Valentines Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day or St. Valentine’s Day, whichever name you pronounce it with, is a much awaited celebration observed all around the world in a grand way. It’s interesting to see that there is manifold increment in its popularity influencing more and more people every year to celebrate love and lovers. The recent generation organizes the event as a grand festival, and celebrates each day of the festival an opportunity to express love not just for lovers but near and dear ones too.

Valentine’s Day Celebration in Early Days

This day of love is said to be originated during pagan ear when people commemorated February 14 as a day to honor the Roman God of Fertility. This celebration which marked the beginning of the spring season was also rejoiced as the Feast of Lupercalia. During the celebration boys drew out a chit having girls’ name written of them from a box. They would then allow being together for one year many of whom after a long year appeared to be a couple marrying each other. Christian church then decided to convert the pagan celebration into Christian festival to pay tribute to St. Valentine. Slowly, people started to commemorate February 14 as a day to express their love to their sweethearts and darlings.

By 14th century Valentine’s Day turned out to be a day celebrated with loved ones and hence a large feast began to organize to mark the event. By 16th century there popped out the tradition of exchanging Valentine gifts between romantics. At this time gets introduced Valentine cards which were initially handmade and given secretly. By 1800s much larger yet wide hand-painted copperplates twisted in heart shapes substituted paper e-cards. Later in a couple of years, the copperplate slowly paved the way for woodcuts & carvings as well as lithographs. By the mid of the eighteenth century, Valentine’s Day established itself as a popular day among masses and it became a common practice for all social classes to anonymously share small tokens of love called valentine. By 19th century started the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day greeting cards on a grand scale. Even today, this custom is being practiced by masses to showcase their love.

Valentine’s Day Celebration at Present Era

At present era, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on a grand scale in almost every country of the world. The day has emerged as an eminent dating yet gift giving celebration and henceforth includes a major social and economical importance. It’s worth noticing that the day began as a romantic celebration, but at present it has increased manifold in scope. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day is significantly regarded as a day that commemorates love between people not just in lovers but parents, colleagues, siblings and friends too. Therefore, people wish “Happy Valentine’s Day” to their parents, colleagues, teachers, friends, or anyone they find close to heart.

Though there are several customs associated with this particular celebration, the most popular being sharing gifts to express love. Some of the all time favorite Valentine’s Day gifts exchanged among lovers and loved ones include flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and cards. Jewellery and accessories are emerging as the most sought-after gifts too for female recipients. In today’s digitally advanced era, exchanging text messages has also become a way of showing love on Valentine’s Day.

The most popular way of relishing this day is to taking out Valentine on a date. Restaurants, pubs and bars see a busy time as people lock to these places to celebrate romance with candlelight dinner, dance and fun. Also there gets organized a lot of fun activities and parties to make the day even more special.