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GOT, Games of Thrones is not just a TV series, and it has become a sensation that has grabbed so much attention. This TV series has created history in the World of Entertainment and got fame in less period. This web-series' characters have affected so many of us and left their impact by their improvised dialogues and astounding acting skills. So Giftalove has made the craziest decision to initiate a new category of themed Cake, that is non-other than a GOT themed Cake for all the GOT fans. We know our customers very well, and thus we have decided to make their birthdays, full of energy and a lot of happiness. As we do love our customers and to prove our loyalty towards them. We have launched many more themed available like Spider-man themed Cake, PUBG themed Cake for PUBG fans, etc. Giftalove has a fantastic delivery service along with an acceptable price range. That will surely attract them and make any of their occasions grand.
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Stylish and Captivating GOT themed Cakes available at

The website has vast GOT fondant Cake categories that will surely make Birthday of your loved ones more joyful. And if you have made your decision to create a lovable and stunning environment on your beloved Birthday. Then you have come to the right locus that has all products of your needs. Giftalove has launched many kinds of themed Cakes, starting from PUBG themed cake that has made many fans. And after getting so much love, GOT themed is a new idea that we have launched for you all. Inspite of delivering the best quality cakes, we believe in other services, either a swift delivery of products or customer support. So for a better experience, visit our website and order the Cake frequently to show your love for us.

Come and take a delicious journey of Flavored GOT cakes on

We get bore by having the same food daily, isn’t it?? Come with us. We will take you to another world, the world of flavors. According to your mood and taste, our website assures you a range of flavors in Game of Thrones-themed cake. We offer you Butterscotch, Vanilla, cheesecake, and many more. We know your taste, so regularly and on your demand, we have created these GOT cakes that your loved one will firmly welcome without any doubt. So hurry up, let’s do the exciting journey and dive into the flavors of the ocean.

Satisfactory delivery for GOT cakes on

We promise you to give world-class services either in terms of quality of cakes or delivery of the products at your doorstep. We know the value of products as we understand that it is not just a product for you. It is a feeling, an emotion, and we value it. We give you surety for the best products, along with the swift delivery option. Our website also entertains you by providing free-shipping on cakes at your destination without paying any extra charges. So hurry up, visit our website and get many more gifting ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend, or family members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Game Of Thrones Cakes

1. Do you deliver 2-tier GOT-themed Cakes?

Yes, we deliver 2-tier GOT-themed cakes.

2. Do you have Vanilla flavour available?

Yes, we have Vanilla flavour and many more flavoured cakes available, at

3. Will I get Cake in the midnight ?

No, we do not deliver Cake in the midnight.

4. Can you do same-day delivery?

Yes, we have same-day cakes delivery available, order it by 5:00 PM.

5. Do you take any extra charges for candles and knives?

No, we give candles and knives as a complement.

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