Valentines Day for Lovers

Those drowning in love or already have drowned, Valentine’s Day celebration holds greater significance for them. Lovers, lover birds or couples, all over the world desperately wait for this festival to come as it endows them with an opportunity to articulate love for their beloved and spend a whole day in togetherness. Relishing the day in a traditional way lovers go out for a date or spend time gazing into the eyes of their lovers/beloveds over a romantic candlelit dinner. Indulging beau/ sweethearts with fresh flowers especially exotic red roses, cards, chocolates and other Valentine gifts is the most popular tradition of Valentine’s Day for lovers.

Momentous Association of V-Day with Romantic Love

Ever since its beginning this special day has been linked to romantic love. The concept of celebrating Valentine’s Day started in pagan times when February 14 was rejoiced as a day to honor Roman God of fertility by people. This fertility celebration concurred with start of the spring season and was mainly know as the Feast of Lupercalia. A major custom of this celebration was pairing of young girls and boys for a year by the means of a lottery system. Having been together for a long year, eventually couples would fall in love and marry.

There is yet another account which connected Valentine’s Day celebration to the day of romance finds its roots back to the Roman supremacy of Emperor Claudius II. A king with cold emotions, Claudius kept on engaging Roman soldiers in bloody wars. After sometimes the king found it that soldiers quite involved with their wives and children oppose to war and didn’t be a part of battles. In order to find a solution of this problem, Claudius outlawed marriages and engagements of soldiers all over Rome. Young men and women who were romantically involved with each other found a knight in shining armor in Saint Valentine, who went against Claudius’s insane law and arranged secret marriages of soldiers.

The time Valentine’s act of defiance was exposed; he was executed on February 14 circa 270 AD by Claudius. Later, during the expansion of Christianity in Rome, churches of Rome decided to convert the pagan celebration as a Christian celebration to tribute St. Valentine. Henceforth, St. Valentine’s Day became a day to bask in love, ecstasy, and a day to wear your heart on sleeves.

Apart from that, in the Middle Ages, the natives of England and France said that February 14 is the beginning of birds’ mating season. This idea further fueled the concept that February 14 should be rejoiced as a day for love and romance.

Valentine’s Day Gala by Couples, Lovers

In order to wallow in the celebration of Valentine’s Day, lovers all around the world make elaborate plans. For some love birds, this special day begins by whispering three magical words “I Love You” in the ears of their sweethearts. They show romantic gesture usually by giving red roses, cards, soft toys and chocolates with some other gifts. Most lovers go on vacation or plan out a day completely spending with their darling. All around the city, be it restaurant, park, mall, nigh-clubs or bars, one can spot couples relishing this day in their own way. In fact, several hotels and restaurants organize lovey-dovey celebrations with Valentine’s Day balls & dance parties. Those miles away from their special someone (Valentine) keep in touch by phone calls or emails. Sending Valentines Day gifts online is fast becoming a fad among lovers to boost their long distance relationship.

Though love can’t be confined just for a day, it is to be relished every day, love birds get elated with the fact that there is exclusively a day dedicated to love, a day to pamper their beloved/ lover.