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Spread the Charisma of Love: Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas For Husband!!

Valentine is just not a day of celebration, in fact it is celebrated in a span of eight days that is from 7th February to 14th February. The whole month of February is often referred to as the day of love alias the most romantic month of the year. Perhaps God has made this month shorter for the reason that the valentine week in itself makes it feel like years of love and togetherness. Oh! How romantic it is.

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas For Husband!!

Now it's time to look for ideas for this grand day celebration. There are different ways of celebration of Valentine's Day. One of the most romantic days turns into the least romantic days. Yeah! You heard it right. Men and women out there start acting like a programmed robots looking for the most expensive valentine gift in the most flamboyant shop corner, landing up buying the same hamper of flowers or chocolate. Indeed it becomes a day of obligation more than a real celebration. Off course one need chocolates and flowers to delight their sweetheart but how creatively it is presented, that's what matter.

Women who are planning to make it special for their hubby have to be cognizant of the taste of their hubby. Nevertheless there are some really creative ideas that will melt down his heart and fall for you once again no matter what! Let's dive a little deeper into some of those ideas.

1. Surprise Him with a Hand-written Letter

No matter which century we are living in, hand-written letters have their own magic! This is the way which can bring back that touch of innocence in the relationship. No, you do not need to be a writer or a poet to get it done, just think it all about him from the core of your heart. Make a number of such notes and put them everywhere so that he keeps on finding them all day long. Hide one in the toothbrush stand one in the shaving kit one in his lunch box and so on. Try it! It's really an astounding idea!

Surprise Him with a Hand-written Letter

2. Plan to Cook Together

Most of the people are ignorant of the fact that there is something really wonderful about cooking together! It heightens the chemistry between the two, it may be the aroma of the food that causes the magic or perhaps the inadvertent touches that is responsible. Decide the menu together. Share some good laughs remembering the days when you were married. Right from chopping the veggies to swallowing the desert in the same bowl, makes your heart wishing thousands time may this lunch never ends!

Plan to Cook Together

3. Catch up a Movie Together

Lounge into your living rooms after a romantic leisurely lunch, and watch a movie, a romantic comedy! It will stimulate the romantic bone, a romantic–comedy. Keep talking while the movie is on and keep on making analogies from the scenes in the movie to your own life moments.

Catch up a Movie Together

4. Camp in the Garden

In the twilight, pretend yourself to be in a desert or a forest by putting up a tent in the backyard of the garden. Light up bright candles; enjoy a delightful dinner in the nightfall by setting up a table near the tent. Dance, sing and laugh together!! Let it be an all "Me & You" moment! Switch on the party mood by opening up a chilled bottle of wine. Loosen yourself up in the romantic atmosphere; don't forget to keep replenishing the glass of wine. Make promises, the feasible and honest one. End up repeating the wedding vows and fall in love once again.

5. Make a Travel Plan

Being together at a place completely new to both will definitely make day even more special! One can either plan for weekend trip to a nearby place or to an entirely foreign place. Make the sojourn a kind of celebration. Stop at fascinating places on your way. Instead of driving or taking up a flight, go for a long train journey so that you can enjoy more time together. No matter, if you are going for the trip to a nearby place or a far-off place, book a hotel room. It will altogether have an amazing feeling. Enjoy some activity together; you can book a camp at a natural hot springs or to a spa.

6. Dress-up as per his Choice

Wherever you are going, whatever you are planning, one thing that should be done for sure is dressing up for him! Make the day special by wearing something new, something he really loves. If you are planning to wear a dress, go for a curve-hugging skirt or a slinky dress. Or if you are wearing something traditional then go for well-tailored suit. Wear only dresses with fabric that gives a smooth feeling like velvet and silk. Red colour would be the most brilliant idea for this day.

Dress-up as per his Choice

Do not forget to dress him up: If your hubby is kind of guy who loves to get dressed up then buy for him a dress he really likes to wear.

7. Spell it All

Use children big plastic blocks to spell out, I LOVE YOU on the floor at the front door so that the first thing that he notices, when he comes home after long working hour! Afterwards put a message on the wall of the washroom, I MISS YOU, so that when he goes to take a shower he sees that message. Put another message on the refrigerator, I AM INCOMPLETE WITHOUT YOU!!

These are some really interesting ideas of celebrating Valentine's Day with your hubby. Tell him, how much you care with these ideas.

Delight him with lightening up his life!!