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Popular Christmas Flowers

Because Christmas falls in winter and Christmas flowers bloom in winter exhibiting the festive colours like red and green/ white and green, only a few plants have become popular as Christmas Flowers.

Flowers are a wonderful gift to brighten up almost any occasion. Certain flowers and plants have become obvious and associated with particular holidays or events. Roses for Valentine’s Day, lilies for Easter, but when we talk about Christmas flowers, there comes a wider selection. GiftaLove has filtered out as such flowers used widely during Xmas. Here the list goes……..

Poinsettia Poinsettia is a bushy perennial flower recognized for flashy large, red bloom bracts with dark-green foliage. The plant is native to Mexico, where it is known as “La Flor de la Nochebuena,” it means the Flower of the Holy Night or Christmas Eve. It was named by the Aztecs, the man who made dye with the help of poinsettia flowers. The flowers can be arranged in a vase or used as a perfect gift during holidays.
Christmas Cactus It is an epiphyte that grows naturally on trees in Brazilian rain woods. The plant features flattened, fragmented flowers and stems in colour white, pink or red, which generally appear in December. The plant lasts up to eight weeks if kept in a room on 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A Christmas cactus plant needs bright light in day and 14 hrs of constant darkness at night before it will bear flower buds. With proper care, the plant lives for many years.
Christmas Roses

Red roses are perfect for Xmas. The deeper, dark shade matches perfectly with the seasonal greenery like holly. A Christmas rose is also known as the Winter Rose or Snow Rose, which blooms during winter in the mountains of central Europe.

As per legends, the Christmas flower is connected with the birth of Christ and a humble shepherd maiden whose name was Madelon. As Madelon moved her sheep in a cold wintry night, the wise men along with other shepherds passed by the snow-packed field holding gifts for the Christ Child. They were carrying the lavish gifts of gold, frankincense & myrrh and the shepherds, honey, fruits and doves. Poor Madelon began to cry as she had nothing to offer. And as she stood there crying, an angel passing by saw her. The angel leaned and brushed snow at her feet aside then finding the most beautiful white bloom tipped with pink, the Christmas Rose.

Amaryllis It is a bulbous perennial plant that produces long, strap-shaped leaves and bigger flowers up to 10 inches wide. Varieties suitable for Xmas include the white-flowered “Christmas Gift,” the red “Fire Dance”, and the red-and-white-striped “Clown”.