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Roses Color & Meaning

As one of the best symbols of love and appreciation, roses are among the most admired flowers. Since time immemorial roses have been the ultimate flowers for lovers owing to their unique meaning and colors. Here our Rose Colors and meaning guide features helpful hints about the sole meaning associated with each color of the roses along with other rose information.

Take help from our comprehensive guide to colors & meanings of roses. Send a heartfelt message through roses of a specific color. Each color of the rose features its own special significance.

Red Rose
Long associated with perfection, beauty and adoration, red roses are a classic way to say “I Love You”. Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Birthday or just to convey appreciation on any regular day, there is no better way than a bunch or bouquet of red roses to articulate feelings.
White Rose
White roses perfect symbol of purity are traditionally linked with marriage and new start, however their quiet exquisiteness has also made them a perfect symbol of remembrance. Whether an event demands reverence, whether grand or sober, a bunch or bouquet of white rose is the best way to convey “I’m Thinking of you”.
Pink Rose
Bright and beautiful what pink roses are all about, but they are also marvelously versatile when you want something important to articulate. Being a classic symbol of sophistication and grace, pink rose is often given to someone as a token of appreciation. Whether this specific colored rose is meant for your fiancé, friend, or ever-dependable cubical companion, a pink rose bunch or bouquet will dazzle someone’s day
Yellow Rose
Yellow roses are the best way to send a joyful message. Yellow roses are a customary symbol of friendship, so when you want to show a friend you love him/her sending yellow roses would be a great idea. With their warm, cheery and sunny appearance, a bunch or bouquet of yellow roses lends to brighten up even a dull room. They serve best to say thank you, congratulation, get well and “Hey, Thanks for being you”.
Orange Rose
With their radiating energy, orange roses are considered the wild child of the rose family. Orange roses articulate feelings bubbling with passion, gratitude and enthusiasm brilliantly. They convey messages with equal oomph and elegance, sweeping the recipient off their feet.