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Henna Designs For Hands/Feet

1. Designer Karwa Chauth Mehendi

Designer Karwa Chauth Mehendi

Designed exclusively with the theme of Karwa Chauth, this henna Mehendi showcases couples or women performing Karwa Chauth Puja ceremony while seeing the moon. This designer art reflects the true colors of this festival and will deepen the love between the couples.

2. Traditional King & Queen Mehendi

Traditional King and Queen Mehendi

Just like a wedding Mehendi revolving around the theme of King and Queen, this one is the perfect choice to embellish one’s hands on the amazing festive occasion of Karwa Chauth. Just like a perfect couple, this Mehendi art will bring oomph to the celebrations.

3. Arabic Mehendi Art

Arabic Mehendi Art

This form of Mehendi consists of flowers, leaves, petals, etc. made with thick outlines. It perfectly utilizes the space on the hands and does not fill the entire palm with the designs leaving spaces in between to accentuate the beauty of the patterns made. The thicker and dense designs make your hands look more ethereal and beautiful on the day of Karwa Chauth.

4. Peacock Designed Mehendi

Peacock Designed Mehendi

Certainly, the most chosen designs of Mehendi by girls, the patterns of the dancing peacock decorated with attractive designs make this Mehendi art look mesmerizing on the hands of women on the day of Karwa Chauth.

5. Ornamental Modern Mehendi

Ornamental Modern Mehendi

For ladies or girls, who are bored of the same Mehendi patterns on all the festivals, they can switch to contemporary Mehendi art made using the patterns of bracelets, chains, and anklets.

6. Dark Henna Mehendi

Dark Henna Mehendi

According to the popular saying by people, the darker the color of the Mehendi, the more the husband will love his wife. Sporting a darker shade Mehendi on Karwa Chauth will epitomize your strong relationship and deep love between the couple.

7. Red Karwa Chauth Mehendi

Red Karwa Chauth Mehendi

As the color red denotes immense love and compassion, going for a red-colored Mehendi this upcoming Karwa Chauth is certainly the best idea. It speaks of uniqueness and will look pretty matched with red attire of the women.

8. Flower Karwa Chauth Mehendi

Flower Karwa Chauth Mehendi

If there is a Mehendi that is an all-time classic, then it is definitely the floral pattern Mehendi. The beautiful shapes of the flowers when brought on to the hands through a Mehendi, the result is totally mesmerizing.

9. Bangle-Styled Mehendi

Bangle-Styled Mehendi

Women no more need a tattoo on their arms when they can have a beautiful bangle-styled Mehendi on Karwa Chauth. This design will make your hands and feet look appealing and gorgeous.

10. Rajasthani Mehendi Art

Rajasthani Mehendi Art

For ladies who just to decorate their arms with intricate and congested Mehendi designs, then Rajasthani Mehendi is the best kind to go for this Karwa Chauth 2024. The patterns used in this Mehendi art are inspired by the decoration of the ancient monuments and places and depicts rich Rajasthani culture.

11. Glitter Mehendi

Glitter Mehendi

Very much in trend, this Mehendi will leave a long-lasting impact on not just your husband, but also on the spectators with its sheen and glamour. The henna artists are making use of colorful glitters to decorate the Mehendi to let it shine all the way through Karwa Chauth.

12. Color Mehendi

Color Mehendi

This is another latest kind of Mehendi design that is grabbing every woman’s attention. The use of different colors in making Mehendi imparts it an alluring appeal.

13. Moroccan Mehendi

Moroccan Mehendi

These Mehendi designs are inspired by the Middle East countries consisting of geometric, asymmetrical patterns on palms and at the back of the hands! These designs look really amazing, and go with all kinds of outfit!