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Allure Your Love with Creative Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

Love in the eyes! Fragrance in the air! Truthfulness in the heart! Words in the silence!! That is what the celebration of valentine is all about. The words hidden in the silence that can touch the chords of the heart of the one you love, is the essence of the whole week of Valentine's Day celebration. Just like many other festivals which come to teach people a lesson, valentine comes to teach people that love in itself is a celebration!! Let's know it a bit more to make the celebration a grand one!

Creative Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

Although the whole month is a celebration of love, but if one talks of the mechanical aspect of it, the valentine week has eight days in total. One should not miss on any of these days as each of them has their own significance their own meaning and most importantly an immaculate message for the one you love. Here we'll give a gist of each of these days and their significance.

February 7: Rose Day

The fragrance of Rose is not less than the fragrance of "Love" that spreads in one's life. The beauty of a rose is symbolic of the magnificence of Love! People delight their partner with roses that has indeed the power to utter in silence whatever one wants to tell his/her beloved!

Rose Day

February 8: Propose Day

The second day of the Valentine week is the one which is meant to fulfill a really important aspect of a relationship on the journey of taking it further. Never miss on this day for, it can cause to lose on a golden opportunity to woo your sweetheart!

Propose Day

February 9: Chocolate Day

Probably the one who discovered this day was aware of the fact that, it is apparent to sweeten your mouth after an achievement! And off course the achievement is the proposal made on the propose day!! So blend some sweetness in the relationship with some yummy-scummy chocolates after your proposal is accepted by your beloved.

Chocolate Day

February 10: Teddy Day

Wow! Now that all is done, a rose, the proposal and the sweet moment, it's time to gift something which can keep reminding of this special day to your love. A squashy stuffed teddy which she will hug and sleep at night and wake up in the morning feeling its softness with her hand will keep reminding about the days of togetherness the whole day. That's the way she will be forever yours!

Teddy Day

February 11: Promise Day

Now it's time to make promises! Promises for life! Promise to keep her/him happy ever and forever. It's the fifth day of the valentine's week that is the Promise day.

Promise Day

February 12: Hug Day-

Hug day which is the sixth day of the valentine's week! Nothing is as soothing as a tight and warm hug. It frees us from all the pains of life. So make this moment special by bringing in peace and calmness in the relationship with a tight hug!

Hug Day

February 13: Kiss Day-

Ensure the truthfulness of the promise made with a kiss on Kiss Day! It is the seventh day of the valentine's week. This day finds its significance for the reason that; nothing can bring people closer than a warm sweet kiss. Let's take time to celebrate this day of love! Ensure the truthfulness of the promise made with a kiss on Kiss Day!

Kiss Day

February 14: Valentine's Day-

It's the big day, the Valentine's Day! It's time to party, celebrate, drink, eat and enjoy and celebrate every bit of togetherness. It's the most romantic day for the couples around the world to celebrate the feeling of being in love and revive their bond of love. Also Valentine's Day is seen as the best day for expressing or proposing the desired one. It's the romantic day that is celebrated by romantic hearts.

Valentine's Day

The sequences of the days have been so designed that you can find happiness with a new achievement in your love with each succeeding day of the valentine's week! So, let's help you with some really innovative Valentine's Day ideas:

1. Create the Best, Leave the Worst

Bad at choosing gifts for your girl! Confused? Thinking of surprising her/him with a new and creative you? Believe that the usual can be made unusual! You just need to think a little differently.

Don't let her know any of your plans. Go for the work as always the way you used to do the many preceding valentines. Let her feel for some time that you are not going to do anything special as always, that's what will help you enhance the taste of the surprise.

Create the Best, Leave the Worst

Send her the same lifeless flowers that you used to! She will feel bad but that's only the moment. Call her from the work and ask if she would like to go out for a dinner. Put four cards, one in the bathroom, one in the hallway, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom. Put the first one at the edge of the bathroom written into it, My Love, here is a surprise for you in the hallway. Mind it! make this card on your own! Put the other one in the hallway fabricated with some nice lines and put some fresh rose therein. Then let her find the third one in the refrigerator with her favourite delicious chocolates. Finally place the fourth one in the bedroom, and cover the bed with petals of fresh roses. Believe it! She will be delighted. Put a final letter at the centre of the bed directing her to move to the balcony. Now be present in the balcony with the delicious dinner you have prepared for her. The balcony lit by candlelight, her favourite song playing in the background. Let her know that you have taken the whole day leave just to make these arrangements for you.

This idea is going to make up for all the bad gifts you have given her and it is going to be the most romantic night of her life.

2. Memory Board

One most romantic thing that can be done is decorating a memory board with memories from the past. Take all the candy wrappers you must have saved right from the first date and all the love letters or notes you have received till now and all the little things that reminds of your love and togetherness. Now pin these items on the board in the shape of a heart. Interesting! Isn't it?

Memory Board

3. Add Up All

Gift her a dozen of roses, not all at a time rather one by one. Attach to each of the rose a note with reading a sweet and heart message that will remind her of the earlier times. Now put these roses each in one corners of the home where she goes ones in the whole day. Show your love with a lovely poem on the card.

Add Up All

4. Remind of the First date

Take her in the past! Take her for a dinner to the same place you met her for the first time, make it the same, everything, the food, the atmosphere, the proposal style, the way you looked into her eyes on that day! That's really amazing idea.

Remind of the First date