Valentines Day for Singles

Valentine’s Day sparks romance in those who are love-struck, but the day is completely ignored by singles. There is so much the hype is about Valentine’s Day around that some singles even feel heartbroken, and undergo depression. They start dreading about not having a partner several days before the celebration comes in and they see romance all around, stores adorned with love candles, chocolates, red roses, teddies, and flowers. At times, the sense of aloofness or loneliness becomes so strong that it creates “Anti-Valentine” notions among singles. The day that really means to bask in love has now become a day to hate for some.

In fact, many single men and women go to extent to create awareness among people by celebrating this day as “Singles Awareness Day”. This takes place due to the feeling which reminds them of being single and not having someone to romance. Initials of “Single Awareness Day” which is “S-A-D” reflect their status of being single, feeling unloved and depressed.

Those who are singles or date-less have to consider that Valentine’s Day isn't just a day to be rejoiced by romantically involved love birds or couples. The celebration is observed to convey love to anyone we care about or feel close to. The day can also be rejoiced with family members, friends, colleagues, parents, grandparents or with anyone who made/makes a difference in your life with their love, affection and support. One should make most out of this day to express gratitude to all they love. And, nothing would be better than roses, chocolates and greeting cards.

Single can bask in festive glory of Valentine’s Day by spending the day with those who have brought happiness in their life. Below are some tips on how singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Tips for Singles

Don’t worry if no one is there to date you still you have better ideas to relish this special day.

1. Indulge in Pampering Yourself: Spend this day pampering yourself. Buy yourself a treat which could be anything from flowers to cute teddy bear, a dress, cake, chocolate you have been planning to get since a long time. Go for a Spa session to pamper your body or indulge head to toe beauty treatment. Read a book of your choice or watch the movie of your choice. They are really great to enjoy this day despite being single.

2. Hang Out with Friends:  Call your best buddies or friends and plan a truly thrilling night out. Go for a movie together or throw a single party at home and have a blast! Life seems amazing when surrounded by friends.

3. Socializing and Services: Spend Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way by benevolent deeds and act. Spend some times with downtrodden and needy people. Visit an orphanage or old-age home. Look love is infectious, if you share it with others; chances are you’ll get it back in abundance. Visiting even hospitals and handing out a rose to sick people will bring a smile on their face which will surely fill your heart with happiness and love both.

4. Convey Gratitude for Friends and Loved Ones: Don’t shed tears of not having a special someone to love or being single. Instead spend Valentine’s Day in a more meaningful way by spreading affection all around with friends and loved ones. Thank your parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues or anyone who are or had been by your side.

5. Acquire a Positive Thinking: Fight away Valentine’s Day blues with a positive attitude. Don’t let negative thinking take a toll on your mental wellbeing instead think positive. Don’t let the day pass by in sulking for a spouse, partner or girlfriend/boyfriend.

6. Focus on Relationship Plan: Every single out there can focus on their long term relationship plan on Valentine’s Day. Take help from dating or matrimonial site to find the perfect match. Also, make a list of things you can do to improve your individuality. It could be nurturing a healthy yet positive attitude towards life or day to day habits. Make new resolutions, stick to them to yield better results.