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Love is love, it has no age, cast, language, and most importantly, it has no gender. Let’s celebrate love for what it is, a pure feeling between two human beings. To help you in celebration and to stand in support of all those people suffering in hands of inequality- has launched our new wide range of LGBT cakes. LGBT Cake stands for our acceptance toward homosexuality and queer identities. The sweetness may not be able to remove the bitterness of discrimination, but it sure can make them feel loved and accepted for who they are. Together we can help them to embrace their gender identity or sexual orientation. We cannot remove the homophobia residing in people’s hearts, but with our little effort with LGBT themed cake, we can stand for equality, individuality, diversity, and pride. We will stand for “Gay Pride”.
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Send Hope with LGBT Cakes Online

You can send hope with this cake. An LGBT couple has already been facing a lot of discrimination. Now, you can show your support in a delicious way. When the world is against you, even a little support shines like a ray of hope. Be that ray of hope in the life of your friend or beloved with LGBT themed cakes. If not, you can also support them with a heart-shaped cake or picture cake. Just don’t stand on the sidelines, be a part of their journey.

Variety of best LBGT Cakes Online has a variety of LGBT cakes available. The rainbow theme goes well with any and all the flavors. You can choose from Vanilla Cakes, Black Forest Cake, Pineapple Cakes, Butterscotch Cakes, and other flavors. we also have cakes available in different sizes for different occasions.

Share your support with LGBT Cakes

We share our support Pan India and worldwide, which means you can order and send LGBT themed cakes anywhere in India. With our cake, we provide free cake delivery services. You can get same-day delivery of LGBT cakes online as well. Just choose your perfect cake and leave the details of logistics on us.

FAQs: LGBT Cakes

1. Can I send an LGBT cake to a different state?

Yes, we deliver cakes Pan India and worldwide.

2. Do you deliver fresh cakes?

Yes, we ensure fresh cake delivery to our customers.

3. Do you bake eggless LGBT cake?

Yes, we have an eggless variety of LGBT cake available at

4. Can you do midnight delivery of LGBT Cake?

Yes, we do midnight delivery.

5. How do I pay for my cake?

You can make an online payment while ordering the cake.

Top 10 Best Reviewed LGBT Cake from

Top Selling LGBT Cake Price List
Coming out Cake Rs. 3899.0
LGBT Cake Rs. 2999.0
Colorful Lesbian Cake Rs. 3499.0
LGBT Pride Cake Rs. 3049.0
Colors of Pride Cake Rs. 3599.0
Rainbow Bomb Cake Rs. 3799.0
Rainbow unicorn Cake Rs. 4699.0
Gay Pride Cake Rs. 5049.0
Rainbow Love Cake Rs. 5899.0
Born this way cake Rs. 3799.0

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