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Flowers by event

Choosing right flowers for different occasions can be tricky. You may wonder, “What type of flower should be suitable for the occasion? What colour should I choose?” Different occasion need to find some different flowers. GiftaLove, therefore has come up with a list of flowers suitable for different occasions. Take a look…

Valentine Flowers

A portrayal of pride, beauty, gratitude and admiration, distinction, fascination, woman and divine love, carnations are the flowers associated with birth in January. This January flower features multilayered, feathery soft petals. Send someone January birthday flowers- carnations to wish wholeheartedly.

Valentine’s Day, best known as the celebration of romance, is a day dedicated to lovers and love of all types. Nothing matches the mood of this day better than flowers. Valentine’s Day and flowers both complement each other.
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Mother’s day flowers

Mother’s Day, celebrated all over the world is actually an opportunity to pay a tribute to the lady, who by sacrificing her own interests has done everything to keep us happy. The day is observed to honor a mom’s unconditional love.

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Father’s day flowers

Just as carnations are the official flowers for Mother’s Day, the very beautiful, stunning and exotic roses have been selected as the official flowers for Father’s Day. It is believed that Ms. Sonora Louis Smart Dodd, the founder of Father’s Day, picked Rose as Father’s Day official flower.

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Christmas Flowers

Because Christmas falls in winter and Christmas flowers bloom in winter exhibiting the festive colours like red and green/ white and green, only a few plants have become popular as Christmas Flowers.

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Birth Flowers

Like birthstones, every month has a specific birth flower and each one upholds a specific meaning. Like people, every birth flower is unique, loaded with significance and fabulous stories. So, if you’re looking for celebrating one’s birthday ...

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