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Make this Diwali an eco-friendly affair for your loved ones by blessing them with the pure air by sending online Diwali plants. As plants make excellent and thoughtful gifts for the occasion of Diwali, picking them up is a great idea for this amazing festive occasion. Explore the range below and send the best one now!

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Diwali Plants

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4.8   based on 39 Review(s)

Send Online Diwali Plants in India for Eco-Friendly Celebrations

Plants have made a breakthrough in the world of gifting as environmental-friendly gifts on all special occasions. From birthdays to anniversaries, they have becomes successful gifts to be gifted to loved ones on any occasion. With the festival of Diwali approaching on 27th October 2020, there will be another eco-friendly drive that will run across the country against the burning of crackers. As planting of trees is considered as a successful initiative to curb the high levels of pollution, plants are perfect Diwali gifts to promote the idea of eco-friendly gifting.

This year, send online Diwali plants to your loved ones who stay far away from you and bless them with a healthy and pollution-free environment at home. These plants will absorb the harmful pollutants from the air and give out fresh and pure air. Explore the variety of Diwali plants available in our range and support the green initiative of the government this Diwali in an indirect way.

Amaze Dear Ones with Lush Green Plants for Diwali

Giftalove.com, an online gift shop, totally supports every initiative of the government launched for a healthy and pollution-free environment. Therefore, it brings here an exclusive range of Diwali plants online in its range of Diwali gifts to walk hand-in-hand with this green initiative of the government. It does not promote the sale of crackers of any kind in its gift catalog and rather offer a range of special and auspicious Diwali gifts like bamboo plants, Lakshmi-Ganesha idols, sweets, chocolates, Diwali Diyas, etc.

Here in this range, you’ll find plants for Diwali online complemented with chocolates, dry fruit, Laughing Buddha, Diwali sweets, greeting cards, etc.

Buy Diwali Plants Online – Giftalove

Diwali Plants Types Diwali Gift Varieties Delivery Specialty
Lucky bamboo plant, Money Plant Diwali sweets Same day delivery
Sansevieria Plant, Syngonium Golden Plant Diwali chocolates Midnight delivery
Ficus Dwarf Plant, Desert Rose Plant Diwali cakes Free shipping in India
Spider Plant, Bonsai Plant Diwali gift hampers Fixed time delivery

Why Plants Make Excellent Diwali Gifts?

India is the land of festivals. As soon as a festive season approaches in the calendars, it gets embellished like a bride by its citizens. From homes to temples and even the streets gets lightened up and crowded with the throngs of people reveling in the festivities. Among all the festivals celebrated in India, Diwali is the grandest one. The vibes of this festival are sufficient to engulf the whole nation in the festive moods and as the day approaches, the entire atmosphere gets brightened up. But, with the rising sale of crackers among people, there is a big stake lying on the lives of the people owing to increasing levels of pollution. Given enjoyment more priority over the environment, there are serious drawbacks that have been implicated in the atmosphere leading to harsh repercussions.

The government of India has been taking serious actions against the sellers of the crackers for a long time leading to banning crackers in major parts of the country. As planting of more and more trees is a wonderful step taken by the government to curb rising pollution levels in the country, gifting plants on Diwali has become a popular concept among people nowadays. They not just promote good health within homes, but also promote the idea of eco-friendly gifting among people.

Buy Diwali Plants Online from Giftalove for Greener Diwali Celebrations

Make this Diwali an eco-friendly affair for you and your dear ones with an exciting and green range of Diwali plants online only at Giftalove.com. With the large varieties of plants available on this website, one can choose the perfect one for the loved ones and elevate their home décor with green Diwali gifting. Planted in a number of containers, you’ll find all kinds of exquisite containers such as glass containers, ceramic pots, Plastic Vases, metal vases, hanging pots, etc. some of which are packed in amazing jute cloth wrapping for lavish Diwali gifting purposes. You can send Diwali plants to India from anywhere around the world and surprise your loved ones with these thoughtful gifts.