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Mothers day Flowers Meaning

Mother’s Day, celebrated all over the world is actually an opportunity to pay a tribute to the lady, who by sacrificing her own interests have done everything to keep us happy. The day is observed to honor a mom’s, unconditional love.

Carnations Being as the original Mother’s Day flowers, carnations with their feathery and frilled petals, long simple leaves, and delicate aroma are referred to the status of filler flower. These blooms deserve to be arranged in a bouquet for maximum oomph.


Mother’s Day founder, Anna Jarvis declared carnations the official Mother’s Day flowers. During the first Mother’s Day memorial service in 1907, Jarvis gave out white carnations, her mom’s favorite flowers. and, while it took about seven years for Mother’s Day to be announced officially by President Woodrow Wilson, these blooms have been a popular choice for mothers ever since.

Also called birthday flowers for January, the official name for carnations, dianthus, derives from the Greek meaning “Heavenly Flower”. And, really it’s a heavenly choice for Mother’s Day flowers! Long thought of to stand for love, fascination and uniqueness, the different colors of this bloom also have different meanings. For instance, white carnations symbolize good luck, while red carnations evoke appreciation. According to a Christian legend, pink carnations are said to have first developed from the ground where Virgin Mary shed her tears over Jesus’ death and it’s for this reason that many people believe that carnations are emblematic to a Mother’s eternal love. Henceforth, nothing could be better than carnations as Mother’s Day flowers.


Many varieties, many shades, but a single purpose- to charm the recipient. There aren’t many flowers so deeply, strongly steeped in tradition, legend, and myth, like the roses. Traditionally popular as Valentine’s Day flowers, roses since a couple of years have become a highly popular choice for Mother’s Day flowers. And, the sole reason is that they are said to be a special celebration flower that tempts anyone with their elegant, fragrant and luxurious looks.

In any case, traditionally roses have been symbolically associated with motherhood. In ancient Greece, these blooms were said to be sacred to the goddess Isis and Aphrodite. Later, in the Middle Ages, the roses were seen as the queen of blooms and the emblem of the Virgin Mary. To honor the virtuous women, Pope Leo VIII even mad the Order of the Golden Rose.

Accessible in a range of colors, the attractiveness of the rose is that it stands for a number of things from love (red roses) to happiness (pink roses, and even companionship, friendship (yellow roses). The symbolic nature of this bloom is what makes perfect as a gift from husband to his wife and from a son/daughter to a mom.


What comes in mind when you think of tulips? Huge, vibrant fields studded of tulips. The first tulips came from Persia and Turkey and first brought to Europe during the 16th century, the flower derives its first modern name from the Latinized Persian word used for the turban. The buds of the flower resemble a turban. The contemporary appeal of the flower for Mother’s Day lies in its elegance and grace. But, customarily seen as the flower herald of spring & new life, tulips are suitable for new mothers. And, due to their spring bloom8ing nature, tulips are definitely perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. In order to convey warmth and affection, choose pink tulips and you will have a stunning gift that any mother will love to receive.