Karwa Chauth Puja Process

One of the most important festivals in Hindu community, Karwa Chauth is rejoiced mostly by married women. During this festival women observe a daylong fast for their husband’s longevity and success. The Festival is rejoiced nine days before Diwali and on fourth day of Kartik month as per Hindu calendar.

The festival reflects the excitement and splendor of being married where a woman reflects her marital status by adorning her hands with henna, cuddling in new ethnic wears, & accessorizing herself with jewelries. Read on to have an idea of Karwa Chauth process.

Rituals and Customs:

The celebration of this pious occasion begins a day before when the newlyweds, brides-to-be & married women get gorgeously wrapped gifts as well as pots of baskets from their mother-in-laws. Tradition signifies that the mother-in-laws fill the earthen pots with a traditional food called “Sargi” which has to be taken by women at morning before sunrise. Sargi often comprises of food items like fruits, fried potatoes and milk based sweets that boost endurance of women.


The Baya comprises of earthen pitcher, money, jewelry, clothes and sweets which is sent by woman’s mother to her in-law’s home. On the day of Karwa Chauth, married ladies adorn themselves beautifully same like bride.

Puja & Story:

All the women observing the fast get together & puja is held in the evening. The area where the puja is organized, is decked with ‘khariamatti’ means mud & an idol of Goddess Parvati is revered. Hours prior to moonrise, the traditional story of Karwa Chauth is narrated to the ladies gathered over there for puja. As per the legends, the fast of Karwa Chauth broken before moonrise by a young lady created consequences and took a toll on her husband’s life. Her husband came to life again after a period of seven Karwa Chauth vrats. This story is told to the married women, & a small prayer is recited at the worshipping ceremony for marital bliss.

Breaking the Fast:

Women break their daylong fast by the evening when they see the moon. The fast is often broken in the presence of husband & it makes it a ceremonial affair. Women start the fast breaking process by lighting an earthen lamp and filling a container with water. These items are placed on a traditional thali and carried to the place from where they see the moon. The hubby stands in front of his wife & wife sees the moon through a fine sieve. After that water is offered to the moon, & the wife looks at her husband through the sieve. This ritual is followed by a prayer for longevity, & after that husband feeds his wife her first morsel of food, or sip of water hence, breaking the fast. Karwa Chauth fast ends with a grand meal soon after where they celebrate the lovely moments.

Not just for married couples, but this festival signifies the cordial association with every family members.