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First Karwa Chauth

first karwa chauth

Karwa Chauth is an eminent festival of Hindus that is observed by married women with great gaiety and fervor. On this very special day, a Vrat or fast is strictly observed till the moon-rise by married women, seeking long life and safety of their husbands. For the newlywed women, their first Karwa Chauth is the most tremendous event of their life. Everyone in the family out there cares and treats the newlywed bride, as this particular day truly marks her love as well as respect for her husband. The family members shower the newlywed lady with blessings & Karwa Chauth gifts. This festival is observed on the fourth day of Kartik month and nine days before Diwali. In order to know more about first Karwa Chauth read on….

Customs and Rituals: The First Sargi:

the first sargi

Sargi is a special meal prepared by the mother-in-law and sent to the daughter-in-law to consume before the sunrise on the Day of Karwa Chauth. This meal includes delicious and healthy eatables with sweets. Mother-in-law also blesses her daughter-in-law and gives traditional jewelry as well as sari to wear on the special day. Sargi also makes great gifts for Karwa Chauth.

The First Baya:

the first baya

On the very day of Karwa Chauth, mother-in-laws receive gifts from the in-laws of their daughter-in-laws. Gifts for Karwa Chauth are also offered to all the married female members of the husband’s family. The Baya comprises of dry fruits, salted mathris, saris as well as utensils.

Puja Celebration:

Puja Celebration

The preparations of the Karwa Chauth Puja begin in the evening. The new bride, for her first Karwa Chauth, is decorated with heavy bridal dress, jewelries and cosmetics. Everybody in the family, especially the women, gathers for the Puja around a beautiful idol of Maa Parvati and listens to the holy legend of the Veeravati. After the completion of the Karwa Chauth story, their offer their prayers to the Goddess and seek happiness, long life, and blessings from her for their husbands. The new bride is the prime focus in the celebration and is showered with immense love and blessings from the elderly women present there.

Opening Karwa Chauth Fast at Moonrise:

opening karwa chauth fast

The new bride eagerly waits for the moon to brightly shine in the sky and open her fast. She prepares her Puja Thali under the guidance of her mother-in-law with water-filled Karwa, a lit diya, a sieve, and sweets. With her husband standing in front of her, she sees the moon and then her husband through the sieve and breaks her fast with his hands by drinking water and eating sweets from his hands. She asks for her husband’s blessings by touching his feet and promises to be with him forever. 

Karwa Chauth Gifts from Husband:

Karwa Chauth Gifts from Husband

Husband of newlywed woman, showers her with myriad of Karwa Chauth gifts. Usually these gifts are meant to last for lifetime. These are given in exchange for the new bride’s prayers, dedication and fast.