enjoying the privileges that we have got, but it is in using those privileges to help the needful. One of the best Diwali celebration ideas can be distributing all the Diwali celebration material in the homes of those who don't illuminate their homes with lights for the crunch of money.

Illuminate homes of the unprivileged

4) Surprise Your Distant Dear ones

What a lovely feeling it is to get surprises from your dear ones on your special days!! Diwali celebration would be great when you make somebody who is away from you happy, with evocative gift surprises. At the stroke of the moment, Diwali celebration would become a palpably delightful day for you and the one receives the gift.

Surprise Your Distant Dear ones

5) Decorate your neighbourhood

Every time we spend a lot of money in decorating our houses without worrying about the neighbourhood we live in. But what if, we could decorate whole of the neighbourhood with colourful lights and Diyas. This Diwali celebration idea can outdo all other ways of celebration!! Go for it!!

Decorate your neighbourhood

6) Distribute Gift Among the Underprivileged

The real happiness lies in practicing the art of giving and no occasion can be a better time of practicing this art. This benevolent act will percolate into your life and show off with wealth and prosperity in the best possible way. It is wealth and prosperity that we pray for during Diwali celebration and giving will take us to the place where we can receive open handily.

Distribute Gift Among the Underprivileged

7) Send a Special gift to all your Special Friends

Imagine how special your friends will feel after receiving a gift from you after a long period of time!! This would be an incredible feeling and could be the best ever way of celebrating Diwali.

Send a Special gift to all your Special Friends

8) Gift something special to a kid you love

Whenever we close our eyes and think of that kid we love, there's an out-of-the-world feeling of contentment!! Diwali is the perfect time when you can surprise that little one with his/her favourite gift. It may be the toy he has been asking for a long time or you may also take him/her to the Disneyland a day before Diwali.

Gift something special to a kid you love

9) Decide a theme for Diwali celebration

There are a plenty of ideas on deciding the Diwali theme for Diwali celebration at your home!! It can be a Bollywood theme, devotional theme, destination theme party and alike. For the celebration of Diwali, it would be great to decide a theme and catalyse the festive mood of the day.

Decide a theme for Diwali celebration

10) An Out-of-the-box Party Idea

All these years, you have celebrated Diwali by throwing the same conventional party for your friends and the family. But, how would it be, if it can be done in a different way as never before! You can plan a party where each person has to choose at least five persons from the party and gift them something special and exciting.

An Out-of-the-box Party Idea

11) Vow to Clean your Neighbourhood

Today the nation is talking about making India a completely clean nation and we must contribute to the same as much as we can. Diwali is one of the occasions when we can walk with the mainstream thoughts of the nation. Cleaning does not only mean cleaning the home but to consider the whole Earth as our home and contribute in its cleanliness as much as possible.

Vow to Clean your Neighbourhood

12) Organize a Rangoli making competition at your home

Rangoli is one of the major attractions of the Diwali celebration and it would be an exciting idea to organize a Rangoli making competition at your workplace or in your area. It will add on to the zeal of celebration giving chance to more and more people to get involved with each other. This in turn plays an important role in bringing forth love, happiness and prosperity all around.

Organize a Rangoli making competition at your home

13) Surprise each member of your family with their favourite gift

You must be aware about the like and dislike of each member of the family!! On that basis, bring something exciting for each of them. From eldest member of the family to the youngest one, don't miss on this precious chance to bring the precious smile on your loved their face.

Surprise each member of your family with their favourite gift

14) Talent Hunt Competition

Diwali is such a delightful occasion when you can organize something exciting! One of those heart-winning ways of Diwali gift ideas is organizing a "Talent hunt competition". Be sure that the participants are only the members from the neighbourhood, so that you all can celebrate Diwali in a grand way. This way everyone from children to the youngsters and the elderly people can enjoy the day.

Talent Hunt Competition

15) A Gift to the nature

Nature has given us so much to rejoice!! Have we ever thought of gifting something to the nature? Not actually!! It would be an exciting way to plant a tree every day for whole of the month in which Diwali is falling. This way along with illuminating your home with colourful lights you can illuminate your surrounding with the freshness and purity all around.

A Gift to the nature

These are a few of the exciting Diwali celebration ideas that you can rely on for making the day a worth remembering experience. Make sure that you be able to come over the insurmountable negativities of the world by sowing the seed of happiness and light all around the world. The festival of Diwali is indeed about acquiring the real knowledge and intelligence. In that way you can spend the wealth that you have acquired intelligently and also help those who have been devoid of the festive pleasures.