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Flowers Colors Signify Special Gesture & Meaning

Do you know that every flower colour carry a special meaning! Flowers the most beautiful gift found in nature. They grow in various shades of colours. These blooms not only look enticing but also symbolise a special meaning.

Red Flowers

Red flower is the symbol of ultimate love and passion. It expresses deep sentiments of love and affection. Red blooms denote romantic desires and lasting affection. Thus, red roses for valentine are given to loving partner. Red flower expresses respect and devotion. Red flowers are given to say "I Love You" or "Be Mine". In Indian wedding ceremonies, red flowers are popularly used for decoration.

White Flowers

White flower show purity, honesty and innocence. White blooms are also given to offer condolences. It is given to convey sympathy. It is also linked with fresh new start and best of luck. In western wedding ceremonies, white flowers are also used by bride walking down the aisle. White blossoms like jasmine are also used in religious offering.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers are an expression of friendship. Yellow flowers stand for sunny feelings of cheerfulness, warmth and vibrancy. Yellow blooms like sunflowers look bright & joyful. They traditionally signify of friendship and caring nature. The yellow bloom does not carry an underlined message of love.

Orange Flowers

If yellow flowers resemble to sunny feelings then orange flowers resemble to fiery blaze. The vibrant shade of orange evokes dynamism, energy and passion. Orange blooms also bring in positive thoughts and creativity. This colour of flower is given to convey intense desire, enthusiasm and pride. Orange flowers also express sense of fascination.

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers show a lot of variations in shades. These beautiful colour of flower are found in shades of light pink, bright pink, pale pink and deep pink. Pink blooms are given to express appreciation and gratitude. Light pink flowers depict elegance, sweetness and innocence.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender flowers appear charming and express feeling of enchantment. It also tells the onlooker about "love at first sight". Deeper shades of lavender flowers (appear purple in shades). It expresses a sense of enamour and splendour. These lively flowers are used to denote fascination and admiration. Lavender flowers not only look enticing but also smell pleasing.

Blue Flowers

Blue colour flowers are rare in nature and depict exquisiteness. They represent mystery and unattainable passion. Blue shade is elusive in nature. Flowers in blue colour are found in lighter to deeper shades. Blue blossoms stand out in assorted flower bouquets.

Mixed Flowers

Create a bouquet of attractive blooms by combining different shades of flowers. Bunch of flowers in more then 3–4 colours appear vibrant & cheerful. Mixed flower arrangements carry various meanings depending upon the flower colours & type. For instance, red & white flower combo connotes passionate intention. Yellow and pink flowers show friendly love whereas yellow & red flowers are used for proposing best friend.